Volume 3 Chapter 140: New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea That Was Defrauded Badly By The Leading Party Part 1

On the new moon island – Copperfield Island, on the shores of New Moon Lake, the clash between Bella’s team of explorers and the New Moon Demonic Dragon had reached its peak, and both sides were planning to use their big moves against each other.

The magical array behind the body of the New Moon Demonic Dragon had already transformed into a magic pattern in the shape of the full moon. Dorothea took the lead in launching the attack. A beam of bright moonlight which resembled light rays emitted by a searchlight swept across the ground and approached Bella’s team.

The knights who served as vanguards were the first to come into contact with this attack Under the ray of the moonlight, Bella and Lisha’s shield instantly turned into dust and disappeared. The shields that they were holding were all ordinary equipment that had been randomly collected and these types of equipment could not withstand the big moves of a Lord God.

However, the absence of a shield didn’t mean that a knight had no way to defend herself. Lisha materialized the enormous sword from before and stabbed it straight into the ground before her. A black shield appeared at her side. The moonlight and shield collided fiercely.

At this moment, Bella was hiding behind Lisha because she didn’t have very strong equipment with her and it wasn’t sensible at all to resist doggedly. It was better to be on standby and think thought about the next move.

Mage Ariel’s big move soon came. In less than a moment, dozens of meteorites ignited the night sky, raining on the New Moon Demonic Dragon in the form of meteor showers.

“Forbidden move? Don’t you have too many last moves!

Dorothea also had Defensive magic on her side. She was about to launch a defensive shield when a few puppet strings wrapped around her again. This time her blurring magic disappeared. Elaine’s puppet strings had already been affixed with a blood curse that had been created with the blood of the New Moon Demonic Dragon.

Elaine was not only a Puppet Master. Like Mia, she also knew different sorceries, so she was also adept at curses. If the blood of Dorothea was used in a curse, then the defense magic of the New Moon Demonic Dragon would not come into effect.

The New Moon Demonic Dragon flapped its wings and planned to fly further up the sky to avoid the meteorites under Ariel’s big move. Although one of her legs was tangled with Elaine’s puppet strings, she still had the strength to fly.

A weird black shadow followed along Elaine’s fine puppet strings and ascended into the sky. Relying on her outstanding skills, Assassin Noreya stepped onto the puppet strings, each as fine as a strand of hair, and flew to the sky.

While the others would struggle, only a real runaway could do something like this. Ariel’s big magic move was about to hit Noreya. If she had retreated slightly later, she might have been accidentally injured by friendly fire.

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Noreya moved rapidly since assassins paid attention to speed during surprise attacks. If an assassin were one step slower, the ambushed party would have recovered from the surprise and if they were prepared then the assassin would be in danger.

Before the New Moon Demonic Dragon could recover from the surprise, Noreya followed along Elaine’s puppet strings and jumped onto Dorothea’s back. She took out the two famous swords, “Dragon’s Sorrow” and “Silence Of Blood,” that had been given by Swordsman Kriss, and used both of them to pierce into the New Moon Demonic Dragon’s back.

Blood immediately started to gush out of the New Moon Demonic Dragon’s back as a piercing stab of pain made it impossible for Dorothea to flutter her wings. She had assumed that this black-haired assassin would use an assassin’s weapon to attack, but who knew that she would do things in an unusual way and use a swordsman’s weapon instead.

Dragon’s Sorrow was a precious sword that was used to slaughter dragons to restrain the Dragon Race while Silence Of Blood was a cursed sword that could restrain the opposing side from using healing magic. Dorothea knew healing magic and she didn’t expect that her opponent would forestall her with such a wicked move. Before the healing magic on her body could begin, it was blocked by her opponent.

As expected, the strong attack of falling meteorites slammed into the New Moon Demonic Dragon’s body. The scene of dozens of meteorites exploding was very shocking. Assassin Noreya managed to retreat in time. After leaving the two swords in place, she immediately jumped down.

