Volume 3 Chapter 140: New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea That Was Defrauded Badly By The Leading Party Part 2

The isle at the center of New Moon Lakewas where New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea hid her treasure. Be it the Dragon God or the Demonic Dragon, both had the habit of collecting treasures. In terms of collecting, Dorothea’s treasures were even more well off than the Sea God Temple which had its own hidden treasures.

The entire isle in the middle of the lake was piled with gold bars and jewels, unlike the treasures of the Sea God Temple. There were only gold bars and no gold coins or treasure chests as there were too many treasures not enough space to put treasure chests.

All around the isle, there was a transparent barrier that resembled glass., Only the Dragon Race or humans blessed by the God Race could enter. Dorothea thought that this would be able to stop humans. Unfortunately, this idea would only work in ideal situations. It was impossible to stop Dragon Knights like Bella.

In the gold heap on the isle, two maidens were currently rolling about. Fortunately, their expressions were very solemn, or else it was easy for others to think askew. They were the New Moon Demonic Dragon and the Sea Demonic Dragon that had previously dived into New Moon Lake. They were supposed to be at the bottom of the lake but they had run to the isle at the center of the lake instead.

After New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea had rolled around a little, she was overpowered by Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth and pinned beneath her body. Currently, the two were naked and dripping wet. Because of their previous “wrestle,” both were panting slightly and their faces were a little flushed, as if they had just done something naughty.

“Let go of me, Emerald. Do you, a Dragon God, still have any dignity left? How could you use such a roguish move!”

“No way. You know Invisibility Magic so if I let you go, what should I tell Demon King Bella later! Also, I am Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth now. Please remember this, Dorothea.”

New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea wanted to cry but had no tears. Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth sat astride on her body, restraining each of her hands on both sides. Originally Dorothea was much stronger than Amy Beth. Based on strength alone, she wouldn’t have been restrained by her.

However, Dorothea was now injured and couldn’t use healing magic because the special effect of “Silence Of Blood” was still in place. The injured New Moon Demonic Dragon was much weaker and Amy Beth had taken the opportunity to subdue her.

“Amy… Amy Beth, can’t you let go of me?! Let’s talk this out. Don’t you feel ashamed like this?”

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“Nope. Who asked you to torch yourself to escape? You made all our clothes explode into smithereens. Anyways, we’re girls. What’s… what’s there be shy about!”

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Last night, Amy Beth had already “rolled in the sheets” with Bella, and with regard to being naked, she didn’t feel shy anymore. Based on her memory, Amy Beth imitated Bella’s technique and forcefully pressed Dorothea onto the pile of treasure.

“Amy… what the hell have you gone through? Your skills are a little too good. You meanie, let go of me! Let me go, alright? Poseidon’s trident is over there. Let me go and I’ll get it for you.”

Dorothea turned her head, looking somewhere nearby. Poseidon’s trident had fallen to the floor. As long as she could get it, her injuries would temporarily heal. Then she could first flee to where Siren King McMillan was and take refuge.

“This is out of the question! The Demon King has already said that you have to stay so she can deal with you personally! Dorothea, what are you afraid of? You are a subordinate of the Twelve Demon King. Demon King Bella won’t harm you.”

While the two were in a deadlock, a wretched figure swam from the outside of the isle. He was the Dryad chief’s son that had been previously sent flying by Dorothea. This guy’s life was indeed resilient.

“It’s you, you damn guide dog!. I’m going to kill you! Amy, quickly let go of me.”

“Why is it you? Didn’t Poseidon and I treat your clan members well? But you actually stole Poseidon’s divine artifact and gave it to the Demonic Dragon!”

Dorothea and Amy Beth practically recognized this vile character at the same time. This guy was actually able to “swindle” two huge dragons. This record was expected to go down in history. Previously, this Dryad had explored the layout of New Moon Lake. After he was sent flying by the New Moon Demonic Dragon, he had feigned death.

“Oh, honorable Dorothea and Amy, both of you are… Forget it, I understand. Please continue. I am going to take a treasure and leave.”

The Dryad went forward to pick up the divine artifact, Poseidon’s Trident and ran away in the direction of the southern part of the lake. Currently, Dorothea and Amy Beth were still entangled so they couldn’t get up to chase after him.

“Stand there, chap. Where are you taking Poseidon’s divine artifact to?”

“I’m taking it to Honorable Nielson to surrender. I will never believe in women again. Honorable maidens, please continue., I understand.”

“What do you know? Stop thinking nonsense.. Amy, quickly let go of me. I’m going to kill this bastard!”

“No, you’re trying to run away again.”

Amy Beth was unwilling to let go of Dorothea, so she could only watch the Dryad swagger off. She looked at Amy Beth with slight grumble. What the hell had this person gone through? It was as if she had changed overnight?

“Cough, cough… What’s there to understand? She doesn’t understand but I do. Amy Beth, it’s been hard for you. Also, I know that you did not get enough last night, but you can’t enjoy your master’s prize first!”

Earlier, the captain of their Exploratory Team, the beautiful, golden-haired Lady Knight, was the second person to come onto the isle at the center of the New Moon Lake after the Dryad. Her whole body was also dripping wet and she was only wearing a flimsy inner shirt. She must have swum over too.  

“No, Honorable Demon king. Dorothea knows Invisibility Magic. If I don’t do this, she would escape.”

At this moment, Amy Beth’s face was as red as a ripe apple. Her current appearance was too suggestive. Except for Bella, this was the second time she had such intimate contact with a girl. She didn’t know if it was because she had been led astray by Bella, but Amy Beth had a strange feeling inside.

Pressing down onto Dorothea’s delicate body that was as soft as hers and smelling the intoxicatingly sweet scent on her gave Amy Beth an inexplicable impulse to continue like Bella did last night. If Bella had come slightly later, Amy Beth probably would have “pounced” on Dorothea.

“Aren’t you a Dragon Knight? …How did you become the Demon King? You aren’t one of the Twelve Demon Kings. Who the hell are you…”

Bella went forward to cover Dorothea’s chattering mouth. Then, she took out the puppet strings, which had caused the New Moon Demonic Dragon’s suffering, from her bosom, and with the help of Amy Beth, she tied up Dorothea. After that, she looped the strings around Amy Beth’s slender neck.

“What do you want? All the treasures over are yours. Poseidon’s divine artifact has already been taken away by the guide dog. What are you doing… Don’t touch me. et go of me now!”

“Honourable Demon King, what are you doing?! I have already surrendered. Please don’t be like this… Please stop, I am an ally.”

“Amy, please calm down too!”

Bella tied up Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth as well. She was already an old hand. so she could see that Amy Beth was getting stirred up just now. Bella wanted to remind her to calm down by tying her up.

Dorothea’s Blurring Magic was useless against the puppet lines with her own fresh blood. In the central area of the isle in the middle of the lake, Bella found large quantities of moonstones which were valuable materials. This precious material was recorded in the books of all the Human Empires as the key material in creating the Magic Moon Staff.

“Are you really a Demon King? Has the Demon King changed with the times?.”

“What’s the matter, Dorothea? Do you think that I don’t look like a Demon King?”

“You don’t, you look like you’re trying to pass yourself off as one. Besides, a Demon King isn’t so gentle. The previous Demon Kings basically wouldn’ take captives but directly kill them.”

Seeing that Amy Beth was also tied up, Dorothea’s state of mind was a lot more balanced and her tone tended towards calmness. She decided to discuss with Bella to see if she could let her go.

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Part 2
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