Chapter 362: Luo Yan


The Blood Devil King blinked his eyes when he saw what happened.

Ge Yun had an unpleasant expression as he said, “It is a spatial teleportation mystic treasure. Damn it.”

Among the mystic treasures, the most valuable ones were the spatial types. A single spatial type mystic treasure was enough for the entire East Unicorn Continent to fall into a storm of blood for a long time.

A pity that he wasn’t the person that obtained it.

“This is long-distance spatial teleportation?”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s body was suffering in pain, but his awareness was very clear.

When using his awareness, he discovered that the surrounding was filled with colorful radiance and the radiance was distorting and stretching like a lump of paste.

It was originally impossible for him to refine the Teleportation Board in such a short amount of time. But the flaming qi that Ge Yun blasted over was unbelievably powerful and had instantly filled up the metallic sphere. As soon as the metallic sphere was filled up, Li Fuchen was able to successfully refine the Teleportation Board and execute the teleportation.

It felt like an instant but also for several decades. Li Fuchen saw a hint of fuzzy radiance and through this radiance, Li Fuchen could see mountains, rivers, and land.

In the next moment, there was a flash of dazzling radiance and Li Fuchen landed on the ground.


Li Fuchen felt his organs on fire as he vomited a blazing hot mouthful of blood.

Ge Yun’s flaming qi was too powerful and even though the Teleportation Board had absorbed most of the qi, the remaining qi was also reduced by the Silver Scale Treasure Armor and the bronze sword qi protection, but Li Fuchen still suffered severe internal injury.

The ability to release qi was a huge impact on Ge Yun. If it was just pure physical strength, even if it was much stronger, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have suffered such injuries.

The flaming qi was just like a violent dragon that smashed straight into Li Fuchen’s body. If it had carried on, Li Fuchen was definitely going to burn up and died of an explosion.

Li Fuchen circulated his true inferno qi to quickly suppress the flaming qi.

Even though Li Fuchen’s True Inferno Technique was already at the highest 21st rank and he had also comprehended the True Inferno Technique Intent, it was still extremely weak as compared to the flaming qi.

The Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique pattern lit up and Li Fuchen transmuted the true inferno qi to the nine revolution purple qi and tried his best to suppress the flaming qi.

“I still can’t suppress it!”

Li Fuchen had a truly awful expression.

The qi of a peak level Reincarnation Realm expert was too terrifying. Even though it was just a strand, it was still extremely hard to expel. Had Li Fuchen not been cultivating the same blazing technique and had not cultivated the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Fifth Chapter to the sub-completion rank and had the dragon elephant power protecting his body, he would already be dead.

Li Fuchen opened up his storage back and took out all of the useful medicinal herbs and elixirs. He then quickly and efficiently stuffed them into his mouth.

After a good while, Li Fuchen finally suppressed the flaming qi. It might be considered suppressing, but it was actually just achieving a balance.

In Li Fuchen’s dantian, there was a lump of flaming qi floating there. Beside it was a lump of true inferno qi that was like the sun.

In comparison, the quantity of the true inferno qi was a thousand times more than the flaming qi. But between the two qi, the flaming qi seemed to be taking the initiative. It was fortunate that the flaming qi didn’t have any consciousness and after Li Fuchen guided it, it had finally calmed down.

But in the future, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to use his true inferno qi.

Once he circulated his true inferno qi, the flaming qi would destabilize and would go rampant. When that happened, not even Li Fuchen would know the consequence.

“Ge Yun cultivated the mystic class peak-tier Iron Smelting Divine Technique. Had it been the Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Elder You Lie, I would already be dead!”

Ge Yun’s flaming qi might be formidable, but it was definitely incomparable with You Lie who had cultivated the earth class low-tier Thunder Armor Divine Technique. In terms of the pure qi power, not even ten Ge Yun would be a match for You Lie.

After suppressing the flaming qi, Li Fuchen checked on his body.

He was currently in a rather miserable state. Most of his body had large patches of burns, especially his face that was half burnt and looked exceptionally horrifying.

