Chapter 664: Breakthrough, Kexin

Long Yi looked up, causing his heart to tighten. He couldn’t describe his current feelings with words. Angela, the goddess who almost had a relationship with him, the goddess who could bring the dead back to life with her charm, and the goddess who was involved in the struggle for Divine World’s authority. She had left behind a deep impression on Long Yi’s heart. It was to such an extent that a kind of feeling that was similar to bitter hatred appeared in his heart. If he hadn’t loved and admired her, then how could he have such a complicated feeling?

Angela descended to the ground and took a quick glance at Long Yi with her charming eyes. Then, as if dodging Long Yi’s gaze, she turned around with a bitter expression. If it was not for her, this wouldn’t have happened.

The seven ancient war gods were rushing over, but Angela stood still between them and Long Yi.

Long Yi didn’t know whether it was an illusion or not, but for a moment, he felt like he saw the desperation in Angela’s eyes. Could it be that these seven ancient war gods and that eight-winged angel had nothing to do with her?

Angela slowly stretched out both arms and held her head high, blocking the path of those seven war gods.

An ominous feeling appeared in Long Yi’s heart, and he shouted, “Angela, are you crazy?”

Angela turned around and looked at Long Yi with a smile. She was responsible for the greater part of this matter. Since her companion Wu Geqi had released them, she had to stop them even if she had to perish together with them. She made her move when those war gods reached near her. Since those war gods were so close, Angela didn’t have any chance to survive.

Just when Long Yi wanted to rush over, Angela’s figure became fuzzy. Then, with her figure as the center, an indistinct vortex appeared and a mysterious power spread throughout the sky.

Those seven ancient war gods also became fuzzy and slowly faded away. It was a very strange scene. All the surviving gods were stunned watching this scene. What kind of magic was this? It could actually withstand the attacks of those seven ancient war gods.

The vortex became clearer and clearer, and the figures of Angela and seven war gods became more and fuzzier. Long Yi felt as if he saw a pair of beautiful eyes that were expressing affection, love as well as an apology in the midst of that vortex, and he felt a twinge of pain in his heart as if something ferociously stabbed his heart.

In the midst of the distant ruins, Wu Geqi had just popped his head out. He looked at the already fuzzy Angela with affection and hatred as he roared in his heart, “Why? Why? Why can you die for this man, but for me, you cannot even give a hint of affection?”

Wu Geqi persistently held onto his last breath to personally witness the death of Long Yi. But, who would have thought that he would see this? His eyes slowly lost focus and finally turned ashen. He died under the torment of love and hatred.

Suddenly, a misty light beam shot straight towards Long Yi, and the pure chaos power that was originally calm crazily poured into his body, making him swell until he was about to explode.

However, Long Yi didn’t seem to feel pain. He just watched a pair of barely visible eyes in the midst of the vortex, and his eyes actually became wet. He seemed to have fallen into a sad dream.

“These ancient war gods were forged by ancient great gods using chaos power. I am transferring the chaos power within them to you. As long as you completely absorb them, your Chaos Divine Technique will progress greatly for sure. This is the only thing I can do. If there is still the afterlife, then please grab my hand and never let go,” Angela watched Long Yi and spoke softly as tears trickled down her cheeks.

Long Yi reached out, wanting to grab something, but grabbed nothing.

Suddenly, a loud explosion occurred in his mind and his mind turned into a blank space. Only after a long time did Long Yi recover and slowly opened his eyes. He then discovered that he had just grabbed empty air with his right hand, and Angela and those seven war gods had disappeared into thin air. As for those several thousand gods, they were still here a little farther. Every one of them looked shocked and had a complicated expression.

Long Yi lowered his right hand. He noticed that his exhausted chaos divine power had already recovered and had also undergone a qualitative change. His Chaos Divine Technique had broken through to the fourth level in one fell swoop. However, he wasn’t happy at all. He looked at the sky in a daze as Angela’s apologetic expression repeatedly appeared in front of his eyes. Her words reverberated within his ears.

“The afterlife is too distant…” After a long time, Long Yi lowered his head and muttered.


Blue Waves Continent, Soaring Dragon City.

On a full moon night, a cold wind was blowing. Now, the season had already entered late winter. Compared to past years, this winter was much colder. Therefore, at night, not even a shadow of a human figure could be seen on the streets. Only the magic lamps were brightly lit on both sides of the streets, and once in a while, a fully armed patrol team walked through these streets.

