Chapter 350 – Dignity of the eldest

My core still hurts and it’s starting to worry me. After gaining some levels and exercising the pain has diminished to the point where I don’t notice it so much on a conscious level. It just stings. Sitting in the small Dungeon chamber and feeling the mana flow in, I’m starting to worry about pushing to absorb the full rare core. Will I actually be able to take it? I know I’m technically pushing my core beyond what the system mandates is the ‘maximum safe limit’, but that’s probably just a guideline right?

It’ll be fine! I’m sure of it. What’s the worst that could happen? My core detonates and tears me apart from the inside?

Well, that would suck, actually, that would be pretty damn bad. I’ll keep my claws crossed.

Since I’m here in the Dungeon, soaking up some mana and getting a rest, I may as well tick off all of the boxes that I can. I get the feeling I’m not going to get much of a chance to rest over the next two days, things are going to get intense the closer we get to the nest.

Only allowed on

First cab off the rank is, my mutations! The final mutation is locked and loaded! This is a momentous moment for me. Due to impetuousness, impatience, and a general inability to focus, I’ve never reached maximum mutations before evolving. I’m excited! This means I won’t have to struggle as hard to cover the Biomass gap after I’ve evolved!

Actually, once I’ve evolved I’ll reach the fourth tier, which means that Biomass from tier one gets halved again. So I’ll be down to one eighth Biomass from tier one creatures? Yikes! That’s practically nothing! Hunting for Biomass at the top of the Dungeon is going to be completely pointless…

Alright! Pheromone gland time!

Ah, the faithful pheromone gland. Where would I be without you? Enabler of communication! Bringer of wisdom and light! Truly the greatest thing I gave to the Formica Sapiens (in my opinion) is the ability to properly speak with each other. With it, the beginning of the great ant civilisation, the unstoppable empire of the ant, has begun!


Wait, don’t get so ahead of yourself, Anthony! You have to survive the horrific death army of zombie monsters marching towards the family as you sit here soaking your stock portfolio in mana!

Ok, let’s do this.

I hastily engaged the menu and began pondering my options for mutating my pheromone gland.

Language is great, obviously, and persuasive was a bit of a tack-on to be honest. I’d hoped it would make it a little easier to get the colony on side with some of my more wild ideas, such as not getting themselves killed. The issue I have with this mutation is that it’s hard to determine if it’s being effective. Where the ants persuaded because of my unique persuasive pheromones? Or was it my unique charm?

Probably the pheromones, let’s be real.

If I have no strong feelings one way or the other, I’ll embrace the beige alert and Fuse!

[Do you wish to combine your Persuasive Pheromone Language Gland to form Loquacious Pheromone Gland? This will cost 65 Biomass.]

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

Let’s go!


So quick! The itch erupted instantly inside my rear zone as my pheromone gland underwent the mutation process. This never gets better, it only gets worse!

At least I don’t have to deal with multiple glands mutating at once this time. It doesn’t seem to matter much, I’m still on the floor twitching like an idiot! Don’t look at me like that Tiny!

Preserve my dignity!


Fortunately the itch doesn’t last too long and I was able to collect myself from the ground. Nobody appeared to be looking too closely. Good.

Alright, I think it’s time to go through the status. I haven’t checked it for a while, what with the constant fighting.

Name: Anthony

Level: 38 (Special core)

Might: 41

Toughness: 29

Cunning: 44

Will: 35

HP: 58/58

MP: 230/230

Skills: Expert Excavation (III) Level 5; Deadly Acid Shot (III) Level 5; Advanced Grip (II) Level 5; Shattering Bite (IV) Level 15; Advanced Stealth (II) Level 7; Splintering Chomp (IV) Level 2; Tunnel Map (II) Level 6; Mana Transformation (III) Level 12; Condensed Mana (III) Level 5; Finer External Mana Manipulation (III) Level 5; Empowered Mana Sensing (II) Level 6; Core Surgery (III) Level 6; Expert Exo-Skeleton Defence (III) level 11; Distant Pet Communication (II) Level 4; Rapid Dash (II) Level 9; Expert Water Magic Affinity (III) Level 2; Expert Stamina (III) Level 3; Pet Growth Speed (I) Level 1; Mana Scrooge (II) Level 9; Expert Cerebral Endurance (III) Level 14; Profound Meditation (III) Level 7; Advanced Precise Shooting (II) Level 7; Severing Bite (III) Level 15; Enhanced Mind Magic Affinity (II) level 6;

Mutations: Perimeter Eyes +15, Future Sight Infrared Antennae +15, Mana Binding Acid +15, Rapid Absorption Legs +15, Empowered Mandibles +15, True Diamond Carapace +15, Regrowth Regeneration Gland +15, Loquacious Pheromone Gland +15, Bottomless Gravity Magic Gland +15, Adaptable Coordination Cortex +15, Supportive Inner Carapace Plating +15;

Species: Dispersed Mind Ant (Formica Sapiens)

Skill points: 19

Biomass: 7

Holy mackerel that’s a lot of skill ups! I didn’t even remember that Splintering chomp had reached rank 4! Nice! Only one bite skill to go before the fusion shall begin! I really managed to gain a lot of levels in the mana related skills as well… always a good thing in my mind.

I’ve reached level 38 as well. Finally! I’m actually a bit concerned by this. I need two more levels in two days if I’m going to evolve before they reach the nest. Not even two days. And if the Lizard Wizard is going to keep hurling lightning storms at me whenever I get close, that is going to be a serious problem!

I might need to consult with the council on this one…

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