Chapter 659: Seven-attributed Godhead

“Long Yi, Long Yi, what happened?” Angela finally noticed Long Yi’s unusual state and anxiously called out. When she used her divine power to poke Long Yi, there was no reaction. It was as if her divine sense was like a stone tossed into the sea. According to their strength gap, this shouldn’t have happened.

Long Yi stood still like a statue. When Angela touched him, a strange power jolted her away. Thus, she could only watch Long Yi in worry.

Only at the dusk of the second day, the stiff Long Yi suddenly quivered and collapsed on the ground. Then, life returned to his black pupils.

“Long Yi, you finally woke up. What happened?” Angela was relieved from a burden, and her eyes unconsciously turned red as she felt like crying. Although only a day had passed, for her, it was like tens of thousands of years. She was restless the entire time. She had never felt like this before.

Long Yi sat up with a strange expression on his face. He was still digesting the things left behind in his mind and body by that elder of Divine World. He didn’t notice Angela’s weird behavior.

Only after Angela shook him violently did he come back to his senses. At this moment, Angela had already calmed down. Her sad appearance had already disappeared without a trace.

“I think we might have a chance to leave this place,” Long Yi smiled, kissed the lips of Angela and happily told her. As the saying went, there was no hopeless situation in the world. He had basically believed that he would be trapped here forever without a glimmer of hope. However, he was able to obtain the orthodox Chaos Divine Technique at this place. Now, condensing seven-attributed Godhead was just around the corner.

“Is that so?” Angela was startled, knowing Long Yi had a clue. Merely, for an unknown reason, her heart was not happy because leaving Sunset Peak represented the end of their romantic couple’s world. Afterward, how should they treat each other?

Long Yi was aware of Angela’s gloomy mood. After considering her thoughts, he pulled her into his bosom and said, “No matter how the affairs of the world change, I will always remember this Floating Sea, remember this Sunset Peak.”

Angela took a deep breath and smiled faintly, “I hope you will remember what you said today.”

Long Yi smiled and said nothing. As long as he, Long Yi, made a promise, he would absolutely keep it. Moreover, even if he wanted to forget, it would be impossible to forget this charming goddess unless he died.

“Angela, I want to cultivate for a few days. Can you classify these treasures and ancient manuals? After I achieve success in my cultivation, it will be the time to leave this place,” Long Yi said.


In a valley with ancient trees that blotted out the sky, an ice-cold qi that would suppress people rippled. If one carefully sensed it, one would notice that the trees here didn’t have any hint of life. Nevertheless, for an unknown reason, even though they had died a long time ago, they hadn’t decayed at all.

Doomsday Valley was located in the Massacre Wasteland which was on the western side of Demon World. There were countless terrifying magical beasts here, and there were heaps of corpses and skeletons everywhere. Every day, all had to fight for their survival here. But, on this day, not a single magical beast dared to step into this Doomsday Valley. Even the S-ranked and above magical beasts stayed far away from this place.

Today, a tall and sturdy figure suddenly appeared in this Doomsday Valley. He was several meters tall. His entire body was covered with pitch-black, bloody veins Demon God Armor. He looked ferocious and cruel, and his whole body was shrouded with strong demonic qi. His might was astonishing.

He turned to one towering enormous tree, and a boiling blood pool appeared in front of his eyes. It had a diameter of roughly one kilometer. Blood mist was condensing and circulating above it. In this blood pool, a vague aura, which even made the Heavenly Demon King shudder, could be sensed.

“This Heavenly Demon begs senior for an audience, please show up.” The gaze of Heavenly Demon King flickered, and he actually bowed towards the bloody pool and requested.

The bloody pool boiled violently. Suddenly, a blood bubble rose more than ten meters high. The bloody mist also instantly got denser, gradually forming a huge bloody head.

“Jie jie jie, Heavenly Demon King, you came.” That voice seemed like metal plates grinding with each other. One could also smell a sour breath.

“Yes, I came, senior, please bestow strength to this Heavenly Demon,” Heavenly Demon King respectfully continued.

“I can bestow strength to you, but have you thought of my condition?” That bloody head said with a smile.

“Since I came, I have already considered this situation. As long as senior bestows me strength, after I, Heavenly Demon, achieve the ninth transformation, I will reconstruct the shrine and worship the senior,” Heavenly Demon King said.

“Since that is the case … Very good … jie jie jie…” That bloody head opened its big mouth and laughed wildly.

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Angela sat on the cliff of the Sunset Peak while dazedly watching Long Yi who was seated cross-legged and cultivating Chaos Divine Technique.

He had been sitting there for a month. He seemed to have become one with this Sunset Peak, becoming an eternal sculpture. On the surface of his body, seven-colored radiance would flicker from time to time. The divine marks on his body also shone. Also, the faint light energy he emitted from his glabella would make even Angela shudder. She clearly understood that great changes were occurring within Long Yi’s body.

