Chapter 51: Double Breakthrough

In the Hall of Mo Family.

Mo Wentian sat on the patriarch seat and beside him were the grand elder and the 2nd elder. As for the remaining 7 elders, they had all disappeared to god knows where.

“Patriarch!” A group of Mo Family’s disciples looked at Mo Wentian feverishly. The current Mo Wentian was Mo Family’s legend. He obtained the sword son position by fighting against five other people at once. Who would be capable of achieving such a thing in the whole East Sword City?

“Stand back up!” Mo Wentian waved his hand in satisfaction. The majority of people remaining in Mo Family were all external disciples and the strongest in Mo Family right now was the grand and 2nd elder!

“Mo Yu, come forward to receive your reward!” Mo Wentian’s voice reverberated in the hall.

“Reward?” Mo Yu blanked out for a moment. All the other Mo Family disciples also stared at Mo Wentian confusedly.

“Disciple is here!” Mo Yu went forward hastily after he turned sober.

“In our Mo Family, Mo Yu had sacrificed the most for our Mo Family. Today, I shall bestow him a Four Constellation Pill and promote him to become my Mo Family’s great grand elder!”

“Do any of you have any objections?” Mo Wentian eyes were incomparably nonchalant when he looked at everyone.

“What? Four Constellation Pill?!”

“For real? Patriarch is giving a Four Constellation Pill as reward?!”

“The Four Constellation Pill is a heaven rank pill. I’m afraid even the Lin Family from Central Sword City wouldn’t be so generous!”

Instantly, the hall was bursting in discussions. Meanwhile, Mo Yu was staring at Mo Wentian lifelessly. Four Constellation Pill? This was something he never dared to dream of! Judging by Mo Yu’s talent, it was impossible for him to advance into the Four Constellation Realm in this lifetime. But now… hope arose within his heart!

“Mo Yu, why aren’t you coming to receive the reward?” Mo Wentian yelled softly while he looked at the group of astonished people.

“Thank you, Patriarch!” Mo Yu knelt down respectfully while his body trembled endlessly.

“Take it!” Mo Wentian’s voice rang out after he threw over a jade bottle to Mo Yu.

“2nd elder come forward to receive your rewards!”

“Disciple is here!”

“2nd elder had accomplished in killing off the traitors. Therefore, he shall be rewarded with a Four Constellation Pill!”

A series of voices resonated out and the whole of Mo Family was in an uproar. Not only Mo Yu but any disciples that had advanced into the Leaving Sword Realm were all rewarded with a Four Constellation Pill. Mo Family’s disciples came to realize that the current Mo Family would rise to the top abruptly.

“Alright. As for the remaining disciples, all of you should cultivate diligently. As long as you advance into the Leaving Sword Realm, there would be a chance for you to obtain a Four Constellation Pill as a reward!

Not just that. Once you advance into the Four Constellation Realm, there would be a King Dao Pill or even stronger pills as rewards waiting for you!”

“King Dao Pill?”

“Even stronger pills?”

The eyes of all Mo Family’s disciples turned excited as their body trembled.

“Long live Patriarch.” A group of them sent Mo Wentian off respectfully.

Meanwhile, every Mo Family disciple walked towards the martial arena excitedly. Why were they making their way towards the martial arena? Of course, it was to cultivate! As long as they advanced into the Leaving Sword Realm, they would be able to obtain a Four Constellation Pill as a reward. Currently, these Mo Family disciples were giving their all just to cultivate!

Meanwhile, in the Ocean Sky Pavilion.

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“Young lady, this is a Four Constellation Pill!” Old Mo swallowed his saliva and his face was filled with shock. He had managed to guess that Mo Wentian was a Pill Master but never had he expected that Mo Wentian would send 10 Four Constellation Pills to him!

This is a Four Constellation Pill! A Four Constellation Pill would be able to produce a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master! However, this Four Constellation Pill seemed like a sweet bean in the hands of Mo Wentian!

“Four Constellation Pill!”

Hu Mei mumbled to herself. Subsequently, a smear of bright smile extended from the corner of her mouth. Refining a Four Constellation Pill meant that Mo Wentian is a Heaven Rank Pill Master! Is he really that abnormal?!

At the same time, in a secret room of Qiu Family.

“Yuan Tianmo, are you really going to make a move against Mo Family?” Qiu Li looked at Yuan Tianmo. His eyes flickered while he questioned.

