Chapter 26:One punch

A middle-aged man who was filled with battle scars from head to toe was leading walking towards the competitor’s area the group. He was analysing the group with a confused look, although he recognised Naru and Basto the man didn’t understand where these pretty boys came from and the weird marks on their neck, he had a feeling that more strange marks were hidden underneath their long sleeve t-shirt.

“Only those Competing can enter through this gate, the rest of you will have to watch alongside the audience,” The man announced in an assertive tone.

“Well, guys look like I’m off, don’t worry ill lead the way with a clean fight.” Miko waved his brothers and newly made friends off as he entered the competitor’s area alongside the middle-aged man with a clipboard.

“Is he going to be alright?” Naru asked again as he was still wondering whether Miko was as powerful as Hyde when he fought off Togo. Basto looked at the brothers as well with a slightly concerned look in his eyes.

” Ah Miko’s going to be fine it’s not like his first fight” Demios brushed off his question as he showed a face full of confidence while he thought internally ” He should be fine right? We’ve fought against beasts so strong that they could create craters on the floor just by jumping up. But this world is different. Is everyone’s strength as abnormal as ours.”

Meanwhile, Hyde ignored their question and just stared at the competitor’s area in jealousy, and he thought ” No Fair! No Fair! Why does my fight have to be later? I want to be fighting first.”

“Well if you say so…” Naru replied unsure of what to think of Deimos’s reply to his question.

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Miko Pov

Wow, I can’t help but get a little excited. It’s going to be my first fight in front of a crowd! I should probably show off my new techniques that I made by mixing both dad and Deimos’s fighting moves (that he practices away from everyone else) to create movements that would suit my style.

Whoa, who is that has huge? And that mans head looks like a pineapple? Oh God, so this is the city life. There are so many strange people with different skin colours and body types. It’s so fascinating. Ahh, stop smiling! Stop smiling! Uncle black said that I should be the cold handsome type I need to keep a straight face, narrow my eyes and… and… what was it again?

Never mind that; I need to go to the young gen section. At least that’s what the lady at the said earlier. But where is it? Hmm, maybe I should talk with some people to find out. Pineapple head? No, he doesn’t so friendly but whom then? That guy practising slashes with his sword?

“Kid where are you going? Follow me; this isn’t your section.”

“Oh okay.”

If you were going to show me the way why didn’t you say so earlier it would have saved me so much time. Argh, I hoped I still looked cool!


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“Come on guys were going to be late at this rate! Miko may already be on stage.” Basto shouted while running in front of the group.

“But why did we have to go all the way to the other side of the Colosseum to watch his fight?” Hyde replied while speeding up his walking pace, which was practically the same speed Basto was running. Or at an even faster pace.

Demios then slapped then back of Hyde’s head, which Hyde yelped in pain ” Ouch! What was that for?”

“Let’s go idiot your walking to slow!” Demios said while sprinting at a pace that only Naru and Basto could only see dust fly off his feet.

“Argh, I’m still hurt from yesterday you know,” Hyde replied. Running at a speed incomparable to his previous one to catch up to Demios.

“You sure picked up some strange guys Naru” Basto turned his head to Naru with an astonished expression.

“I know right! They are strange.” Naru said, and he also began to run to the other side of the Colosseum.


“And we have the new challenger in his first ever competitive match Miko Ether.” A bald man announced with a plaster under his left eye.

Walking onto the stage Miko looked around the place, counting up to 30 people in the audience mainly kids around his age and some teenagers. Then he looked at his opponent.

“Ahh, he looks pretty!”

“I like his eyes.”

” No, his black hair is better than his eyes.”

“What that’s not true! Look his eyes are different a different colour Grey and white.”

“Oh, your right.”

Hearing the discussion, Miko did his best to keep a neutral expression, but his red cheeks betrayed him. Looking square on at his opponent he could see that he was at least half a head taller than him with warts on his right cheek — an average build with grey and black hair he looked like a racoon.

Cracking his knuckles, Miko made sure to stretch in preparation for his fight. Moreover, he proceeded to stare at his opponent looking for his weak points.

“Are you ready?!”


“Then Fight!”

Sprinting at his opponent Miko made sure to run at his fastest speed. His opponent was left stunned and he before he could prepare himself for Mikos attack, he went flying off the stage, smashing face first into the wall.

Standing in confusion, Miko thought in the midst of the deafening silence ” Huh how did he go flying I didn’t even use my true essence yet. I only wanted to see what level he was at before counterattacking.”

“And… The… Winner… is Miko!”The bald announcer stammered while yelling.

“Oh, his fight is finished already! I knew we should have run faster” Demios looked disappointed and was started to search for a person that didn’t look like they saw a ghost.

“Huh, the fight is over! Who won?” Naru yelled finally arriving behind Hyde who just looked uninterested.

“Oh, guys there you are… I won by the way!” Miko waved at the group who were looking for seats and answers.

“How did he do that?” The bald announcer thought as he was astounded by the sheer speed Miko showed with just his mortal body.

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