The Elf Queen, wearing a magnificent queen robe with her green hair hung down loosely, sat next to the window, watching the desolate flower garden outside. A few days ago, her daughter Luxiya and she had personally come with some specialties of Elven Forest to pay a visit to the Emperor, Empress as well as Long Yi’s numerous wives.

Unconsciously, the dazed Elf Queen smiled. That look was no different from an infatuated woman who was thinking of her sweetheart. But, she quickly came back to her senses and a hint of anxiety appeared on her face, ‘That man, what is he doing at this moment? Is he playing around with goddesses now?’ From the beginning, she knew that the fellow was not a good person. He actually dared to crawl into her courtyard late at night. Moreover, his face was as thick as a city wall. But, she herself also had the nerves to do so, and not to mention drinking wine with him, she actually was unable to control herself and had let him kiss her.

At that time, Luxiya returned from the sleeping quarters of Nangong Xiangyun. Looking at her protruding belly, she couldn’t help feeling envious. Now, among Long Yi’s women, Nangong Xiangyun was not the only one who was pregnant, Nanlan Ruyue and Sibi were also pregnant. Clearly, Long Yi had sown seeds before he had left, but why wasn’t she pregnant? Luixya was very disturbed. Elves were heaven’s favorites. Not only were their lifespans long, but they were also very beautiful. However, they had one major flaw. Like Dragon Race, it was hard to get pregnant; especially with a different race, it was even harder to have a child.

“Mother, what are you thinking?” Luxiya walked in and happen to see the lonely back view of Elf Queen.

Elf Queen turned around and her worries quickly disappeared. She then replied with a smile, “Nothing, I am just a little unaccustomed to the climate here. Our Elven Forest is very comfortable.”

“Oh that’s true, but our Elven Forest is too quiet. There are many sisters here, furthermore…” Luxiya walked over, sat beside the Elf Queen, and leaned on her bosom.

“Silly girl, missing Long Yi?” The Elf Queen caressed the beautiful hair of her daughter and enquired softly.

Luxiya nodded her head and suddenly answered with a crafty smile, “Mother, were you also thinking about him just a moment ago?”

The Elf Queen blushed and her hand caressing the beautiful hair of Luxiya suddenly stopped.

“Mother, don’t deceive yourself as well as others. Since you like him and he also likes you, I don’t mind,” Luxiya hugged Elf Queen and spoke. She felt heartache looking at her mother who was struggling against ethics and morality. In the past, she also couldn’t accept, but now, she accepted it. Since Long Yi also said go **** ethics, one should get rid of all bindings and love to one’s heart content.

Yes, love to one’s heart content, the embrace of Luxiya got tighter and tighter.

“Silly girl, I … It is impossible between him and me,” Elf Queen was somewhat frantic as she spoke. Every time this issue was raised, she would always become like this.

“Mother, he will not let go of you, accept your fate,” Luxiya sat up and told with a stern countenance.

The Elf Queen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, but her mood relaxed a lot. Moreover, the cracked defense line in her heart also became weaker by a lot. Accept your fate, accept your fate, these words continuously reverberated through her heart.


The nearest main god region from the holy land was Light God Region. After Long Yi used his chaos power to recover the strength of all gods, they went to Light God Region and gathered in the Light Fortress.

In the Light Fortress, with the assistance of Wei’er Beila and others, Long Yi grasped the power of the entire Divine World, officially becoming the number one personage of the Divine World. Now, he could call the army of the entire Divine World to fight a decisive battle against the Demon World army. Long Yi’s first order to the seven great legions was to gather in Light Capital so that they could set out at any time. For the preparation for war, the transmission magic arrays of every town were opened. As long as there was no issue, all legions would gather in Light Capital in the next two or three days.

Now, Light Capital had become the city with the highest population in the entire Divine World because the new supreme leader of Divine World resided here at this moment.

As for Hegemon God Long Yi, he was standing at the top of a mountain in the south, looking at the distant ruins. He didn’t move for a long time.

“Ai, Angela, why did you do that?” Long Yi sighed. He was unable to forget the death of Angela.

“Death cannot wipe out her crimes!” A charming voice came from behind Long Yi. No one knew when Mixini arrived here.

However, Long Yi still looked far away in a daze, ignoring Mixini.

Mixini spread her four wings and flew in front of Long Yi, blocking his view. She looked sad but also angry.

