Chapter 59: The Pitiful Ice Soul Flood Dragon

What was sword intention? It was a form of comprehension a sword cultivator had towards the sword dao. In the Sword God Continent, Qi Condensation Realm cultivates spiritual qi and Leaving Sword Realm cultivates sword qi. As for the Four Constellation Realm, they cultivated in sword intentions!

A Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman had to comprehend a Four Constellation concept if they wished to advance into the Four Constellation Realm. The so-called concept wouldn’t be at its peak strength once it has been comprehended. Rather, it would grow stronger over time with their advancement and it is based on the comprehension capability of the sword cultivator. According to the sword dao regulations, the Sword Intention is classified into nine different layers. The 1st layer is just the threshold, 2nd layer is spiritual illusion, 3rd layer is taking form and the fourth layer…

When it reached the 9th layer, the statue of god would enter the body and the swordmaster could fuse together with the statue of god as they transform into a Four Constellation Mythological Creature. After which their might would be extremely terrifying!

Previously when Mo Wentian was facing Mo Yizhan, he was just at the 1st layer phase. The 1st phase sword intention is only able to draw support from the Four Constellation Mythological Creature and bring forth a terrifying suppression! As for the 2nd layer, they would be able to project the creature out and it would possess some form of intelligence. However, it wouldn’t be able to fuse together with their bodies. As for the 3rd layer, it can combine together with their body. Any attack they launched from their body would be a genuine attack and was several folds stronger.

“3rd layer sword intention!” Mo Wentian inhaled deeply. A 9th grade spiritual root; no wonder, he can be so strong!

“Wentian, if you ever come across this person, you ought to admit defeat immediately. You will undoubtedly surpass him in the future with your talent. There is no need for you to get into a conflict with him right now!” Mo Tianxiao smiled while looking at Mo Wentian.

“Sure!” The corner of Mo Wentian’s mouth grinned. Mo Tianxiao was afraid that once he experienced how powerful Lin Tian was, his sword dao determination would be suppressed. However, how could a 3rd layer sword intention brat be able to intimidate Mo Wentian?

“When is the elimination contest going to happen?” Mo Wentian suddenly inquired.

“A month’s time!” Mo Wentian paused for a moment. Subsequently, he smiled: “You should just stay in the Mo Clan for this upcoming month!”

“Stay in the Mo Clan?” Mo Tianxiao paused for a moment. After which, he nodded: “Sure!”

“Thanks!” There were some traces of appreciation in Mo Wentian’s eyes. The reason why he wanted Mo Tianxiao to stay behind was that he was going to leave the Mo Clan for a while!

His cultivation should at the very least attain the 5th layer of Leaving Sword Ream, if he wished to fight against a 3rd layer Four Constellation Realm Sword Master and the East Barbarian Mountain Range would be the best place for him to advance his cultivation!

A day later, Mo Wentian left the Mo Clan.

In the East Barbarian Mountain Range, a silhouette had darted past the outer and middle regions as he went straight into the central region!

“It would be great if I could find a few of those heaven grade spiritual fruits!” Mo Wentian couldn’t help but sigh as he travelled through the East Barbarian Mountain Range. Currently, his Devouring Heaven Spiritual Root had reached the 3rd grade and his talent was comparable to an 8th grade spiritual root.

If his Devouring Heaven Spiritual Root could advance into the 5th grade, his talent would be comparable to a 10th grade spiritual root. By then, his cultivation speed would be 10 times faster! Mo Wentian appeared in the valley where he found the Vermilion Fruits. The valley was extremely quiet. Even the ice-cold pond in the middle had also lost it’s cold qi.

“What a pity!” Mo Wentian shook his head slightly. The cold qi in this ice-cold pond was way too little. The Vermilion Fruits had already consumed all of the energy contained within this pond and there would no longer be any more spiritual medicine like the Vermilion Fruit appearing in this valley.

“Ssss sss sssi…”

Just when Mo Wentian was about to leave, an ice-cold qi suddenly locked onto Mo Wentian.

“It’s that Ice Soul Flood Dragon!” Mo Wentian’s eyes brightened up. Ice Soul Flood Dragon was a low rank spiritual beast. It was a class higher than an ordinary beast!

“If I’m to devour this Ice Soul Flood Dragon, my physique should be able to…” A smear of a sinister smile was evoked on Mo Wentian’s mouth. The reason why he came to the East Barbarian Mountain Range this time was because he wanted to advance his physique, the undying body art.

Currently, he had just stepped into the initial spiritual body stage. Since he had the Devouring Heaven God Art with him, he would be able to advance into the late stage if he could devour several spiritual beasts. When the time comes, his physique would be comparable to a high grade spiritual artifact.

“Sss sssi…”

When the Ice Soul Flood Dragon saw Mo Wentian, it seemed to have sensed danger as its pair of icy eyes grew extremely prudent.

