Volume 3 Chapter 142: The Battle to Sneak into the Obadiah Region Part 1

Bella had made use of Dorothea, the New Moon Demonic Dragon’s concealment magic, to infiltrate the grounds of Nelson the Ogre’s palace. His territories encompassed the Obadiah Region which was at the southern part of the New Moon Island, also known as Copperfield Island.

Dorothea, the New Moon Demonic Dragon, was well versed in the invisibility magic. Bella was rather curious about her powers as this was the first time that she was not using a stealth tool for this purpose. Dorothea’s invisibility magic was much more advanced than the stealth clothes that Bella had used when she was sneaking into the St. Louis Church Academy.

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This invisibility magic was similar to that of Noesha’s Time-Space Isolation Magic where any sound made by the invisible person would be silenced as well. The ogre guards outside could neither hear Bella’s footsteps nor her voice when she spoke. If Dorothea were successful in completely concealing herself, it would have been impossible for Bella to find her.

“Mistress… what are you looking at? Don’t stare at me with such an expression on your face. My invisibility magic can only help you with these kinds of things. I will not help you if you’re thinking of using my powers to sneak into other girls’ rooms!”

“Dorothea, don’t be so heartless! Won’t you help me, pretty please? Look, the night isn’t even over yet and you’re already turning against me? You used to call…”

“Mistress, I have to stand my ground on this. No matter what, this is the only request that I will never agree to. I will gladly receive any punishment for disobeying your this request that you deem fit.”

Dorothea had learned her invisibility magic from the Moon Goddess herself. If she were still around, she would not have agreed to her magic being used for such despicable things. Dorothea’s insistence on the matter was her way of showing her love for the goddess.

Furthermore, Dorothea felt that even without the help of her invisibility magic, Bella would still have her own ways to sneak into the poor girls’ rooms. Her methods were far too smooth and optimized for Bella to be new at taking advantage of girls. The number of girls that she had done naughty things to must have been in the double digits, otherwise, she would not be this proficient.

According to Dorothea’s introduction to her magic, she was able to conceal hundreds of allies at once. However, her magic was not infallible. Some anti-invisibility methods could be used to see past her magic. For instance, one of the leaders of the ogres, Marcellus the Cyclops, had an eye that could send out bolts of petrification magic. The cyclops’ eye could also see through all sorts of concealment magic, such as invisibility magic.

Unfortunately for the ogres, their commander had just been attacked. For now, no one would raise any alarm over here. The infiltration team consisted of Bella, Dorothea, and Amy Beth, with Bella as a Knight and Amy Beth as a Dragon Soldier. Dorothea was a rather special case as she was well versed in many different forms of magic. At the moment, she wielded the Moon Goddess’ scepter and was temporarily the priest of the group.

The two-headed ogre, Nelson, lived in an enormous castle which was widely known as the “Fortress of Boulders”. The outer walls of the fortress were hundreds of meters tall which might have been built this way to protect the castle against the attacks from the giants.

It was practically impossible for anyone to scale the walls of this height. Even Noreya, who was an assassin, would not be able to climb up the fortress walls, let alone anyone else who was not an assassin. Moreover, these walls had all sorts of defensive magic built into it to prevent any outsider from tearing them down using magic. According to the intelligence that was gathered, sixty thousand elite ogres were living in this castle.

The Ogre Race was split into four groups – each of the three ogre commanders ruled thirty thousand of the general ogre public, while the Chief Lord Nelson had jurisdiction over sixty thousand of the elite ogres, who were among the strongest and the most intelligent of the ogres.

At this moment, the city gates were on the locked down. The Two-Headed Ogre Nelson did not care if the ninety thousand ogres on the other side of the gates lived or died as they were not his direct descendants, but the subordinates of the three main commanders.

With Dorothea’s assistance, Bella used flying magic to soar past the city walls. She observed that there were many elite ogre soldiers above the city walls. These ogres were three meters tall and were wearing ebony armors. Their seedy eyes darted around hungrily, as though they had been starving for a long time.

