Chapter 347: Tri-Leg Cauldron

Afterwards, the Petrified Queen and the Mountain Shaking Elephant didn’t enter the Black Sky Sect’s ruin.

With the emergence of the Evil Fist Sect, it meant that the East Unicorn Continent was no longer going to be peaceful.

Previously, they assumed they would be able to control the continent’s situation. But from the looks of it now, they were totally over their heads.

They need to bring this news back to the Demonic Ten Regions and have a discussion on how to deal with the situation.

The development of the situation was much faster than everyone expected. One month later, the Evil Fist Sect announced of their reemergence, along with the Extreme Yin Cult and the Multitude Blood Cult.

(TL Note: Yin will be the Yin and Yang)

Back when the Evil Fist Sect wreaked havoc on East Unicorn Continent, the Extreme Yin Cult and the Multitude Blood Cult were their right and left-hand men. The power of their influence were even superior to the top ten elite factions.

At this same moment, thirteen sects submitted to the Evil Fist Sect and among them were two of the first-rate sects.

Occupying a total of thirteen regions, the Evil Fist Sect, Extreme Yin Cult, and the Multitude Blood Cult didn’t stop there as they continued to expand their territories.

Fourteen regions, eighteen regions, twenty regions.

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The three great evil dao factions finally stopped after they expanded their domain to twenty regions.


The Earth Fire Region was Earth Fire Sect’s region.

But right now, the entire Earth Fire Region had been turned into a battlefield.

In the center of the battlefield, the golden-masked man, Evil King was fighting against two individuals by himself.

These two individuals were the Eternal Spring Valley’s Supreme Grand Elder and the Mystic Tools Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder.

The Eternal Spring Valley’s Supreme Grand Elder was a green-clothed and black hair elder who had cultivated the earth class low-tier Eight Desolation Eternal Spring Technique. His qi presence had already turned into the Eight Desolation Eternal Spring field and within this field, there were imagines of massive trees behind uprooted and pressing down on the golden-masked man.

The Mystic Tools Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder was a red hair and imposing elder. The upper half of his clothes were already ripped apart and his exaggerating muscles on the body were covered with red tool patterns. If one took a closer look, these tool patterns had already fused with the body and would never be separated. Whenever the imposing elder activated his strength, the red tool pattern would also burst out with horrific power.

Logically, if the duo worked together, no one in the East Unicorn Continent would be a match for them. After all, if the duo were to go on individual fights, they would be able to go against the more powerful beings of the Demonic Ten Regions.

But the golden-masked man’s strength was too overwhelming. His technique’s field was enough to suppress the green-clothed elder’s Eight Desolation Eternal Spring field.

The ferocity of his fist forces had caused the red hair imposing elder to retreat constantly as there was no way to fight back.

“Is this the strength of the current generation’s Evil Fist Sect Patriarch?” The green-clothed elder took a cold breath. Among the Hundred Sects, the Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder was the strongest and among the Demonic Ten Regions, the Petrified Queen was the strongest. But when compared to the Evil King, both of them were far inferior to the Evil King. There was almost a disparity of an entire level and such strength was undoubtedly the no.1 on the continent.

“My two old friends, let me assist you.” The Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder who was a white hair elder had rushed over.

In terms of the number of Reincarnation Realm experts, the Hundred Sects was definitely no.1 and the three great evil factions were far inferior. Thus, the white hair elder was able to free up himself to help them.

The white hair elder cultivated the earth class low-tier palm art, the first half of the Dark Cold Palm Art and had also comprehended the Dark Cold Palm Intent. Before he had even arrived, the Dark Cold Palm field had already extended out and was suppressing the Evil King. At the same moment, a bone-chilling Dark Cold Palm Intent whizzed over like a chilling blade.


The Evil King casually sent out a fist, causing the Dark Cold Palm field to collapse and the Dark Cold Palm Intent to be destroyed while sending the white hair elder flying.


The white hair elder finally understood the strength of the Evil King. In an individual fight, he would definitely be killed by the Evil King in less than three moves.

