Chapter 361: Departure through Teleportation

This was when Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was reserving himself. Otherwise, a fist with full strength would be enough to take half of You Lie’s life.

You Lie was extremely appalled. At that moment earlier, he had felt the presence of death.


Li Fuchen flashed past from You Lie’s side.

Swish Swish!

Ge Yun and the Blood Devil King were pursuing closely and refused to let go.

“This palace is too wicked. I better leave this place first.”

You Lie was very sullen. In the outside world, his strength was at least the top few in the continent. But in this place, he wasn’t even a match for a junior and it was simply too embarrassing.

The palace was massive but there was only one exit. Li Fuchen spent three days in order to find the path outside.

The instant Li Fuchen left the palace, he circulated the qi in his body.

“You shall stay!”

With the restriction of using qi, Ge Yun’s speed increased drastically and he blasted a fist at Li Fuchen.

Although he wasn’t able to release qi, the strength was still very formidable. After all, Ge Yun was still a peak level Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

“I wonder if I can withstand it.”

Had it not been for no other choice, Li Fuchen wasn’t willing to leave the palace.

As soon as he left the palace, he would no longer be a match for Ge Yun, the Blood Devil King, and others.

He had to leave as his dragon elephant power would run out sooner or later and when that happened, he would have no chance of survival.

There would still be a trace of hope if he managed to leave the palace.

The entrance of the palace had two giant stone lions that could absorb qi or demonic qi that had been released.

Once outside of the palace, the Nine Revolution Purple Qi pattern immediately lit up on Li Fuchen’s back. Immediately after, the true inferno qi was transmuted into nine revolution purple qi and transmuted to bronze sword qi before surging into the Silver Scale Treasure Armor.

The Silver Scale Treasure Armor lit up and the silver scales on the surface squirmed slightly as though it had life.


Ge Yun’s fist struck at the center of Li Fuchen’s back. The powerful fist force caused insane devastation.


Vomiting a mouthful of fresh blood, Li Fuchen’s entire body was sent flying at a speed which was at least a few times faster.

“He didn’t die.” Ge Yun frowned.

His fist might only be 10% of his prime as he couldn’t release qi, but it was still sufficient to kill Li Fuchen.

“That treasure armor must be an earth class treasure armor. Furthermore, it is highly possible that it is an earth class high-tier or peak-tier treasure armor.”

Ge Yun’s eyes landed onto the Silver Scale Treasure Armor on Li Fuchen’s body.

In his opinion, if it was only an earth class low-tier or mid-tier treasure armor, it was impossible for it to resist 10% of his fist force.

After all, treasure armors had to be activated by qi and Li Fuchen was only at the 8th level of Heaven Dipper Realm. No matter how superior his cultivation technique rank was, it was impossible for him to increase his defenses to such a level.

It was a pity that Ge Yun didn’t know that Li Fuchen had the Nine Revolution Purple Qi pattern and also the 6-star secret technique, Bronze Sword Essence. With these two techniques, Li Fuchen qi quality had reached the middle levels of the Reincarnation Realm. After he activated the earth class mid-tier Silver Scale Treasure Armor, it was still possible for him to block Ge Yun’s 10% fist force.

“If I can obtain such a treasure armor, it is enough for me to be invincible in the continent. Not even the Evil King can deal with me.”

Ge Yun’s eyes burned with fire and his body flourished with killing intent.

In the face of a true treasure, it didn’t matter if his target was from the same camp, let alone a junior.

“Fortunately.” Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.

Had this been other places, he definitely wouldn’t dare to take such a risk.

It was fortunate that this place prohibited the release of qi, even the manifestation of qi. As soon as qi left the body, it would be absorbed by the stone lions. As such, there was no way for Ge Yun to utilize his true strength. The qi in his body would only be able to enhance the pure fist force.

A battle between martial artists, even if it was close combat, they would need to release their qi.

Only by releasing qi and transferring it into the enemy’s body would allow the martial artist to burst out with the most destructive power.

