Chapter 665: Counterattacking Demon World (1)

“Kexin?” Long Yi didn’t dare to believe. Didn’t she die in the explosion of the Nalan Empire’s Light Church? How can her consciousness appear in Light Spirit Tablet? Could it be that he was having an auditory hallucination?

A hazy figure gradually formed in front of Long Yi. It unexpectedly had the same appearance as Dongfang Kexin. However, there was no entity, instead was just in soul state.

“Cousin, I can finally see you again!” Dongfang Kexin was so happy that she felt like crying, but how could a soul have tears?

Long Yi felt complicated in his heart. Even after eight years, the matters of that year was still vivid in his mind. When this little girl who shouted, “You are mine alone!” appeared in front of him now, he felt the passage of time.

When Dongfang Kexin looked at the fast asleep Mixini, Long Yi felt that the abnormal desire of Dongfang Kexin would be triggered, but looking at Kexin’s current expression, there wasn’t much reaction, so Long Yi sighed in relief.

Puchi! Dongfang Kexin chuckled and spoke, “Cousin, you don’t need to be so nervous. I clearly know how many girls you have cheated over these past few years. If I truly eat vinegar, then wouldn’t I get drowned in vinegar?”

After speaking, Dongfang Kexin paused for a good while, and her expression became gentle, “At the last moment, I understood what love is. Love is not possession rather payment. Therefore, I can stand in front of you now. I have waited for this day for no less than eight years.”

Long Yi was dumbfounded for a while and enquired, “Kexin, tell me, what exactly happened at that time? Who are the remaining two divine senses sleeping inside Light Spirit Tablet?”

Dongfang Kexin began to recount her experience.

It turned out that the Light God Statue on the top of Light Church of Nalan Empire’s capital city was the actual body of Light God. At that moment of explosion, Dongfang Kexin had believed that she would die for sure, but beyond her expectations, the moment her physical body was destroyed, her divine sense was pulled by a powerful light energy. When she came back to her senses, her divine sense was already inside Light Spirit Tablet, saved by the divine sense of Light God. Then, the Light God told her that, if it were not for understanding what love was, then he wouldn’t have saved her.

“That statue was the physical body of Light God?” Long Yi’s expression became strange. At that time, he had rod his body and p*ed there.

Dongfang Kexin nodded her head. However, her gaze never left Long Yi’s face. Although she was always by his side, she was unable to meet him. This had tormented her for all this time in the past.

“Then, who is the last divine sense inside Light Spirit Tablet?” Long Yi asked.

“It’s… Well, it’s someone you couldn’t imagine,” Dongfang Kexin smiled and stopped speaking, keeping Long Yi in suspense.

“Someone I know?” Long Yi asked curiously.

“Yes, moreover, your relation is not shallow.” Dongfang Kexin said with a smile, watching Long Yi who looked a lot more mature than before.

Long Yi thought long and hard. Who was that someone that had a deep relationship with him? Since the divine sense is inside Light Spirit Tablet, that means it is certainly someone whose physical body is already destroyed, only leaving behind the divine sense.

Person after another flashed in the mind of Long Yi. After a while, he suddenly trembled and exclaimed, “Could it be that … she is … Xiya?”

“Kexin, quickly tell me, is it really Xiya?” Long Yi agitatedly asked.

 Dongfang Kexin smiled and nodded her head, “Cousin, you are truly amazing. You even cheated a Main God!” Her words acknowledged that Long Yi’s guess was correct.

“Really, don’t tease me. Now that I think about it, do you know why the divine senses of Light God and Water God are sleeping?” Long Yi hastily asked. Xiya’s divine sense still exists, that was great.

“Isn’t that because of you? When that little demoness used the space key, wanting to perish together with you, they spent nearly all their spirit power to bring you to Divine World. Otherwise, who knows where you would be drifting about now,” Dongfang Kexin answered.

Long Yi saw the light. No wonder, after he arrived in Divine World, he couldn’t sense the aura of Dark God Moyun, Fire God Chiyan, and Earth God Xuantian residing within his body. Presumably, they also exhausted all their spirit power to save him. Consequently, their divine senses fell into a deep sleep.

Long Yi’s mood became perfect. He had just eaten this little angel Mixini and immediately after that, he met his cousin Dongfang Kexin who he thought to be dead. In addition, he also learned that Water God Xiyan unexpectedly still existed. Was there anything better than this?


At this moment, all seven major legions of seven main god regions had already arrived. They were all stationed outside Light God Capital. Altogether, there were more than 3.5 million soldiers. They were waiting for Long Yi’s instructions. At the same time, after Long Yi issued a recruiting decree, men of God Race responded in succession and actively joined the army to eradicate the empire of Demon World. They were eager to leave their names in the history of Divine World.

In a secret room, Long Yi and more than one hundred commanders of seven major legions were having a confidential discussion.