On the battlefield, apart from the golden-masked Evil King, there were also the Multitude Blood Cult Leader, Blood Ancestor, and the Extreme Yin Cult Leader, Old Ancestor Yin. The three of them were all extremely powerful beings and there were also plenty of Reincarnation Realm martial artists from the three great evil dao factions. When adding up the Reincarnation Realm martial artists from the sects that surrendered, their quantity was around 30% of the Hundred Sects.

In Terms of Reincarnation Realm martial artists quantity, the Hundred Sects had the absolute advantage, but if no one could withstand against the Evil King, everything was still in suspense.

This world was ultimately the world where experts ruled supreme and quantity wasn’t an important factor at times.


Right at this moment, there was an intense sound of thunder.

In the horizon, a thunderbolt shot across the sky.

The members of the Hundred Sects were ecstatic as the Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder had finally come out of seclusion.

“Evil King, let me try your skills.” Inside the thunderbolt was a grim and stalwart elder. His body shook a little and a set of thunderbolt armor appeared on his body. With the appearance of the thunderbolt armor, his speed had instantly increased by two folds. In just the blink of an eye, he had arrived 1000 feet in front of the Evil King.

“Thunder Armor Divine Technique!” The Evil King squinted his eyes.

The Thunder God Sect’s most powerful cultivation technique wasn’t the Thunder Lightning Divine Technique and was actually the Thunder Armor Divine Technique.

But in actual facts, the Thunder Lightning Divine Technique was also the Thunder Armor Divine Technique, but just the simplified version.

The Thunder Armor Divine Technique was great at defense and offense while doubling the speed at the same time.

When cultivated to the highest rank, even if the practitioner encountered an enemy which was more powerful, they would be able to escape whenever they wanted and it wouldn’t be so easy to be killed.

The stalwart elder roared out and blasted a fist at the Evil King. His fist’s countless thunderbolts had turned into a thunder dragon which rushed at the Evil King violently.

“Just in time!” The Evil King laughed and also sent a fist to welcome his opponent.


In the radius of a few dozen miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters, the world had been dissected in half. Half was covered in dazzling pitch-black splendor and the other half was covered with scorching thunder light. But soon enough, the thunder light crumbled and the pitch-black splendor enveloped the stalwart elder.


There was a flash of lightning and the stalwart elder vanished and when he reappeared he was already above the Evil King and launching another fist.

“Get lost!”

The Evil King’s field exploded and a devil god’s shadow danced violently and repelled the stalwart elder.

With a sway, the stalwart elder appeared beside the green-clothed and red hair elders. He had a grave expression as he spoke, “We will execute our all-out attack. If we cannot gain the upperhand in ten moves, we will negotiate with him.”

The three of them were the three strongest individuals in the Hundred Sects and if they couldn’t even defeat the Evil King if they worked together, then they have no choice but to negotiate.

“Agreed.” The green-clothed and red hair elders nodded.

As for the Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder, he had already withdrawn from the battle.

He was comparatively weaker in this level of combat and couldn’t provide much help.

Three moves! Five moves!

The all-out combat between four pinnacle experts was extremely dreadful. The respective fields and intents were mutually suppressing and clashing with one another in the radius of a few dozen miles. Let alone a Reincarnation Realm martial artist, even a high-level Reincarnation Realm expert would find it difficult to maneuver in this zone and would easily suffer severe injuries.

Eight moves.

Ten moves.

The green-clothed elder had a bitter expression as he spoke, “Evil King, shall we sit and have a talk.”

They have failed, but no one could blame them as the opponent was simply too powerful.

They might not have given way if the Demonic Ten Regions weren’t around. But right now, it was the time for them to take a step back.

“Sure.” The Evil King gave an awe-inspiring smile and was very straightforward.

In fact, the emergence of the Evil Fist Sect was a force of his hands.

After the appearance of the Black Sky Sect’s ruin, his Evil Fist Sect couldn’t continue hiding behind the scenes. He had to show the world the strength of the Evil Fist Sect, in order for them to openly explore the Black Sky Sect’s ruin.

Of course, this was because the Hundred Sects had the capability to negotiate with him.

Finally, the result of the negotiation had been announced.

After including the already occupied twenty regions, the Evil Fist Sect would take an additional ten regions, making a total of thirty regions.

But all the sects in the subsequent ten regions were going to shift out and wouldn’t yield to the Evil Fist Sect.

