Chapter 660: Wei’er Beila

Under the illumination of milky white sunlight, Long Yi flew above the sea. At that time, he suddenly turned around and saw Angela floating midair. She had turned back and was staring at the tall Sunset Peak. Immersing in the sunlight, she emanated a hint of sadness.

The two people had already left the barrier of Sunset Peak. The method was very simple. Long Yi used the chaos divine power he had cultivated to easily open the barrier laid out by Dibiya. This was possible because this barrier was also composed of chaos divine power.

Just when Long Yi thought to go over and console her, Angela turned around and gave a charming smile. That sadness of just a moment ago had completely disappeared.

“Let’s go, since you have successfully forged your seven-attributed Godhead and possess all seven spirit tablets, you are supreme in this Divine World. Even if you want to reshape the entire Divine World, it will not be difficult.” Angela flew over to Long Yi’s side and told with a smile.

Long Yi smiled as he also thought so in his heart. With all seven spirit tablets of Main Gods in his hands, who would dare to defy his orders?

The two people returned the same way they had come and arrived at Wind God Region after crossing the Evil Forbidden Area. Although Wind God Region was located in a remote region, its area was much bigger compared to Fire God Region.

“Long Yi, do you want to go to Wind God Capital to meet First Tier God Wei’er Beila who manages the entire Wind God Region? She is an exceedingly beautiful goddess comparable to the First-tier God Bing Ji who manages the entire Water God Region,” Angela said with a smile.

“Is that so? I wonder if they are as enchanting as you,” Long Yi asked with a smile. He didn’t have much interest in this. The daughter of Alfate, Mixini, and Angela in front of him were already the best beauties of the Divine World. Thus, if he wanted a beauty, why would he go anywhere else?

“Hehe, in front of them, I have to move aside,” Angela laughed.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows. From Angela’s tone, those two seemed to be great beauties.

“Then, I would like to see them.” Long Yi showed a yearning look. Since he was already at the edge of Wind God Region, he would set about from here and explore everything to the bottom in passing. Although he had all seven spirit tablets in his hands, he was not the God of Creation, and it had already been 100,000 years since the war of gods and demons. Power, this was something **, how could the people of Divine World not lust for it? It’s hard to say someone would hold it firmly and not let it go, or perhaps, agree overtly but oppose in secret.

Wind God Capital couldn’t be considered too far away from Evil Forbidden Area. Long Yi summoned Bai Yi and quickly arrived in the sky above Wind God Region along with Angela.

After Long Yi formed seven-attributed Godhead, the power of spirit tablets had increased far more than ten times. At this moment, he finally understood how vast the power of spirit tablets was. Because of this, Bai Yu’s strength also increased vastly. Compared to before, its flying speed was more than ten times faster.

With such speed, before long, Bai Yu appeared in the sky above Wind God Capital, instantly causing a disturbance in the entire Wind God Region. There were angel guards, but no one dared to step forward to interrogate.

Bai Yu was a wind-attributed god beast, and under the effect of wind spirit tablet, it emitted the aura of Wind God. Moreover, under its huge wings, there was a cyan-colored air current. It was caused by the materialization of wind-attributed magic elements without a doubt.

Most of the people of God Race under Wind God inclined to the wind-attributed physique, and they were skilled in wind magic. Furthermore, this was Wind God Capital, there were thousands upon thousands of people with wind-attributed physiques. How could they not see the unusual aspect of Bai Yu? How could they not sense the aura of Wind God?

At that time, the administrator of Wind God Region, First Tier God Wei’er Beila, just heard the secret report. She then pondered with a frown. She had cyan-colored long hair that reached her waist. There were six white wings on her back. Now, she was wearing a white-edged green gown. Her exquisite facial features appeared solemn.

Suddenly, Wei’er Beila looked up in surprise. She could sense a faint aura of Wind God coming from the sky above Wind God Region. She became happy, but immediately after that, doubtful. Then, her figure disappeared from that place.

Long Yi sized up this Wind God Region. Compared to majestic and imposing Fire God Capital, Wind God Capital was refined and beautiful. This big city gave people the feeling of spring. If Fire God Capital was a rough warrior, then Wind God Region was a beautiful woman.

