Chapter 386: Why Are You So Nice To Me

When she felt helpless, her small face still seemed a little cunning. It seemed as if she was giving in to him, but in reality, she was very clear about what she stood for.

Xia Jinyuan retraced his last two steps and stood in front of her. His slender and tall body coincidentally blocked the moonlight, engulfing her entirety in his shadow.

The moonlight was hazy; the streetlights were misty. He raised his hand under the dim lighting, and gently patting the top of her head, he said in a very gentle voice, “There’s no way you would want to stay in school during the weekends, right? Isn’t there a place that you want to train?”

“I’ll give you ten seconds, think about whether you want to follow after me.” He looked at her; no matter how dim the lighting there was, his gaze was still accurately locked on her face. There was laughter, and also a hint of understanding on it.

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Ye Jian let out a gentle breath and started smiling faintly, “I cannot refuse your proposal. There is no need to give me ten seconds. I had already made the decision to go with you within the first second. Let’s go, Captain Xia.”

His gaze was warm. There was a charm in his bottomless pupils that made her believe him without a doubt. Ye Jian did not think that she had any reason to refuse him.

The city was still bustling at 10 o’clock. After the car left the premises of the Transportation Bureau, it headed in another direction. While driving, Xia Jinyuan said, “From this point onwards, every weekend, we will go to the provincial military base. I will entrust someone to look after you. First, I’ll be introducing you to the people there, then we’ll set up a pass for you.”

“You will come here every Friday after school, and return to the dorm every Sunday afternoon. Little Fox, although the provincial military base isn’t comparable with the boot camp at Fu Jun Town, trust me, there isn’t a shortage of elite soldiers there.”

If she was destined to be in the military, why not let her blend into the environment beforehand?

Besides, it was obvious that she had a personality where she didn’t like to rely on others.

In that case, he would give her opportunities such that she would be able to use her own abilities to create a path that belonged only to her.

There would always come a time for a focused attack in a stratagem. If he wanted to catch the cunning fox, then he had to seriously ‘attack’. Only then would he be able to take her down!

Ye Jian tilted her body sideways. She stared at the man, who kept making her life easier, with a serious gaze. Looking at the handsome face that seemed to be delicately carved from jade, the sentence “Why are you so nice to me?” was at the tip of her tongue, but no matter what, she was unable to say it out loud.

It was as if there was a fishbone stuck in her throat as if by saying that sentence out loud, it would pierce her throat till it was bloody.

Because she didn’t want to bear all the niceness he had for her.

Because she has nothing to repay him with!

“What? Are you sleepy?” Xia Jinyuan, who kept his gaze on her from the corner of his eye, turned his head to the side and glanced at her. He opened his mouth with elegance, “Is there something on your mind? Or do you have any questions?”

“Oh, or could it be that you wanted to ask why I’m bringing you to the provincial military camp? Right?”

That last sentence caused Ye Jian to clench her fists tightly without him knowing. It felt like her heart had already reached her throat. Although she looked calm from the outside, even her hair was secretly tense.

Please don’t say something … that would cause her many headaches.

He took another glance at her as if he had seen through her nervousness. He explained while smiling, “Before I came here, I already called Old Uncle Gen. The senior spoke, and asked whether it was convenient for me to bring you to the provincial military camp.”

“I wouldn’t refuse trifling matters like this. You are indeed a young sprout. Even the regiment commander and political commissar in the boot camp agreed to this. Taking you to the provincial military camp, I believe that even if I do not step in, both of them will mention it the next time they step into Provincial City.”

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His explanation caused Ye Jian’s tightly clenched fists to instantaneously loosen up. She even let out a long sigh of relief secretly … So that was the real reason behind it all.

Outside the car window, the light from streetlights drifted past, and he could also clearly see the moment her whole face relaxed.

She really was still a little girl. Although she was indeed very smart and knowledgeable, in the end, she was still young.

With just a slight movement from him, she would be endlessly nervous, as if she was deathly afraid that he would say things that would include promises which she had no power to fulfill.

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