Chapter 359: Silver Scale Treasure Armor

The inner palace had the length and width of 1000 feet.

The doors were tightly shut and when Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist approached, they suddenly opened. A myriad of treasure light rushed out and blinded Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen closed his eyes and scanned inside with his awareness.

In the next moment, Li Fuchen noticed the situation inside the inner palace.

The interior of the palace had eight crystal pillars. Each pillar had a cavity and each cavity had an item. There was a silver scale treasure armor, pitch-black gloves, black cape, mystical metallic board. There were a total of eight treasures.

These eight treasures were obviously much more precious and extraordinary than the treasures obtained in the rooms. If Li Fuchen didn’t guess wrongly, that silver scale treasure armor should be an earth class treasure armor, while that pitch-black gloves should be an earth class weapon, that cape should also be an earth class cape. But when Li Fuchen scanned with his awareness, it seemed like the mystical metallic board was the most precious. When Li Fuchen’s awareness approached it, he instantly felt a qi presence that was boundless like the dome of heaven.

“I must obtain one of them.” It was impossible for Li Fuchen to stop halfway.

He who had exposed his identity would become a thorn in everyone’s side after he went out, even if he didn’t strive for these treasures.

Thus, he might as well go all-out to obtain these treasures and would allow the heavens to decide what happened in the future.

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen skimmed into the palace and he arrived at the crystal pillar which had the silver scale treasure armor.

This silver scale treasure armor was at least an earth class low-tier treasure armor. When complemented with his physical defenses, it would increase his defense to an extremely terrifying level.

When he was in a predicament in the future, the ability to defend was the most important. After all, no matter how much strength he could increase, he still wouldn’t be a match for the continent’s pinnacle experts.


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Just as Li Fuchen approached the silver scale treasure armor, the crystal pillar suddenly flashed with glittering light and a silver scale demon wolf pounced at Li Fuchen.

This Silver Scale Demon Wolf was obviously a class 5 peak-tier demonic beast, but Li Fuchen could see there were no signs of life on its body. Furthermore, there was no demonic qi and it was purely the power of a demonic body.

Without retreating and evading, Li Fuchen fought close combat with the Silver Scale Demon Wolf.

“Such powerful defenses.”

After crossing a few moves, Li Fuchen got a shock as this Silver Scale Demon Wolf’s defense was extremely powerful. His Metal Bone Fist force was blasted on the wolf’s body but couldn’t produce any damage.

He didn’t know if a true class 5 peak-tier demonic beast’s body would be this powerful.


The Evil King followed closely into the palace.

He didn’t choose the other crystal pillars but sent a fist at Li Fuchen instead.

There were only eight pieces of treasure and each one distributed would be one less. How could Li Fuchen who was just a measly junior be qualified to strive for a treasure with him?

“Damn it.”

Li Fuchen was under a two-pronged attack and flustered for a moment. But as compared to the Silver Scale Demon Wolf, the Evil King was obviously much more dangerous, thus, Li Fuchen immediately turned around to match his fist against the Evil King.


There was a giant force that radiated out, forcing Li Fuchen to take over a dozen steps back. It just so happened that Li Fuchen entered the attack range of the Silver Scale Demon Wolf.

The Silver Scale Demon Wolf bit down on Li Fuchen’s shoulder.

There was a metallic clash that echoed as the Silver Scale Demon Wolf’s fang didn’t manage to penetrate Li Fuchen’s shoulder. It merely broke the class 5 demonic beast pelt armor.

“That was fortunate.” Li Fuchen’s awful expression got alleviated a little.

His physical defense was already enough to withstand an all-out attack from a 3rd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist. This Silver Scale Demon Wolf didn’t have any demonic qi and was biting him with purely the power of a demonic body. It was natural that it wouldn’t be able to penetrate his defenses but it was rather regretful for the class 5 demonic beast pelt armor.

This class 5 demonic beast pelt armor wasn’t comparable to the earth class treasure armor, but it was still a valuable pelt armor.