“This divine power is smooth without any waves. Long Yi seemed to have already refined the Godhead. But why is his aura so strange?” Angela frowned and muttered. The aura leaking out from Long Yi’s body seemed unstoppable for a moment yet strangely tender the next moment.

Although Angela had doubts in her heart, she was not worried at all. But as the seven-colored radiance around Long Yi flourished more and more, a hint of inexplicable loss appeared in her heart. She feared that after Long Yi opened his eyes, everyone would be different.

Along with the passage of time, another ten days passed. Now, the seven-colored radiance completely surrounded Long Yi, concealing a surging storm.

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Suddenly, seven-colored radiance around Long Yi fluctuated violently, and a clear whistling sound transmitted toward the horizon.

Angela tensely stood up and stared at the figure on the summit. Her tightly clenched hands showed her anxious and restless mood. Now, with Sunset Peak as the center, the energy within the radius of a thousand li suddenly disappeared. Soon after that, Long Yi dazzled like the sun with seven-colored radiance. The clear whistling sounds seemed to be breaking through obstacles, transforming the world.

Angela raised her head and watched Long Yi, who was surrounded by seven-colored divine lights in the sky. At this moment, all the illuminations in the world paled into insignificance in front of him. Even the shining brilliant sun quietly retreated into the clouds.

The whistling sounds gradually disappeared. Long Yi was full of pride, feeling the vast divine power within his body. After breaking through to the first layer of Chaos Divine Technique, seven-attributed Godhead was finally established. Now, his gaze looking at this world was completely different.

With a thought, seven spirit tablets shot out from his glabella and floated in front of him. Compared to the past, they were much brighter. Moreover, each spirit tablet was like a part of his mind. In the past, he only held the spirit tablets, but now, all seven spirit tablets had been deeply branded with his divine power. It also represented that spirit tablets of seven Main Gods had officially changed hands. Now, even Moyun and other Main Gods could no longer command these spirit tablets. These spirit tablets belonged to him.

“Strange, this light spirit tablet contains some spiritual fluctuations,” Long Yi muttered to himself. When that Elder of Divine World said that there were several weak consciousnesses in this spirit tablet, he had not taken it seriously. However, right now, Long Yi was able to sense three slumbering consciousnesses within his body as well as a faint spiritual fluctuation within the light spirit tablet. However, when he used his divine sense to probe and understand the circumstances inside, he met a powerful obstruction. Since the light spirit tablet was already under his control, he could forcibly scan it. However, it was very likely that those consciousnesses within it would get wiped out.

Long Yi discarded those thoughts and put away those seven spirit tablets. He then slowly descended, and seeing Angela, this bewitching goddess, watching him in infatuation, he couldn’t help feeling proud in his heart.

“Angela,” Long Yi smiled and called out.

Angela woke up as if awakening from a dream, and she had an urge to throw herself into his bosom. But, the power of that vague seven-colored divine light circulating on the surface of Long Yi’s body was too overpowering. She unexpectedly felt somewhat restrained in front of Long Yi.

Long Yi also noticed this issue and retracted this seven-colored divine light within his body. Then, he smiled and spread open his arms, reverting to the previous hateful and amiable appearance.

Angela sighed in relief and rushed into the warm bosom of Long Yi. When her face buried into his chest, a hint of complicated expression flashed through her face. Now that this man was already completely different, she felt happy as well as somewhat indecisive for him.

Hugging Angela, the smile of Long Yi slowly disappeared, and a faint sadness replaced it. When he had just arrived in this Divine World, he had encountered ancient First Tier God Alexander, who had already disappeared now. And here, with great luck, he encountered the Great Elder of Divine World. But, he had also disappeared after leaving behind all his things. Long Yi didn’t even get to know his full name. The past glory of Divine World was annihilated in the long river of history. But, the law of the universe will never change. Even though God Race have long lifespans and tyrannical strength, in the end, they still returned to the universe, and their consciousness faded away.

Long Yi took a deep breath and discarded the faint sadness in his heart. Regardless of his connection with this entirely different world or wonderful experiences, this was already a generous treatment of heaven. As long as he lived freely without any restraint, he felt no qualms about this second world.

“I think we should be able to go out now,” Long Yi gently pushed Angela away and said with a smile.

The expression of Angela stiffened. She then retracted her bewitching smile and said, “Have you thought of the way out? How about taking a few more days?”

“Ah … I already have a way, I want to give it a try,” Long Yi was somewhat surprised and replied.

“That way won’t do, think again,” Angela turned around and faintly said.


“I said that way won’t do, can’t you think for a few more days?” Angela suddenly turned around and shouted. Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears.

Long Yi’s expression froze. He suddenly understood. She just wanted to spend a few more days with him here at Sunset Peak. He took a step forward. Hugging Angela, he softly said, “I still have to think for a few more days. Perhaps I should also think about how to subdue those three thousand shrine guards.”

After a long time, Angela sighed softly, “Let’s go, there are too many things waiting for you to deal with outside.”

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