Chapter 55: The Fall of a Sword Master

“He’s Finally back!” Mo Wentian clashed with Qiu Li before retreating rapidly. A smear of mockery was present in his eyes. Mo Yu had finally returned and it was about time for the battle to come to an end!

“Patriarch, save us!”

“Ah…” It was at that moment, a series of miserable shrieks rang out as an azure dragon soared towards the sky. The majestic azure dragon sword dipper charged straight towards the Yuan and Qiu clan’s disciples.

All these disciples aren’t like Mo Wentian who possessed a low grade spiritual artifact physique. Countless silhouettes would fall everywhere the sword dipper passed by!

“Mo Yu!”

“Mo Qing!”

Two series of snarls resonated out. Yuan Tianmo and Qiu Li turned around angrily as they saw an azure dragon sword dipper and a white tiger sword dipper massacre their disciples frantically. Within a few breaths, dozens of silhouette had fallen to the ground while the remaining shivered and stood motionless.

“I greet the Patriarch!” Dozens of silhouette knelt down before Mo Wentian.

“Stand up, all of you!” Mo Wentian’s current mood was very good as he chuckled.

“Reporting back to Patriarch. Qiu and Yuan Clan’s disciples had all been slaughtered. We did not let anyone off just like how Patriarch had instructed!” Mo Yu reported back respectfully while he looked at Mo Wentian.

“Very good!” Mo Wentian nodded his head in satisfaction.

“All killed!” Qiu Li and Yuan Tianmo looked at Mo Wentian in a spiritless manner. All of them had died! Only those that remained before them were still alive from Yuan and Qiu Clans. The remaining members had all died!

“Hahaha…” Suddenly, Yuan Tianmo laughed. His laughter contained some signs of craziness as well as extreme coldness. Their original plan was to kill Mo Wentian and wipe out the Mo Clan. But now… the Mo Clan was still perfectly fine in front of them. On the contrary, it was the Yuan Clan and Qiu Clan that suffered heavy losses. Even if Mo Wentian was willing to let them off, the Yuan Clan and Qiu Clan would need countless years before returning back to their prime.

“Mo Wentian… I, Yuan Tianmo swear that I will definitely kill you. Not just you, I mean all of your Mo Clan’s disciples. I will never let anyone of them off!” Yuan Tianmo glanced at Mo Wentian gloomily. Subsequently, the white tiger above him howled before it turned into a sword dipper and disappeared from the Mo Clan’s territory.

“Patriarch had escaped?”

“Quickly flee!”


The Yuan Clan’s disciples instantly fled. As soon as they started fleeing, Mo Clan’s disciples pursued them upon hearing Mo Yu’s command and slaughtered the remaining members of Yuan clan.

“Mo Wentian, wait for my revenge…” Qiu Li glanced at Mo Wentian before turning around to escape. He was about to escape. Currently, Yuan Tianmo had already fled. It was impossible for him to destroy Mo Clan on his own. Furthermore, there were Mo Yu and three other Four Constellation Sword Masters among them. If he didn’t escape now, he might be… forced to stay behind.

“Qiu Li, you can only dream of escaping!” At the next moment, Mo Yu and Mo Qing obstructed Qiu Li. Yuan Tianmo had already escaped. If Qiu Li was to escape as well, it would be a big trouble for the Mo Clan.

“Mo Yu, Mo Qing, you really wish to kill me?” The cold air within Qiu Li’s eyes soared. But at the next moment, Qiu Li’s complexion changed because Hu Mo had also appeared before him.

“Hu Mo, you are going to make a move against me as well?” Qiu Li yelled with a face full of gloominess.

“Qiu Li, Young Lady had instructed me that I have to to kill all of you as long as you make a move against the Mo Clan!” Hu Mo chuckled while he stared at Qiu Li.

“Kill all of us?” Qiu Li’s complexion turned rigid. Subsequently, he shouted with a face filled with anger: “Good, very good!”

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“All of you really think you would be able to obstruct me?”

