Chapter 662: Seven Ancient War Gods

Long Yi looked around. He understood exactly how things stood. Among the seven main god regions’ administrators, he recognized two. He also knew about the remaining five. But, who among them had a rebellious heart? Angela had said that she would rush over to the holy land after she finished her matter. Although all the other gods were already present here, she had not appeared yet.

With a thought, seven spirit tablets shot out from Long Yi’s glabella and revolved around him. Then, he slowly descended in front of the administrators as they sized him up.

After forging his seven-attributed Godhead, the current Long Yi was far superior to his past self. Just his chaos divine power was enough to make these seven First Tier Gods keep quiet out of fear and feel deep respect from the bottom of their hearts.

“The war of gods and demons 100,000 years ago greatly damaged the vitality of Divine World. All seven Main Gods were cursed by Heavenly Demon King, making them fall into a situation where death was better than life, and the Divine World also split up, deteriorating to this state. Father God is sad, thus he made this god come to unify the entire Divine World under my leadership and recover the glory of my Divine World.” Long Yi intentionally imitated the voice of Dibiya. It was bleak, appearing to be very illusory.

“Father god, pity us, father god, pity us…” Many choked with tears. Thinking of how those demons who used to be no different from little insects in their eyes had become a great danger to the entire Divine World now, they felt shame.

“Lord Hegemon God, please open the holy land.” The seven administrators looked at each other and said in unison.

Long Yi waved his hand and the seven spirit tablets along with his seven-attributed energy flew into the chaos energy of the holy land. Suddenly, thousands of dazzling seven-colored radiance flashed everywhere. The chaos energy automatically parted into two sides, forming an arch-shaped entrance.

“Administrators, city lords, as well as everyone with the god title, follow me in.” Long Yi indifferently ordered and walked into that entrance of the holy land. After everyone Long Yi mentioned entered in a single file, the entrance instantly closed.

At this time, hundreds of thousands of people outside began to excitedly discuss with each other. They began to speculate the changes that will happen in the Divine World under the leadership of the Hegemon God. Among them, the people who were surprised the most were Mixini, Ryan, Jiabilie, and Duleisi, the four who had encountered Long Yi in the marsh.

“Long Yi, he … how can he be the successor of father god?” Mixini asked after Long Yi had disappeared. Originally, when she heard the name ‘Long Yi,’ she believed that it was another person with the same name, but now, after seeing him with her own eyes, she was clear. Although he had transformed into a thirty-meter giant, she was not mistaken.

“Mixini, it seems our family is blessed. In any case, there is a favor of us showing him the way. Moreover, he had stayed in our Fire God Capital for quite a few days,” Ryan laughed heartily. Merely, if he knew what his father was doing, then what kind of expression would he have?

The so-called holy land was, in fact, a space created with chaos power. There was a huge Divine Hall that shocked Long Yi. Compared to this Divine Hall, the Creation Shrine of Sunset Peak paled into insignificance.

Other than this Divine Hall, there was nothing else in this holy land.

Long Yi sat on a divine chair shrouded in seven-colored divine lights inside the Divine Hall and looked down at those thousands of gods in the hall. His current feeling simply couldn’t be described in words.

“This god will unify the entire Divine World under the orders of father god. For this, I want to abolish the division of seven main god regions first, what do you all think?” Long Yi slowly asked.

“Replying to Lord Hegemon God, Administrator of Water God Region, Bing Ji, doesn’t have any objection,” Bing Ji took the lead to agree.

“Administrator of Wind God Region, Wei’er Beila, doesn’t have any objection.”

“Administrator of Earth God Region, Rubin, doesn’t have any objection.”

After Bing Ji, Wei’er Beila and Rubin expressed their agreements in succession. As for the remaining four administrators, they remained silent.

Long Yi narrowed his eyes and his pupils shone with a dangerous light.

Alfate gritted his teeth and mustering his courage, he said, “Administrator of Fire God Region, Alfate, doesn’t have any objection.”

The administrators of the other six regions looked at Alfate with surprise. Clearly, they all knew something more or less. Especially Bing Ji and Wei’er Beila, they looked at each other and saw confusion in each other’s eyes. Could it be that they were wrong about Alfate? Did he forsake darkness for light or was simply acting in a perfunctory manner now?

