Chapter 360: Teleportation Board

The guardian for the metallic board was a large python. When it saw Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist approaching, it lifted its upper body and lunged with its fangs at Li Fuchen with a speed like lightning.

Shifting half a meter to the side, Li Fuchen avoided the direct attack from the python and slammed his fist on the head of the python.


Li Fuchen felt as though he was striking at a giant metallic sphere and felt his arm having a slight numbing sensation.

“This python’s demonic body defense is probably superior to a class 5 demon!” Li Fuchen grumbled silently.

A class 5 demon’s defense was extremely horrific and even if the current him was only confident that he could barely defeat the Horn Devil King. If he was to face the Blood Devil King, he surely wouldn’t be a match. It truly wasn’t going to be easy to defeat this large python that had a defense that was surpassing a class 5 demon.

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Li Fuchen took a glance and saw that the Evil King was about to settle his second target, while the rest were already suppressing their various opponents.

“I cannot wait until they succeed. I have to get this done as quickly as possible.”

With the Silver Scale Treasure Armor, Li Fuchen believed that even if all of them worked together, they might not be able to defeat him. But he wasn’t willing to take the risk if it wasn’t necessary. Who would know if the Evil King and the others were hiding any incredible trump cards?

“Metal Bone Splitting Soul.”

Li Fuchen’s left and right fists’ skin suddenly split open and immediately surged with resplendent dark gold luster. It looked like solidified lava had wrapped around Li Fuchen’s fists.

This was the Metal Bone Fist’s finishing move and it consumed a lot of qi or the dragon elephant power.

(TL note: I have changed power of the dragon elephant to dragon elephant power)

If Li Fuchen only required one strand of the dragon elephant power for every breath previously, right now, he would consume at least three strands of dragon elephant power for every breath.

His body was only left with over 1200 strands of dragon elephant power, and even his physical defenses had declined a little.

If every breath required three strands of dragon elephant power, his body would consume all the dragon elephant power in just a short period of time.

When that happened, his physical defenses would only be able to withstand an all-out attack from a 1st level Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

“I have to settle the python within a short period of time.”

Li Fuchen flew up and smashed his fist on the python’s head.

This time, it felt as though Li Fuchen’s fist had corrosive properties and had smashed a fist imprint on the python’s head.

“No wonder this is the finishing move of the Metal Bone Fist.” Li Fuchen’s brows lifted.

By consuming three strands of dragon elephant power in a single breath, it allowed Li Fuchen’s attack power to reach a horrifying level. In close combat situations, even if he didn’t have qi or trump cards, he would be able to fight against a 4th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist without constraints.

Of course, the prerequisite was for Li Fuchen to be wearing the Silver Scale Treasure Armor. Without the armor, Li Fuchen’s physical defense would only be able to contest against a 3rd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist’s all-out attack. He wouldn’t be able to withstand an all-out attack from a 4th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

Furthermore, he would only be able to have close combat with a 4th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist for a short period of time until his dragon elephant power depleted and he would revert back to normal.

Li Fuchen guessed that the body refinement path had declined and become a main source of support, was due to the fact that it couldn’t be sustained in long battles.

Boom Boom Boom!

Li Fuchen burst out with all his strength and smashed on the large python’s head while leaving fist imprints again and again.

But at the same moment, Li Fuchen’s dragon elephant power was rapidly depleting, which made Li Fuchen feel the pinch in his heart.


On the other side, the Evil King had already settled his second target and obtained the pitch-black gloves.

The Evil King didn’t bother about Li Fuchen as he immediately went to the third crystal pillar.

At this current juncture, he decided to obtain more treasures first. As for Li Fuchen, he would think of a way to deal with him after exiting this place.

Just as the Evil King settled his second target, the Blood Devil King had also settled his first target and obtained one of the treasures.

The Blood Devil King’s eyes were flickering and hovering between the Evil King, the Horn Devil King, Li Fuchen, and Ge Yun.

