Chapter 129: The Emperor Has a Hidden Disease

Jun Qian Che lets go of her chin before looking at her stomach, “If zhen likes men, who is the father of the child you are carrying?”

Huh!  “Hehe, maybe that night was an accident?”  Perhaps he lost the ability to distinguish between men and women after getting drunk.

“That night was indeed a mistake,” confesses Jun Qian Che faintly.  He really did not intend to hurt her that night, just, he lost control after drinking the spiked wine.  She must really hate him, right now.

Mo Qi Qi, however, takes it the wrong way and immediately jumps up before pointing accusingly at him, “I knew it!  You really engage in the passion of a broken sleeve!”

Jun Qian Che frowns, before coldly repeating himself, “Mo Qi Qi, zhen will say it again, zhen does not like men!”

Mo Qi Qi scratches her head in confusion before analyzing everything he told her one by one: he does not like men; that night was an accident, he does not like women either—- does that mean—-

“Your Majesty, could it be that you have a hidden illness down there?  If you do, do not hesitate to tell chenqie.   Chenqie will arrange it to be treated secretly.”  See how virtuous she is?  Even she is about to burst to tears by her own kindness.  That seems to be the correct answer to her questions.  He likes women, just, his body refuse to cooperate with his heart.

“Hidden illness?” Jun Qian Che frowns.

“Erectile disfunction?  You want to bed women, but your body simply can’t cooperate,” explains Mo Qi Qi.

Jun Qian Che really wants to kill a certain someone right now.  If she is not carrying a child, he would have choked her out of anger by now.  He looks at her icily, “Really?  Is that what you think after that night?”

Huh?  Her face flames up when she thinks of what happened that night.  It was really painful and he was just too big.  But still, that night was only an accident.

Mo Qi Qi dodges the question, “Your Majesty, even you admit that that was an accident.  Maybe it only happened because you had a drink that night.  Tell you what, you should try drinking a cup or two before bedding women.  Let’s see if it works!”

Jun Qian Che raises his sword-like eyebrows, the look in his eyes turning dangerous.  He grabs hold of her wrist and pulls her over.

Mo Qi Qi, who utterly did not see that coming, is pulled straight into his chest.  Their eyes interlocked, and a strangely seductive smile can be seen on Jun Qian Che’s lips.  He slowly corners her backwards, “Tonight, the Empress will serve zhen.”

“What?” she stares at him wide-eyed.

Before she can protest, Jun Qian Che carries her into the dragon bed before pressing his body on top of her.  Taking a note of her state of pregnancy, Jun Qian Che leaves a gap between him and her stomach.

When Mo Qi Qi sees Jun Qian Che’s extremely handsome face hovering above her’s, her breathing becomes weak.  She tries to smile, “Your Majesty, whatever it is, let’s talk it out.  This position makes talking very hard.”

Jun Qian Che caresses her little face gently.  “Didn’t you say zhen has a hidden disease?  We will see it with our own eyes tonight; whether or not zhen really has a problem down there,” his voice is low and ambiguous.

Mo Qi Qi looks at his burning eyes.  It makes her feels as though she is on fire.  She remembers that he also looked at her this way, that particular night.  Before he claimed her as though she was his.

By now, Mo Qi Qi already realized how dangerous the situation has become.  She tries to push him off, but unfortunately is too frail to do any real damage.

Jun Qian Che originally planned to only scare her a little.  However, upon being in such close proximity to her, he finds his body slowly responding.  That place that she accused of being disfunctional slowly grows bigger, as though to prove it’s health to her before her own eyes.

Seeing her pink lips, he can feel himself losing control again.  He really wants to taste it.  He leans down and captures her lips in a kiss.

Mo Qi Qi is frozen from shock.  At this moment, she really regrets suspecting Jun Qian Che’s sexuality.

She begins resisting when she regains her composure, but Jun Qian Che refuses to let go and begins deepening the kiss.  While struggling, she bumps into a certain body part of his that has completely woken up by now.  Completely shocked, Mo Qi Qi’s heart begins running amok.  When she remembers what happened that night; the shame, the fear, she really fears that Jun Qian Che might repeat it again tonight.  And so, overwhelmed with fear, Mo Qi Qi, who does not wish for history to repeat itself, lifts up her knee and kicks him where it hurts.

“Ah!” a pained scream can be heard from him.  Jun Qian Che, who has been intoxicated by the kiss, immediately lets go.

Mo Qi Qi hastily sits up, before looking at him in worry, “Y-Your Majesty, are you alright?” In her panic, she actually used a lot of force.  She only intended to make him stop, she did not wish to injure him, least of all down there.  If something really happens to him down there because of her, she might really lose her life.

Jun Qian Che glares at her angrily while grimacing in pain, “Summon the physician!”

Mo Qi Qi pretends the problem lies with him, “Chenqie just knew you have a problem down there!”

Jun Qian Che looks at her darkly.

The physician arrived really fast.  After examining him with the bed curtain drawn down, the physician announces his verdict, “It is not injured, Your Majesty.  Please do not worry.”

He emerges from beyond the curtain and begins packing his medical briefcase.  When he walks past Mo Qi Qi, he cannot help but bow, “Your Ladyship’s pregnancy has not reached 3 months.  It is best not to engage in any activity inside the bedroom for now.  If it is really urgent, you may, just try and cease from doing it too roughly.  It might hurt the baby.  This official will retreat first.”

“Wei— I—–“ Mo Qi Qi wants to explain everything, but Imperial Physician Wang quickly left.

She can just read the accusations in his eyes:  Your Ladyship managed to seduce His Majesty but did it too roughly and in the end, injured him.  Please be mindful, from now on.

This entire thing is just too unfair.  Being the Emperor’s woman is just not fun.  Jun Qian Che was the one at fault, but everyone looked at her as though she was the one who tried to seduce him!  Where is the justice in this world?

She glares at Jun Qian Che who is sitting on the dragon bed, “Did you hear that, Your Majesty?  Chenqie’s pregnancy is not even 3 months old, chenqie needs to be careful!”

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“Come here!” orders Jun Qian Che coldly.

She takes two steps back, intimidated, “W-Why?  What are you gonna do?”

“This is an order,” Jun Qian Che uses the imposing tone of an Emperor.  He does not believe she will be daring enough to leave.

Mo Qi Qi really wants to leave; or at least bump her head into something.  At least, if she is unconscious, she won’t have to face him. 

Although she usually commits mistakes and offends him on daily basis, he usually keeps a blind eye to everything she did.  But now, she hardly think he is going to turn a blind eye on her kicking the lifeline of the future generation of the imperial line.  If she adds on to her list of offenses and leave despite him telling her not to, he will get really angry, probably even to the point of cutting off her head.  If he really sentenced her to death in a fit of anger, even the powerful Mo Clan cannot do anything.

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And so, she obediently listens to him and slowly approaches him.  If he still dares to act unscrupulous after all that has transpired, then, he can’t blame anyone but himself.


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