“This child’s physical defense is so tough?” The Evil King’s eyes shot out a terrifying radiance.

He realized that he had underestimated Li Fuchen as his physical defense had obviously reached the level of the pinnacle experts on the continent and wasn’t inferior to a class 5 demon.

Of course, a class 5 demon could only utilize its powerful defense in combination with demon qi. This tiny bit of qi and demonic qi was incomparable to demon qi.

“I would like to see what level is your physical defense.”

The Evil King naturally wouldn’t give up like this. As his body flashed, he appeared on Li Fuchen’s right side like a phantom and clawed at him.

“Such an intense body refinement intent.”

Li Fuchen could detect two kinds of body refinement intent from the Evil King.

One of them should be a body refinement technique intent and the other would be a body refinement claw art intent.

There was a huge difference with and without the intent. This was probably the main reason why the Evil King could dominate the entire East Unicorn Continent.


Li Fuchen had to deal with the Silver Scale Demon Wolf while handling the Evil King at the same time. Even if he had exceptional awareness, his body couldn’t react in time. After a few exchanges of moves, he was clawed on his chest and abdomen area by the Evil King.

The class 5 demonic beast pelt armor was torn into pieces by the Evil King like a piece of rag. Fortunately, Li Fuchen’s body only appeared with a few bloody scars as his flesh didn’t suffer any damage.

“His body’s toughness has truly reached the same level as a class 5 demon.”

If qi could be utilized, the Evil King would never put a class 5 demon in his eye. In a solo fight, he had the utmost confidence he could destroy a class 5 demon’s defense.

Subsequently, the Evil King and the Silver Scale Demon Wolf would launch a pincer assault and Li Fuchen would be helpless against it. It was lucky that the Silver Scale Demon Wolf would occasionally attack the Evil King, making it less of a miserable situation for Li Fuchen.

“Evil King, why do you waste time on me? They are about to enter soon.” Li Fuchen spoke calmly.

Li Fuchen didn’t believe the Evil King wouldn’t have his priorities. As compared to the treasures, dealing with Li Fuchen was just a small matter.

“You are right. I have to admit that you have rather good luck. I hope that you will still have such luck in the future.”

The Evil King naturally knew how to judge the severity of the situation. He immediately stopped and skimmed towards the crystal pillar with the black cape.

He didn’t have to be in a hurry to deal with Li Fuchen.

After they exit from this place, he could simply deal with anyone he wanted and not even the Hundred Sects could hinder him.

After the Evil King left, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.

The Evil King might not be able to destroy Li Fuchen’s defense, but he was able to claw a few scars on Li Fuchen’s body. If the fight went any longer, Li Fuchen’s life might be in danger.

Without the Evil King, Li Fuchen had a much easier time to deal with the Silver Scale Demon Wolf.

The Silver Scale Demon Wolf might have a tough body, but Li Fuchen’s body was tougher. Li Fuchen was in an invincible position and could totally torment his opponent to death.

Bang Bang Bang…

Activating the power of the dragon elephant, Li Fuchen’s fists were enveloped with dark gold qi. He then bombarded fists after fists onto the Silver Scale Demon Wolf’s body.

Gradually, the Silver Scale Demon Wolf’s silver scales started to get damaged.


When Li Fuchen was suppressing the Silver Scale Demon Wolf, the Blood Devil King and Supreme Elder Ge Yun of the Mystic Tools Sect had rushed in.

As a human and as a member of the Hundred Sects, Ge Yun didn’t make a move on Li Fuchen, but the Blood Devil King grinned and plucked a spike from his body and stabbed at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen was extremely furious and turned around to send a fist at the spike.


By using the hardest part of his first to smash at the spike, Li Fuchen’s fist came out unscathed and had forced the Blood Devil King to take a few steps back.

“Eh!” The Blood Devil King was extremely shocked.

A junior generation of humans actually had such a powerful body. It was truly unbelievable.


The Blood Devil King wasn’t the Horn Devil King. Its innate skill of the qi was something even the Blood Ancestor was afraid of.

