Chapter 54: Fighting Against Sword Masters

“Vermillion Sword Dipper!” A fierce yell echoed out. The blazing flame dipper qi on Qiu Li suddenly grew exponentially.

“Clang!” A flaming red sword appeared in Qiu Li’s hand. The sword was about 1.3 meters long. However, the sword blade was covered by sword qi. When the flaming sword qi appeared, it caused the scene to become extremely turbulent!

“Mo Wentian, you killed my Qiu Clan’s geniuses and destroyed my Qiu Clan’s lair. Today, if I don’t kill you, I’m not human!” The killing intent in Qiu Li’s eyes exploded as he thrust his sword towards Mo Wentian’s throat.

“Wishing to kill me?” Radiance flashed past Mo Wentian’s eyes. If it was a day early, Qiu Li would have been able to kill him with ease. However, Mo Wentian’s cultivation and physique had both broken through. Even Mo Wentian himself had no idea of how strong he was currently!

“Heavy sword out!” After yelling, the 1500kg heavy sword appeared in Mo Wentian’s hand. A mountain-like stable aura spread outwards from Mo Wentian as soon as he held onto the heavy sword.

“You still wish to fight with me? What a joke, hahaha…” When Qiu Li saw Mo Wentian taking out his heavy sword, his eyes were filled with mockery. The corners of Yuan Tianmo’s mouth had also become extremely sinister.

‘A 1st layer Leaving Sword Realm swordsman is going to fight against a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master?’

Undoubtedly, this was only possible in the dream of an idiot! Leaving Sword Realm was very powerful and their strongest attack was their sword qi but to a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master, sword qi was insignificant after they had comprehended the Four Constellation concept. Sword Masters would be able to strike with countless sword dippers and in front of these sword dippers, sword qi was equivalent to an egg that could be cracked apart with ease.

In East Sword City, there has yet to be anyone who could fight equally against a Four Constellation Sword Master when they were still in the Leaving Sword Realm.

“Is it really so funny?” Mo Wentian inhaled a deep breath of air as the radiance in his eyes exploded out instantly.

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“Undying body art increased my strength to 10000kg and 10000kg is a strength that had far exceeded what a pinnacle Leaving Sword Realm cultivator should possess. However, it is still insufficient to fight against a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master’s sword dipper!

I also have nine sword jades in me and every sword jade is equivalent to two Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman’s sword essence force. If I were to circulate all nine of my sword jades at the same time, my fighting power would at most be comparable to a pinnacle Leaving Sword Realm martial artist!

Even with all of these, I’m still unable to fight using a Four Constellation Realm strength. However…” Mo Wentian’s eyes grew more and more tranquil while he looked at the approaching Qiu Li.

“The Devouring Heaven Sword Technique could even devour the heavens, let alone a puny Sword Master!

Today, I shall display the Devouring Heaven Sword Technique!” Mo Wentian also moved when Qiu Li was about 10 feet away from him.

“My sword is the strongest sword in the whole heaven and earth. Everywhere my sword passes, everything shall be annihilated…” Mo Wentian murmured to himself. Suddenly, he displayed a weird posture. When he displayed this posture, the nine sword jades within him started to rotate frantically. Even the brute sword that was at the core had also started to tremble.

“Devouring Heaven Sword Technique’s First Style: Heaven Breaking Sword!”

“Clang…” A golden sword beam started to converge on the heavy sword. When he struck out, it was as if a Sword Ancestor had streaked past the void and the heaven and earth were being annihilated!

“Kacha…” A clear and crisp noise rang out and everyone looked towards Qiu Li. They saw Qiu Li’s sword had been broken apart into two unknowingly!

“Unbelievable!” Everyone inhaled a deep breath of cold air.

That sword beam unleashed by Mo Wentian had turned into a meter long sword qi at the last moment. It was like gold and seemed to be capable of destroying everything.

“Cough cough…” It was at that moment, a series of soft coughs could be heard. All of them turned towards Mo Wentian and saw Mo Wentian’s complexion was as pale as snow.