He didn’t wish to provoke the Evil King.

The Horn Devil King was a part o the Demonic Ten Regions like him and he naturally wouldn’t have internal strife.

Only Li Fuchen and Ge Yun was left.

Ge Yun was the Supreme Elder of the Mystic Tools Sect and had an extremely high physical defense that was even superior to class 5 demons. He was definitely a bone that was hard to chew.

In comparison, Li Fuchen was undoubtedly the best choice.

“There is no need to hurry. I will make a move and he is about to settle the large python.” The Blood Devil King was very crafty and malicious.

Li Fuchen frowned when he saw the Blood Devil King’s actions.

The Blood Devil King was definitely a great enemy that was just inferior to the Evil King and it wasn’t a good thing to be targetted by him.

Soon enough, Ge Yun had also settled his first target and when he glanced for one round, he ultimately placed his attention on Li Fuchen.

In the face of treasures, one would have some inclination even towards a good friend, let alone a junior.


The fist imprints on the large python’s head was increasing in quantity and its defense was gradually declining as countless cracks appeared on the head.


The Blood Devil King turned into a blood shadow and skimmed towards Li Fuchen with extreme speed.

Ge Yun wasn’t willing to let others take the advantage and had also dashed over.

“Just in time.”

With Li Fuchen’s exceptional awareness, he was very composed during the crucial moment as his arms suddenly clamped on the python’s skull and flung it vigorously.


The massive python’s body was thrown by Li Fuchen and smashed into the Blood Devil King and Ge Yun.

The Blood Devil King and Ge Yun made a move at the same time and struck at the large python.

The large python which was already at the brink of collapse had instantly frozen when facing the all-out attacks from the duo, causing it to lose all movements.

At this same moment, at the cavity of the crystal pillar in front of Li Fuchen, the crystal radiance had dissipated.

Li Fuchen’s hands move with lightning speed and took the metallic board.

“Seeking death.”

The Blood Devil King was infuriated as he pulled out a spike and launched it at Li Fuchen.


The spike wasn’t able to penetrate Li Fuchen’s Silver Scale Treasure Armor, but the powerful force still made an impact on Li Fuchen’s body and sent him flying.

“I have obtained the treasure. It is time to leave.”

Li Fuchen made use of this momentum and rapidly approached the gates of the inner palace.

“Don’t think of leaving.”

Ge Yun’s body lit up with red tool patterns, allowing him to have a burst in speed as he chased after Li Fuchen.

But Li Fuchen’s speed wasn’t slow either as his feet glowed with a pale golden luster. He then took the first step out of the inner palace.

Li Fuchen traversed through the small bridge which he used earlier and left the core area of the palace. At the back, Ge Yun and the Blood Devil King came in pursuit one after the other.

“I still have over 800 strands of dragon elephant power. It isn’t a little, but it isn’t a lot too. Let’s see what is this metallic board first.”

Seeing that his speed was rather fast, Li Fuchen took out the metallic board and scout within with his awareness.


In the next moment, Li Fuchen felt that he arrived at a massive void and as though he was in a mist which was hard to distinguish his direction.

When Li Fuchen looked down, he saw two black shadows of different sizes. The larger shadow was at least a hundred times bigger than the small shadow.

Li Fuchen focused on that smaller shadow which immediately expanded into a massive continent.

After taking a closer look, Li Fuchen realized that this continent was actually the East Unicorn Continent as he recognized Mt. Star Fate.

“What is this mystic treasure?” Li Fuchen got a shock.

As Li Fuchen fled, he continued to examine the metallic board.

He shifted his eyes away from the East Unicorn Continent and looked at the other black shadow. This black shadow was at least a hundred times bigger than the East Unicorn Continent. As Li Fuchen concentrated his awareness, the black shadow started to expand and it was also a continent. It was an absolutely gigantic continent and when the East Unicorn Continent was compared to it, the East Unicorn Continent was just like a small island.

