Chapter 50: Refining Pills

“My strength has reached 5000kgs. If my physique advances into the undying soul body realm then wouldn’t my physique alone be able to fight against a low-grade spiritual artifacts?” Mo Wentian’s eyes were incomparably bright as he inhaled a mouthful of air.

His undying body complements the Devouring Heaven God Art and once his physique advances into the soul body realm, he would be able to reach the pinnacle of Leaving Sword Realm even faster.

When the time comes, he would be able to breakthrough to the Four Constellation Realm immediately since he had already comprehended one of the constellation concepts.

“Congratulations Young Master Wentian!”

“Young Master Wentian is unrivalled!”


Instantly, cheers resonated within the Mo Family’s courtyard. Mo Wentian didn’t die but instead he got even stronger! This caused the sadness within the Mo Family to vanish immediately.

“Thank you!” Mo Wentian mumbled to himself. In his previous life, he possessed the strongest god physique and within 500 years, he cultivated to the Supreme Sword Emperor Realm.

But when he reached the peak, he discovered that there was no one he could share his sorrow with! In this life, he decided that not only did he want to stand at the peak, he also wants to bring all his close ones together with him as they advanced together!

“Patriarch, this is the reward for obtaining the Sword Son position!” Mo Wentian sat down on the patriarch seat in the hall while Mo Yu handed over a jade box to Mo Wentian respectfully.

“Reward!” Mo Wentian’s eyes brightened up. Naturally, this reward was the Spiritual Crystal Stone!

“Oh right. Where’s Lin Cheng?” Suddenly Mo Wentian smiled sinisterly as he enquired.

“Lin Cheng?” Mo Yu paused for a moment before replying respectfully: “Reporting back to Patriarch. Young Master Lin had returned back to the Central Sword City. He had also gotten me to send a message to Patriarch. He will be waiting for you in Central Sword City!”

“Waiting for me? Very good!” Mo Wentian grinned coldly. He will be going to Central Sword City very soon!

“Pass on the message. I’m going to reorganize the whole Mo Family. Everyone who is related to Mo Yizhan is to be expelled from the Mo Family!” Mo Wentian ordered as he looked at Mo Yu coldly.

“Expel all of them?” Mo Yu blanked out for a moment before replying heavily: “Patriarch, there are at least 70% in the Mo Family that are somewhat related to Mo Yizhan. If we are to expel all of them, wouldn’t we…”

“So what if there’s 70% of them? What’s the use of having disobedient people around?” Mo Wentian’s complexion turned cold and commented: “I don’t need to tell you how to handle them right?”

“Yes, Patriarch!” Mo Yu inhaled deeply before withdrawing himself.

The Mo Family is going to go through huge changes!

Meanwhile, within the Questioning Heaven Pavilion. Mo Wentian submerged himself into cultivation after he had finished briefing Mo Yu. Strength was of utmost importance to Mo Wentian right now. If he were able to advance into the Leaving Sword Realm, his strength would take a qualitative leap.

“Young Master, Young Lady Hu Mei is here!” Qingyu walked into the courtyard and reported.

“Hu Mei!” Mo Wentian’s eyes flickered. Subsequently, he disappeared from the courtyard with a flash.

In the Mo Family’s Hall.

“Congratulations. Patriarch Mo!” Hu Mei walked into the hall with a smile that was incomparably brilliant.

“Mei’er, you don’t have to make fun of me. Just calling me Wentian will do!” Mo Wentian shook his head slightly.

“Wentian…” The smile on Hu Mei’s face grew even wider. Subsequently, she chuckled: “Congratulations on becoming the Mo Family’s Patriarch. This is my congratulatory gift!”

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She handed over a small bag to Mo Wentian as she spoke.

“Congratulatory gift?” Mo Wentian accepted it bluntly. He gave a quick glance at it before replying with a smile: “Many thanks!”

“Wentian, you can come and look for me directly in the Ocean Skyline Pavilion if you need anything. Your Mo Family had executed many people. The amount of power you can gather at present would definitely be lesser when compared to the two other families!” Hu Mei spoke gently to Mo Wentian.