Evil King didn’t have any objections about it. Right now, he wasn’t thinking of unifying the East Unicorn Continent. He just required enough space to develop.

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The exploration of the Black Sky Sect’s ruin was the most important objective.

After taking off the five regions that the Demonic Ten Regions already occupied, taking off the White Mountain Region, and the thirty regions that were occupied, the Hundred Sects’ occupied regions had decreased from 96 to 60. They had lost nearly 40% of their regions and they had to admit that this was a humiliation.

But the circumstances were stronger then men. The Demonic Ten Regions and the Evil Fist Sect leading evil dao faction were not coming with friendly terms. If the Hundred Sects didn’t give way, they would suffer even more losses.

The appearance of the Black Sky Sect’s ruin was an opportunity and if the Hundred Sects’ fate was strong enough, they might have the chance to eradicate the Demonic Ten Regions, the Evil Fist Sect, and the other evil dao factions.


“Tri-leg cauldron?”

(TL note: It is a saying for splitting the continent for three factions. E.g. Three Kingdoms)

In Azure Water Sect, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist let out a sigh.

The Evil Fist Sect and the rest of the evil dao factions which took ten regions were just one region apart from the Heaven Fiend Sect and two regions apart from the Azure Water Sect. In the future, if a war erupted, the Heaven Fiend Sect and the Azure Water Sect would either have to surrender or get extinguished. There was probably no chance to even escape.

“Are we just going to see things develop in this direction?” Li Fuchen knitted his brows.

He had a feeling if he was to cultivate in seclusion, he was afraid that before he could become a Reincarnation Realm martial artist, the whole continent would be in chaos again. By then, the Azure Water Sect would face the threat of being extinguished.

“Let’s wait a while more.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t rash. He had decided he would diligently cultivate for the next few years and see his results first.

The tri-leg cauldron had allowed the East Unicorn Continent to welcome a short span of peace.

But under this peace, there was a surging undercurrent.

The demonic beasts, demons, Hundred Sects, and the evil dao factions would frequently plot against each other. Especially at the Black Sky Sect’s ruin where most of the fatalities were originated from. Over ten Reincarnation Realm martial artists from the Hundred Sects had perished in the Black Sky Sect’s ruin. In the following years, this casualty count would only get worse and wouldn’t get lesser.

But in it didn’t matter if it was in the Azure Water Sect or the East Unicorn Continent, there were nearly no information regarding Li Fuchen as he had been in seclusion for a very long time.

“The Mystic Heaven Sword Intent is finally at the consummate stage.”

In Floating Dust Peak which was a mountain peak that belonged to Li Fuchen.

(TL note: The peak is named after Li Fuchen, as his name is literally Li Floating Dust)

On this day, there was an appalling sword intent that rushed into the sky and felt as though it was going to pierce through the dome of heaven and sliced through the void.

With the Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen comprehension speed of the Mystic Heaven Sword Intent was several times faster than the Inferno Sword intent and there was nearly no obstructions along the way.

And when the Mystic Heaven Sword Intent reached the consummate stage, Li Fuchen felt the first seal inside the Joint-Heaven Sword had loosened a little.

“Could one of the conditions to unseal the first seal be to reach the consummate stage for the Mystic Heaven Sword Art?” Li Fuchen thought to himself.

After unsealing the first seal of the Joint-Heaven Sword, it would at least be an earth class low-tier artifact sword. Li Fuchen has rather contented with this alone. If he had an earth class artifact sword, he would have an additional trump card, allowing him more confidence to deal with a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

After achieving the consummate stage for the Mystic Heaven Sword Intent, Li Fuchen didn’t exit from seclusion as there were too many things that required him to comprehend. If he was to come out of seclusion now, it would lose all the purpose.

The time for him to exit seclusion would be the time when he had the confidence to fight against a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

As time elapsed bit by bit, the outside world surged with a gathering storm. The new Stars Ranking Tournament was going to start in a few months.

In this Stars Ranking Tournament, apart from the prodigies of the Hundred Sects, the evil dao prodigies would also be participating.

This was also one of the reasons why the Evil Fist Sect and the other evil dao factions wanted to emerge.

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