As compared to his appearance, he had suffered even worse internal injuries. All his internal organs had been burned without exception and several of his meridians had been severed. Had it not been for the dragon elephant power’s protection, even if he didn’t die, he would have been a cripple.

The effects of the herbs and the elixirs were still repairing the body and it was a pity that Li Fuchen couldn’t coordinate with his qi, making the recovery speed very slow. It was actually the dragon elephant power that was repairing the body at a rather fast speed, but it was just in comparison to his current slow recovery speed.

Li Fuchen reckoned that if he wanted to achieve complete recovery, he would need more than a month.

Li Fuchen opened his eyes and stood up to gaze at the surrounding environment.

“Such concentrated heaven and earth qi.”

Li Fuchen might not be able to circulate his qi, but it didn’t stop Li Fuchen from sensing the heaven and earth qi.

As compared to the East Unicorn Continent, the concentration of heaven and earth qi was several times denser. Every single breath would allow strands of heaven and earth qi to gush into the body. But when on the East Unicorn Continent, one would have to circulate the cultivation technique in order to absorb heaven and earth qi.

“But this place seems to have a weaker effect on force transmission.”

Li Fuchen’s awareness was extremely acute and he was able to analyze many things just by grass bending due to the wind.

In order to prove his conjecture, Li Fuchen blasted a fist into the air.


The ferocious fist set off a small hurricane and radiated forward.

“As expected. The force is roughly weaker by almost ten times. The further it traveled the weaker the force.” Li Fuchen was full of thoughts.

A few days past by and Li Fuchen’s injuries were recovered quite significantly.

While traveling across the wilderness, Li Fuchen would constantly survey the environment.

He noticed that the color of the soil was mostly red, meaning the nutrition content inside the soil was far superior to the soil on the East Unicorn Continent. Apart from this, the nature’s product was much sturdier than those on the East Unicorn Continent. Like the trees, grass, and boulders. Li Fuchen was suspecting if he was born on this continent, would his body be much more durable? Otherwise, it wouldn’t match the natural environment of this place.

After a few more days, Li Fuchen’s injuries were healed up to around 50% or 60%. His recovery speed was two times faster than he had imagined.

Li Fuchen surmised that it should be related to the natural environment.

In this place, his qi and blood were much more reactive, which naturally gave a faster recovery speed.

“This place is truly a sacred place for cultivation.” Li Fuchen lamented.

On the East Unicorn Continent, only a few hidden domains would be able to surpass this place, but this place definitely had hidden domains too.

“Yar, Yar, Yar!”

On this day, there was a group of men and horses that were galloping on the spacious road.

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This group had a total of twenty over men and all of them were at the Heaven Dipper Realm. The two individuals leading at the front had actually reached the peak level of Heaven Dipper Realm.

The humans weren’t ordinary humans and the horses weren’t ordinary horses too.

The horses they were riding on were totally different from the horses in the East Unicorn Continent. Not only did they have scales on their bodies, they even had horns on their heads. The qi presence that they emitted was actually of a class 3 spirit beast.

In the center of this group, there was a carriage.

The carriage was luxurious and sturdy and it was carved with array patterns that obviously had special effects.

Just as this group of horsemen passed by a nearby forest, a large group of black-clothed Heaven Dipper Realm men rushed out and surrounded them.

“Who dares obstruct our Luo Clan’s fleet?”

The leader who was a blue-clothed elder yelled out and emitted his peak level Heaven Dipper Realm presence.

“We are precisely here to obstruct your Luo Clan’s fleet.”

The one who spoke was a husky black-clothed man. His qi presence was also at the peak level of Heaven Dipper Realm, but he had three other black-clothed men who were also at the peak level of Heaven Dipper Realm.

“Who exactly are you people?” Beside the blue-clothed elder, a green-clothed middle-aged man asked with a grave expression.

He suspected that this was a planned ambush and their target was undoubtedly the young lady in the carriage.