“Sure!” Mo Wentian inhaled deeply. Hu Mei was correct. The current Mo Family had chased away 70% of its people. Furthermore, the majority of them were experts. This was extremely painful to Mo Family. However, the corner of Mo Wentian’s mouth perked up. Very soon, the Mo Family would become even stronger.

“Oh right. Wentian, Mo Yizhan is residing within the Lin Family of the Central Sword City. Unknowingly, the Lin Family had decided to protect Mo Yizhan with all means. They actually didn’t even give any face to our Ocean Skyline Pavilion!” Suddenly, Hu Mei’s face was filled with fury.

“Mo Yizhan?” The radiance in Mo Wentian’s eyes exploded. He would never forget that sword attack.

“Mei’er, I will handle Mo Yizhan myself. So what if he had hidden in the Lin Family? No one would be able to save him if I want him to die!” The killing intent in Mo Wentian’s eyes soared.

“Good!” Hu Mei’s eyes grew wide. Subsequently, she commented: “Then I shall be taking my leave first!”

“Take care!” Mo Wentian carried a big bag of stuff and returned to his courtyard after sending Hu Mei off.

“Young Master, are you going to refine pills?” Mo Qingyu inquired.

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“That’s right!” Mo Wentian nodded his head.

In his previous life, he was a sword emperor. At the same time, he was also a Pill Refinement Grandmaster. Even though he had to start all over again, Mo Wentian would never give up on his pill refinement techniques. To a sword cultivator, pills were something indispensable.

Similarly, Pill Masters held an extremely high position in the Sword God Continent.

“Compared to the other two families, what my Mo Family lacks is Four Constellation Realm Sword Master. This time, I shall refine the Four Constellation Pills so that there will be new Four Constellation Realm Sword Masters appearing in my Mo Family!”

Mo Wentian’s hand flashed after he inhaled deeply and an ancient cauldron appeared before Mo Wentian. An earth rank cauldron! Of course, this was sent over by Hu Mei.

“Open up the furnace! Clang!” Mo Wentian slapped at the top of the cauldron. Suddenly, the cauldron opened up. A vast ancient aura spread out from within as a spark of green flame combusted in the middle of the cauldron.

“Heaven grade pill flame!” Mo Wentian nodded his head satisfyingly. He might be unable to bring forth any King grade or Emperor grade flame but this heaven grade pill flame was more than enough for him right now!

In fact, Mo Wentian didn’t know that, if the news of him being able to combust heaven rank pill flame when he was only in the Qi Condensation Realm were to be spread out then the Three Great Sword Sects would immediately send their experts over.

Heaven grade pill flame could only be combusted by Heaven Rank Pill Master. Since he was able to combust heaven grade pill fire, it implied that Mo Wentian was a Heaven Rank Pill Master currently!

“Smelt!” The pill flame rose and Mo Wentian threw the spiritual medicine into the cauldron one by one. The spiritual medicine melted very quickly under the combustion of heaven grade pill flame. A moment later, they were turned into two profound essence qi.

“Fuse!” His hands moved unpredictably as the two profound essence qi fused together rapidly. Even a King Rank Pill Master would feel extremely inferior when they saw how well Mo Wentian was controlling the fusion.

“Buzz buzz buzz…”

Several exploding noise resonated out and ten pills came out from the cauldron under Mo Qingyu’s excited gaze.

“Four Constellation Pill! Furthermore, there are ten of it!” Mo Wentian smiled delightfully after he stored the pills away. Subsequently, he continued to refine more pills.

Mo Wentian spent the whole afternoon refining pills. He only stopped when he had finished refining the fifth stack of pills.

Five stack of pills and all of them had been refined successfully! This probability of him succeeding was sufficient to give those King Rank Pill Masters a tight slap to their face.

“Qingyu, send a bottle to the Ocean Skyline Pavilion. Say that it is a gift to Young Lady Hu Mei from the Mo Family!” Mo Wentian smiled after handing over a jade bottle to Mo Qingyu.

“Yes, Young Master!” Mo Qingyu left while holding onto the jade bottle. After which, Mo Wentian was left alone in the small courtyard.

“The current Mo Family belongs to me. From now onwards, this Mo Family would be the first power that I established after having reincarnated!

Chi Tian, Xian Yao. Just you wait. I will return very quickly!” The radiance in his eyes exploded. With a flash, Mo Wentian disappeared from his courtyard.

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