“Do I have to refine the Teleportation Board and leave the East Unicorn Continent?”

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Using the force from the fist, Li Fuchen rapidly descended the mountain and along the way, Li Fuchen’s mind flashed with an idea.

Once this idea ignited, it was like a wildfire that raged and flamed.

There was basically no time for him to develop in the East Unicorn Continent. Only by leaving the East Unicorn Continent would he have sufficient time to develop and strengthen himself.

“I will refine the Teleportation Board first.”

Li Fuchen took out the Teleportation Board again and prepared to pour his qi inside.

“Not good.”

Li Fuchen had an awful expression as when his qi left his body, it was absorbed by the stone lions at the top of the mountain. Those stone lions seemed to be disregarding the distance in between.

In addition to this, it wouldn’t work even if his palms were placed onto the Teleportation Board. As soon as the qi left his body, the stone lions would immediately react.

“It is logical too. If there was a trace of an interval to transmit qi, Supreme Elder Ge Yun from the Mystic Tools Sect would have killed me with that fist earlier.” Li Fuchen understood the reason behind it.

Without a decrease in speed, Li Fuchen rapidly descended the mountain.

At the back, Ge Yun and the Blood Devil King were in close pursuit.

The duo were getting closer as they chased.

“Die!” The Blood Devil King pulled out a spike and launched it at Li Fuchen.

This time, he didn’t rely on the demon body’s strength and had also used his demon qi to burst out with strength. The spike flew with lightning speed and had a ferocious strength like a mountain.


Sparks burst out and Li Fuchen vomited another mouthful of blood, causing his speed to instantly increase again.

When the duo made their move, Li Fuchen didn’t have time to evade, but with his exceptional awareness, he could avoid getting hit in his fatal points and had only allowed the attacks to strike at his back.

“Damn it, this child’s awareness is extraordinary. I have to stop him.” Ge Yun had a gloomy expression.

If he knew it was this troublesome, he wouldn’t have chased after Li Fuchen and would have hindered the Blood Devil King and allowed Li Fuchen to escape the Black Sky Sect’s ruin. As long as Li Fuchen was still in the Hundred Sects, Ge Yun would have countless ways to obtain Li Fuchen’s treasures.

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A pity that it was already too late to regret.

Right now, even if was to hinder the Blood Devil King, after Li Fuchen left the Black Sky Sect’s ruins, he would be hiding.

“I have reached the foot of the mountain.”

The descending speed was much faster than the ascending speed. In just a short moment, Li Fuchen arrived at the foot of the mountain.

When sprinting at that noiseless alley, Li Fuchen saw the first fork in this alley.

Without any hesitation, Li Fucen left the noiseless alley.

The noiseless alley was similar to the top of the mountain, where qi couldn’t be released.

If Li Fuchen couldn’t release his qi, he wouldn’t be able to refine the Teleportation Board.

The split moment when Li Fuchen left the noiseless alley, his qi successfully poured into the Teleportation Board.

The refinement speed of the Teleportation Board was very fast and there were almost no obstructions at all. But it was impossible to complete refining it in such a short moment.

At the back, Ge Yun and the Blood Devil King had caught up again.

In the next moment, there was no longer any restriction for this man and demon.

Ge Yun struck out a terrifying flaming fist and seemed like it would melt the air and it was assaulting Li Fuchen. Right at this moment, even if there were ten Li Fuchen here, they would also be killed by this fist without a doubt.

“Block for me!”

Li Fuchen leaped in the air and made a turn, using the Teleportation Board to block in front of him.


The flaming fist struck at the Teleportation Board and the powerful flaming qi surged into the Teleportation Board.

The remnant of the flaming qi wreaked havoc on Li Fuchen’s body. It had instantly destroyed the protection layer on the Silver Scale Treasure Armor and the bronze sword qi protection. In just a moment, Li Fuchen was going to be killed.

Right at this moment, the Teleportation Board abruptly burst with light that enveloped Li Fuchen.

Immediately after, the Teleportation Board and Li Fuchen turned into a spot of light and vanished.

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