Li Fuchen was having excited emotions as he wanted to know what kind of mystic treasure was this metallic board.

As Li Fuchen extended his awareness into the depths of the void, he immediately understood what mystic treasure this was.

“It is a continent teleportation board, a spatial teleportation mystic treasure. It can allow the user to teleport to any of the continents inside this board. It can teleport by absorbing qi from the spirit stones or by accumulating heaven and earth qi. It can be used after refining it.”

After obtaining the relevant information of the metallic board, Li Fuchen was utterly astonished.

This metallic board was actually a spatial teleportation mystic treasure. With such mystic treasure, would he be able to travel between the two continents as he pleased?

One must know that in between these two continents was the Endless Ocean.

Within the Endless Ocean, there were countless demonic beasts and according to the records, powerful martial artists generally wouldn’t appear in low-grade continents like the East Unicorn Continent. The strongest martial artists on the continent were only Reincarnation Realm martial artists. There might be martial artists beyond the Reincarnation Realm more than a thousand years ago, but they had all vanished.

But the Endless Ocean didn’t have such restrictions.

Within the Endless Ocean, class 5 demonic beasts weren’t anything special.

There were countless class 6 demonic beasts and plenty of class 7 demonic beasts too.

There were class 8 demonic beasts that were way beyond them and the class 9 demonic beasts that ruled the entire ocean region.

Actually, the demonic beasts had other titles… Like class 5 demonic beasts were normally addressed as Great Demons, class 6 demonic beasts were known as Demon Generals, and class 7 demonic beasts were the Demon Kings. Li Fuchen didn’t know about the demonic beasts of the higher classes as the East Unicorn Continent didn’t have any records.

The Horn Devil King, Blood Devil King, Evil King, and the others addressed themselves as kings, but they were actually limited to the East Unicorn Continent. If they were to leave the East Unicorn Continent, they would all just be insects.

In addition, according to the records of the Endless Ocean, there were plenty of continents.

It was extremely dangerous for an individual to cross the Endless Ocean and reach another continent. This extreme danger was corresponding to the experts beyond the Reincarnation Realm.

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If a Reincarnation Realm martial artist wanted to travel to another continent, it would basically be the same as seeking death.

“I wonder how much spirit stones or heaven and earth qi are required to teleport to the other continent.”

Li Fuchen scanned with his awareness and quickly found a qi pool in the depths of the void.

The qi pool was huge and it was filled with heaven and earth qi in liquid form. At this moment, Li Fuchen wasn’t able to discern how much qi was inside but he could feel that the qi within this qi pool was very vast. When his awareness approached the pool, it was immediately shattered by the qi pool’s ripples.

Deeper into the depths of the void, Li Fuchen noticed a metallic sphere.

The metallic sphere was revolving slowly and it was covered with countless mystical patterns on the surface.

After entering with his awareness, Li Fuchen instantly understood that this metallic sphere was the core of the Teleportation Board. As long as he could refine this metallic sphere, he would be able to use this Teleportation Bord to teleport to the other continent.

“I wonder how do I refine it?”

Li Fuchen withdrew his awareness from the Teleportation Board and took a glance behind only to see that Ge Yun and the Blood Devil King had caught up.

“You Lie, stop him.” Right at this moment, Ge Yun burst out with a yell.

Li Fuchen looked ahead and Supreme Elder You Lie of the Thunder God Sect had appeared out of nowhere.

When You Lie saw Ge Yun and the Blood Devil King chasing after Li Fuchen, his face flashed with a severe expression as he blasted a fist at Li Fuchen.

“Damn it.”

Li Fuchen didn’t counterattack as the scarlet red fist radiance brushed across his body.

The aftershock of the fist radiance had reduced Li Fuchen’s speed quite significantly.

You Lie wanted to make another move.

“Get lost!”

Li Fuchen raised his fist and smashed at You Lie, not only causing You Lie to vomit blood but also breaking at least three or four of his ribs.

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