Chapter 130: The Emperor’s Affection

As Mo Qi Qi steps closer to him, she wishes that she is stepping away from him instead.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Although she tries to take her time, she reaches him in just a couple of seconds. 

When she looks at him, she immediately puts on a pitiful look, “Your Majesty, chenqie did not mean to kick you.  It’s just that— chenqie was scared.  Chenqie becomes really afraid when chenqie remembers what happened that night.  Furthermore, chenqie is pregnant now.  What if Your Majesty lost control and accidentally hurts the baby?  That’s why chenqie kicked you away.  Y-Your Majesty, chenqie was wrong!  Please don’t be angry.”  As a person, one must know when to give in.  Although she hates him to death in her heart, she has no other choice but to bend down.  After all, he is the Emperor.  Even if she adamantly goes against him, she is still the one who is bound to lose. 

To tell the truth, Jun Qian Che’s anger was gone long ago.  Although he was angry when she first kicked him, he still did not miss the fear in her eyes when she struggled against him.  He really regrets what he did that night.  He can see what it did to her.

He did not even mean to do anything to her.  After all, what could he possibly do to a pregnant woman?  It’s just that, he only wanted to kiss her.  He did not expect to frighten her to that degree.  Seeing her reaction made him hate himself.

Mo Qi Qi keeps her head lowered, not daring to look at him in the eyes, so she did not see the regret currently lingering on his face.

Jun Qian Che pulls her over by the hand once more, just this time, he lets her have the chance to push him off if she wishes to.

Once he made sure Mo Qi Qi is not going to struggle against him, he lets her sit on the dragon bed.

Mo Qi Qi’s heart jumps wildly.  She thought that Jun Qian Che’s desire has finally overpowered everything else.  She quickly speaks up, “Your Majesty, the physician just now said that chenqie’s pregnancy is not yet 3 months old.  It is not good for chenqie to serve in bed, it might harm the foetus.”

Jun Qian Che ignores her.  He is not a man who is ruled by lust.  He has managed to calm down after the stunts she pulled on him just now.  Even if he desires her, he knows that the time is not suitable to act on his feelings.  “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?  Did you bump your stomach on anything just now?” he asks gently.

Mo Qi Qi is stunned.  She did not expect him to ask that, much less in such a gentle voice.  She thought he is still angry.  She looks at him in the eyes, only to find love and affection instead of anger as she expected.

This is the first time she has ever seen such a look on his eyes.  She lowers her head shyly, before shaking her head, “Your Majesty, chenqie is fine.  What about you?  Does it still hurt?”

Jun Qian Che smiles, “Even you know how to care about zhen?”

When she sees that teasing smile on his face, the discontent inside her heart rises, “You were the one who lost your manners first.  You cannot blame chenqie.  Instead, you should be touched by chenqie’s concern over your wellbeing.”

Jun Qian Che shakes his head while laughing.  He pinches her nose, “You are really—- You just have to talk back, don’t you?  Even if it’s unreasonable.”

The kiss and the shocking manner he is treating her with right now, makes her heart skips a beat.  “Who says chenqie is unreasonable?  It wasn’t chenqie’s fault on the first place?”

Jun Qian Che is too lazy to bicker with her, lest it escalates into another argument.

When Mo Qi Qi realizes he is making a concession, her heart leaps in joy, “Are you really fine, Your Majesty?”

“Everything is fine.  Didn’t the physician tell you?  Just, from now on, you are not allowed to question zhen’s preference,” warns Jun Qian Che imposingly.

After everything that happened, Mo Qi Qi wouldn’t even dare to question his sexuality.  One could think that the previous incident was fueled by alcohol, but tonight, she has seen with her own pair of eyes that he doesn’t need any fuel to do what he wants.  All in all, she will never question his sexuality or virility again.

“Yes, Your Majesty.  The night is deep, Your Majesty should rest.  Chenqie will leave first,” Mo Qi Qi gets up to leave.

Jun Qian Che blocks her from leaving.

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She looks at him in confusion, “What is it, Your Majesty?”

Seeing the cautious look on her face, Jun Qian Che feels like crying.  In the end, he simply says, “Empress, zhen already said that you will serve for the night.”

Mo Qi Qi purses her lips in discontent, “But chenqie already told you that chenqie cannot.  Chenqie is pregnant.  Why don’t we call any of the other Meimeis?”

His face turns cold, “No.”

“Your Majesty, you are purposely making things hard for chenqieChenqie already told you that chenqie’s pregnancy prevents chenqie from serving,” reminds Mo Qi Qi.

Jun Qian Che looks at her earnestly, “Don’t worry, zhen will not do anything to you.  You just need to sleep here for tonight.  You sent so many men into zhen’s chamber—- Zhen has been ruling for 2 years and still does not have children, that fact alone causes so many rumors to float out there.  You sending men over will only fuel those rumors even more.  It does not matter that zhen already drove them away.  You must stay for the night to dispel those rumors.  You caused this, so you must take responsibility.”  Honestly, he does not care about those rumors.  He does not care about what other people think.  The only reason for him to say all that is because he wants her to stay.  He wants her by his side and it doesn’t matter if they cannot do anything more than a simple sleep.

Mo Qi Qi looks at him, still half-in-doubts, “You don’t want chenqie to leave so we could kill those rumors, is it?  You don’t intend to do anything else?”

“Yes.  You are pregnant, what could zhen possibly do to you?” replies Jun Qian Che helplessly.

She studies his expression before deeming his arguments valid enough.  “Just a simple sleep, no dirty thoughts, alright?”

Jun Qian Che nods.

Mo Qi Qi calms down a little and lies on the bed.  A second later, she turns to him again, “Your Majesty, just to be safe, you should sleep on the long couch.”

Jun Qian Che is unhappy to hear that, “This is zhen’s palace, zhen’s dragon bed, why should zhen sleep on the long couch?”  He lies down next to her.

“So you want chenqie to sleep on the long couch?  Chenqie is carrying your child!” snaps Mo Qi Qi.

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His voice turns cold when he says, “The bed is so big, couldn’t it accommodate both of us?  What will people say if they see the Emperor and Empress sleeping separately?”

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