Chapter 385: A Girl That Makes Him Proud

Their chairs were close together. In order to ease Ye Jian’s job of drawing the portrait, as Xia Jinyuan spoke, his body had already left the chair, hand half-squatted next to Ye Jian, “After entering Yunnan Province, he had a new haircut. Draw a portrait where his hair stops by his ears and another one where it covers his ears.”

“Okay.” Ye Jian agreed with what he said. All six screens froze on a blurry image. The back view in the first picture had hair that seemed longer. In the fifth picture, where the suspect wore a mask, his hair covered his ears.

She sat in the middle. Multiple officers stared at the pencil she was using to sketch on the paper. According to her descriptions and his distinct features, a man’s thin facial features, which even seemed refined and cultured, appeared on the piece of paper.

Xia Jinyuan picked up the portrait and said in a deep voice, “Although we can’t say that he’ll look like this exactly, there’s at least 90% similarity. The suspect would most likely deny it with everything he has. Regardless of what he says, capture him first.”

He placed the portrait in the hands of one of the policemen. Meanwhile, Ye Jian was starting to sketch the suspect’s body height, ratios and even the shadows on his body bit by bit.

The policemen who took the portrait left hurriedly. The rest of them held their breaths, all of them staring at the high school student who had artistic abilities that were on par with the policemen in larger units, who were well-versed in technical skills.

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From the moment she picked up the pencil, her pencil did not stop once, as if she had seen that criminal suspect with her own two eyes.

The portrait was sent to the appropriate department for matching. After Ye Jian had finished sketching the suspect’s full portrait, the policemen who were in charge of matching the portrait to a person entered the monitoring room like a gust of wind, “We’ve found him, we’ve found him!”

With them finding the suspect, it signaled that Ye Jian and Xia Jinyuan’s work there was over.

Actually, the duo, who was helping out the police because of their friendships there, only needed to provide some leads for them. With so many recordings, so many surveillance cameras, so many different faces in the city traveling here and there, pinpointing a criminal suspect was like finding a needle in a haystack. That was how difficult it was.

The duo finally managed to find the suspect after four hours. They had indeed helped out the Yunnan Province’s Public Security immensely and also allowed the head of Yunnan Province to heave a sigh of relief.

“Little Xia, call in your brother for a meal.” Provincial Governor Chang was acquainted with Commander Xia. He had also met Xia Jinyuan a couple of times, and this time he had helped him out a great deal. Expressing his thanks was something that he ought to do. 

As the secretary of the leadership, she had to complete all her tasks to near-perfection. She even had to meticulously plan banquets. However, this time, there really was no need for her to arrange one.

“You’re being too generous, he also brought one of his little friends with him. I’m afraid that he’ll have to send that little friend home tonight.”

Provincial Governor Chang thought that it was a kid from the Xia family. Hearing that, he laughed, “Then that’s settled, you get them to keep a close eye on the case. We definitely must solve it within 48 hours. We must not allow another slaughter to happen in our province!”

Could they solve it within 48 hours? Of course, Ye Jian hoped that they could.

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By the time they walked onto the streets outside the Transportation Bureau, lights were already illuminating the streets. They had been there from 5.30 p.m., and now it was nearly 10. Ye Jian looked at the man walking with hurried footsteps, and she brisk-walked after him, “Captain Xia, it’s still early, so there’s no need to go to the hotel, right?”

“Mhm, we’re not heading back yet.” The moonlight was not bad. Xia Jinyuan stood under the silver radiance with a smirk on his face. The pair of gloomy, depthless eyes reflected the gentle glint of the moon. When he smiled, the light in his pupils glimmered, causing him to become three times more charming than he was during the day, “Why are you backing up? You’re backing up because we’re not going to the hotel? Could it be that if we’re going to the hotel, you’ll follow after me?”

Ye Jian massaged her temples as if she had a headache, and she spoke helplessly, “Captain Xia, I have no intention of joking around with you. It is now 10 o’clock. I still want to return to the dorm. Tomorrow, I need to attend my classes. Have you forgotten that I am still a student? I’m a high school student, a high school student with the greatest stress in the world.”

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