Chapter 58: Sword Intention

Two hours later, Mo Tianxiao had finally calmed down. However, he was still staring at Mo Wentian with a face filled with evil smile.

“What do you want to do?” Mo Wentian looked at Mo Tianxiao vigilantly. That expression from Mo Tianxiao caused Mo Wentian to feel extremely disturbed!

“Brat, you have so many Four Constellation Pills yet you are only giving me one. Quickly take out more, at least give me half of what you have…”

“You want halve of it?” Mo Wentian blanked out for a moment. Subsequently, he replied fiercely: “What would you need so many Four Constellation Pill for?”

“Hahaha… since you can refine it, of course it’s to slowly feast on it!”


At night, the Mo Clan held a banquet. When Mo Wentian’s instructions had been passed down, Mo Clan’s disciples became extremely excited. They all wished they could immediately head out to cultivate. The banquet only came to an end very late at night.

At a small courtyard, Mo Wentian wore a solemn expression while Mo Tianxiao sat beside him. Meanwhile, Mo Tianxiao’s aura was growing stronger overtime. Subsequently, a dragon’s roar rang out. This dragon’s roar seemed to originate from an ancient era. It was vast and imposing as it extended out from Mo Tianxiao’s body.

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Four Constellation Realm! Mo Tianxiao had successfully advanced and became a Sword Master.

“Finally, I became a Sword Master!” A radiance flashed by in Mo Tianxiao’s eyes. Subsequently, he struck out a meter long Azure Dragon Sword Dipper as it streak across the void like a meteor before it disappeared from the endless night.

“Tianxiao, congratulations!” Mo Wentian walked over and giggled.

“Brat, what are you congratulating me for. Judging from how fast you cultivate, I’m afraid you will become a Four Constellation Sword Master very soon!” Tianxiao scolded with a smile.

Subsequently, he seemed to have recalled something as he inquired: “Wentian, you have to remember. Four Constellation Sword Master realm is just the start. We have to become even stronger!”

“Become even stronger!” Mo Wentian inhaled a deep breath of air. Mo Wentian naturally knew what Mo Tianxiao was trying to imply. They have to become stronger. After which, return back to the Divine Capital’s Mo Clan.

“Oh right, I forgot to tell you something. Currently, since you are Mo Clan’s patriarch. That’s to say the Mo Clan had a spot in contesting for the spiritual vein this time.” Mo Tianxiao suddenly chuckled while staring at Mo Wentian.

“Spiritual vein?” Mo Wentian’s eyes brightened up. To a regional powerhouse, the most important thing to them was resources. Only with inexhaustible resources could the sect disciples become even stronger!

“That’s right. I had examined this spiritual vein before and it should be a high grade spiritual vein. This spiritual vein is located at the center of the four big sword cities. Otherwise, the Three Great Sword Sect would have taken it away!

I’m afraid even the Three Great Sword Sect would want a portion of this spiritual vein!” Mo Tianxiao chuckled.

“High grade spiritual vein!” The smile on Mo Wentian’s face grew even more! In the Sword God Continent, there were two ways on how a cultivator could increase their cultivation. One, was pills. Second, it was spiritual stones!

The price of such pills were extremely high and only those core disciples and strong powerhouses from powerful sects have the qualifications to consume them! Therefore, spiritual stones became the best resources to improve a sect’s strength.

Spiritual stones grew according to the density of the spiritual qi. It was divided into four different grades. They were distinguishably low grade, middle grade, high grade and supreme grade. Since this was a high grade spiritual vein, it also meant that this spiritual vein is able to produce high grade spiritual stones. A high grade spiritual stone could sustain a Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman in his cultivation for a month. From this, one could tell how precious this spiritual vein was!

“Wentian, you had just reorganized the Mo Clan recently. Furthermore, Lin Clan is also eyeing the Mo Clan covetously. I think we shouldn’t participate in this spiritual vein contest!” Mo Tianxiao suddenly spoke out.

