Chapter 57: Questioning Heaven Divine Capital

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East Sword City, Mo Clan.

Half a month had passed since the Battle of Sword Son and in that half months’ time, the Mo Clan had fully became the sole tyrant of East Sword City. The current East Sword City was a lot more prosperous than its past.

Inside the Mo Clan.

“Mo Yu, you said that my Mo Clan was originally not from the East Sword City. Rather, we moved here?” Mo Wentian frowned and inquired as he looked at Mo Yu before him.

“That’s right!” Mo Yu nodded his head slightly. Subsequently, he spoke solemnly: “Previously, I heard Mo Yizhan say that our Mo Clan was a big clan from the Questioning Heaven Divine Capital but for reasons unknown, we had ultimately left the Questioning Heaven Divine Capital!”

“Questioning Heaven Divine Capital!”

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The radiance in Mo Wentian’s eyes grew to thousand feet. The Questioning Heaven Divine Capital was the sword dao holy land thousands of years ago. Thousands of years ago, the Sword God Continent had five sword emperors. Each one of these sword emperors had established a huge sword dao holy land. Among them was Mo Wentian and the holy land he had established was precisely the Questioning Heaven Divine Capital!

But unfortunately, ever since the fall of Mo Wentian, the so called Questioning Heaven Divine Capital had also fell into the hands of Yu Shang and Chi Tian. 5000 years ago, Yu Shang had established the Human Emperor Sword Sect. From then on, none of the five big sword dao holy lands had ever fallen. Even though they hadn’t fallen, the five big sword dao holy still mustn’t be despised on because it was countless of times stronger than the Three Great Sword Sect!

“Originate from the Questioning Heaven Divine Capital. Could this Mo Clan be my Mo Clan?”

A flash of radiance flashed in Mo Wentian’s eyes. From his understanding, Mo Wentian knew of Yu Shang and Chi Tian, he knew that these two people would never allow the Mo Clan to continue staying in the Questioning Heaven Divine Capital.

“Patriarch, Mo Yizhan had once said that there’s a Mo Clan in the Questioning Heaven Divine Capital. And that Mo Clan is the real Mo Clan!”

Mo Yu suddenly spoke out as he looked at Mo Wentian.

“Divine Capital’s Mo Clan!”

Mo Wentian paused for a moment. Seem like a lot of unforeseen events had happened to the Mo Clan after his death. Otherwise, why would Chi Tian and Yu Shang allowed the Mo Clan to live? And why would there be Mo Clan disciples being left out in such a barren land.

“I will return!”

Mo Wentian inhaled in a breath of air. Not only did he want to return, he wanted to retrieve back whatever that belonged to him.

“Patriarch, there’s still another matter I need to tell you!”

It was at that moment, Mo Yu suddenly spoke out.

“What matter?”

Mo Wentian inquired heavily.

“Patriarch, there’s actually another absolute genius in our Mo Clan!”

Mo Yu replied heavily.

“You mean Mo Tianjiao?”

Mo Wentian eyebrows pricked.

“That’s right. Mo TIanjiao is Mo Yizhan’s daughter. Ten years ago when she left the East Sword City, she was already in the Leaving Sword Realm. I’m afraid she had already reached the Four Constellation Realm by now. If she was to return…”

“So what if she returns?”

A flash of radiance flashed in Mo Wentian’s eyes. The current Mo Clan belonged to him. Even if Wu Shuang Sword Emperor had come, he could dream on in taking it away from him, let alone Mo Tiaoxiao!

“Oh right, instruct down. All of the disciples in the Mo Clan are to cultivate diligently. As long as their cultivation reaches the pinnacle of Leaving Sword Realm, they would be rewarded with a Four Constellation Pill!”

“If their cultivation reaches the pinnacle of Four Constellation Realm, they will be rewarded a King Dao Pill!”


“King Dao Pill!”

Mo Yu cried out in alarm as he stared at Mo Wentian with a face filled with shock.

King Dao Pill. Even the sword dao holy land wouldn’t be so extravagant! In the whole southern region, there were only three known Sword King. They were Sword God Mountain, Shan Di Sword Emperor, Immortal Sword Sect, Ban Bu Sword King and Heavenly Law Sect’s Tian Dao Sword Emperor! Three of these sword emperor enjoy endless amount of glory in the southern region. If the news of Mo Wentian bestowing King Dao Pills were to be known to the outside world, even the three great sword sect would be alarmed!