More and more people gathered here, but no one dared to approach. There were lots of people who recognized Angela who was beside Long Yi, and they began to talk in whispers while pointing toward them.

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At that time, cyan colored ripples appeared in the air, and Wei’er Beila appeared in front of Long Yi like a celestial ascending from the water.

What a beautiful angel! Upon first sight of Wei’er Beila, Long Yi exclaimed inwardly in admiration. Even though he was already accustomed to seeing peerless beauties, he had to admit that the graceful bearing of Wei’er Beila was truly extraordinary. Angela was not exaggerating, this woman was not any inferior to her. But, each had her own merits, one was bewitching and the other one was cool and elegant.

“It turned out to be Angela, I wonder what noble cause brings you here?” After taking a glance at Long Yi, Wei’er Beila looked at Angela and asked. One could see a hint of alertness in her eyes, and her tone was also estranged.

Angela nevertheless didn’t mind. She tucked her hair behind her ear and said, “Wei’er Beila, it’s fine if you don’t welcome me, but today, I am accompanying this person. By the way, this huge crane is his divine familiar.”

The pupils of Wei’er Beila shrunk. It seemed that this man she overlooked was today’s lead. She carefully sized Long Yi up, but she was unable to discern anything from him. It appeared as if she could see through this man, but was that really the case?

“You are…” Wei’er Beila enquired tentatively.

Long Yi faintly smiled and replied, “Aren’t you going to ask us to sit down in Wind God Fortress first?”

Wei’er Beila stared at Long Yi and a faint cyan-colored halo suddenly appeared around her body. Then, a huge might rushed towards Long Yi.

Long Yi just raised his eyebrows and stood still. In his heart, he was guessing the relation between Angela and Wei’er Beila. Although it was not obvious, there were some issues between these two. He was certain of it. With the position of Angela in Divine World, Wei’er Beila shouldn’t have such a reaction toward Angela. Could it be that it was impossible for beautiful women to coexist peacefully?

Nevertheless, Wei’er Beila was incomparably shocked in her heart upon seeing no action from Long Yi. Her powerful might had disappeared without a trace like a stone dropped into the sea. This man truly was unfathomable. Anyone who was able to stand together with Angela was truly not good to get along.

“Two guests, please,” Wei’er Baila suppressed her thoughts and responded with a faint smile.

In the Wind God Fortress, the three people sat in the Hall of Promise.

“There is no one here, directly say your purpose in coming,” Wei’er Beila said.

“Kaka, Wei’er Bela, I believe you are very curious about his divine familiar,” Angela laughed without a direct reply.

“Yes.” Wei’er Bela directly admitted.

Angela opened her mouth to say something, but Wei’er Beila immediately added, “Angela, I want to discuss something with this friend of yours alone. Can you facilitate it?”

Angela was dumbfounded, and she looked towards calmly sitting Long Yi.

“I have no objection,” Long Yi smiled.

“Then, honored guest, please come with me,” Wei’er Beila stood up and said.

“Where are you taking him?” Angela also stood up and asked with some anger.

“That is the secret of my Wind God Fortress, do you want to know?” Wei’er Beila looked at the tense Angela and couldn’t help speaking with a mocking smile.

Angela glared at Wei’er Beila for a few seconds and chuckled, “He is the man I am considering, don’t have any thoughts on him, okay?”

Wei’er Beila caressed her beautiful hair and instantly emitted an enchanting vibe and said with a smile, “However, that is uncertain.”

The gazes of these two women collided midair, creating sparks. Their expressions were unusually calm.

Long Yi looked at Angela for a while and looked pensive. Just a moment ago, her behavior didn’t resemble her usual style.

After Long Yi disappeared from the hall, following Wei’er Beila, the smile of Angela gradually became cold. After snorting, walking to the window, Angela watched the brilliant sun in the sky. No one knew what she was thinking.

Wei’er Beila took Long Yi into a secret room and used energy stone to activate the transmission magic array. Then, the figure of two people disappeared without a trace.

When Long Yi opened his eyes again, he found that he was in the flower garden with unknown cyan-colored flowers. Here, he could sense that there were no other magic elements except wind-attributed magic elements.

“Wind God Space?” Long Yi blurted out.

Wei’er Beila looked at Long Yi in surprise and asked, “How did you know?”

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“Guessed it, do you believe me?” Long Yi smiled.

