Volume 3 Chapter 141: The War Torn Obadiah Region Part 1

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On the isle surrounded by New Moon Lake near the center of new moon island – Copperfield Island, Bella summoned one of her mounts. Golden Dragon Princess Laceman helped gather their spoils. New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea collected a ten thousand year-old treasure, which was worth more than the Romanov Dynasty that only had 5000 years of history.

Bella’s roommates were currently directing the demon guards to fish out the “Dragon’s Sorrow” and “Curse of Blood” that had sunk to the bottom of New Moon Lake. Lisha and the rest left the task of taking over the spoils to Bella.

Right now, Bella was helping New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea carefully clean her wounds, just like she did yesterday with Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth. Dorothea’s hands and feet were tied up with puppet silk threads and could only allow Bella to grope her.
“Bella, not there…. You’re such a meanie. You did that on purpose, right? How did you know that that is…”  
Bella’s technique was so skillful that Dorothea couldn’t resist letting out a few moans because of the pleasure she felt from her massage. As soon as she let out those moans, she looked at Bella with an embarrassed expression. This demon queen was a little too professional. Could it be an occupational habit? They had only met for the first time but she already knew all the sensitive spots on her body.
“Dorothea, stop moving. Your injuries are rather severe. I’ll help you clean your wounds.”
 “Isn’t it because of your little teammates, ahh… There you go again. I know healing magic. Just untie me and I can do it. Are you listening to me? Wait…
Bella continued to clean Dorothea’s wounds as if she hadn’t heard anything. This New Moon Demonic Dragon still sounded like she was unwilling so it was too risky to let her go now. As for how she knew Dorothea’s sensitive spots, of course, it was based on the experience gained from Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth. Dragons had more or less the same sensitive spots.

Golden dragon Princess Laceman had taken inventory, and excluding Poseidon’s Trident, that had been taken by the Dryad chief’s son, used to lead the way, there was still quite a bit left.
On the inside, Bella held some disdain for the Dryad. As expected of a Dryad – when faced with two beautiful dragon girls hugged together, bodies within less than an inch of each other, this fool actually picked up Poseidon’s Trident and left. He really deserved to be single.

Bella discovered a magic staff that was personally used by the Moon Goddess. The design of the staff was exquisite and the top was shaped like a crescent moon. Bella had once come across this magic staff in the ancient illustrated book of Radiant Church. The Dragon Race’s ability to identify treasures was far superior to humans. There was no way New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea would keep a fake divine artifact.
Among the High-Level Gods and Twelve Gods of the God Race, the Moon Goddess, the Goddess of Nature (the forest) and the Radiant God were the three Gods that were recognized as having the ability to bring back the dead. Their divine artifacts had been sought by the Radiant Church for thousands of years and Bella had the good fortune of obtaining one of them.
“Dorothea, this Moon Goddess Scepter is yours, right? Or did it belong to your former master?”
“I won’t… Hold on, if I tell you I don’t know, what will you do to me?”

Dorothea didn’t have such strong faith. She had other motives when she joined hands with the Twelve Demon King. It wasn’t impossible for her to switch bosses halfway. Following Bella, this new Demon King, wasn’t such a bad idea either.

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“What do you think?! Dorothea, I’m a very bad Demon King, the kind that only likes to bully girls. How about you find out tonight?”
Bella held out her right hand and lifted Dorothea’s chin, forcing her to look at her. Through Dorothea moon-white pupils, Bella could see that she was a little alarmed. She shifted her gaze elsewhere, not daring to look straight at her.
“You… Even if I said it, you wouldn’t let me go. Then why should I…”
“Aren’t you a smart gal. If you tell me, I will be gentle with you. But if you don’t, I can… Forget it. I can’t take it anymore. I’ll first….
“Wait, don’t kiss… We’re still negotiating, how can you do this? Stop now…”
“Ungh, you and Amy Beth were the ones who tempted me with your suggestive poses earlier. Now, you have to be responsible for the consequences…”
Bella lifted Dorothea and placed her on the flat, soft grass. Ignoring Dorothea’s protests, she kissed her soft, unyielding lips. At that point, Dorothea’s brain temporarily short circuited. She hadn’t expected Bella to forcefully take her in broad daylight.
“Please… I’ll tell you. Will you please stop first? Amy Beth is still… still watching! Don’t be like this. I’ll tell you everything, okay? Wait…”
“Isn’t it better to have her watching us? Dorothea, stop talking and just enjoy! In the future, you will really like how this feels.”
Amy Beth watched the two “absurd” young girls in the grass. In fact, she didn’t want to look, but it was as if her eyes were possessed – she just couldn’t look away. She was even a little envious of Dorothea who was being “crushed” and wanted to exchange places with her.