After all, the young lady was a student from the South Forest Martial Institution. She had a great future ahead and by killing her, it would make a huge impact on the Luo Clan.


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The husky black-clothed man didn’t want to say anything else. With a wave of his hand, his group charged towards the Luo Clan’s fleet.

“Protect the Young Lady!”

The blue-clothed elder and the green-clothed man drew their weapons and went into close combat with various black-clothed men.

In a split moment, there were constant sounds of qi force explosions.

The blue-clothed elder was very formidable and even when he battled against two of the peak level Heaven Dipper Realm black-clothed men by himself, it was only at a slight disadvantage. The green-clothed man had also obstructed one of the peak level Heaven Dipper Realm black-clothed men. The last of the peak level Heaven Dipper Realm black-clothed men was rushing towards the carriage.

“Get lost!”

This was a short and stout black-clothed man. A single wave of his hand had blasted off four of the Luo Clan’s martial artists that were protecting the carriage. They were all severely injured with fresh blood on their bodies.


Subsequently, the stout black-clothed man slammed a palm on the carriage.

The carriage radiated with brilliance and was unscathed.

“Such a powerful array. It seems like the Luo Clan’s Young Lady, Luo Yan is definitely inside.” The stout black-clothed man laughed heartily.

Luo Yan was a student of the South Forest Martial Institution. She was only 27 years old and was already at the 5th level of Heaven Dipper Realm. In the future, she had high hopes of becoming a high-leveled Reincarnation Realm martial artist and to become a powerful leader of the Rushing Current City. It was a pity that they would never let out leave this place alive.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

The stout black-clothed man continuously attacked the carriage and depleted the array’s energy.

A short moment later, the array on the carriage had gradually dimmed.

Just as it was about to collapse.


The carriage door opened and a beautiful figure skimmed out.

“You finally came out!” 

The stout black-clothed man yelled and executed a palm strike.

“Black Wind Sword Art!”

A delicate voice echoed and mystical sword shadows emerged in circles.


The sword shadow was scattered and the beautiful figure flew back.

It was a dainty looking young woman and her qi presence was at the 5th level of Heaven Dipper Realm.

As the South Forest Martial Institution’s student, Luo Yan’s innate talent was naturally exceptional. Even though she was only at the 5th level of Heaven Dipper Realm, she was still competent enough to battle against a regular 8th level Heaven Dipper Realm opponent. But it was a pity that the black-clothed stout man was at the peak level of Heaven Dipper Realm, and she wasn’t a match for him.

“Damn it, I am the target for these people.” Luo Yan had an unpleasant expression.

She had entered the South Forest Martial Institution for several years and she was planning to return home and stay for a period of time. Who would have expected for her to encounter an ambush?


After sending Luo Yan flying with a single palm, the stout man didn’t spare his opponent after obtaining the upper hand as he followed up with another palm strike.


Luo Yan vomited a mouthful of fresh blood and fell backward.

“Young Lady!”

The blue-clothed elder and the green-clothed man were anxious and wanted to provide assistance, but their opponents would never allow the duo to do so as they hindered the duo.

When Luo Yan fell onto the ground, she had a disappointed expression. As compared to a peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist, she was still lacking. Was she going to die in this place today?

“Do you require any help?”

Right at this moment, a voice echoed.

Luo Yan lifted her head and she saw a disfigured young man speaking indifferently.

No one bothered about this disfigured young man as his body was emitting a faint qi presence and was at best at the Origin Return Realm.

“Get lost and die, ugly fool.”

The stout man naturally didn’t put Li Fuchen in his eyes. But seeing how Li Fuchen meddled in his affairs, he burst with killing intent and struck a palm at Li Fuchen through the air.

“Be careful!” Luo Yan exclaimed.


Dirt diffused everywhere and a layer of soil had been scraped off. Li Fuchen had sturdily received the palm strike.

Luo Yan and the others were stunned when Li Fuchen didn’t move an inch. It seemed like that palm strike was only enough to tickle him.

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