“I don’t,” Wei’er Beila shook her head. She then squatted down and picked up a cyan flower. When she gently blew it, the flower changed into specks of cyan-colored magic elements and dispersed in the air.

“Speak, what do you want to discuss that you don’t want Angela to hear? I don’t think it’s about passionate love, is it?” Long Yi smiled.

Wei’er Beila, however, paid no attention to Long Yi and faintly said, “I can sense the energy of Wind God within your body.”

“Do you mean this?” With a thought, the wind spirit tablet shot out from his glabella, and at the same time, Wind God Mark on his chest also shone. Then, the energy of this entire Wind God Space instantly surged. Countless cyan-colored flowers flew in the sky and continuously revolved around Long Yi.

Wei’er Beila was excited. She immediately knelt down and said, “This subordinate, First Tier God Wei’er Beila, pays respects to Wind God.”

The glabella of Long Yi shone with seven-colored radiance, then the remaining six spirit tablets also shot out, and together with the wind spirit tablet, all of them revolved above his head. In addition, he also used his chaos divine power and seven-colored radiance emanated around him, making him look like a person immersed in a rainbow.

“Father … Father god…” Wei’er Beila was shocked. Then, her cyan-colored hair fluttered, and there was no longer six wings on her back, rather eight wings.

Long Yi looked at Wei’er Beila with eight wings for a while and with a thought, he took back all seven spirit tablets into his sea of consciousness. Then, the entire Wind God Space also became calm again. He had not expected that his chaos divine power would forcibly rise six-winged Wei’er Beila to eight wings. There was no doubt that this Wei’er Beila usually hid her true strength. But, when he suddenly showed all seven spirit tablets and chaos divine power, her state of mind was broken, which led her to unconsciously display her true strength. Her strength might not be any inferior to Angela. When he had met Angela for the first time, she was able to see through the secrets of seven spirit tablets within his body because at that time, Long Yi had yet to form his Godhead and the gap between their strength was too big. But now, Long Yi had already formed seven-attributed Godhead, and his strength was far stronger than before. Thus, Wei’er Beila couldn’t see anything else but sense the aura of the wind spirit tablet.

When Wei’er Beila came back to her senses from her shock, she saw Long Yi was gazing at her with a strange expression. When Long Yi circulated his chaos divine power, his aura was undoubtedly very similar to Dibiya’s. It was no wonder that Wei’er Beila lost control and cried out “father god’.

“You … Are you father god?” Wei’er Beila asked hesitantly.

“No, I am not. But, I am the successor of the God of Creation, Hegemon God Long Yi.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t intend to tell her that the so-called God of Creation was just a scum of Divine World who killed his wife and brother to achieve his aim.

The notion of the God of Creation was already deep-rooted in the minds of God Race. They blindly worshipped him and pursued his footsteps. If he exposed the shocking truth, then he believed that most of the people of Divine World wouldn’t believe him. Moreover, he would have a hard time to have a foothold in Divine World. Such being the case, it was better to borrow his fame to handle affairs, wouldn’t that be much easier?

Indeed, upon hearing Long Yi, Wei’er Beila sighed with emotion. It was like she had guessed. Therefore, she looked at Long Yi in awe and veneration. There was even a hint of hope.

“Respected Hegemon God Long Yi, may I ask what is your relation with Angela?” Wei’er Beila asked an unexpected question.

“Eh … friend, is there a problem?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows. He intuitively knew that the following matters would be related to Angela.

Angela looked at the brilliant sun in the sky for a long time. She couldn’t help but feel somewhat fidgety. Wei’er Beila and Angela never had a good relationship. She wondered what Wei’er Beila was discussing with Long Yi.

At that time, a group of guards patrolled past her. A small crystal quietly appeared below Angela.

With a thought of Angela, that crystal automatically flew into her palm. She quietly chanted an incantation. Then, several runes appeared in her sea of consciousness.

A hint of anger flashed through her face for a moment and disappeared. And at that time, Long Yi and Wei’er Beila appeared in the hall. Long Yi still had his signature bad smile on his face, but the expression of Wei’er Beila was somewhat unusual. Unexpectedly, there was a hint of resentment and also inexplicable shyness.

Angela clicked her tongue. This damned fellow didn’t take her in using seven spirit tablets and chaos divine power, did he?