“Keke… Qiu Li. How can I not know what you are thinking? Now that Mo Yizhan is no longer around, Mo Family is like an empty vase. Hearsay is that Mo Wentian had chased away seven elders as well!”

“They are simply digging their own grave. If we don’t get rid of them now, when are we going to do it?” Qiu Li’s eyes were filled with ambitions.

“Get rid of Mo Family?” Yuan Tianmo’s eyes flickered. Subsequently, he replied coldly: “Once we have gotten rid of Mo Family, the city lord position…”

“I can give you the city lord’s position. However, I want 70% of the Mo Family’s territory!”


Instantly, both of them came into an agreement. An undercurrent was surging forth rapidly in East Sword City.

Inside Mo Family.

“I have condensed the sword jade when I’m still in the Qi Condensation Realm. According to the sword dao regulations, my sword jade had already reached its limit. If I wish to breakthrough, I have to fuse the sword dao dipper qi…” Mo Wentian knitted his eyebrows.

Three days! Mo Wentian had cultivated for three days and in those three days, Mo Yu had advanced into the Four Constellation Realm successfully. Apart from him, the 2nd elder had also gone into seclusion.

Mo Wentian estimated that in half a month time, there would be several Four Constellation Realm Sword Master emerging from Mo Family! Mo Wentian didn’t slack off while the Mo Family grew. Mo Wentian’s physique had run into a bottleneck after cultivating for a week. It stopped at the pinnacle of undying copper body and shown no signs of breakthrough.

Furthermore, a variation had happened to Mo Wentian’s cultivation after cultivating for these seven days.

According to the sword dao regulations, Qi Condensation Realm would condense spiritual jades as it gathers the heaven and earth’s spiritual qi. When the spiritual jade reached its peak, it would be turned into a sword jade, forming the sword essence force!

However, Mo Wentian had condensed his sword jade when he was in the Qi Condensation Realm. Now that he needed to advance into the Leaving Sword Realm, he had no idea on how to achieve this!

“Don’t tell me I really need to comprehend four different constellations and condense the dipper qi before I’m able to advance into the Leaving Sword Realm?” Mo Wentian frowned.

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If it was so, wouldn’t he need to comprehend the King Dao concepts when he advanced into the Four Constellation Realm? And when he became the Sword King, wouldn’t he need to…

“Not right. My sword jade had yet to reach its limit!” Mo Wentian seem to have discovered something as he narrowed his eyes.

Nine sword jades revolved around the brute sword within his dantian. Each one of these sword jades had reached a size of a fist and the amount of essence force within these sword jades was incomparably vast. However, at the next moment, the brute sword trembled and these nine sword jades suddenly started revolving frantically.

“S***. I’m about to breakthrough!” Mo Wentian’s complexion changed. Subsequently, a radiance flashed in his hand and the spiritual crystal stone appeared within his palm. The Devouring Heaven God Art operated and the spiritual qi within the spiritual crystal stone entered Mo Wentian’s body crazily.


15 minutes later, the spiritual crystal stone had disintegrated!

“The amount of spiritual qi in the spiritual crystal stone is insufficient…” Mo Wentian’s complexion changed. The sword jade within his body revolved crazily and a formidable spiritual qi rushed out from his sword jade. The sword jade shrank and swelled continuously, making it look extremely mysterious.

“I need to consume a Four Constellation Pill!” Mo Wentian threw a Four Constellation Pill into his mouth. He would never let off such an opportunity since breakthroughs were extremely hard to accomplish!

“Buzz buzz buzz…”

His aura suddenly exploded when the Four Constellation Pill entered his mouth and a series of spiritual lights emerged from Mo Wentian’s body. During this point of time, Mo Wentian’s cultivation had yet to breakthrough.On the contrary, his physique had broken through!

“My physique had broken through!” Mo Wentian’s eyes were filled with joy and at the next moment, an incomparably vast suppression exploded out from Mo Wentian’s body. This suppression had greatly exceeded the level that a Leaving Sword Realm cultivator could bring forth.

“Is the Patriarch breaking through to the Four Constellation Realm?” Mo Yu appeared in the courtyard and his eyes were filled with astonishment. That aura had caused him to feel extremely stifled as well.

“So it’s like that!” A sword beam emerged in his eyes. The aura on Mo Wentian had broken through from the Qi Condensation Realm and reached the pinnacle of Leaving Sword Realm in a single shot.

“The current me is unrivalled in the Leaving Sword Realm!” Mo Wentian was like a supreme sword god within his courtyard as his fierce sword qi charged up the firmament.

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