Volume 3 Chapter 141: The War Torn Obadiah Region Part 2

Although Amy Beth and Dorothea were obedient now, they had shaken their heads desperately and bit their lips unyieldingly when they heard that they were to sign a lifelong pet contract. Bella spent a lot of energy and used all sorts of “gentleman tricks” to force them to yield.

Now, halfway through the Olsylvia Academy’s “Great Hunt,” Bella’s team had harvested many treasures, most of the divine artifacts collected by the Moon Goddess and Poseidon, and a large number of Deep Sea Demonic Crabs and delicious crab meat. Lisha and the others weren’t interested in these treasures, so they passed them to Bella, their chief, for safekeeping.
The biggest prize was to subdue Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth and New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea. If such harvests were reported, it might even be possible for the entire team to graduate at once. However, Bella was only willing to share the good stuff with her own people.

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It was impossible to report them to the Human Empire and Olsylvia Academy. The most important thing was that if she reported them, she wouldn’t have a reason to take Silver Dragon Princess Isabel and Black Dragon Princess Clariss as mounts.
Although Bella didn’t have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bella couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that the trident had been taken away by the Dryad. According to that guy’s escape route, he must’ve fled to the Ogre Clan’s territory in the southern part of New Moon Island.
In the Obadiah Region in the southern part of New Moon Island – Copperfield Island, there were about 150,000 ogres living in the territory of Two Headed Ogre Nelson.
Back then, the Ogre Clan from foreign lands, led by its leader Nelson, took this as a base area and gradually encroached on the entire Romanov Empire.
From its establishment to its demise, the Romanov Empire didn’t cultivate any mage troops, and the magic from the human continent didn’t spread here either. One of the reasons for launching an attack on the Arcana nation, the Aldridge Empire, was to seize magic books. Unfortunately, they weren’t successful in the end and were defeated by the allied forces of the other Human Empires.
Because they didn’t have Mages to suppress their opponent, the army of the Romanov Empire couldn’t resist the powerful Ogre Army, who had magical knowledge and was finally captured by the Ogre Clan. The last survivors of the Romanov Empire – their fleeing fleet, were attacked at sea by the Siren King Mcmillan and eventually died there.

In addition to the leader, Two Headed Ogre Nelson, there were three chief commanders under him, namely, “Iron General” Zach, “Cyclops” Marcellus and “Great General” Pearson, who were all very strong elite Ogre Commanders.
The Ogre Clan weren’t like the Dryads who could be defeated in one battle. Bella focused on discussing countermeasures with her roommates. She decided to launch a “lightning war” against the Ogre Clan tonight. The code name of the operation was temporarily fixed as “Decapitation Operation” and the goal was to kill the leader, Ogre Nelson and the three Ogre Commanders with a sneak attack and recapture Poseidon’s trident at the same time.
Now, the allied forces of the Demon King had built a transmission channel in the public square of the ruins of the Romanov Empire’s ancient capital that connected to Sarnia Duchy. Due to time constraints, this transmission array was the basic kind that could only transfer goods but not living things.
The demons that made up the Demon Army were technically not living creatures. There wasn’t a problem for them to pass through this transmission array. Bella took advantage of this loophole in the transmission regulations, and by nightfall, she had already transferred 150,000 demons from Sarnia Duchy. With the previous Demon Army, Bella had already assembled 250,000 demon troops.
The battle against the ogres began as soon as it started to get dark. This time, it was a split operation. Of course, Lisha was the Vanguard General and led the Darkness allied forces to attack the Obadiah region head-on. The target was “Iron General” Zach who was guarding the border of the Ogre territory.
Noreya and Elaine took the ambush troops to storm Mount Barnard. “Cyclops” Marcellus, known as the eyes of the Ogre Army, was assisting on this hill. Mount Barnard was the highest point in the entire Obadiah Region. Taking it down would be equivalent to wiping out the eyes of the entire Ogre Clan.
Kriss and Ariel were responsible for leading the attack on “Great General” Pearson who was the commander of the Ogre Army. Bella and New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea formed a team, and using Dorothea’s Invisibility Magic, they proceeded to slay the Ogre Leader Nelson.
Bella planned to use Two Headed Ogre Nelson to report to the “Great Hunt.” The Ogre definitely wasn’t a girl. She had repeatedly confirmed with Dorothea and Amy Beth that Two Headed Ogre Nelson was a cruel monster.
At the borders of the Ogre Clan in the Obadiah Region in the southern part of New Moon Island – Copperfield Island, the Darkness allied forces attacked the Ogre Clan under the cover of darkness.
After dominating the region for 5,000 years without any threat, the ogres were less vigilant. Lisha, the Dragon Knight, took the opportunity to break through the ogre’s defense borders with the Darkness allied forces.
At the ogre defensive line, many ogre guards were dozing off. Those who were energetic were busy bragging and chatting. They didn’t know yet that there was a large number of Darkness allied forces approaching.
“Have you heard? At noon today, New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea’s territory, New Moon Lake, was attacked by the Demon King’s army. Looks like the New Moon Demonic Dragon has been killed by the Demon King.”
“You’re really well informed. I also heard the vanguard troops talking about that. It’s a little strange though. Isn’t the New Moon Demonic Dragon one of the Demon King’s chief subordinates? Why did they attack their own people? Eh, bro, why did your head fall to the ground?”
Before that ogre guard could react to what was going on, his head dropped to the ground as well. Behind him, a black Death Ghost appeared. The lookout tower on Mount Barnard, which was responsible for giving the warning, was already ablaze and had no way to raise the alarm to alert the ogres at the foot of the mountain.
“What’s going on outside? It’s so noisy!”
“Lord Zach, the Demon King’s army is here. Our camp has been…”
In the tent of the Ogre Garrison Commander, “Iron General” Zach, one of the ogre’s three chief commanders, woke up a little annoyed. This guy loved to sleep, so being woken up today made him very upset.

“What the hell is Marcellus doing? He didn’t discover that someone had attacked? How sloppy! Who is the leader of the Demon Army? I’m going to kill him.”
“It’s… it’s the Golden Dragon Knight, Lord Zach.”
“What, Dragon Knight… Are you still asleep? Doesn’t the Demon King’s army only have the Black Dragon Knight and the Bone Dragon Knight? Since when did they have a Golden Dragon Knight from the human race?”
With distrust of his subordinates, Zach walked out of the general’s tent and saw a Dragon Knight mounted on a Golden Dragon fighting his subordinates with a large demon army.
The beautiful, golden-haired lady knight didn’t carry a shield but brought a huge sword. She was reaping the life of an ogre soldier. The Golden Dragon’s melee ability was the strongest among the Dragon Race. The Golden Dragon waved its claws and sent the ogre soldiers flying into the sky, one by one.
While the ogre soldiers were sent flying, the Dragon Knight waved her huge sword, transforming it into a long Sword Spirit that sliced the flying ogre soldiers into half. Their coordination throughout the whole process was natural and unforced.
“This girl killed so many ogre soldiers. I’m going to turn her and that Golden Dragon into stew.”
“Iron General” Zach who was infuriated, brandished an iron mace and dashed into attack. He had forgotten to send someone to report the situation to Ogre Leader Nelson. He didn’t even notice the rescue flag hanging on Mount Barnard behind him. The “Cyclops” Marcellus had been ambushed.

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