Chapter 54: Moon in Obscurity, Flower in Daybreak

That day when the Sword Immortal Li Hanyi demonstrated his Moon in Obscurity, Flower at Daybreak, he filled the city with Camellias -truly an astounding sword in its own right.

Today, it was his disciple’s, Lei Wujie, turn to do so as well. However, there were no dancing flowers nor flying leaves, instead, there was a glaring burst of moonlight!

With a slash towards Song Yanhui, Rainfall sent forth a wave of moonlight that bathed the entire path along its trajectory in a cold, blinding light!

To that, the man smiled and gave praise, “Beautiful enough, definitely a sword you’d expect from a Sword Immortal.”

“I retract my previous statement, you do in fact deserve to receive a sword from me.”

“So I’ll gift you with the latter half of this sword move, Ten Thousand Crags and Torrents.”

Song Yanhui drew Breaking Water once more. That previously interrupted sword qi gushed forth and forcefully sliced apart the moonlight as it tore through the air. Lei Wujie immediately bit down on his teeth as he braced himself. However, he still wasn’t able to completely defend against that overwhelming sword qi. It felt like Rainfall could escape from his grasp at any moment.

“However, that’s only limited to one sword.” As he said that, Song Yanhui sheathed his sword.

Lei Wujie’s head was flung back at that instant, and his Rainfall went flying away.

Yet it was also at that very instant that a person caught him and Rainfall.

Stepping atop leaves, the figure came bearing Rainfall in one hand and in another, bearing Lei Wujie who was about to fall over. White robes and a shawl covering his face, the figure stood there, hands bearing the renowned sword, Armored Glacier.

“Teacher.” Lei Wujie weakly called out.

“What a good ‘passed down by the Sword Immortal, Moon in Obscurity, Flower at Daybreak’! When did I ever teach you such a rubbish sword art? Do you know how embarrassed your teacher would be if word ever got out into the martial world?!” Even though Li Hanyi was clearly reprimanding him, his tone was unusually calm.

“Look, Teacher, I’ve drawn Rainfall.” Lei Wujie managed to force out a smile.

“Just drawing out a sword makes you that happy? How exactly am I going to teach you more advanced sword arts in the future?” Li Hanyi coldly snapped back.

“Teacher, I finally understand my reason for drawing the sword…” Suddenly, Lei Wujie felt the energy leave his body and his eyes couldn’t help but close. “It’s to protect.” Having said that, his head sagged to the side and he fell unconscious.

Li Hanyi sighed and lowered him onto the ground.

“You have a good disciple.” Song Yanhui gently stated.

However, Li Hanyi shook his head lightly to that. “So it’s this kind of outcome in the end.”

Song Yanhui no longer said a word from that point on, merely gripping down tightly on Breaking Water. That was because the moment Li Hanyi shook his head, he clearly felt a rush of killing intent.

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“I heard that you have a disciple who managed to open the Unparalleled Sword Magazine? He should be practising the flying sword arts for those thirteen swords right now?” Li Hanyi suddenly turned around and asked.

Stunned for a moment, Song Yanhui first nodded his head then said, “In five years, a Sword Immortal will be born.”

“Five years? Good, then this disciple of mine will become one in three!” Li Hanyi picked up his Armored Glacier and proudly declared.

Song Yanhui retreated a step but said nothing.

“Song Yanhui, three times you’ve tested your sword against mine, and three times you’ve failed. This time however, will be the last time for both of us.” Sword drawn, Li Hanyi took a step forward with each word he said.

“From today onwards, you will no longer harbor any further delusions of being able to win over me.”

“Do you know…what is the outcome of a Sword Immortal’s wrath?”

“I suggest you run.” Li Hanyi suddenly lowered his head and muttered.

Song Yanhui and Li Hanyi had already duelled three times prior, but each time, the duels weren’t a fight to the death. That was why there were those who said that no one could be sure what the outcome would be if both of them used their full force. However, if those same people were to know of today’s battle, they would definitely have an answer then.

In a no holds barred match, Song Yanhui would most definitely die!

Just like Lei Wujie, Li Hanyi’s sword called forth the moonlight. However, this wave of moonlight wasn’t soft, rather it was overbearing! With one sword move, he broke Song Yanhui’s sword posture, with another sword, he cut off Song Yanhui’s escape. And with the last, he crushed Song Yanhui’s will to fight.