“I know you have a big chest, no need to stand in front of me, I can see it,” Long Yi faintly replied, spouting a bad joke.

Mixini gritted her teeth and kicked Long Yi.

Long Yi frowned and emitted his divine power, sending Mixini flying a few hundred meters.

“What successor of father god? You are unworthy. Angela killed my father, but here, you are still thinking of her, you … you shameless,” Mixini flew back and cursed while pointing at Long Yi.

“If your father didn’t have any wild ambitions, then why would he collude with her to plot against the entire Divine World?” A hint of a sneer appeared on the face of Long Yi as he hit the nail on the head. As a matter of fact, a victor had the final say in right or wrong. In the past, didn’t Dibiya similarly scheme and seize the entire Divine World? Since he was the victor, he became the so-called father god of the entire God Race and no one could compare to him. If Angela had succeeded, wouldn’t she had become the righteous person?

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Mixini became pale as she was unable to justify. From her childhood, she had worshipped Angela and always regarded her as her model. Moreover, their relationship was comparable to the relationship between a mother and a daughter. Thus, when she had learned the truth from other people, she suffered a heavy blow and found it hard to accept the truth.

“Wa……” Mixini suddenly cried loudly and her four wings trembled, making her look miserable.

Long Yi walked forward and caressing the hair of Mixini, he sighed, “Grow up, you are already not a child.” Looking at this scene, no one would expect that he was less than 30 years old and Mixini was already more than ten thousand years old. Such a contrast was somewhat comical.

Mixini hugged Long Yi and cried, nestling in the bosom of Long Yi.

After a long time, Mixini cried herself and ended up sleeping in Long Yi’s chest.

Long Yi looked at this weeping beauty’s pale face and shook his head. He then carried her to the Light Fortress and wanted to call a servant to help her settle down, but beyond his expectation, she would die but she didn’t let go of him. Even though she was asleep, she tightly held his clothing as if she feared he would run away.

Looking at the delicate and charming appearance of Mixini, Long Yi couldn’t help recalling his wives in distant Blue Waves Continent and his heart turned soft. He personally placed her to the bed and quietly lay beside her. In his heart, he was missing his beloved wives even more. Thinking about it, he expected Nangong Xiangyun’s stomach to be very big now. His first bloodline was about to be born. The thought of it made him quite excited.

Unconsciously, Long Yi suddenly missed his beloved wives’ ** and alluring gestures. He could clearly remember their amorous moments, and since it had been a long time since he had last touched a woman, it was unbearable.

Long Yi shook his head, but he happened to see that Mixini’s robe was wide open at an unknown time. A large portion of her snow-white skin was completely visible to him.

“Gudong!” Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and took a deep breath to suppress his thoughts. He wanted to quickly leave this room, but Mixini had a death grip on him. It would be difficult to loosen her grip, but Long Yi still made a few futile efforts which caused the lapel of Mixini to open even more. Now, even her ** was vaguely visible. Thus, he simply took off his robe and hastily escaped the room. If he stayed any longer, he might end up performing something horrible.

After fleeing the room, Long Yi was blasted by a cold wind outside and his desire dissipated a lot. Then, he found a quiet hall in Light Fortress and began to browse through the ancient books and records left behind by Dibiya. He planned to release some of them to the public so as to increase the overall strength of Divine World.

Long Yi found a record of Divine World and after casually flipping it, he was startled. Then, he was wild with joy. This book actually recorded the space nodes to enter Demon World and Blue Waves Continent.

Now, the Heavenly Demon King should still be recovering his strength. If he led the army of Divine World into Demon World to counterattack now, then wouldn’t that be wonderful?

“Hahaha, your grandmother! Heavenly Demon King, do you think you can slaughter our Divine World and Blue Waves Continent? This Young Master will slaughter your Demon World first,” Long Yi laughed heartily.

At this moment, a figure walked in. She was none other than the administrator of Wind God Region, Wei’er Beila.

“Lord Hegemon God, why are you so happy?” Wei’er Beila asked.

“Naturally, I got a piece of good news, an enormous catch.” Long Yi tossed the book in his hand to Wei’er Beila.

Wei’er Beila read the book and her expression greatly changed. Then, she immediately got excited like Long Yi. If she didn’t know what the discovery of these space nodes signified, then she didn’t deserve to be the administrator of Wind God Region. In the past, because they didn’t know where Demon World was, Divine World could only remain passive and took the beating, but now that they had discovered the space node that led to Demon World, their situation completely changed. Now, they could take the initiative to attack. At this moment, her thoughts unexpectedly coincided with Long Yi’s.