“Did you hear that? Word among the high-level soldiers is that there will be new food at His Excellency’s great feast.”

“Really? Gosh, we are not the high-level soldiers though. It has been over a thousand years since I have tasted the sweet flesh of a human. I’m so sick and tired of eating those weak little ogres.”

“Dream on, you’re lucky to have ogres as food. Hopefully, there will be enough scraps and leftovers after the feast for us!”

As a Demon King, Bella had been blessed with the ability to understand most demonic languages, which meant that she knew what the two ogres were saying. The ogres’ diet did not just consist of human flesh. These demonic beasts reproduced by cell division. When an ogre had reached a particular stage of growth, a second head would emerge.

After the second head had developed to a certain extent, the ogre would split into two. Those who were weak or had disabilities would be killed and eaten by the other ogres.

Even though the ogres here had for more than five thousand years of history, their population had always been maintained at around a hundred and fifty thousand due to their cannibalistic habits. Bella held back the feelings of disgust and continued to listen in on the ogre’s conversation as she wanted to obtain as much information as she could from the ogre guards.

These guards did not disappoint at all. As expected, in no time at all, Bella had managed to find out that the Chief Lord of the Ogres, the Two-Headed Ogre Nelson, was currently holding a feast somewhere in the center of the Fortress of Boulders. This bloke was unbelievable. There was a war going on right outside the castle and he still had the time and energy to host a feast.

“Mistress, did you obtain any information from what the ogres had said?”

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“Mmm, don’t worry about it, just follow me and you’ll be fine!”

Bella stood with her back facing towards the two girls, biting back her words as she silently covered her mouth with her hand. The content of the ogre guards’ conversation had taken a rather… disturbing turn as they dove into a discussion about which part of a human tasted the best. She was a little embarrassed to translate such a disturbing topic to the girls.

Most of the ogre soldiers had agreed on the fact that the human’s buttocks were the meatiest and therefore the most delicious. Bella raised her other hand and wiped off the beads of cold sweat that had formed on her brow. Somehow, listening to the ogres’ words had caused a chill to run down her spine and into her buttocks. Apparently, this perverted group of ogres had a serious butt complex.

The ogres had always maintained a close relationship with the sirens on the northern part of the New Moon Islands. This was a new piece of information for Bella. Ogres could neither swim nor fly while the Sirens could do both. According to the ogre soldiers, the Sirens would head out to various parts of the world a few times a year to seek out an unlucky human maritime exploration fleet as their next victims.

Once they have located the human fleet, the Sirens would begin their attack and destroy the ships before kidnapping everyone. The captured humans would be given to the ogres as a gift. In exchange, the ogres would attack and create trouble at the Sea Dragon God Emerald’s territory. This would take up so much of Emerald’s time and effort that she would not have the energy to deal with the Siren King, McMillan.

The various human empires had some information about the Sirens and their actions. However, in this Other World, the human race’s ability to build boats were abysmal. They only knew how to build large commercial ships, nothing else. These humans did not even have anything close to a decent battleship. To prevent panic from spreading, the Siren attacks had all been classified as “typical maritime mishaps and accidents.”

Bella finally understood what she had seen in the newspapers. Those mysterious maritime accidents were all related to the transactions between the Sirens and the Ogres! She had felt that it was a little strange when she was reading the empire’s records of maritime accidents in the library. Apparently, there had been cases when the inhabitants of entire islands had mysteriously disappeared. It must have been the work of those Sirens.

That night, the Siren King McMillan had sent a new batch of “food” to the Two-Headed Ogre Nelson. Word is, it was to celebrate the fact that the Sea Dragon God Emerald was dead and her territory had been taken over by the Demon Kings’ army. Bella could already guess what the food was.

Bella retrieved a calligraphy pen that was soaked in blood from her storage ring and began to draw on the ground at the open space behind the gargantuan walls. The blood on the brush belonged to Bella and these bloody brushstrokes would act as a beacon to direct her demonic beasts to her exact location.

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