Chapter 384: Supporting The Criminal Investigation Unit

“Our work here is to support the scouting team, so all we need to do is find clues for them.” This event had popped up during his vacation, and even that hard-working cousin of his had asked for him. Of course, he had to help.

Honestly, there wasn’t a need for Ye Jian to follow him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop his thoughts of wanting to see her more.

Ye Jian took multiple glances at him. Did solving a case like this even require the presence of a special forces soldier like him?

“Someone asked, and I couldn’t refuse.” Xia Jinyuan, who had purposefully stayed two steps behind her, swiftly leaned to the side, and spoke swiftly into the ears of the little lass. She had a calm expression, but the look in her eyes seemed to have been asking him this question countless times, “If I didn’t call you over, how would we spend time together tonight?”

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Ye Jian reacted immediately. It appeared that the seriousness in his eyes previously had actually been an act. Before they had reached the Bureau of Transportation, he did not know what this was all about.

“Xia Jinyuan, can you be a little more serious!”

“Look here; you’re overthinking things again! What do you think we’re going to do together tonight?” Xia Jinyuan’s lips curved upwards for a moment before straightening his back. With an elegant and serious demeanor, he walked into the monitoring room whose door was pushed open by the two policemen.

“Keep up. We only have five hours. After that, we’ll have to go to another location.”

After causing some waves in her calm heart, he immediately calmed them down and started talking about the actual business.

The change of pace caused Ye Jian’s heart to pump faster. Only after taking a deep breath did she walk inside.

There were a considerable number of cameras in the whole Provincial City. Under Xia Jinyuan’s orders, Ye Jian tossed away all unnecessary emotions and entirely focused on the task at hand.

The unlocked door of the monitoring room was half-open. A slender figure wearing a slim-fit suit with a short coat and a pair of similar-colored slim-fit slacks stood at the opening, her indifferent gaze landing on the student with a tender frame.

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This was the high school student that Sixth Cousin asked her to watch over?

“Secretary Xia, please help us relay this to Provincial Governor Chang: Our bureau will definitely solve this case within three days!” A leader of Public Security wearing his uniform stood beside the woman and spoke with a serious tone. He continued, “We will not allow the criminal suspect a chance to escape from our province!”

The woman wore refined makeup. With her skills, she stood in front of the Bureau’s Director without faltering in an imposing manner. She nodded and smiled, “Good, I will relay that to Provincial Governor Chang.”

The suspect was on a murder spree and was a wanted man throughout the whole country. He fled to Yunnan Province’s Provincial City and committed another murder. If they didn’t solve this case soon, even Provincial Governor Chang would have trouble having another good night’s sleep.

This case had even alarmed the Capital City!

Sixth Cousin was here, and he had made her run his errands multiple times. Ha, since you’re here, don’t even dream about leaving this place unscathed. No matter what, he would have to help her solve this huge mess.

Weren’t finding clues his strong suit?

The problem was: why did he also bring that high school student here?

The woman furrowed her eyebrows without anyone noticing. Her feelings had undergone multiple changes already. She did not bother the two people who had fully immersed themselves in work to assist this bureau, and she turned around and left silently.

“Height 178cm, weight 75 kilograms, short hair…” After nearly four hours, Ye Jian drew up the man’s headshot. All six screens in front of them were currently paused. If it wasn’t the man’s pair of legs, then it was the view of his back, or it was an extremely grainy frontal image of him.

Xia Jinyuan slightly leaned his body forward, telling Ye Jian all the information he had received slowly, “He’s probably near-sighted, you can see that he occasionally squints his eyes. He’s not used to wearing spectacles, but they never left his body. That’s why a trace of the spectacles’ outline was present in one of the pools of blood at the crime scene.”

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