“Were you looking for me?” Long Yi asked after Wei’er Beila calmed down.

“Yes, Lord Hegemon God, Wind God Legion’s 500,000 strong army has already arrived at Light Capital,” Wei’er Beila said.

Long Yi nodded his head with a smile and said, “Not bad, they are pretty fast.”

Wei’er Beila saw the shining black pupils of Long Yi and her heartbeat suddenly accelerated for an unknown reason. She hastily turned away, pretending to watch the brilliant sun outside the window.

When Long Yi noticed the faint blush of Wei’er Beila, his forcibly suppressed fire of lust involuntarily ignited. Compared to Mixini, Wei’er Beila was superior. Moreover, her cold and aloof nature made him recall Wushuang. When he thought of Wushuang, his gaze become incomparably soft, and recalling the matters he had experienced in Blue Waves Continent and again thinking of the current circumstances, he couldn’t help but sigh.

At this moment, the heart of Wei’er Beila was beating rapidly like a drum. Honestly, Long Yi was the first man who had made her feel like this in all her life. As a matter of fact, the people of God Race also had love and desire like the intelligent creatures of Blue Waves Continent. The only difference was the fact that the lifespan of God Race was abnormally long.

The people of God Race adored the strong, and Wei’er Beila was no exception. Merely, since she had been sitting in one of the top positions of Divine World, who would enter her eyes? But when Long Yi reached the highest position, everything became different. Perhaps, because of her emotional gap of many years, it was very simple for Wei’er Beila to understand her feelings: If you like it, then you like it.

As a matter of fact, it was not only Wei’er Beila who had such thoughts, Angela and Mixini were also the same.

Wei’er Beila took a deep breath and turned around. No one knew where she threw her usual coldness. But she mustered her courage and looked straight at Long Yi, and she saw Long Yi having an incomparably gentle gaze and looking through her. She didn’t know who he was thinking about.

Is he thinking about Angela? Wei’er Beila felt somewhat disappointed.

“Lord Hegemon God, if there is nothing else, I will return.” Wei’er Beila snorted and brushed past Long Yi, leaving behind a lingering faint fragrance in the hall.

Long Yi came back to his senses and shrugged his shoulders. As it turned out, regardless of women from any world, men could never comprehend them, and goddesses were also the same. He didn’t know why women showed their temper without cause or reason. When did he offend her?

The brilliant sun was already setting in the west. It was already late at night in Divine World.

Long Yi sat cross-legged and consolidated the chaos divine power within his body. Although Angela used her life to forcibly transfer the chaos power of those ancient war gods to him, thereby making him jump past three levels of Chaos Divine Technique, but when all was said and done, this chaos power was not accumulated by him, thus the foundation was not stable.

At this moment, Long Yi suddenly sensed a slight fluctuation in Light Spirit Tablet within his sea of consciousness. He had a thought and Light Spirit Tablet shot out from his glabella. In the Creation Shrine of Sunset Peak, that soul of great elder had said that there were three consciousnesses in his Light Spirit Tablet, but at that time, his divine sense was unable to penetrate it and was unable to communicate with those consciousnesses. But now, after his Chaos Divine Technique had reached the fourth level, his divine power had become far stronger. He might be able to breach through the restriction.

“Long Yi, you bastard, hooligan!” Suddenly, Mixini’s shouting voice came from outside, making Long Yi stop his action. He frowned and pulled Mixini into the room.

“Stinking girl, are you mad?” Long Yi said with annoyance.

“You … What did you do to me?” Mixini angrily asked.

Long Yi was startled and looked confused. What did he do to her? How come he didn’t recall anything?

“Are you still acting dumb? Weren’t you the one who removed my clothing? When I woke up … I … I discovered … You bastard!” Mixini began to hit Long Yi.

“Hey, hey, aren’t you accusing this god wrongly? This god is not interested in your flat chest and butt,” Long Yi snorted. Only heaven knew how he endured at that time. Of course, he was not the one that took off her clothing.

“You … I know, you liked Angela’s big chest and big b*tt, do you want me to find you a cow?” Mixini angrily retorted.

The expression of Long Yi sunk and coldly replied, “Don’t pull Angela into this. If you don’t want to stay here, then scram.”

