Chapter 53: Annihilating The Two Families

Qiu and Yuan Families had all gathered at the gate of Mo Family with hundreds of their disciples and the person leading them were Yuan Tianmo and Qiu Li!

“Mo Wentian, get your ass out!” Yuan Tianmo’s voices rolled out while he was standing at the gate of Mo Family.

“Who is calling for me?” A lethargic voice rang out as Mo Wentian walked out unhurriedly from the Mo Residence with a group of East Sword City’s small families’ patriarchs following behind him!

“Mo Wentian?” When Yuan Tianmo and Qiu Li saw Mo Wentian, their eyes turned cold.

“Zhang Xuan!”

“Han Yue!”


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Immediately both Yuan Tianmo and Qiu Li looked at the group of people behind Mo Wentian.

“Mo Wentian, turns out that you had gathered a group of ants. Do you really think you can ward off the combined force of Yuan and Qiu Families with their assistance?” Yuan Tianmo looked at Mo Wentian complacently.

“We shall see later!” Mo Wentian grinned. Subsequently, he chuckled: “Oh right, our grand elder had gone to your Yuan Family. I suppose the current Yuan Residence should be in a mess!”


“Mo Family’s grand elder had gone to the Yuan Residence!”

“Mo Wentian is so vicious!”


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The complexion of Yuan Family’s disciples turned unsightly. Even Yuan Tianmo was also looking at Mo Wentian with a face filled with anger. This time, almost all the experts from the Yuan Family who were in the Leaving Sword Realm and above had come here. There was only one possible ending to those group of Yuan Family members that were still residing in the Yuan Residence since Mo Yu had gone over.

“Good, very good!” Yuan Tianmo’s eyes were filled with killing intent. His lair had been destroyed by Mo Wentian even before the war had even started.

“What a meticulous brat!” Qiu Li inhaled a deep breath of cold hair. Subsequently, he grew somewhat delighted. Fortunately it was the Yuan Family. Otherwise…

“Patriarch, not good!” It was then that a panicked voice echoed out. The next moment, a Qiu Family’s disciple that was covered in blood dashed over devastatingly.

“Qiu Luo, what’s wrong?” Qiu Li went up and inquired hurriedly. A bad premonition arose within Qiu Li’s heart when he saw that Qiu Family’s disciple.

“Cough cough…” Mo Wentian suddenly coughed lightly, twice . Following which, he chuckled: “That… I apologize. It seem like our second elder had went over to the Qiu Residence!”

“Your Qiu Family ought to be finished as well!” That nonchalant voice resonated out within Qiu Li’s mind. Meanwhile, his eyes were filled with devastation.

“Is that so?” Qiu Li looked at that Qiu Family’s disciple. His voice was extremely hoarse. Those who remained behind were their Qiu Family’s foundation!

“All died!” The Qiu Family’s disciple murmured before collapsing onto the ground slowly.

“Mo Wentian!” Qiu Li’s eyes were filled with fury.

“Qiu Li, Yuan Tianmo. You asked for it yourself. I declare, from today onwards, Qiu and Yuan Families name shall be wiped off from East Sword City!” Mo Wentian’s cold voice resonated out in the void.

So vicious?

That was something non-existent. As a sword emperor in his past life, Mo Wentian understood the law of the jungle very well! If he were the one who had lost today, he and the Mo Family’s disciples’ ending would have been far worse!

“Wiped off. Hahaha…” Yuan Tianmo started laughing out all of a sudden. He looked at Mo Wentian and spoke frantically: “Mo Wentian, you think you would be able to stop us by relying on this group of trash?

Today, I shall let you experience the might of a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master!

Metamorphism of the White Tiger!”

“Howl…” An angry roar echoed out. A white tiger’s head that was several feet big and majestic appeared on top of Yuan Tianmo. It was the statue of the White Tiger!

“So strong!” When the white tiger appeared, a formidable suppression spread out and everyone from the Mo Family retreated rapidly. Meanwhile, some of the smaller family’s disciples had revealed a smear of fright!

Four Constellation Realm Sword Master! This was like the legendary expert to them.

“Patriarch Mo!” It was then that a silhouette charged out from among the Mo Family’s disciples. He stood beside Mo Wentian with an aura that was extremely majestic.

“Howl howl…” The metamorphism of the azure dragon brought forth an ancient god dragon.

“The statue of the Azure Dragon!” The Mo Family was startled. The person who interfered was Old Mo from the Ocean Skyline Pavilion!

“Old Mo!” Yuan Tianmo looked at Old Mo as he frowned slightly. They had a good understanding of Old Mo’s strength. He was a genuine Four Constellation Realm Sword Master!

“Hu Mo. Today, we only wish to annihilate the Mo Family. This has nothing to do with your Ocean Skyline Pavilion. As long as you choose to leave, Yuan and Qiu Families will never make things difficult for you!” Yuan Tianmo spoke heavily to Hu Mo.

The emergence of Old Mo had caused them to turn apprehensive. Old Mo wouldn’t be able to block both of them but once the war started, they would also suffer tremendous losses!

“Yuan Tianmo, I’m just acting according to my orders. As long as all of you withdraw, I will not make a move!

However, once you make a move on the Mo Family, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Hu Mo smiled coldly. However, there were signs of sympathy for the both of them within his eyes.

These two old codgers had yet to find out that two Four Constellation Realm Sword Masters had actually appeared within the Mo Family. Compared to the past, the Mo Family had only grown stronger and not weakened!

Today, Yuan and Qiu Families wouldn’t be able to annihilate the Mo Family. The only ending for them would be of them being annihilated by the Mo Family!

“Withdraw?” Yuan Tianmo’s expression turned stiff. That was never going to happen! The Mo Family had already destroyed their Yuan Family’s lair. Wouldn’t he become East Sword City’s joke if he were to withdraw now?

“Qiu Li, let’s make a move together. Let’s kill Mo Wentian first before killing the Mo Family’s disciples!

Today, the Mo Family had to be annihilated!”

“Kill!” Qiu Li shouted in fury. Suddenly, heat pervaded everywhere as a blazing red flaming flower blossomed above Qiu Li. Subsequently, a blazing bird danced out!

The statue of the Vermilion Bird!

“Mo Wentian, die!” Raging killing intent extended out. The white tiger’s eyes were flickering with a gloomy light. A moment later, it pounced towards Mo Wentian.

“Yuan Tianmo, your opponent is me!” Old Mo yelled coldly. The azure dragon spiralled around him as he faced the attack with his sword.

“Clang clang…” Instantly, two Four Constellation Realm Sword Masters started fighting each other.

“Hu Mo, you really wish to protect the Mo Family?” Yuan Tianmo’s eyes were covered with killing intent. The white tiger statue above his head seemed to be influenced by Yuan Tianmo as a terrifying killing intent spread out from Yuan Tianmo’s body.

“Yuan Tianmo, I had already made myself clear. I’m just acting according to my orders!” Ho Mo’s eyes were extremely cold.

“Good!” Yuan Tianmo’s eyes grew even colder. Subsequently, he seemed to have recalled something as he spoke profoundly: “Hu Mo, so what if you are able to obstruct me. Could that brat be able to stop Qiu Li?”

“As long as I obstructs you, that brat will inevitably die. Hahaha…” Yuan Tianmo laughed out suddenly.

“Mo Wentian…” Hu Mo’s complexion instantly changed when he heard those words. He looked towards Qiu Li and saw that the flame on Qiu Li has exploded out suddenly and it was charging towards Mo Wentian!

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