That sword was unmatched, as if it was a gift from the heavens themselves -a true sword strike of a Sword Immortal.

Within Snow Moon City…

A black robed Sikong Changfeng stared thoughtfully at the distant Mount Cangshan which was bathed in a cold light right now. “Luoxia, have you seen a sword from a wrathful Sword Immortal?”

“It has been said that immortals are beyond emotions, they neither experience joy nor anger. Neither sorrow nor remorse. Other than that Wrathful Sword Immortal who calls himself the Tyrant’s Sword, every other Sword Immortal aren’t quick to anger.” Yin Luoxia walked up to Sikong Changfeng and said.

“That’s right. Because they aren’t quick to anger, that’s why when they draw their sword in anger, they can tear the heavens apart and destroy the earth.” Sikong Changfeng answered softly. “This time, Li Hanyi is truly angry.”

“Because of Lei Wujie? Did Song Yanhui really injure Lei Wujie?” Yin Luoxia frowned at that point. Even though she had never met the boy in person, but she held a degree of admiration for that sunny teenager.

“I’m afraid it’s because Lei Wujie drew his sword. Because he drew his sword for the reason Li Hanyi was most afraid he would draw the sword for. In truth, Li Hanyi is really concerned about this disciple of his, because he had waited so many years for this disciple.” Sikong Changfeng sighed. “Luoxia, you and Song Yanhui have some history together. He calls himself ‘A Sword to Break the Waters’ and you call yourself ‘A Palm to Cut the River’… How about you save him one time?”

“Otherwise, the citymaster of one of the four martial cities in the world, the Unparalleled city’s citymaster, might just perish today in our Snow Moon City.”

Yin Luoxia nodded her head, and with a turn of her body, rushed towards Mount Cangshan. However, she couldn’t help but wonder if she could actually stop an angry Sword Immortal with her current cultivation.

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Song Yanhui’s Breaking Water had already fallen into Li Hanyi’s hands. What stood before him now was a Li Hanyi wielding Armored Glacier in his right hand and Breaking Water in his left, as if he was about to unleash some astounding dual wielding move any moment now.

“The world knows of how the Drunken Immortal, Baili Dongjun, once shook the martial with a blade in one and a sword in the other, very few have seen me, Li Hanyi, perform the dual sword arts. Do you have regrets dying under these swords?” Li Hanyi coldly stated.

“Cough!” Song Yanhui spat out a mouthful of blood and smiled miserably, “After today’s sword match, I have no regrets in this life.”

“You have been held back by your city. Were you not the citymaster of Unparalleled, your cultivation wouldn’t have been at this level.” Li Hanyi sighed, both swords already extended forth.

“Mercy!” Dashing in from the distance and having just bore witness to this scene, Yin Luoxia hurriedly called out.

However, Li Hanyi had no intention of stopping, both swords still diving for the man, neither too slowly nor too quickly.

“NO!” Yin Luoxia yelled at the top of her lungs. Should the citymaster of Unparalleled really die here today, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Suddenly, Armorer Glacier flew back into its sheath and Breaking Water was stabbed right into the ground besides Song Yanhui!

The blinding sword qi had subsided and Song Yanhui remained untouched. Eyes previously closed in acceptance, he quietly raised his face and said, “Why?”

Li Hanyi didn’t answer him. He merely turned around, scooped up Lei Wujie and slowly left for the mountains.

“Very well, so your sword is a sword of protection. Just like your mother, Even though this is the outcome I most didn’t wish to see, but this is how you should be. Because your father is a Lei and your mother is a Li. That’s why I will accept this outcome.” Li Hanyi softly said.

Yin Luoxia finally managed to rush to Song Yanhui’s side at this point. Even though he was covered in wounds right now, he was still breathing. Thus, she heaved a heavy sigh of relief. Having done that , however, she couldn’t resist kicking him. “Three times you’ve fought and you’ve never even won once, yet you still want to try again?! Are you about done?!” 

Song Yanhui quietly turned around with a sense of dread. If there was one person he was truly afraid of in this entire Snow Moon City, it actually wasn’t that Snow Moon Sword Immortal who had almost killed him just now, rather, it was this woman standing before him now.

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