The expression of Mixini stiffened. Soon after that, she looked sad and tears flowed down her cheeks and she spoke, choking with sobs: “You bastard, just bullying me is not enough, but you still want me to leave.”

Upon seeing the tears of Mixini, the head of Long Yi started to hurt. What goddess? She cries for every little thing.

While crying, Mixni walked in front of Long Yi. She then grabbed his clothing and rubbed her face.

Long Yi rolled his eyes and helplessly said, “Mixini, I truly didn’t take off your clothing.”

“I … I know, a maid helped me take them off,” Mixini said while sobbing.

Long Yi couldn’t help flaring up. Then, why the **** did you come here to accuse this Young Master wrongly?

Just when Long Yi was thinking to toss Mixini out, Mixni suddenly grabbed the hand of Long Yi and pressed it against her huge chest and continued, “Feel it yourself, is my chest flat? It is just a tiny bit smaller than Angela’s, that’s all.”

Long Yi’s expression became strange. Could it be that Mixini was unable to bear the blow of losing her father and went insane?

As a matter of fact, Long Yi didn’t know Mixini had feelings for him. From the very beginning when they came into contact, Mixini had a favorable impression of Long Yi. With the death of her father, Alfate, the pillar of her world also collapsed, and soon after that, Long Yi who had suddenly become the successor of father god replaced the position of her father. This matter was very difficult to explain. Merely, Long Yi had an ambiguous relationship with Angela who had caused the death of her father, and she couldn’t bear to see Long Yi missing Angela, so she created disturbances to just make Long Yi notice her, nothing more.

“Long Yi, don’t drive me away,” Mixini tightly hugged Long Yi as her little hands randomly caressed his back.

Long Yi suppressed his fire of lust and gritting his teeth, he said, “Stinking girl, you are playing with fire.”

However, Mixini ignored him and used her little hand to grab a thick and hard thing poking her stomach.

F**k, do you think this Young Master doesn’t dare to **** you? Long Yi held Mixini’s chin and kissed her red lips. Then, he hugged her slender waist with one hand and grabbed her towering bosom with the other hand. Pretty good; he was wrong, the breast of this girl was tender and also big. He couldn’t grab it with one hand, so how could this be called flat?

“Wu…” Mixini let out a few bewitching moans as she vigorously moved her little hand.

“Stinking girl, do you want to turn this god into a eunuch?” Long Yi hissed and pulled off the little hand of Mixini from his family jewels. He then pushed her down.

Torn clothes began to fly everywhere, and Mixini became completely naked. As for Long Yi, he had some pieces of torn clothing left. This was the masterpiece of Mixini who was unwilling to be outdone.

Long Yi caressed the smooth skin as well as those four wings on her back while kissing her earlobes. Under his hands and kisses, Mixini became weak and powerless. In this aspect, Mixini was just a rookie, so how could she be the opponent of Long Yi, this veteran of flowers?

Feeling her private garden was wet with spring dew, Long Yi positioned his waist and the two people joined into one. Then, bewitching moans resounded throughout the room.

After making love, Long Yi felt refreshed. The energy he had been storing for several months was finally released. As for Mixini, she had fallen asleep at one side.

After adding one more person to his imperial harem, Long Yi despised himself, but he didn’t worry about it. With the rise of his strength, his imperial harem of beauties was also increasing successively. Although he didn’t want to provoke too many girls sometimes, it didn’t represent he had to stop increasing his wives. According to his logic, surpassing the friendly relationship with girls was a fate. Who wouldn’t eat a beautiful angel who delivered herself to his footsteps? As long as you can take responsibility as a man after eating, it is fine even if you marry ten thousand wives.

Long Yi put on his clothes and stretched his body. He then began to think about how the Divine World should be developed hereafter. Since he now knew the space node leading to Demon World, what plan should be adopted? How to unite Divine World and Blue Waves Continent? He had many things to think about.

Suddenly, Long Yi wanted to know who those three divine senses within Light Spirit Tablet were. He took out Light Spirit Tablet again and used his spirit power and chaos divine power to carefully enter the Light Spirit Tablet. As he had guessed, his spirit power and chaos divine power quickly encountered an isolation barrier, but this barrier was no longer a big issue for him now. He used Chaos Divine Technique, and his spirit power quickly drilled into it.

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“Cousin,” A familiar voice resounded within Long Yi’s sea of consciousness. Long Yi was shocked and became dazed.

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