Merely, when they were speculating, Alfate knelt down and said in a trembling voice, “I am guilty, all wrongs are done by me alone, my family members have nothing to do with it, I beg Lord Hegemon God to spare my wife and children.”

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As soon as he spoke, many exclaimed in surprise. But, the eyes of a small part of gods were already shining with pallid light.

The gaze of Long Yi flashed and all gods below quieted down. He slowly questioned, “Alfate, what is your crime?”

Alfate completely ignored the cold gazes on his back and stretched out his hand. Then, a small crystal appeared out of thin air.

With a thought of Long Yi, this crystal flew to the hand of Long Yi, and the information stored in it instantly poured into his mind. Nevertheless, it was a long name list. After a moment, his complexion changed as he saw the name of Angela in this long name list, moreover, it was at the top.

“Lord Hegemon God, considering my sincerity, please spare … spare my … family …” In the midst of speaking, the complexion of Alfate became red and a faint mist began to appear from his entire body. Then, a crack appeared on his forehead and spread through his entire body. After that, along with a muffled explosion, he collapsed, turning into a pile of broken bones without leaving a hint of skin and flesh.

All gods were stunned for a moment, staring at the broken bones of Alfate.

“Divine Oath…” Long Yi spat out these two words and the corner of his mouth stuck up, making a cold arc as his eyes shone with pallid light. From the ancient books and records left behind by Dibiya, he knew that this was a kind of technique similar to the curse planted in others to safeguard a secret. It was called Divine Oath. Once the other party leaked the secret, his divine core would explode, his soul would scatter, and even ** will be destroyed. There was no chance of survival.

“Angela, I trusted you like that, yet why are you so persistent, why?” The corner of Long Yi’s lips twitched. Thinking of those days in Sunset Peak, his heart ached dully.

The entire hall sunk into a stifling silence as Long Yi coldly looked at the gods in the hall, making them sweat profusely.

“Administrator of Dark God Region, Youming, doesn’t have any objection.”

“Administrator of Lightning God Region, Leibao, doesn’t have any objection.”

“Administrator of Light God Region, Maisen, doesn’t have any objection.”

After a good while, the remaining administrators also expressed their consent. As a matter of fact, Angela had been contacting them in secret, and they also had the intention to join her to gain more authority after the unification of Divine World, but fortunately, they just had this intention and had yet to officially join her. Otherwise, their fate would have been similar to Alfate.

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“Those who have pledged on a Divine Oath, come out on your own. Your crime will not implicate your loved ones.” The cold voice of Long Yi reverberated throughout the hall.

A commotion occurred among the gods below. Not long after, several hundred people stood out. There were city lords of various regions and some gods who just had a divine title without any post among them. They knelt in front of Long Yi, requesting to forgive their family members. Then, their glabella shook and when their divine core was about to explode, gentle energy shrouded them, forcibly preventing the explosion of their divine core.

“Considering your sincerity, this god will not only forgive your family members, but all of you will also not need to pay with your life,” Long Yi faintly replied. Then, his chaos divine power erased these people’s Divine Oath.

These people were pleasantly surprised, and their hearts received a great shock. They were helping Angela seize authority because the Divine World was already divided. Moreover, since the life and death of seven Main Gods were unknown, if they succeeded, they would have great benefits. But at this moment, the successor of father god appeared, and not only did he possess all seven spirit tablets, but he also possessed seven-attributed Godhead like father god. He was the heaven-gifted leader of the Divine World. If he had come earlier, then no one would have chosen to collude with Angela. Now that Long Yi had erased their Divine Oath, they decided to support him from the bottom of their hearts.

Upon seeing Long Yi forgive these people, many others came out in succession and asked Long Yi for redemption. In total, there were over two thousand people which naturally was a shocking proportion. The complexion of the remaining six administrators became ghastly pale. There were actually so many city lords under their jurisdictions who had already betrayed.

In fact, in the name list obtained by Long Yi, there were just several hundred names, but now, more than two thousand people came out. One could well imagine how angry he was.

“Angela, you are very good, very good…” Long Yi clenched his hands as his heart turned cold. With the collusion of so many people with divine title, if they had made a move, then the entire Divine World would have shaken, and it was very likely that she would have succeeded.

After Long Yi erased their Divine Oath, all the people present in this hall completely submitted under the might and kindness of Long Yi.