“Nirvana of Vermilion Bird!”

“Blazing Fire Sword Dipper!”

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Qiu Li’s aura suddenly exploded out after he yelled and a blood red sword dipper streaked pass the void. A terrifying temperature was spreading everywhere the sword dipper passed by.

“This is a restriction technique!” Radiance flashed by in Mo Wentian’s eyes. Nirvana of Vermilion Bird was a formation. Once it was cast, Qiu Li’s strength would grow numerous folds. However, the side-effect of it was very terrifying as well. Once he used it, Qiu Li’s cultivation would no longer advance any further!

“Mo Wentian, wait for my revenge!” Qiu Li’s cultivation was comparable to a 4th of 5th layer Sword Master after he casted the formation. He swept his dipper qi out while Mo Yu and the others could only retreat back. By the time they managed to react, Qiu Li’s silhouette had already disappeared.

“Patriarch, we are useless and allowed Qiu Li to escape!” Mo Yu and Mo Qing stood before Mo Wentian with faces filled with shame.

“It’s fine!” Mo Wentian waved his hand and released the formation. In the future, Qiu Li’s cultivation would fall to the Leaving Sword Realm. If he still dared to find troubles with the Mo Clan, Mo Wentian wouldn’t mind putting an end to his life!

“Patriarch Mo, our Young Lady is here!” It was during then, Hu Mo gazed towards a distant place as two silhouettes were making their way over. The one leading was Hu Mei and behind her was a middle aged man. Meanwhile, the man was holding onto another man. If one were to look closely, the person who was captured was Qiu Li!

“Wentian!” Hu Mei’s voice rang out. At the next moment, Hu Mei and the other person walked over.

“This person is?” Mo Wentian’s gaze fell onto the middle-aged man’s body. The man’s aura was very refined. However, the eyes of the man were extremely profound as a murderous aura could be sensed in the man’s glabella.

“The white tiger focused on killing. Since his killing intent had already started leaking out, this person’s white tiger concept should have at least reached the pinnacle. This also meant… he is a pinnacle sword master expert!” Mo Wentian’s eyes narrowed. Subsequently, the smile on his face extended even further.

“Wentian, this is my 3rd uncle and he is also the 3rd highest authority personnel in the Ocean Skyline Pavilion , Hu Jin!” Hu Mei stood beside Mo Wentian and introduced softly.

“Hu Jin!” Mo Wentian smiled after murmuring to himself: “Wentian greets senior!”

“Hahaha… Not bad!” Hu Jin swept his gaze past Mo Wentian and a smear of sparkling golden ray brushed by his eyes. At the next moment, he threw the man he was holding on to Mo Wentian.

“Brat, count this as a meeting gift from me!”

“Meeting gift!” The corner of Mo Wentian’s mouth grinned. Subsequently, he replied: “Thanks senior!”

“Mo Wentian, you are not going to have a good death. Even if you have killed me, there’s still the Lin Clan from the Central Sword City. The Lin Clan would never let you off as you wish to dominate the whole East Sword City!

Just wait. The Lin Clan will definitely annihilate your Mo Clan. Hahaha…” Qiu Li suddenly laughed crazily as he stared at Mo Wentian.

“Noisy!” Mo Wentian’s eyebrow pricked. Subsequently, he struck out. From then on, Qiu Li’s laughter could no longer be heard as he fell to the ground.

The Fall of a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master!

Everyone couldn’t help but inhale a deep breath of air as they looked at Qiu Li lying on the ground. So what if you were a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master? Didn’t you still die in the end!

“Wentian, I heard that Yuan Tianmo had managed to escape?” Hu Mei suddenly inquired as if she had remembered something.

“Yuan Tianmo?” The cold air within Mo Wentian’s eyes exploded. Subsequently, he giggled: “If he dares to return, I will let him have no return!”

Everyone congealed their expression. Even Hu Mo glanced at Mo Wentian fearfully. No one dared to doubt Mo Wentian’s statement!

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