Chapter 663: Bitter battle

Long Yi suddenly erupted with his chaos divine power. This was a kind of automatic reaction when facing extreme danger. One could well imagine how frightening just the momentum of these seven huge fellows was.

At this time, Wu Geqi flew up in sore straits. The eight wings behind him frightened a good portion of people present in the location.

“Kill him, kill him…” Wu Geqi pointed at Long Yi who was surrounded by seven-colored radiance and roared like a madman.

The huge eyes of those seven ancient war gods glistened with a green light. Then, among them, two obeyed his command and rushed towards Long Yi. As for the remaining five war gods, with no targets, they began to attack others, wanting to exterminate everything in front of their eyes.

“Boom!” Wu Geqi was sent flying as if a kite with a broken string, and among his eight wings, five wings were instantly torn out. A large amount of blood sprayed all over the ground as a look of disbelief appeared on his face. Since the five ancient war gods had already gotten out of his control, being the nearest person, Wu Geqi became the first person to bear the brunt. Although he appeared to be intact, everything within his body had already broken into pieces. Only his towering resentment made him sustain for one last breath. Even if he died, he still wanted to see the death of Long Yi first.

Long Yi fought with two ancient war gods as he complained incessantly in his heart. He didn’t know where that lunatic came from along with these seven monsters, but he quickly fell into a disadvantageous position. He had only reached the first level of his Chaos Divine Technique, and he had just congealed his seven-attributed Godhead. Thus, he knew he wouldn’t be able to sustain such a fierce battle for long. But, looking at these two war gods, there was no sign of their attacks stopping. What’s more, their attacks were getting stronger and stronger. In addition, Long Yi noticed that they were also similarly circulating chaos power within their bodies. Could it be that they were also cultivating Chaos Divine Technique?

As a matter of fact, Long Yi didn’t know that these seven war gods were made from the chaos energy, and he also didn’t know that a peerless god of ancient times had refined these seven abnormal fellows.

At this side, Long Yi was fighting a bitter battle. And on another side, the battle between those five war gods and over ten thousand people was a one-sided massacre. Other than a few hundred gods who had the title of First Tier God, all others either died or were injured under the violent attacks of those five war gods. It was chaotic.

“Wei’er Beila, why the f**k aren’t you organizing and attacking together?” Upon seeing the chaotic scene below, Long Yi cursed. If this went on, then it wouldn’t take long before all of them perished. At that time, who will he lead to duke it out with the Heavenly Demon King?

After Long Yi cursed like that, the gods below quickly calmed down. Wei’er Beila began to command and cooperate with others, and the casualties finally stopped appearing. Instead, because of this brief moment of distraction, one war god hit his left hand and instantly began to bleed. Moreover, he lost the feeling of his entire left hand.

“Chaos Slash!” Long Yi used Great Cosmos Shift with all his power and dodged the attacks of these two war gods. He then used the killing move of the first level Chaos Divine Technique. He risked his life at this moment.

The seven-colored divine light around Long Yi condensed and transformed into the power of chaos. At this moment, even the air of the entire holy land seemed to condense. The movement of all gods below including seven ancient war gods became extremely slow like a slow-motion scene in a movie.

The power of chaos condensed into a huge chaos blade, then with the momentum capable of destroying heaven and exterminating earth, it chopped down towards those two war gods that were fighting against Long Yi.

Only when the chaos blade reached their body did those two war gods react, but they were already too late to dodge. Thus, they erupted with energy, wanting to forcibly stop Long Yi’s killing attack.

Suddenly, the entire holy land shook and the chaos power that formed this holy land fluctuated violently.

Immediately after he displayed this killing move, Long Yi felt as if his entire divine power was sucked dry. The seven-colored radiance around his body became dimmer. In addition, before he could take a breather, he sensed the chaos energy which formed the space of holy land had already become chaotic.

“F**k, space is going to collapse!” Long Yi exclaimed and then used all his remaining energy to protect his body. Once he was engulfed in the space turbulence, he would truly die without any body to bury.

The gods below were also frightened out of their wits. They immediately used all their life-saving measures.

In the next moment, along with a shattering noise, the chaos power shrouding this entire space along with space energy flooded in. There was no safe haven to escape this space destruction.

Outside the holy land, the number of people waiting devoutly had already exceeded one million and was still increasing. They had come from all over Divine World to see the successor of father god, Hegemon God Long Yi. Like that, later they would be able to boast to their descendants that they had participated in the ceremony of Lord Hegemon God and unification of Divine World.

Suddenly, the chaotic energy at the entrance of holy land fluctuated violently. Everyone immediately looked over and waited for the return of everyone with expectations.

