Chapter 25: Experience

“Huh, Dinner?” Valet replied with a guilty expression before stammering.
“We already ate our food a while ago… theirs is nothing left.”

“Oh, is that so? Goodnight then” Hyde passed out again next to his brothers. Deep into sleep as though their conversation never happened.

“What a strange guy?” A tall brown haired boy said about eight or nine with a bulky body like Naru.

“They are all strange Basto!” Valet replied rubbing his head in confusion he then motioned the kids behind them to go back to their sleeping bags before continuing his conversation with Basto by saying in a quiet voice ” Is everything alright with Naru? He still hasn’t woken up yet.”

“If he’s in the same state as these guys, he should wake up by tomorrow… I hope, or I will have to contend in more fights to get us food,” Basto replied laying back down on his sleeping bag next to the brothers.

“Yeah, let’s hope he is, but that flaming creature that appeared him was really scary. Would he turn into that in the future?” Valet mumbled the sentence while covering his face with the rugged blanket.

“No, I don’t think so. Let’s sleep we need to work hard tomorrow anyways if he wakes we will ask him then” Basto then blew out the candle in the middle of the room.

Greys Pov

It looks like the injury was more severe than I initially thought. Who would’ve thought that the Heavenly Saint of the Ether brothers, renowned for his medical expertise could be injured? Hahaha, I wonder how many fallen enemies would be rejoicing at my pain?

My sons should be safe at that place I think, and It’s those idiots I should be worried about, they are most likely starting some trouble that would impact how long we stay in this small kingdom.

Oh, is that them? Who’s the lady they are talking to? Arghh I got a bad feeling about this little Black has already caused me numerous issues because of his attitude towards females in the past. Oh, would you look at that they are already bickering the next stage would probably be her trying to call someone to intimidate little Black?

“Do you not know who I am? How could you be brazen enough to call me a horse stuffed in a pigs body?”Fiona shouted with veins popping o her forehead.

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“Baby girl you’re mistaken it was a slip of the tongue I meant to say I love women on the thicker side and that I would happily be your king,” Black said looking at Frey with a pleading as though he was saying ” save me here buddy, you know we are in this together.” However, Frey slowly stepped back into the distance trying his best to move away from the commotion.

Wow, his tongue is as bad as ever! Now how should I deal with this situation to help him? Hold on I don’t even need to help him for goodness sake he is a bloody bird all he has to do is transform, and she wouldn’t know it is him. Hmm, she looks wealthy I’m guessing Frey intended to steal from her, but now that Black has made the situation escalate he’s going to the kids.

*Sigh* it’s always left to me to solve these minor issues; with us having no money ill ‘borrow’ her possessions and let little Black deal with his problem.

Hold on what is that o her hand?



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“Argh! We need to steal a new alarm clock already I can’t live like this anymore,” Basto said kicking the alarm clock at the bottom of his sleeping bag into their field.

“Ahh Good morning guys, Basto hurry up we need to go to the Colosseum our matches are at eleven today,” Naru said while putting on his boots.

“Naru you’re alive!” As soon as Valet heard Naru’s voice, he jumped out and hugged him with tears welled up in his eyes.

“What do you mean alive? I was never dead!” Naru replied bewildered by Valets actions and words.

“Long story ill explain it to you on our way. By the way where are those guys you brought with you they aren’t in the sleeping bags we put them in?” Basto asked confused as he looked over at their sleeping after seeing Naru alive and well.

“Oh, those guys they are outside the tent stretching… I told them that they could come to make money with us,” Naru explained pushing the teary-eyed Valet off of his leg.

“Are they even strong?” Basto questioned while putting on the outfit he wore yesterday.

“To be honest, I’m not completely sure myself,” Naru replied. Walking out of the tent to meet the brothers.

“Naru you ready yet? Miko cant hold back Hyde back forever you know” Demios said looking calm, but anyone could tell there was something different about him. His demeanor or aura was very different from before.

“Yeah but let’s wait for Basto, He’s about to come out now he’s just getting dressed… By the way, are you guys sure you want to fight in the Colosseum? You could get injured you know” Naru explained looked worried while staring at the three brothers.

Stopping in his tracks Hyde laughed and then continued to run while being pulled back by Miko who didn’t even have time to respond.

“Don’t worry about us we are ready for a little sparring match,” Demios replied with a peaceful smile. If Black were here, he would instantly recognise that the same smile Grey would have before a big commotion would happen.


Reception at the Colosseum

A cute young lady was sitting down at her desk with an amused expression on her face.

“Are you guys cultivators?” She said watching the group as if she knew they were lying. They only looked like they were 8 or nine there was no way they could be cultivators at least that’s what she thought.

Instead of replying verbally all of the boys except Basto unleashed their Orbis, and it revolved into the hand in the shape of a tiny ball.

Gasping in amazement, the cute lady straightened her posture and asked for their names.

“Miko Ether”

“Hyde Ether”

“Demios Ether”

“Naru and no last name.”

“Ok, Naru your match will be cancelled since you broke through and young master Miko your match will be in thirty minutes if that’s ok?”

“Oh ok how old is my opponent by the way?” Miko asked curiously.

“Twelve, young master Miko,” the lady replied in a dignified manner.

” Can you not call me that, please it makes me uncomfortable,” Miko replied while staring at the cute lady.

“Sure anything that would make our esteemed warriors comfortable… Sir Hyde and Sir Demios your fight will be in an hour and two. So please be patient.”

“Ermm I think you’re forgetting me,” Basto yelled trying to get the lady’s attention.

“Oh, “Rolling her eyes in disgust” I will get to you soon…

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