Chapter 358: Competing on the Small Bridges

During these days, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had received quite a lot of benefits in the various rooms.

There was a calligraphy treasure that contained earth class martial art intent, a mystic class high-tier body refinement fist art, a note from a Battle Spirit Realm expert, a demonic beast horn that was suspected to be of class 6, a secret treasure, and various other things. These things were all enough to make a Reincarnation Realm martial artist go insane.

After walking out of the room, Li Fuchen walked along the palace hallway and continued his exploration.


From far away, Li Fuchen’s awareness sensed a powerful presence.

“It is You Lie!”

Li Fuchen instantly recognized the other side’s identity.

It was the Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Elder You Lie.

In the outside world, You Lie was definitely the top class expert. Apart from the Evil King and the Petrified Queen who were able to suppress him, it seemed like no one else would be able to do the same.

Soon enough, You Lie had also sensed Li Fuchen’s presence.

“You actually reverted.” You Lie was extremely shocked.

He had clearly seen the Blood Ancestor turning Li Fuchen into a Blood Corpse.

Li Fuchen smiled lightly and didn’t say a thing.

You Lie’s expression changed and he immediately smiled and said, “Young friend truly has some brilliant methods and can actually break free from the Blood Ancestor. If this method was to spread out, it would be enough for your name to shake the world.” In his opinion, Li Fuchen must have met with some fated opportunity to be able to break free from the Blood Ancestor.”

“Senior You has praised me too much.”

Li Fuchen might not have any good impression on You Lie, but he didn’t want to offend You Lie either. Thus, Li Fuchen spoke in a neutral tone.

Hearing Li Fuchen’s response, You Lie sneered in his heart while silently thinking that Li Fuchen was very arrogant. If it was any other junior generation, they would have come over to pay their respects. But Li Fuchen remained unmoved making You Lie rather agitated.

You Lie continued smiling and said, “Young friend should have obtained quite a harvest in the palace right? This old one is willing to buy those things at the price of 1000 low-grade spirit stones. For anything.” 1000 low-grade spirit stones wasn’t a small amount, a regular low-level Reincarnation Realm martial artist would only have that much.

Li Fuchen frowned and said indifferently, “Senior You, with Fuchen’s measly strength, it is already praiseworthy for me to survive until now. How can I have obtained any rewards? I have disappointed Senior You.”

1000 low-grade spirit stones to buy the things he had? Did You Lie think himself to be a country bumpkin?

Any single item he had were valued more than 1000 low-grade spirit stones.

Even the Metal Bone Fist which was useful in the palace and useless outside would be worth more than 1000 low-grade spirit stones because of its rarity. There wasn’t even a need to speak about the other items.

You Lie’s expression turned cold. “Young friend, don’t be greedy. 1000 low-grade spirit stones are already plenty enough.”

If this was a regular place, he wouldn’t stoop so low to covet for Li Fuchen’s things. But this was the Black Sky Sect’s ruin and everything was valuable. Some of the things might just allow him to have an increase in strength and he naturally wasn’t going to let it go.

“Senior You, Fuchen truly has nothing.”

Unless absolutely necessary, Li Fuchen didn’t wish to offend You Lie. He might not be afraid of You Lie in this place, but outside of the palace, not even a few dozen of him would be a match for You Lie.

“Hmph, you would rather receive a harsh treatment instead. Since young friend is so obstinate, then don’t blame this old one for being hostile and merciless.” You Lie was infuriated. He had already given face to Li Fuchen but Li Fuchen was simply stubborn, making it look bad on himself.

A scarlet red fist light flashed past as You Lie sent a fist at Li Fuchen.

He must obtain the treasures and he didn’t care about Li Fuchen’s life or death.

“Isn’t senior too disrespectful by doing this?”

Li Fuchen similarly turned cold and welcomed the attack with a fist of his own.


Two fists clashed, causing a ripple in the air. A gigantic force rebounded onto their bodies.

Li Fuchen didn’t move an inch, while You Lie took at least ten staggering steps back. He had a pale expression as he looked at Li Fuchen with unconvinced eyes.

He, You Lie actually got repelled by a single fist.

Moreover, You Lie had used the Scarlet Tiger Battle Fist earlier.

“Little bastard, die!”

You Lie was furious. His limbs burst with strength while he rushed at Li Fuchen with a body and fist that was like an arrow.

“Go back.”

Li Fuchen was also a little agitated. For that fist earlier, he had only used a small portion of his strength as he didn’t want to humiliate You Lie. After all, he who was a pinnacle expert on the continent must certainly have powerful survivability. Li Fuchen didn’t have any confidence in killing You Lie and killing You Lie wouldn’t be beneficial for him either. The Hundred Sects still required a top class expert like You Lie.

For this fist, Li Fuchen increased his strength a little.

Pitter patter!

Before the two fists collided, the air was already crackling with pitter-patter sounds.

This time, the rebounding force was several times more powerful, causing Li Fuchen to sway a little but his expression remained calm. While You Lie was sent flying and blood in his body was surging as a taste of blood gushed into his throat.

“This is impossible?” You Lie gritted his teeth and glared at Li Fuchen.

He was the mighty Supreme Elder of the Thunder God Sect and was actually not a match for Li Fuchen. Even if they couldn’t use qi, he should still be able to oppress Li Fuchen.

This was unacceptable for him.

“Senior You, don’t force me.” As Li Fuchen gave his warning, he crossed shoulders with You Lie.

You Lie restrained his impulse to make a move.

He had to admit that he was no longer a match for Li Fuchen without the use of qi.

But after leaving this place, he would settle the score with Li Fuchen.

After seeing You Lie’s withdrawal, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief, he felt a little pity and a fortunate.

If You Lie was to make another move, Li Fuchen would surely strike him down with all his might.

