Chapter 52: Fighting Against The Enemies

A layer of spiritual light circulated around Mo Wentian’s body. From time to time, the spiritual light would transform into an azure dragon or a white tiger…

It was impossible to measure how mysterious the Four Constellation metamorphosis was!

“Indeed, my sword jade is different from others!” Mo Wentian’s attention submerged into his body after inhaling a deep breath of air. Within his dantian, the nine sword jades that were as big as a fist had grown even bigger.

The sword essence force within the sword jade was comparable to an ordinary pinnacle Leaving Sword Realm martial artist. It wasn’t just that, when a sword cultivator had broken through to the Leaving Sword Realm, the sword jade in them would only be around half a fist in size. However, Mo Wentian’s sword jades are comparable to the size of two fists.

Furthermore, he had nine of them. In other words, the essence force within Mo Wentian was comparable to 18 1st layer Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman!

“The Devouring Heaven God Art is way too strong!” Mo Wentian couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration. Although he had just broken through to the Leaving Sword Realm, his strength was already comparable to a martial artist that was in the Pinnacle of Leaving Sword Realm.

This was the Devouring Heaven God Art! Once he broke through the realm, he would be unrivalled in that realm!

“Congratulations Patriarch for breaking through to the Leaving Sword Realm!”

“Congratulations Patriarch!”


Instantly, the whole of Mo Family was in an uproar. Mo Wentian had advanced into the Leaving Sword Realm. That also signified that Mo Wentian’s strength had become even stronger!

“All of you, withdraw. Mo Yu, stay behind!” Mo Wentian beckoned his hand. All the members withdrew by themselves one after another while Mo Yu remained.

“Patriarch, is there any matter?” Mo Yu looked at Mo Wentian. He sighed within his heart. A month ago, he saved Mo Wentian’s life in the martial arts arena. But a month later, Mo Wentian was already a Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman and had become the Mo Family’s Patriarch. He is also the East Sword City’s city lord… What an unpredictable turn of events!

“Mo Yu, are there any movements in the Qiu and Yuan Family?” Mo Wentian inquired heavily as he looked at Mo Yu.

“Yuan Family? Qiu Family?” Mo Yu paused for a moment before replying: “It had been very quiet in the Qiu and Yuan Family. Why is Patriarch asking about them?”

Mo Wentian shook his head before speaking softly: “Pass the order down. Get everyone to be extra vigilant!”

“Vigilant?” Mo Yu paused for a moment.

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“Two of the biggest East Sword City’s families are going to start a war against us. Are we not gonna take precautions against them?” Mo Wentian shook his head.

A day ago, Mo Wentian had received Hu Mei’s message. On the surface, the two big families might seem extremely calm and quiet but they had gathered all of their families’ strength together secretly. Furthermore, these families’ Patriarchs had met each other secretly for numerous times.

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After connecting all the dots together, Mo Wentian was able to conjecture that both Qiu and Yuan Families are going to use this chance to kick the Mo Family out!

“You guys really think my Mo Family is on the verge of collapsing?” A smear of cold smile appeared on Mo Wentian’s face.

Without Mo Yizhan and a few of those trash elders, Mo Family would really become such an empty shell? Mo Wentian would show them how stupid their thought was!

“Patriarch, are you saying that Qiu and Yuan Families are about to make a move against our Mo Family?” Mo Yu’s complexion changed after hearing the order.

“That’s right!” Mo Wentian nodded. Mo Yu inhaled a deep breath of air before replying hastily: “What should we do then?”

“What can we do? They are about to kill us at our own doorsteps. We will just fight against them!” Mo Wentian’s eyes were extremely tranquil.

“Fight!” A smear of excitement aroused in Mo Yu’s eyes but in the next moment, he continued in a grave manner: “Patriarch. Our Mo Family’s strength had greatly reduced! And Qiu and Yuan Families have two Four Constellation Realm Swordmaster! But we…”

“What are you afraid of?” Mo Wentian shouted loudly when he heard Mo Yu’s words. Subsequently, he continued: “So what if Qiu and Yuan Families have two Four Constellation Realm Swordmasters? Don’t tell me our Mo Family doesn’t have any?!”

