Chapter 128: Sending Men

“No way!  No, chenqie is already pregnant, what is the point of doing that?  This opportunity should go to the other Meimeis,” Mo Qi Qi hastily shakes her head, panicking.

Jun Qian Che narrows his eyes dangerously as he icily says, “Had you not been pregnant, zhen would have given you a long scolding long ago.  Mo Qi Qi, try and send women to zhen’s palace again and you will see what zhen does to you.”  After saying that, he leaves in anger.

Mo Qi Qi looks at the token in his hand as he walks away.  “This wretched Jun Qian Che, how ungrateful could one be?  I worked so hard to pick beauties for you and instead of thanking me, you actually scold me and took away my things?  Just what do you take me for?  Does my anger and feelings mean nothing to you?” she angrily mumbles.

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Wuwu, her anger indeed means nothing to him.  He is the Emperor, no matter how angry she is, she still cannot escape his little palm.  She can complain all she wants and all he needs to do is to lift a finger and she would have to immediately quiet down.  Ah~, the feeling of being suppressed is really not good.

“Ah~” Mo Qi Qi screams in frustration.

The next day, all the concubines visit her to apologize over having lost the pendant.  Mo Qi Qi does not blame them.  After all, she was the one who gave it to them.  Now that it has been taken away, she can only blame it on her bad luck.

Despite everything, Mo Qi Qi has not given up on her plan.  After a long day of critical thinking, a very unconventional idea rises inside her head.

Since he sent away all the beauties that she sent, it means that he does not like beauties.  Could it be that he likes—– ugly women instead?  No way, unless there is a problem with his standard of beauty.

Since women would not do, it means that he has a special preference.  Could it be that—– he likes men?

No way?  If he likes men, what about the baby inside her?  She could still remember clearly what he did to her that night.   Or maybe——- He was angered that night, so he was able to ignore her gender.  He definitely regretted it afterwards, once his mind was clear.  Is that why he was not interested in everyone she sent his way?

But, if he likes men, why would he regularly visit Yang Shihan?  It does not make sense.  Maybe—- Yang Shihan is only his beard and he never really touched her.  Otherwise, why isn’t she pregnant yet despite serving pretty much every night?  As for her, he only touched her once and she is immediately with child.

Mo Qi Qi is alarmed by her own train of thoughts.  Many men with that preference use beards to hide their preference from the people around them!  Oh God, Jun Qian Che likes men!

By now, Mo Qi Qi is already sure that she is right.

“Since he has a special preference, let’s just send a bunch of pretty-looking men over to him.  He will definitely be satisfied, hehe,” she laughs roguishly when she imagines the sight of Jun Qian Che with another man.

Two nights later, Jun Qian Che is already resting on his bed when around a dozen of men walk in.  All of them are handsome; some in a masculine way, others in feminine bashfulness. 

Jun Qian Che sits up on his bed before angrily addressing the eunuch that leads those men in, “Preposterous!  What are you doing here?”

Cold sweat covers the eunuch’s forehead as he timidly answers, “A-Answering Your Majesty, the Empress ordered them to serve Your Majesty.”

Jun Qian Che is furious, extremely furious.  Never mind sending him women, she has actually started sending him men!  “Out!” he coldly orders.

The little eunuch hastily leaves with those men, secretly thinking: I knew it.  I told the Empress this will not work.  His Majesty is so masculine, how is it possible he would like men?

This time, Mo Qi Qi secretly followed them.  When she sees them getting kicked out, she immediately runs up to them, “What happened?  You got kicked out again?”

The eunuch looks at her hesitantly, “Your Ladyship, His Majesty is really angry this time.”

Mo Qi Qi waves them off, signaling them to leave.

The group scampers out timidly.

Mo Qi Qi looks at Jun Qian Che’s brightly lit room, anger slowly rising inside her heart.  Why is this Jun Qian Che so hard to please?  He does not want women, he does not want men either, what exactly does he want, then?

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Seems like this grandma will have to personally question him. 

She walks in, with anger and questions inside her head.

She has been in Yu Jing Palace before, but this is her first time inside his resting chamber.  When she reaches the doorway, her steps falter.  What if she is directly entering the tiger’s mouth?  But then again, she is pregnant, he couldn’t do anything to her.  With her worries slightly eased, she walks in.

Jun Qian Che’s chest is heaving heavily; he has never been this angry for the past 22 years of his life. 

Mo Qi Qi has not realized that she has completely exhausted his patience.  She walks in and begins speaking without any courtesy, “What is the situation with you, Your Majesty?  None of them managed to move your heart?  It was not easy for chenqie to order people to look for them!  There are pretty ones, strong ones, ones that look completely like women, what else do you want?”  Then, she shamelessly sits next to him before continuing her rant, “Your Majesty, chenqie knows that it is hard to accept when one has a broken sleeve.  Much less you, the Emperor.  It will not be good for your reputation.  But you don’t have to worry, now that chenqie knows about this, chenqie will help you keep this secret.  We can secretly sneak people in and out of your chamber.  No one will ever know!  Your Majesty, be honest, did you like anyone from the group earlier?  If you do, tell chenqieChenqie will bring him right back!”

(TN:  When a man has a broken sleeve, it means that he likes men.)

Jun Qian Che slowly turns his head and glares at her.

Mo Qi Qi smiles brightly, “Your Majesty, are you perhaps touched by what chenqie said?  You don’t have to; chenqie aspires to be a virtuous Empress.  If Your Majesty is happy, chenqie is happy as well.  Feel free to indulge on those men, with the child inside chenqie’s belly, no one will ever suspect anything.”

Jun Qian Che tips up her chin and leans closer to her, to the point where the tips of their noses touch, “Mo Qi Qi, listen to this carefully:!”

Mo Qi Qi looks at him in shock:  Was she wrong?

“Your Majesty, are you only saying that because you are afraid that chenqie will tell others?”  Mo Qi Qi finds this a little hard to believe.  If he does not like men, why did he reject those women?

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