“Angela, let’s go,” Long Yi replied with a bad smile. His tone was filled with success.

The two people rode Bai Yu and flew away from Wind God Capital. Wei’er Beila looked at the distant figure of Bai Yu and called her few trusted subordinates. She then instructed them something and let them go. As for herself, she took out a seven-colored divine mark, and her clear and beautiful eyes shone with killing intent.

“Long Yi, are we returning to Fire God Capital?” Angela asked sometime after they left Wind God Capital. She didn’t care about what Long Yi and Wei’er Beila discussed.

“No, we are going to Earth God Capital,” Long Yi said.

Angela frowned and replied, “Long Yi, there is something I need to urgently handle, so let’s separate our ways here. I will come to find you after I am done with my matter.”

“Okay,” Long Yi looked unwilling. He hugged Angela and gently kissed her exquisite earlobe.

In return, Angela kissed Long Yi’s lips and disappeared from the back of Bai Yu.

Long Yi stood there in a daze and sighed after a long time. “Angela, I hope the person Wei’er Beila mentioned is not you.” He had never expected that circumstances of Divine World were so complicated. He had believed that it wouldn’t be difficult to reshape Divine World as he pleased relying on seven spirit tablets and his chaos divine power. But, after chatting with Wei’er Beila, he discovered that the facts were far more than simple. Even Angela whom he trusted the most was also involved in it.

“Who is telling the truth? Who is telling the lie?” Long Yi narrowed his eyes. He wished to sort out this complicated knot.

Wei’er Beila had told Long Yi that there was practically no one that could match Angela in terms of strength before his arrival. She suspected that Angela was secretly inciting all forces, preparing to sit on the supreme throne of Divine World. Moreover, Angela and the administrator of Fire God, First Tier God Alfate, had secret dealings. They might be colluding together. When Long Yi heard this from Wei’er Beila, Long Yi was in a daze for a long time. No matter whether it was Alfate or Angela, both of them were major helpers he encountered in Divine World. Although he was unwilling to believe this fact, being a person who had lived two lives, his wisdom had already matured long ago. It was very likely that Wei’er Beila was telling the truth.

Furthermore, there was another matter that greatly worried Long Yi, i.e. Heavenly Fire Secret Organization founded by Chiyan. According to Number 8 of Heavenly Fire, Alfate was absolutely a trustworthy figure. Moreover, he had handed over the task to handle the matters of Fire God Region to him. When he asked should he immediately set about to eradicate these restless forces in Fire God Region, being prudent, Long Yi had instructed him to not make a move so as to not beat the grass and startle the snake.

If Alfate was truly colluding with Angela as Wei’er Beila had mentioned, then does Heavenly Fire truly know nothing? If Heavenly Fire knew this fact, then does that mean that Heavenly Fire was in fact under the control of Alfate? Moreover, the namelist given to him by that Number 8 of Heavenly Fire was, in fact, the name of the forces that were truly loyal to Fire God Chiyan?

After thinking for a bit, Long Yi shook his head. He simply knew nothing about the Divine World. Without foundation, it was absolutely not an easy matter to unify the entire Divine World.

Shortly after Long Yi left, Wei’er Beila used a message magic array of Divine World to send the news of Long Yi along with his seven-colored mark to all other administrators. She told them that the successor of God of Creation, Hegemon God Long Yi, has appeared, and they are to gather to pay respect to him. Instantly, the undercurrents of Divine World surged.

Water God Region, Water God Capital.

Bing Ji received the signal from Wei’er Beila and her frozen eyes lit up with divine radiance. She muttered, “Hegemon God Long Yi, seven-attributed Godhead, it seems Divine World still has hope.”

Recalling Water God Xiya’s entrustment before the war of gods and demons, Bing Ji looked ashamed. After 100,000 years, Water God Region had become the smallest and weakest region of Divine World. With the appearance of administrators of seven regions and the disappearance of the Main Gods, the Divine world was no longer unified.

“Transmit my orders, all city lords of Water God Region, gather together. We are going to the Holy Land to pay respects to the successor of the God of Creation, Hegemon God Long Yi. All those who disobey this order will be killed!” Bing Ji grabbed the staff bestowed to her by Water God Xiya and ordered.

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