Mage Ariel, who was on the ground, promptly launched a mat made from water magic and caught the returning assassin. The whole operation of their joint surprise attack went smoothly. It was hard to imagine that these explorers had only teamed up a few days ago. Perhaps, this was the tacit understanding between the Demon Kings.

“Kriss, sorry! I didn’t manage to get your sword back.”

“It’s all right, Noreya. Even if the blade of the sword is destroyed, the sword soul is still in my body and I can always reconstruct it anytime.”

Bella and the others were ready to pursue victory, but unexpectedly, the New Moon Demonic Dragon swooped down in their direction with its entire body ablaze. Dorothea was truly angry. These girls were too ruthless! She was a Demonic Dragon and using forbidden moves first had indeed been incorrect on her part.

But what else could she do? The New Moon Demonic Dragon herself was also in despair. It was one versus six, and the opposite side carried all sorts of divine artifacts. She didn’t bring Poseidon’s Trident with her and ended up being ruined by her own confidence. The forest beside New Moon Lake had a natural barrier. Who knows how they managed to sneak in.

The New Moon Demonic Dragon’s last counterattack was unsuccessful A huge ocean-blue dragon flew out from the other side and hit the New Moon Demonic Dragon, who was unprepared and fell to one side.

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“Emerald, aren’t you dead? Wait, what are you doing?!”

“I’m no longer the Sea Dragon God You can call me Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth. Just surrender, Dorothea. The honorable Demon King won’t make things difficult for you.”

“Oh my God, you, a Holy Beast, actually betrayed Poseidon. This can’t be true, this world must be fake.”

After a brief exchange between both sides in Dragon Language, the two huge dragons dived into New Moon Lake. A water column sprung from the surface of the lake and shot up to the sky. It seemed that a violent explosion had occurred at the bottom of the lake. Following the fall of the New Moon Demonic Dragon, the Moonlight Field that she created also disappeared.

Once again, the midday sunlight shone on the surface of New Moon Lake, the lake resuming its former tranquility. Over a hundred Demon Guards walked out from the forest by New Moon Lake. It was impossible for Bella not to bring reinforcements so these Demon Guards had been arranged in advance as a back-up. If the crusade against the New Moon Demonic Dragon failed, Bella would rely on these cannon fodder to get away.

By the side of New Moon Lake, the Demon Guards saw their Honorable Demon King. On the whole, Bella and her group had not suffered any major injuries but the armor on their bodies were all destroyed the Moon’s Abjudication was a the Moon Goddess’ ultimate move and so far, only the Twelve Demon King of ten thousand years ago had been able to escape without serious injuries.

“Honorable Demon King, are you alright? This subordinate has already dispatched people to seal off the entire New Moon Lake area, but….”

“But what? Just spit it out.”

“Honorable Demon King, I would like to report that there is a small Ogre squad slowly approaching from the south side. It looks like the reconnaissance troops is already fighting with our vanguard troops.”

“Then why are you still standing here foolishly? Quickly dispatch reinforcements! If New Moon Lake is lost, I will…”

“This subordinate will arrange it at once.”

After leaving some troops behind to protect the Honorable Demon King, the Demon Guards left to assemble at New Moon Lake. On the other side, the small Ogre squad was already fighting with Bella’s Demon King army.

“Are all of you alright!”

“We’re fine. It’s just that our armor is a little…”

Bella swept her eyes over the members of her team No one was injured but their armor had been smashed into pieces and the inner shirt worn on the inside had also been damaged in multiple places. Currently, all her roommates were in half-exposed state. Luckily, there were no outsiders here and this benefit was for Bella to enjoy alone.

“Bella, I have already sensed the exact location of the two swords. It’s at the isle in the center of New Moon Lake. Let’s swim over.”

Kriss could sense the area where her sword was located and based on her senses, New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea did not sink to the bottom of the lake. Rather, she swam to the isle at the center of the lake to hide and there seemed to be another dragon with her.

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