“Mo Family…” Mo Yu paused for a moment but in the next moment, a powerful aura radiated from the depths of Mo Family and the aura was extremely vast. Later a white tiger mirage appeared in the sky. The white tiger roared at the sky, causing the Mo Family to be in an uproar again. The 2nd elder had advanced into the Four Constellation Realm!

“Mo Qing had also become a Four Constellation Realm Swordmaster!” Mo Yu’s eyes grew excited. Even if they couldn’t block against the two Four Constellation Realm Sword Masters from Qiu and Yuan Families, they wouldn’t be afraid of them as well!

“Only two Four Constellation Realm Swordmasters?” Mo Wentian’s eyes flickered in radiance. At the next moment, a silhouette appeared in his courtyard.

“Hu Mo greets Patriarch Mo. Congratulations to Patriarch Mo on advancing to the Leaving Sword Realm!” A nonchalant smile reverberated and Old Mo from the Ocean Skyline Pavilion walked towards Mo Wentian with a face filled with smile.

“Hahaha… welcome Old Mo!”

“Thank you, Patriarch Mo!” Old Mo walked into the courtyard. A few moments later, several voices were transmitted over as well.

“Zhang Xuan greets Patriarch Mo!”

“Han Yue greets Patriarch Mo!”


A series of voices could be heard, causing Mo Yu to be stupefied. These people were from the small families within the East Sword City. Although they couldn’t be counted as much but once they were gathered together by Mo Wentian, it was certainly terrifying…

“Everyone, have a seat!” Mo Wentian welcomed them politely.

“Patriarch, you had already…” Mo Yu looked at Mo Wentian in a shock.

“I would never let them off, even if Qiu and Yuan Families didn’t make a move against my Mo Family. I’m not Mo Yizhan. I want the whole of East Sword City!”

“Even the Lin Family cannot dream of interfering with my East Sword City’s matters!” Mo Wentian was extremely egotistical. Since he had chosen the Mo Family to be his supporter, the Mo Family would have to become the Sword God Continent’s biggest influence!

Since his strength had reached the Leaving Sword Realm and two Four Constellation Swordmasters had emerged in his Mo Family. There was no longer a need for Qiu and Yuan Families to continue existing!

Within the Yuan Family.

Yuan Tianmo stood inside the ancestry hall and his aura was extremely cold. In front of him was Yuan Chong’s memorial tablet! Yuan Chong, the number one genius in the Yuan Family had been turned into a corpse. How could the Yuan Family not be angry by this?

“Chong’er, I will take revenge for you and shall bring Mo Wentian’s head back today!” The coldness in Yuan Tianmo’s eyes rose drastically.

A few moments later, all the cultivators in the Yuan Family headed out. Simultaneously, the experts from the Qiu Family had also been dispatched. These two groups of people surrounded the Mo Family majestically.

The streets of the East Sword City were instantly deserted. Everyone was already able to feel an extremely powerful storm was about to charge towards the East Sword City!

Within the Mo family.

“Patriarch, sure enough, the Qiu and Yuan Families’ people have arrived!” Mo Yu spoke gravely as he stood beside Mo Wentian.

“They came?” The corner of Mo Wentian’s mouth curled up before passing an order: “Mo Yu, listen up!”

“Disciple is here!” Mo Yu stood before Mo Wentian respectfully.

“You are going to lead half of our disciples to the Yuan Family. Don’t let any of those Yuan Family’s disciples get away!” Mo Wentian commanded coldly.

“Yes!” Mo Yu withdrew immediately.

“Mo Qing, listen up!”

“Disciple is here!”

“Lead the other half of Mo Family’s disciples to the Qiu Family and don’t let any Qiu Family’s disciples get away!”

“Yes!” Mo Qing had also withdrawn immediately.

“As for the rest of you, follow me. From today onwards, there will be no more Qiu and Yuan Families in the East Sword City!”

His egotistical voice spread out as Mo Wentian brought along a dozen silhouettes behind him to greet the Yuan and Qiu Families.

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