If that had happened, there would be two endings…

The first ending would be the death of You Lie and the Hundred Sects suffering a huge blow to their overall strength.

The second ending would be You Lie suffering serious injuries and him bearing a grudge for Li Fuchen. It would make Li Fuchen’s future much more troublesome and might even implicate the Azure Water Sect.

These two results weren’t what Li Fuchen wanted to see.


There were plenty of rooms in the palace and basically, all rooms would have a ‘treasure’.

Li Fuchen was quite lucky and had obtained a total of nine pieces of ‘treasure’. Had it not been for some empty rooms, he would have obtained even more ‘treasures’.

The only thing he felt regretful for because he had yet to find an earth class manual up till now.

Unconsciously, Li Fuchen arrived at the core area of the palace.

The core area of the palace was surrounded by a brook which was like a moat of a city.

Above the brook were several small bridges and each bridge had 18 stone lion statues.

“18 lion statues?” Li Fuchen didn’t dare to be careless.

He still didn’t know the strength of the stone lions but he was sure they were stronger than the tiger demon statues. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be guarding this place.

“Let me give it a try.”

Li Fuchen stepped onto a small bridge.

Creak Creak Creak Creak Creak…

The 18 stone lions all gained life at the same moment and lunged at Li Fuchen.

Wrapping both his fists with black qi, Li Fuchen blasted a fist at the stone lion which was first to lunge at him.


Li Fuchen retreated three steps while the surface of the stone lion shattered a little.

“It is indeed very formidable. Much more powerful than the tiger demon statue.”

An idea flashed in his mind. Li Fuchen’s figure turned into a breeze as he rushed at the center of the small bridge.

With his awareness, every movement of these stone lions were all within his control. Furthermore, due to the constraint of space, not more than three stone lions could attack him at the same time.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

Li Fuchen pranced, turned, and shifted to avoid the stone lions’ attacks with ease. Moreover, every time he sent out a fist, it would surely hit one of the stone lions. Shards of rocks would fly in all directions in an instant.

Just as Li Fuchen rushed onto the small bridge, the Horn Devil King, Supreme Elder Ge Yun of the Mystic Tools Sect, Blood Devil King, and the Evil Fist Sect Patriarch, Evil King, had all arrived at the core of the palace.

When they saw Li Fuchen battling on the small bridge, they were all rather surprised.

The Horn Devil King grinned maliciously. Previously he wasn’t able to kill the Blood Ancestor but he was able to seriously injure him. Even if this Li Fuchen was more formidable than the Blood Ancestor, he wouldn’t be overly formidable.


The Horn Devil King scuttled towards the small bridge that Li Fuchen was on and planned to eliminate Li Fuchen first.


The void above the small bridge suddenly jolted, causing the Horn Devil King to vomit fresh blood and was sent flying.

“What is going on?” The Horn Devil King had gloomy and indeterminate eyes.

Just as he approached the small bridge that Li Fuchen was on, he felt this invisible force that slammed on his body.

“Only one person is allowed on each bridge?” The Evil King contemplated.

Looking behind with his peripheral vision, Li Fuchen silently thought this wasn’t good.

Those who arrived were all the pinnacle experts of the continent, especially the Evil King who was the no.1 expert of the continent. Even the Demonic Ten Regions and the Hundred Sects were apprehensive of him and wouldn’t make an enemy of him without any proper reason.

“Forget it, let me cross this bridge before thinking about anything else.”

On the opposite side of the bridge was a small palace within this palace. Li Fuchen’s intuition told him that there must be a valuable treasure inside that place.


Seeing this scene, Ge Yun, Blood Devil King, and Evil King quickly rushed to the bridge that was closest to them.

Immediately after, the Horn Devil King had also picked a bridge.

In a split moment, there were constant battles on five different bridges and it was bustling with tension.

One statue, two statues…

In just a short moment, Li Fuchen had already shattered six stone lions.

Li Fuchen glanced at the four others and noticed that the Horn Devil King had only shattered two stone lions, Ge Yun had defeated three, so was the Blood Devil King. It was the Evil King who had already smashed up four stone lions and was catching up to Li Fuchen.

“I have to be a little faster.”

Since Li Fuchen was already in desperate straits, he didn’t bother so much and strived for this opportunity.

Pushing the Metal Bone Fist to the extremity, Li Fuchen didn’t stir up the regular qi power in his body, but the power of the dragon elephant.

After cultivating the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Fifth Chapter to the sub-completion rank, Li Fuchen’s qi power was particularly powerful. But as compared to the power of the dragon elephant, it was pale in comparison.

But there were only 1500 strands of the power of the dragon elephant and every usage would mean one strand less. It would take a substantial amount of precious resources in order to replenish them.

Hence, unless it was the last resort, Li Fuchen wasn’t willing to use the power of the dragon elephant. 

Thus, after he cultivated the Metal Bone Fist, he rarely used the power of the dragon elephant.

The Metal Bone Fist force which was formed by the power of the dragon elephant had a burst in might and a single fist was enough to directly burst apart a stone lion, scattering dust all around.

“His speed increased?” The Evil King’s eyes flashed with brilliance while he had also increased his fist force to his limits.

To be truthful, the Evil King’s strength inside the palace was superior to Li Fuchen but he arrived a little later.

Nine, ten, fifteen, seventeen statues…

Li Fuchen turned to the side and saw that the Evil King had already smashed up sixteen stone lions and was just one statue lesser than him.


Li Fuchen’s fist glowed with dark gold luster as he blasted his fist on the head of the final stone lion.


The stone lion was penetrated.


Li Fuchen leaped off the bridge and sprinted towards the inner palace.


At this moment, the Evil King had also smashed up the final stone lion and followed closely behind.

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