“Young Master, Young Master Tianxiao had returned!”

It was at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out. The person who came was Qingyu!


Mo Wentian paused for a moment. Subsequently, his silhouette flashed and disappeared from the courtyard. In the Hall of Mo Clan.




A clear and bright voice rang out from the hall. Mo Tianxiao looked at Mo Wentian with a face filled with shock and gratitude. Mo Clan’s Patriarch as well as the city lord of East Sword City! Furthermore, being able to fight against Four Constellation Realm Sword Master! This was the current Mo Wentian’s strength. If it wasn’t because he heard it from the Mo Clan personally, he wouldn’t had believed it.

“Wentian, you did a great job!”

Tianxiao eyes was filled with happiness. Who would dare to call Mo Wentian a trash in the East Sword City and who would dare to say Mo Wentian have no spiritual root?

“TIanxiao, you’re about to breakthrough?”

Mo Wentian’s eyes flashed in radiance. Tianxiao nodded his head and a series of dragon roars resonated out. Clearly, Mo Tianxiao had reached the extreme boundary of Leaving Sword Realm and was about to breakthrough!

“Still lacking by a bit!”

Mo Tianxiao chuckled. Mo Wentian eyes brightened up. Subsequently, his hand flashed and a bottle appeared within his palm.

“Tianxiao, I believe you will be able to breakthrough immediately with this!”

Mo Wentian looked at Mo Tianxiao and chuckled.

“This is?”

A smear of puzzlement emerged in Mo Tianxiao eyes. When he opened up the bottle, a dense fragrance pervaded out.

Four Constellation Realm!

What Mo Wentian gave Mo Tianxiao was precisely Four Constellation Realm!

“Wentian, this is Four Constellation Pill?”

Mo Tianxiao looked at Mo Wentian with a face filled with astonishment. Four Constellation Pill. This was a heaven rank pill. It was extremely sparse even in the Heaven Sword School. If he had this Four Constellation Pill, Mo Tianxiao would have long became a Four Constellation Sword Master!

“Wentian. Keep this Four Constellation Pill for yourself. Your cultivation had already reached the 2nd layer of Leaving Sword Realm. Wait till you have reached the pinnacle of Leaving Sword Realm, this Four Constellation Pill will be able to help you reach the Four Constellation Realm Sword Master!”

Mo Tianxiao pushed the jade bottle back to Mo Wentian.

“Keep it for myself?”

Mo Wentian smiled slightly. Subsequently, he replied:”I’m not lacking of this right now. At the start, you had even given me a 2nd grade sword formation talisman. What does this Four Constellation Pill count as!”

“Sword formation talisman?”

Mo Tianxiao laughed bitterly. Subsequently he replied:”The sword formation talisman is useless for me. This Four Constellation Pill is a treasure. It is very hard to purchase it even in the Ocean Skyline Pavilion!”

“Tianxiao, if I’m to say I refined these Four Constellation Pill. Would you believe me?”

Mo Wentian suddenly smiled while he looked at how Mo Tianxiao declined him.

“You refined it?”

Mo Tianxiao’s expression turned rigid. Subsequently, he laughed:”Wentian, stop joking. This Four Constellation Pill is a heaven rank pill. You are saying you are a heaven rank pill master? How is that possible…”

“Is it really impossible?”

Mo Wentian shook his head slightly. After which, his hand lit up and dozens of jade bottles appeared. They were all Four Constellation Pill and Mo Tianxiao were staring at it in dumbstruck!

“Do you believe me now?”

Mo Wentian inquired with a smile.

“You really is a heaven rank pill master?”

Mo Tianxiao swallowed his saliva and inquired while looking at Mo Wentian.

“Still in disbelievement?”

A smear of sinister smile was evoked in Mo Wentian’s eyes. Actually, this couldn’t be blamed on Mo Tianxiao. The former Mo Wentian didn’t even possess a 1st grade spiritual root. Now, he suddenly became the patriarch of Mo Clan. Furthermore, he even knew how to refine heaven rank pills. Even Mo Wentian himself would find it hard to accept, let alone Mo Tianxiao!

“Smelly brat, you have been lying to me right. You are asking for a beating…”

“Bam bam bam…”

The hall was filled with noise. Mo Wentian could only smile bitterly when he saw Mo Tianxiao poucing over. When had he lied to Mo Tianxiao before!

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