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The Blood Devil King was letting out a deep roar while a surge of blood qi gushed into the spike. In the next moment, the surface of the spike was revolving with blood qi which finally converged at the tip of the spike. The spike was then thrust at Li Fuchen again.


This time, the dark gold qi on Li Fuchen’s fist had a small hole and fresh blood was oozing out.

“He is the Blood Devil King for a reason. He actually has a way to restrain body refinement martial artists.”

Pushing the power of the dragon elephant to the limits, the dark gold qi at the surface of Li Fuchen’s fist grew even brighter.

Previously he was only using a strand of the power of the dragon elephant. But now, he had gathered all the power of the dragon elephant and converged it on his fist.

But by doing so, the power of the dragon elephant would be depleted rapidly.

Basically, every breath would consume one strand of power of the dragon elephant.

Clang, Clang, Clang…

There were sounds of metal clashing as the Blood Devil King’s spike could no longer penetrate Li Fuchen’s Metal Bone Fist’s qi.

“This kid is rather hard to deal with.” The Blood Devil King had a serious expression.

If he had enough time, he was certain he could torment Li Fuchen to death. But the Evil King and Ge Yun were already in combat and if he wasted time on Li Fuchen, it wouldn’t be worth it.

“You have some good fortune.”

Ultimately, the Blood Devil King gave up on dealing with Li Fuchen and sprinted towards a crystal pillar which wasn’t far.

The Horn Devil King was the last to arrive in the inner palace.

He originally wanted to deal with Li Fuchen, but his eyes flickered as he gave up on this idea.

He wasn’t a fool. Since the others weren’t dealing with him, it meant that Li Fuchen had some capabilities. There was no need to waste time as it was already insufficient.

Li Fuchen let out a sigh of relief after seeing the situation. If the Horn Devil King was to disturb him, his progress would be significantly slowed down.

Pfff Tsk, Pfff Tsk, Pfff Tsk…

The Evil King was extremely powerful, he used his sharp and vicious claw art to constantly claw out wounds on the Bat Wing Beast, the claws were so fast that the Bat Wing Beast couldn’t dodge the attacks.

After over a dozen consecutive claws, the Evil King finally defeated the Bat Wing Beast and obtained the black cape.

“It is actually an earth class mid-tier cape.” The Evil King’s eyes flashed with radiance.

As compared to weapons and armors, such special treasures were much more valuable.

Putting on the black cape, the Evil King’s eyes landed on the crystal pillar with the pitch-black gloves.

The Evil Fist Sect was specialized in fist art and his fist art could dominate the world. With a pair earth class gloves, it would allow his strength to reach the next level.

Just as the Evil King decided on his second target, Li Fuchen was finally done with the Silver Scale Demon Wolf.

After sending a fist out, Li Fuchen broke the neck of the Silver Scale Demon Wolf.

After obtaining the silver scale treasure armor, Li Fuchen entered with his awareness.

A few moments later, Li Fuchen revealed a delighted expression.

This silver scale treasure armor was an earth class treasure armor as expected, furthermore, it was an earth class mid-tier armor.

The treasure armor might need qi to activate its strongest defense capability, but the armor itself was already indestructible and had extremely tough defense ability.

Taking off his class 5 demonic beast pelt armor, Li Fuchen replaced it with the silver scale treasure armor.

With the silver scale treasure armor protecting his body, Li Fuchen believed that no one could be a threat to him in this palace. He would be a threat to everyone else.

“What should I choose for my second target?” After obtaining the silver scale treasure armor, Li Fuchen had to make a choice.

He had two choices, but he had to choose one and it was basically his last choice.

The eight treasures were distributed very quickly.

Finally, Li Fuchen chose that mystical metallic board.

Li Fuchen might not know the usage of this metallic board and didn’t know what it was, but Li Fuchen had a deep feeling that it could probably be an incredible mystic treasure.

Mystic treasures were the true treasures and their value were far beyond weapons and armors of the same grade.

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