“My cultivation is still too weak!” Mo Wentian sighed as his aura rapidly declined. Indeed, the Devouring Heaven Sword Technique was very powerful. However, Mo Wentian was only at the 1st layer of Leaving Sword Realm. At most, he would be able to bring forth a tenth of Heaven Breaking Sword’s power.


Mo Wentian was only able to use it once. After doing so, his nine sword jades had been emptied. But even so, the power behind this attack had greatly exceeded the pinnacle of Leaving Sword Realm. This allowed Mo Wentian to break apart East Sword City’s famous saying that a Four Constellation Sword Master is unrivalled.

“If I’m at the pinnacle of Leaving Sword Realm, that move would have killed Qiu Li!” Mo Wentian’s eyes brightened up. He had only lost because of his low cultivation!

“Brat, you are very strong!” Qiu Li looked at Mo Wentian who was opposite to him. His face was filled with anxiousness. That sword move a moment ago had actually caused him to use his sword dipper to protect himself. Originally, he wanted to contend against Mo Wentian’s attack. However, when he sensed danger, Qiu Li had used it to protect himself.

But even so, his sword dipper had been broken through and his sword had been split apart. A cut had also appeared on his chest which penetrated down to his bones. If that sword move of Mo Wentian was a little stronger, he would be…

Qiu Li’s back were filled with cold sweat when he thought of this. The killing intent he had for Mo Wentian got even higher. ‘Too terrifying!’ If he allowed Mo Wentian to continue to grow, he would inevitably die!

“Mo Wentian, you have to die today!” The killing intent in Qiu Li’s eyes soared. Today, he has to kill Mo Wentian no matter what. Otherwise… the people who would die would be them!

“Qiu Li, what are you still standing there for? This brat is suffering from the repulsion of that attack. Quickly kill him and we will then annihilate the Mo Clan!” Yuan Tianmo yelled at Qiu Li in a cold voice while he fought against Hu Mo. Although he wasn’t fighting against Mo Wentian, he was able to sense the strength behind that sword attack. If that sword attack was a little stronger, it would be able to kill a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master.

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‘1st layer Leaving Sword Realm swordsman killing a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master! What kind of genius is this!’

“Kill!” Qiu Li inhaled a deep breath of air and a spiritual sword appeared in his hand once again. His dipper qi rose again as he slashed at Mo Wentian.

“Clang!” A gloomy noise of collision reverberated out. Qiu Li’s sword was caught by Mo Wentian using his hand and the sword dipper qi that was on the sword blade was being devoured by him. However, nothing seemed to be happening to Mo Wentian’s palm.

“This…” The corner of everyone’s mouth twitched. Catching a spiritual artifact using his hand? Is he still human?

“This Mo Wentian is really too terrifying. Is he still a human or a monster?”

“Although Patriarch Qiu’s spiritual sword is just a low grade spiritual artifact but for him to receive it using his hand, isn’t this a bit too formidable!”

“Furthermore, there was a sword dipper on it!”


A series of discussions rang out. Even, Yuan Tianmo and Hu Mo, who were in midair were staring at Mo Wentian with a face filled with shock. Blocking the sword with his hand? This person is a monster!

“Patriarch Qiu, I don’t think it’s so easy to kill me!” Mo Wentian revealed a smear of an evil smile while he looked at Qiu Li before him.

His undying body art had reached the 2nd layer and was comparable to a low grade spiritual artifact. An ordinary low grade spiritual artifact would never be able to injure Mo Wentian. Of course, the current Mo Wentian was also unable to do anything to Qiu Li. Qiu Li had the dipper armor on him and Mo Wentian was unable to break it apart!

“How is this possible?” Qiu Li eyes were wide open in shock. When he struck using his sword, it only left behind an indistinct imprint on Mo Wentian’s palm. On the contrary, it was him who felt that he had struck a small mountain as his arm grew numb!

“Patriarch, we are back!” It was at this moment, a delightful voice resonated out as countless silhouettes came running over. These people were Mo Yu and others who accompanied him!

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