Chapter 661: Hegemon God Long Yi make an entrance

The continuous mountain range was covered in green and interspersed with unusual flowers and plants as decoration. Occasionally, one could see cute animals jumping here and there hunting for food.

Long Yi sat on a hundred-meter-tall tree, watching this boundless mountain range whose beginning and end couldn’t be seen. He was somewhat sad. After Angela had left, he turned southward, not going towards Earth God Region.

After the secret discussion with Wei’er Beila, the administrator of Wind God Region, his viewpoint had undergone earth-shaking changes. In the past, his thoughts were too simple. He thought that with all seven spirit tablets in his hands, along with chaos divine power, the unification of Divine World would be very easy. But now, he knew that Divine World was also full of conspiracy and ** for power like the Human World.

“The world is like a chessboard, and all living beings are the chess pieces. Humph, in Blue Waves Continent, I am a chess player, and in Divine World, I am the same,” Long Yi stood up and confidently muttered. At this moment, he looked like a celestial being with seven-colored radiance around him.

The goals of Long Yi were very simple, i.e., protecting the people that loved him and he loved and have a leisurely life where he could go anywhere in the world and do whatever he wanted. Indeed, they seemed so simple, but in fact, they were the most difficult goals in the world. Do whatever he liked? If one didn’t stand at the pinnacle of the world, then how could one do whatever one likes?

No matter who it was, as long as he/she blocks his steps, he wouldn’t hesitate to dye his hands red with blood. No matter Alfate or Angela, no one could stop him.


The Holy Land of Divine World – the only treasured place left behind from the ancient Divine World. From hundreds of millions of years ago, this was the place where ceremonies were held. However, since the war of gods and demons 100,000 years ago when all seven Main Gods went missing, this Holy Land was never opened.

Now, the information Wind God Wei’er Beila transmitted with a seven-colored divine seal made the entire Divine World boil over. In an extremely short period of time, this news of the appearance of the God of Creation’s successor was transmitted to every corner of Divine World. The people of God Race were unusually excited. They yearned to break out of their declining state under the leadership of Long Yi.

In that information Wind God Wei’er Beila transmitted, there was also a summon. All administrators of seven main god regions as well as 5,865 city lords under them must gather in the Holy Land and wait for instruction of Hegemon God Long Yi. Those who didn’t come will be regarded as a rebel of Divine World and killed on the spot.

The entire Divine World was in turmoil. Not only did city lords hastily rushed over to the Holy Land, but countless people of Divine World also rushed over in twos or threes. They wanted to see the grand appearance of Hegemon God Long Yi.


In a vast empty hall, a mysterious person, completely shrouded in a faint light, sat on a chair. In front of him, there was a crystal ball that showed the image of the troops of Angel Legion.

At that time, the door of this hall was pushed open with a bang and travel-worn and weary Angela rushed in, looking flustered and exasperated.

“Wu Geqi, you are crazy, do you know the consequences of doing this?” Angela shouted.

“Consequences? The consequences naturally will be you and I controlling the entire Divine World. Long Yi, what kind of thing is he? Hehe, you and I are the only survivors of the ancient Divine World. Don’t we know who the so-called God of Creation is? If we let this successor of the God of Creation wannabe alone, then the plan we have planned for so many years will go down the drains. Are you willing to do so?” Wu Geqi indifferently replied.

“But, isn’t our objective the unification of Divine World and not let it continue to be divided? Since Long Yi can do that in a much better way, how about we give up?” Angela asked.

“Hahaha, Angela, could it be that you fell for that kid? Don’t forget, you and I are the same kind of people. In your heart, you have wild ambitions like me. Who would believe your rubbish excuse?” Wu Geqi looked up and laughed. Then, the light around him flashed and dissipated. He unexpectedly was an angel with eight white wings. He looked like a middle-aged human who was roughly 30 years old, and he looked even more handsome than ordinary angels. Merely, his eyes were gloomy with a hint of madness.

Angela tightly clenched her hands and snorted coldly.

Not seeing any movement even after a while, Wu Geqi walked to the front of Angela and leaning closer, he said in a soft voice, “Angela, as long as you marry me, we, husband and wife, will jointly control the entire Divine World, and that would be very marvelous. I heard you entered Creation Shrine. You should have obtained many ancient books and records inside. Now, isn’t it easy to rejuvenate the Divine World? Why should we let a foreign brat ride on our head?”

“Don’t daydream, Long Yi has all seven spirit tablets as well as chaos divine power and has successfully constructed a seven-attributed Godhead. In addition, he has already made a clarion call, and the entire Divine World has responded. With our Angel Legion just a million strong, how can we contend with him?” Angela stepped back with some disgust and coldly said.

“Hehe, therefore, as long as we exterminate him, everything will return to the original state,” Wu Geqi laughed.

“With his current strength, even if join our hands, we cannot kill him,” Angela retorted.

“We cannot kill him, but there is someone else who can,” Wu Geqi smiled sinisterly.

Angela was startled. Soon after that, her complexion greatly changed and she replied, “You … you want to … No, I will not let you do this,” Just after she spoke, she rushed towards the door.