But, an incomparably powerful energy shockwave came out from the entrance of holy land. Several thousand gods who were near the entrance were sent flying. Shortly afterward, violent chaos energy exploded in the air, practically implicating all gods waiting here which instantly raised the casualty numbers to tens of thousands.

“Peng, peng, peng…” People began to fall like rain. They were the survivors of the collapse of space.

Other than Alfate who died because of Divine Oath, all remaining administrators were still alive. As for more than ten thousand who had entered the holy land, only less than half survived. Others were either killed by those seven ancient war gods or were engulfed by the space turbulence and died without burial.

Long Yi also landed on the ground and gasped for breath as he looked at those seven ancient war gods who had fallen not far away with a bitter smile. Among them, two had their arms chopped off as the result of his Chaos Slash, but be this as it may, they still seemed full of energy. It appeared as if they didn’t know what pain was.

In this place with over a million people, those seven war gods were just like wolves that entered a flock of sheep. They wanted to exterminate all living beings they sensed. Their every attack took the lives of more than a hundred people. Such powerful attacks made everyone unable to muster their courage to fight back. Everyone ran all around for their lives while screaming.

Long Yi gritted his teeth. If these seven war gods began to chase the fleeing crowd and dispersed, then that would be even more troublesome. He feared that the entire Divine World would turn into a dead land in the not too distant future. He roared and attacked those seven war gods, drawing the attention of all the war gods to himself. Now, they had to either join forces to eliminate them or perish here. They had no choice.

After the seven war gods were attacked, they no longer blindly chased after others. They simultaneously turned around and rushed toward Long Yi.

At that time, Wei’er Beila and other administrators also reacted. They began to organize various tiers gods and surround these seven war gods.

Long Yi relied on Great Cosmos Shift to circle around those seven war gods. As for Wei’er Beila and others, they began to condense their divine power. They knew that ordinary attacks were useless against these seven ancient war gods. Thus, they could only concentrate on the divine power of several thousand various tiers gods to launch an attack. If even such a powerful attack didn’t get rid of them, then they could only wait to die.

Long Yi got faster and faster. Now, he was so fast that a naked eye couldn’t see his figure. But, his heart was getting heavier and heavier. Even with his seven-attributed Godhead, he couldn’t withstand the continuous attacks of these seven ancient war gods. Although he had yet to receive a direct hit, just the energy emanating from the attacks was enough to make him vomit blood.

“Your grandfather, still not attacking, are you all waiting for this father’s death?” Long Yi cursed in his heart. His divine power was already exhausted and there was no chance to retreat. He wanted to summon Long Two, little three and other god beasts to resist for a while, but the attack of several thousand gods was right around the corner, and he wasn’t sure that he would be able to take them back into his dark dimension space in time. Since there was death whatever he died, it was better to not summon them.

At that moment, Wei’er Beila shouted, “Lightning God.”

Almost reflexively, Long Yi used his last hint of divine power to use Great Cosmos Shift and disappeared into thin air. In the next second, endless divine power shrouded those seven crazy ancient war gods.

Heaven collapsed and earth split. The shock wave spread all around. The entire region was destroyed.

After the energy and smoke completely dispersed, a wasteland appeared in front of everyone. One couldn’t even see a blade of grass, let alone trees. Even the rocky ground was cracked. Incomplete limbs could be seen everywhere. This place had already turned into hell.

The several thousand gods who had jointly launched an attack collapsed on the ground in exhaustion. They looked at each other and remained silent. They didn’t know how many pieces those seven ancient war gods were torn into, but looking at the razed ground in front of them and thinking of countless lost lives, how could they be excited?

Long Yi crawled out from under the ground far away and spat out mud from his mouth. He then looked around and not seeing the figure of those seven ancient war gods, he sighed in relief.

But at that time, a violent energy fluctuation came from under the ground. Dirt and stones were sent flying all over. Then, seven ancient war gods rushed out like a cannonball. They looked incomparably miserable. Some were missing arms, some were missing legs, some were even missing half of the head and body, but be this as it may, the violent aura surrounding their body had only become stronger.

“Bing Ji, it seems our Divine World is finished,” Wei’er Beila softly sighed.

Bing Ji didn’t say a word. She thought that the Divine World would recover, but never in a million years had she thought that this would happen. The strength of these seven ancient war gods was truly too terrifying. Even after the joint attack of several thousand gods, they unexpectedly weren’t exterminated. Could it be that Divine Would will cease to exist hereafter?

Everyone gave up all hopes and they closed their eyes waiting for their death.

But, those seven war gods stared at Long Yi after looking around. Their killing intent was already locked onto Long Yi. It seemed that they absolutely detested him and wouldn’t rest until they annihilated him.

Long Yi smiled bitterly, and when he was preparing to summon Long Two, Little Three, and other god beasts from his dark dimension space and start a desperate battle, a beautiful figure suddenly flew over from the horizon.

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