The following matters were much simpler. Since all gods had already submitted willingly, the armed forces of Divine World naturally returned to his grasp. Now, after he had complete control over the Divine World, he should appropriately distribute some cultivation techniques stored by Dibiya. The power of Divine World would rise by using those cultivation techniques for sure. At that time, they would have a greater chance of being able to deal with the intruders of the Demon World.


Below the holy land, there was a place filled with cold qi. If one entered here, even if one was a First Tier God, one would instantly be frozen forever.

But at this moment, a figure shrouded in a layer of peculiar white gauze walked into it, and he was not affected by this cold qi at all.

After walking forward for a long time, this figure reached the end. There were seven ice sculptures that were more than one thousand meters tall quietly standing there. They had sharp eyes and their might was astonishing. No one knew how long they were frozen here.

“Seven War Gods of ancient Divine World, it has already been a long time since you all have last exercised. It is time to come out and exercise,” Wu Geqi laughed in his hoarse voice. He then took out a transparent jade bottle with a green fluid inside it.

Wu Geqi looked at this jade bottle for a long time and open the bottle cap. Then, he poured the green fluid inside this jade bottle on those seven ice sculptures.

Crack, crack

The seven ice sculptures began to emit dense white mist, and not long after, they were completely shrouded with this white mist.

After a long time, the ground trembled violently as roars resounded along with violent energy. Wu Geqi was sent flying more than one hundred meters and vomited a mouthful of blood. One should know that he was already an upper-level eight-winged angel, and he would transform into a ten-winged angel in the next ten thousand years as long as there was no mishap. Even though he was so powerful, he was sent flying as well as forced to vomit a mouthful of blood by just the roar. What kind of tyrannical energy could do that?

The thick mist dispersed slowly and one could see that those seven thousand-meter-tall ice sculptures had unexpectedly come back to life. They were wearing divine armor and holding heaven-shaking divine artifacts. Now, their dull eyes were looking at Wu Geqi who was standing unstably.

Wu Geqi laughed wildly and pointed above, breaking the barrier, then rushed into the holy land.

This day, the entire Divine World heard heaven-shaking roars. Some less sturdy buildings collapsed and even the ground at some places cracked. When everyone heard these shocking roars, their first reaction was to tremble in fear.


At this time, after hearing these roars, the complexion of trapped Angela instantly turned ghastly pale, losing all colors. Then, as if she had gone mad, she crazily attacked the light pillars that trapped her. That madman, he actually awakened the ancient war gods. Did he think that those seven war gods are so easy to control? Once they get out of control, with the current power level of the Divine World, before the invasion of Demon World, the entire Divine World will turn into a hell. Her star-crossed lover had just formed the seven-attributed Godhead and his chaos divine power had just reached the first layer, so his current strength was insufficient to stop these seven ancient war gods.

One should know that these seven ancient war gods existed before the fall of the Divine World. To control them, even during the period of Dibiya, the divine power of all seven Main Gods were required as countless elders brought up the rear, so one could well imagine how fierce they were. Even after Dibiya had his wish fulfilled and became the God of Creation, he didn’t dare to awaken them, but now, Wu Geqi actually dared to wake them up. Could it be that he wasn’t afraid of the destruction of Divine World?

Even in ancient times, very few knew the matters of seven ancient war gods, but Wu Geqi and Angela also knew this because Wu Geqi was the son of an elder and Angela was the daughter of the Dark God. Generally speaking, after the directly-related family of seven Main Gods and Elders became six-winged angels, they were gradually told some of the secrets of Divine World because they were the future pillars of the Divine World.

“This is bad, I have to go, I have to stop this madman,” Angela gritted her teeth and used all her techniques.


At this moment, Long Yi had arrived at the Sacrificial Hall of the Divine Hall along with all people. Here, fifty First-Tier Gods would preside over the worship and after this worship ceremony ends, Long Yi would officially become the new ruler of the Divine World.

When the tedious worship ceremony ended and just when Long Yi was about to be declared as the master of Divine World, the entire Divine Hall suddenly shook violently and vague roars came from the bottom of the hall.

The heart of Long Yi tightened. A feeling of great danger appeared in his heart.

“Boom … boom…” The sounds of explosions resounded as the walls of the Divine Hall cracked and a large part of the walls collapsed. Then, seven huge figures flew out and hovered above everyone as their eyes glowed with crazy bloodthirst and killing intent.

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