Chapter 127: An Auspicious Night

Mo Qi Qi, who has not yet received the news of what had happened to the concubines, is lounging casually in front of a table.  “So many of them have gone to him, I believe there will at least be one who moves Jun Qian Che’s heart.”

Ban Xiang, who had adamantly disagreed from the very beginning, does not share her happiness, “Your Ladyship, you are also one of His Majesty’s women.  Are you truly not angry, seeing them seducing him in hoardes?”

She replies her goodnaturedly, “What is there to be angry about?  His Majesty does not belong to bengong alone.  Bengong is very generous.”


“You truly are generous,” a stern voice speaks up before Ban Xiang even gets to speak. 

Mo Qi Qi jumps up in shock when she sees Jun Qian Che who suddenly shows up inside her palace.  She swallows heavily when she sees the ugly look on his face.  “Your Majesty, w-why are you here?” she smiles obsequiously.

Jun Qian Che glances at Ban Xiang.

Ban Xiang retreats away in fear.

The room now only occupies the both of them.

Mo Qi Qi takes two steps back, out of fear.  Only when there is more distance between them does she have better chances of running.

Jun Qian Che takes out the pendant before coldly saying, “The Empress seems to owe zhen an explanation.”

Mo Qi Qi very much wanted to snatch the pendant away the moment she sees it with him, but he scares her, so she can only laugh awkwardly, “This was given to chenqie by chenqie’s father when chenqie was entering the palace.”

Jun Qian Che smiles coldly, “Duke Zhen sure dotes on his daughter.  Zhen believes that Duke Zhen gave it to you so that you could use it in times of need.  What pressing need does the Empress has today that you had to take it out?”

“Er, actually, it is like this, Your Majesty.” Mo Qi Qi begins racking her brain for a plausible excuse, “According to the reading of the stars chart, tonight is an auspicious night for the union of men and women.  It is a perfect night to conceive.  It is said that even the child conceived from the union tonight will be auspicious.  Chenqie did not want to waste this chance, so chenqie sent the other concubines to serve Your Majesty.  You can relieve your stress and the other concubines can get what they desire; two birds with one stone.”

“Oh really?” Jun Qian Che narrows his eyes as he steps closer to her.

Mo Qi Qi stumbles backwards until she falls on top of her throne.  There is no way out for her.

Jun Qian Che picks up her chin and forces her to look at him.

 Mo Qi Qi swallows heavily, completely scared, “Your Majesty, whatever it is, we can reason with words.  There is no need to use violence.  Chenqie is carrying your child, wouldn’t you regret it if something happens to the baby?”

“Empress is purposely angering zhen like this, could it be because you actually want something to happen to the child?  Zhen wants to keep the child, so even if you don’t, you can’t do anything to it.  With no other way to go, you purposely angered zhen so that zhen would punish you and in the process, indirectly hurt our baby.”  Jun Qian Che’s eyes are sharp.

Mo Qi Qi is shocked to hear that. Her conscience is clear, she would never hurt the child.  In fact, she only does all this to protect the baby.

“Your Majesty, you misunderstood chenqieChenqie is only thinking for your own good.  Chenqie is pregnant and cannot serve, that’s why chenqie ordered the other meimeis to serve you.  Is there any one of them that you like?” she blinks her large eyes charmingly.

Jun Qian Che lets go of her chin, “No.”  He sits on the throne right next to her’s.

Mo Qi Qi purses her lips in disappointment.  Her eyes fall on the pendant that he is holding.  She stealthily made a grab for it, but he is faster and lifts it above their heads.  He is much taller than her, so she cannot reach it even if she tries.  She sighs in disappointment, “Your Majesty, that was given to chenqie by chenqie’s father.  You should return it to the original owner.”

Jun Qian Che raises his eyebrows in disdain, “Return it to the original owner?  Duke Zhen gave it to you so you could use it during emergency, but instead, you used it to help other women approach zhen!  Duke Zhen would be furious if he knows!  You reduced the value of this pendant to that level!  This pendant was given by the late Emperor to Duke Zhen, so technically, zhen is the original owner.”

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“You are being unreasonable, Your Majesty!” accuses Mo Qi Qi.

Zhen is only teaching you a lesson.  From now on, you must not act recklessly.  You must not lie to zhen either,” replies Jun Qian Che coldly.

Deep deep deep down inside, Mo Qi Qi’s conscience pricked.  But her face remains undefeated, “When did chenqie ever lie to you?”

“You are still talking back?  You tried to use the phoenix seal as the reward for bedding zhen.  Even offered them the phoenix seat for a month!   Weren’t all that the rewards that you promised the concubines?”

“Er—–“ In the blink of an eye, Mo Qi Qi is rendered speechless.  She always thought that he was too busy to pay attention to her, she did not expect him to know everything. 

“What?  You have nothing to say now?” Jun Qian Che looks at her coldly.

Mo Qi Qi smiles foolishly, “Chenqie was only thinking for Your Majesty’s happiness.  Tonight is indeed an auspicious night, that’s why chenqie arranged all that!  Isn’t chenqie generous, Your Majesty?  Will chenqie get a reward?”

Jun Qian Che raises an eyebrow before smiling roguishly.  He leans closer towards her and picks up her chin again, “You are indeed generous.  Since this is an auspicious night, zhen rewards you by letting you spend the night with zhen.  What do you think?”

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