Suddenly, several hundred light beams appeared and trapped Angela within.

“Don’t do anything stupid, Angela. You can rest here. After I resolve everything, I will release you.” Wu Geqi gently looked at Angela, his figure fading into thin air.


The Holy Land was located at the southernmost part of the Divine World, shrouded with chaos energy. It was the space formed with the most primitive chaos energy of the universe. All through the ages, only seven Main Gods together could open it.

At this moment, outside the Holy Land, it was densely crowded with people of God Race who had rushed over to see the grand appearance of Hegemon God. Many had traveled day and night to rush over here upon hearing the news. Naturally, no one knew how many of them had evil designs.

The administrators of seven main god regions had already arrived. They individually were Fire God Region’s Alfate, Water God Region’s Bing Ji, Wind God Region’s Wei’er Beila, Earth God Region’s Rubin, Light God Region’s Meisen, Dark God Region’s Youming, and Lightning God Region’s Leibao. Around them, there were more than 5,000 city lords of large and small cities in seven main regions. In addition, many people with God Title but without duties had also gathered here. Just these people alone were more than 10,000 in number. If one said the administrators of seven main god regions were the main pillars of Divine World, then these people were different veins around them. Now, the backbone of the entire Divine World had gathered here.

Among the administrators of seven main god regions, there were factions. Water God Region’s Bing Ji, Wind God Region’s Wei’er Beila, and Earth God Region’s Rubin were clearly in one faction while Light God Region’s Meisen and Lightning God Region’s Leibao constituted another faction. As for the remaining Fire God Region’s Alfate and Dark God Region’s Youming, they seemed to be neutral.

“Wei’er Beila, you say, what kind of person is Hegemon God Long Yi? What about his strength?” Bing Ji looked at Wei’er Beila and enquired impatiently. On the other side, Earth God Region’s Rubin was also curious. The Creation God was the common father god of the God Race in the entire Divine World. His status was unparalleled. But now, the successor of the God of Creation had appeared. They were happy but also nervous. They hoped that he was an incomparably fierce personage. Naturally, some people were exceptions.

In the mind of Wei’er Beila, those pitch-black eyes of Long Yi reappeared which accelerated her heartbeat. She also recalled his unfathomable powers as she replied, “He is very young, and like father god, he possesses seven-attribute Godhead and all seven spirit tablets. As for his strength, I was unable to see through him.”

“That’s good, that’s good, His Excellency Hegemon God will unify the Divine World. He has appeared in time to restore our former glory. If father god was there during that war of gods and demons, then would those demons be able to push us to such dire straits?” Bing Ji replied with excitement.

As for Alfate, he was feeling restless. He had originally considered Long Yi as the successor of Fire God Chiyan, but beyond his imagination, he actually was the successor of father god. If the matters he secretly did saw the light, then that would be awful. He didn’t care about himself. From the moment he chose to walk this path, he was already aware of the consequences of a defeat. However, he was unable to let go of his beautiful wife and children. If by chance, they were implicated, then he wouldn’t be able to close his eyes even in his death.

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Alfate looked at Mixini who was excitedly chatting with a few companions nearby and sadly sighed. This silly girl, up until now, she still didn’t know that that man who had brought her back was the successor of father god. If she knew it, then he feared she might be even more excited. At that time, if she learned that he, her father, was actually involved in the conspiracy to win control over the entire Divine World, then would she be able to endure? Since things have reached this stage, how could he turn back now?

Suddenly, an incomparably powerful energy fluctuation rippled in the air. This energy was gentle and warm, making all the people here enjoy a spring breeze-like experience. Everyone immediately cheered in excitement.

“His Highness Hegemon God has come, His Highness Hegemon God has arrived…” Those several hundred thousand people muttered and respectfully knelt on the ground. They didn’t fear that they would kneel to the wrong person because in the entire Divine World, other than father god as well as his successor, who possessed this kind of gentle and vast energy fluctuation?

A faint seven-colored radiance appeared in the distant sky. It then flourished more and more, and instantly, became dazzling. Even the brilliant sun in the sky became a lot dimmer.

Outside the Holy Land, most of those city lords simultaneously fell to their knees, then as if contagious, the other city lords and different tier gods without any positions also knelt. The administrators of seven main god regions also knelt down. The scene of countless people kneeling on the ground was truly spectacular.

From the midst of seven-colored radiance, a huge figure gradually emerged. He was wearing a suit of armor formed from his chaos divine power, and he was emitting vast energy which was calm but caused people to prostrate themselves in worship.

Long Yi floated midair. Currently, his figure was more than 30 meters tall. His black pupils scanned through those people kneeling on the ground and sighed. He was just a human, and here, these gods who were worshipped by humans for millions of years were actually worshipping him. At this moment, he was full of pride.

“My people, rise.” Long Yi ordered in an aged voice, and seven-colored ripples spread all around.

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Everyone raised their head and looked at the successor of the God of Creation, Hegemon God Long Yi, with a gaze filled with respect and fanaticism. They were convinced without the slightest doubt that Long Yi will be the new leader of their Divine World who will lead them on the path of restoring their former glory.

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