“Brat, I’m here to kill you!” The corner of Mo Wentian’s mouth rose. With a flash, Mo Wentian appeared beside the Ice Soul Flood Dragon while his fingers turned into a claw trying to grab onto the Ice Soul Flood Dragon directly.


The Ice Soul Flood Dragon retreated rapidly and an extremely cold energy assaulted towards Mo Wentian’s body.

“Boom boom boom…”

The cold qi instantly solidified and it froze Mo Wentian. The Ice Soul Flood Dragon heaved a sigh of relief when it saw that Mo Wentian had been frozen. It swam to the side of Mo Wentian with a face filled with mockery. Apparently, it seemed like it had recognized that Mo Wentian was the one who stole the Vermilion Fruits away and a smear of anger suddenly arose in the Ice Soul Flood Dragon’s eyes.

However, at the next moment!


The ice disintegrated and Mo Wentian came out of the ice.

“What a formidable cold qi!” Mo Wentian deeply inhaled a breath of air. His current physique was comparable to a low grade spiritual artifact. Originally, he thought that he could deal with this creature easily. Unexpectedly, this fellow’s cold qi was actually so strong. This cold qi had already reached the boundary of a 2nd grade demon beast.

“Sss sss sssi…”

When it saw Mo Wentian had woken up, it retreated back to the depths of ice-cold pond. But unfortunately, there was not a single trace of cold air inside the pond and when it stayed inside the pond, it made it look somewhat pitiful!

“Previously, I had snatched away your Vermilion Fruits. If I hadn’t snatched away those Vermilion Fruits, you could have relied on those three Vermilion Fruits and reach the 3rd grade or even higher!

Without the cold qi, it would be extremely hard for you to advance. Since it was so, I shall… take you away!” A smear of an evil smile was evoked at the corner of Mo Wentian’s mouth. This Ice Soul Flood Dragon was definitely not an ordinary Ice Soul Flood Dragon. Even though it was a low grade spiritual beast, it wouldn’t possess such a terrifying intelligence!

“Are you willing to serve me?” Mo Wentian looked at the Ice Soul Flood Dragon and inquired.

“Sss sss sssi…”

When it heard his words, it glanced at Mo Wentian ruthlessly. Apparently, it seemed to be very irritated.

“Brat, you are trying to gather the demon beasts over?” Mo Wentian smiled nonchalantly. He was able to sense a few demon beasts were rushing their way over.

“Interesting! An Ice Soul Flood Dragon that can control other demon beasts!” Mo Wentian didn’t put a stop to its action. A moment later, three demon beasts appeared. They were a monkey, a big snake and also a mouse respectively!

“Sss sss sssi…”

The Ice Soul Flood Dragon howled at Mo Wentian in a low growl and the three demon beasts instantly pounced on him.

“Not willing? Today, I’m definitely going to take you away. I don’t believe that I, a sword emperor wouldn’t be able to deal with a 2nd grade Ice Soul Flood Dragon!” Mo Wentian’s hand flashed in radiance and the black iron heavy sword appeared.

“Vigorous Sword Technique!”


When the sword struck out, the demonic monkey was sent flying immediately. Following which, the second move had also sent the mouse and big snake flying as well.

“Sss sss ssi…”

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When the Ice Soul Flood Dragon saw the three demon beast had been sent flying, it immediately turned anxious.

“Brat, stop gathering these demon beasts. These 2nd grade demonic beasts aren’t my match. If you are willing to serve under me, I can give you…”

Mo Wentian grinned slightly. Subsequent, he smiled: “Cold qi!”

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“Cold qi!” The Ice Cold Flood Dragon’s eyes lit up. However, it still looked at Mo Wentian with a bewildered expression.

“You don’t believe?” Mo Wentian was elated. This Ice Soul Flood Dragon’s intelligence was comparable to a supreme rank spiritual beast!

“Try this!” Mo Wentian’s hand flashed in radiance as he threw an ice cold grass over.

“Sss sss sssi…”

The Ice Soul Flood Dragon stared at the ice cold grass and a smear of disdain appeared in his eyes. That look seemed to be despising Mo Wentian.

“Cough!” Mo Wentian’s face was blushing in shame but at the next moment, the Ice Soul Flood Dragon approached the ice cold grass cautiously. It glanced at the ice cold grass with a face filled with disdain. But ultimately, it consumed it satisfyingly.

“I…” Mo Wentian was stunned. He reckoned that this Ice Soul Flood Dragon must have not absorbed any cold qi for quite awhile. Otherwise, why would such a scene appear since the ice cold grass was just an extremely low grade medicine?

“Sss sss ssi…”

After consuming the ice cold grass, the Ice Soul Flood Dragon seemed to have somewhat acknowledged Mo Wentian. It moved forward by a few steps as it stared at Mo Wentian with a face filled with expectation.

“It had taken the bait!” Mo Wentian grinned. Subsequently, his hand flashed and another low grade spiritual grass…

Another ice cold grass appeared!

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