“No no no…” Mo Wentian immediately cut Mo Tianxiao off. Subsequently, he chuckled: “Tianxiao, not only is our Mo Clan going to participate, I’m also going to win this spiritual vein as well!”

“Win it?” Mo Tianxiao frowned. The four big sword cities were not something that could be dealt with so easily.

“How are we going to contest over this spiritual vein this time?” Mo Wentian inquired while beaming in smile.

“According to the Three Great Sword Sects agreement, since this spiritual vein had appeared at the center of the four big sword cities. Therefore, this spiritual vein belongs to the four big sword cities and the central sword city. This contest is naturally a competition between the four big sword cities and the central sword city!” Mo Tianxiao looked at Mo Wentian and spoke gravely.

“There’s Central Sword City as well?” Mo Wentian paused for a moment.

“Originally, the Central Sword City was not included in this contest. However, unpredictably, the Central Sword City’s City Lord, Lin Riyuan is the Heavenly Law Sect’s true disciple and Lin Riyuan wanted this spiritual vein. Therefore…” Mo Tianxiao complexion turned somewhat solemn.

“That’s to say as a matter of fact, this spiritual vein already belongs to the Central Sword City?” Mo Wentian inquired coldly.

“That’s right!” Mo Tianxiao sighed faintly. A contest among The Central Sword City and four big sword cities. Clearly this was bullying. Li Riyuan was clearly trying to seize this spiritual vein by force! However, Li Riyuan was the Heavenly Law Sect’s true disciple. There was no way to put a stop to his actions!

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“Lin Clan wishes to fight over this spiritual vein? If so, I must never let it happen. Tianxiao, tell me what are the rules of this spiritual vein contest?” Mo Wentian suddenly smiled sinisterly. Since the Lin Clan wished to contest over it, than he shall not allow it to happen. He wished to see how overbearing could this Lin Clan be.

“Wentian, you really wish to fight over it?” Mo Tianxiao’s expression was somewhat grave.

“That’s right!” Mo Wentian nodded his head.

“Good. If so, I shall explain them to you. However, you have to know that now is not the right time to get into a conflict with the Lin Clan!”

“In the Lin Clan, Lin Riyuan is already the Heavenly Law Sect’s true disciple and his cultivation had reached the 4th layer of Four Constellation Realm. The Grand Elder of Heavenly Law Sect had also taken a fancy in the Oldest Young Master of the Lin Clan. The current Lin Clan is like a powerhouse in the Heavenly Law Sect!” Mo Tianxiao explained solemnly while staring at Mo Wentian.

“4th layer of Four Constellation Realm? Grand Elder’s disciple?” Radiance flashed past Mo Wentian’s eyes. Subsequently, he chuckled: “Alright, I promise you!”

“En en!” Mo Tianxiao nodded his head in satisfaction when he saw that Mo Wentian had promised him. Subsequently, he continued: “The rules for this contest are very simple. It’s just an elimination contest between the five cities!

This spiritual vein would belong to whoever becomes the champion!”

“Elimination contest?” Mo Wentian eyes brightened up. The so called elimination contest was actually just a competition between the five cities!

“Who is the sword son of Central Sword City?” Mo Wentian inquired with a frown.

“Central Sword City?” Mo Tianxiao’s eyes brightened up. Subsequently, he replied heavily: “There are a total of three Clans in the Central Sword City. Among them, the Lin Clan is the strongest. The sword son for Central Sword City this time is the Lin Clan’s Oldest Young Master, Lin Tian!”

“Lin Tian!” Mo Wentian murmured to himself.

“That’s right. This person is a genuine heaven’s blessed son as he possess a 9th grade spiritual root. He cultivated for 18 years and had already reached the 1st layer of Sword Master Realm. Furthermore…”

“Furthermore?” Mo Wentian inquired heavily.

“Furthermore, this person’s sword intention had reached the 3rd layer!”

“3rd layer sword intention!” Radiance exploded out in Mo Wentian’s eyes!

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