“Here, these are the coordinates of the space node that leads to the Demon World. The Heavenly Demon King was sealed for 100,000 years. So at this moment, he should be recovering his strength for sure, and no one in Demon World should know that we already know the space node leading to their Demon World. Their defenses should be relatively weak. This time, our task is to launch a surprise attack on Demon World. I am not asking to exterminate them at one stroke completely, but we should at least make them suffer serious damage. This task is the first step to regain our Divine World’s glory. No matter what happens, we cannot fail.” Long Yi pointed at a map of Divine World hung on a crystal wall and spoke in an extremely stern tone. The army and war, one could say that they were an integral part of the old profession of Long Yi, but since this was related to the fate of all living beings of Divine World and Blue Waves Continent, he was still a little tense in his heart. Nevertheless, he never showed anything on the surface.

“I request Lord Hegemon God to give this task to our Lightning God Legion. We will kill those indigenous demons until not a single one remains.” Just after Long Yi spoke, Leibao immediately stood up and pleaded. The commanders of the other six legions also pleaded in succession.

“No need to vie against each other; everyone will have a share. Demon World also has millions of soldiers and demon generals, so no need to fear not having sufficient numbers to kill,” Long Yi responded with a smile.

“Okay, I will assign the mission now…”


Diluo was one of the three great demon generals below the Heavenly Demon King. He led more than a million demon soldiers to guard the southeast part of Demon World.

“Did His Majesty meet with an accident?” Diluo muttered to himself. Since the Heavenly Demon King insisted on entering Jade Blood Pool, there was not a day he was not worried. He knew how frightening Jade Blood Pool was. Even by just approaching the Doomsday Valley, he would feel like his heart would jump out of his mouth. He had heard that the first ancestor demon was trapped inside. In the past, the Heavenly Demon King had personally led an army of 100,000 strong and entered that valley, but only the Heavenly Demon King returned alive. The army of 100,000 strong turned into the fertilizer of Doomsday Valley. From then on, the Heavenly Demon King didn’t utter a single word about Doomsday Valley.

At this moment, in a forest on top of a continuous black mountain range, accompanied by the flashing of white light, a group of ten scouts of Wind God Legion quietly appeared. They nodded at each other, and one of them disappeared again. Shortly afterward, the white light flashed repeatedly, and more than 100,000 soldiers of Wind God Legion instantly filled this forest.

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“Not far away from the foot of this mountain, there is a city of Demon Race. As Lord Hegemon God ordered, don’t spare even fowls and dogs.” The First Tier God, Wei’er Beila, personally took the command of this army and loudly ordered.

A calamity befell this small remote city of Demon World without any sign. This city only had a thousand or so demon soldiers. Under the all-out attack of Wind God Legion, blood flowed like a river in this small city. Even the infants that were just born were not spared. The soldiers of Divine World didn’t have even a hint of compassion. The hatred between God Race and Demon Race was already beyond resolution. When the army of Demon Race had invaded Divine World at that time, they also didn’t show any compassion to infants.

Wei’er Beila led 100,000 soldiers of Wind God Legion and slaughtered all the way, turning the land within a radius of several thousand li a dead land. The action of Wind God Legion was incomparably quick. They came and left like wind. As long as they didn’t encounter the main forces of Demon World, they quickly smashed through all resistances.

The three great demon generals of Demon World, Blood Demon Diluo, Dragon Demon Karola, and Emotional Demon Naweiqi, got the news of the invasion of Divine World’s army practically at the same time.

“Damn, how is this possible? How did those idiots of Divine World enter our Demon World? This general will swallow them whole.” The three great demon generals used a magical crystal to contact each other, and Dragon Demon Karola flew into a rage.

“Karola, can’t you calm down a bit? Diluo, what do you think?” Naweiqi, one of the three great demon generals, was unexpectedly a bewitchingly charming beauty. Her smile was incomparably charming. But, in the Demon World, who didn’t know that she was the cruelest and most ruthless person among the three great demon generals?

The Blood Demon Diluo was the most intelligent among these three great generals, and he was also their leader. In the war of gods and demons 100,000 years ago, the Heavenly Demon King had adopted his strategies, thereby defeating the many with a few and making blood flow like a river in Divine World.

“Since God Race already knows the ways to enter our Demon World, how can they dispatch just only one group? According to information, this army of God Race has roughly 100,000 soldiers only, and they came and left like the wind. I guess this might be a plot of God Race to attract the main forces of our Demon Race. Once we dispatch our main forces to exterminate them, the rest of the land will be empty, and the other forces of Divine World will attack for sure,” Diluo thought for a while and slowly narrated his thoughts.

“Then, what should we do? If we don’t send our main force to exterminate them, then that army of God Race will continue to slaughter the residents of my Demon World for sure.” Dragon God Karola roared.

Diluo also had a sullen face. He remained silent for a while and said, “Even though the God Race carried out a sneak attack taking advantage of the time when His Majesty is in seclusion, humph, since our Demon race was able to slaughter their God Race 100,000 years ago, the result of today will also be no different. The main forces guarding the strategic places of Divine World cannot be moved, but don’t forget that we have trained a secret special army in the past 100,000 years.”

“Magical Beast Legion!” Emotion Demon Naweiqi and Dragon Demon Karola exclaimed in unison.

Although Demon World had a vast territory, there were not many places where Demon Race could live. Everywhere was barren mountains and unruly rivers. Besides, there were countless ferocious magical beasts. Regardless of Demon Race or God Race, as long as they were from different races, these magical beasts would launch an attack upon contact.

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