Bella didn’t disappoint her either. Before long, Bella took Amy Beth, who was also tied up, to the grass and let her join this “special feast” to celebrate her victory.
After all, Amy Beth and Dorothea had only just experienced this sort of thing and neither of them were as skilled as Bella. Awhile later, they lay exhausted beside Bella, one person on the left and the other on the right. Seeing that it was about time, Bella began the contract ceremony.
“This contract is… You’re actually asking the noble Dragon Race to be your… No way. Amy Beth, why aren’t you saying anything, you traitor…”
“There’s no use protesting. Don’t think about running away. Come on then, sign the contract with me to become…”
It was already afternoon when Bella’s roommates returned after salvaging the swords that had sunk to the bottom of the lake. On the small isle in the center of New Moon Lake, Lisha and the others saw Bella as well as Dorothea and Amy Beth who were kneeling on Bella’s left and right respectively.
It looked as if something had happened between the three of them earlier. Amy Beth was blushing as she obediently lowered her head while Dorothea was relatively calm. She had been corrupted earlier than Amy Beth and her character was more carefree.
“Older sister Bella, what were you all doing earlier? Why are your clothes all gone?!”
“Lisha, this is a secret between us girls. There’s nothing strange about not having any clothing on, is there? Aren’t you all the same now?”
“Bella, we dived to the bottom of New Moon Lake to salvage Kriss’s sword. The water in New Moon Lake seems to be able to restrain pure demons so we couldn’t get the servants to do it and could only dive down ourselves. Also, this is what we salvaged from the bottom of New Moon Lake. Look!”

Kriss dumped a pile of exquisite divine artifacts on the grass in front of Bella. New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea personally confirmed that this was the divine artifact that the Moon Goddess herself sank to the bottom of the lake back then. They all belonged to the Moon Goddess.
Ten thousand years ago, New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea, was once a Holy Beast under the Moon Goddess. Later, with the acquiescence of the Moon Goddess, she took refuge in the Twelve Demon King. With the transformation of her identity upon taking refuge in the Twelve Demon King, Dorothea saved a large number of precious books and divine artifacts of the God Race. In the blink of an eye, these things were all collected by Bella.
“Dorothea, do you regret? These all belong to your former master, and now I… “
“What’s the use of regretting? My… my new master, I’m all yours. You have to be gentle with me in the future. I can’t stand any torment.”
“You little vixen. Earlier when Amy couldn’t take it anymore, you were still in high spirits. Like I would believe you.”
While no one noticed, Dorothea and Bella whispered these words. She had already resigned herself to her fate. According to the contract, Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth and New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea were Bella’s contract pets. These two “special” pet contracts were made in order to evade the registration rules for mounts belonging to knights in the Human Empire.
According to the consensus reached by the Human Empire, the mounts belonging to knights must be registered with every branch of the Knights Union to facilitate easy management. The going rate for entering the city on a mount was also based on the size of the registered mount.
At the time of registration, the mount must be displayed. For the time being, Bella didn’t want to let the whole continent find out that she had subdued the legendary Sea Demonic Dragon and New Moon Demonic Dragon. If she was too well-known, there would be many eyes on her and she would encounter a lot of trouble in the future.
However, there was no such stipulation for contract pets. She could have as many as she wanted as long as she had the money, so Bella entered a pet contract with them. Of course, this pet contract had been altered. Once it was established, it was a lifelong contract.

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