Chapter 348: Three Years

A few months passed by in an instant and Mt. Star Fate was opening.

In this Stars Ranking Tournament, there were two individuals that were the top picks to strive for the no.1 rank. One of them was Su Muyu and the other was Yan Qingwu. The two of them were elite prodigies and were already in the top rankings for the previous tournament.

As for the other elite prodigies, they had already progressed to the Heaven Dipper Realm.

For an elite prodigy, participating in the Stars Ranking Tournament twice was already their limit. If they participated for the third, there would be no honor even if they obtained no.1 rank, instead, the others might judge them as shameless.

Among the elite prodigies, only Su Muyu and Yan Qingwu fit the criteria.

Of course, if the Hundred Sects had elite prodigies, the evil dao factions also had elite prodigies.

The Evil Fist Sect had a Young Master Evil Fist, the Multitude Blood Cult had an Impermanence Blood Son, the Extreme Yin Cult had the Ghost Charm Yin Lady.

These three individuals were the evil dao factions’ elite prodigies that would only be seen every century.

Of course, the evil dao factions didn’t only have these elite prodigies, but the rest of them had already progressed to the Heaven Dipper Realm. The circumstances were better on the Hundred Sects’ side as they had experienced elite prodigies and also rising elite prodigies. Among rising elite prodigies, there was one or two of them that didn’t participate in the Stars Ranking Tournament before and they weren’t as dazzling as Su Muyu and Yan Qingwu. After all, not everyone was like Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist who could obtain the no.1 rank in his first Stars Ranking Tournament, achieving the heaven-defying feat.

Unknowingly, it was already halfway into the Stars Ranking Tournament.

As of now, the only undefeated ones were Su Muyu, Yan Qingwu, Young Master Evil Fist, Impermanence Blood Son, and Ghost Charm Yin Lady. And these five individuals were the candidates that everyone assumed would be the top three rankers of the tournament.

After a few rounds of battle, Yan Qingwu was matched up against Impermanence Blood Son.

After ten moves, Impermanence Blood Son was utterly defeated.

Three years had passed, Yan Qingwu was no longer that inexperienced young lady. The current her was unmatched in her generation, devastatingly beautiful, and had sky-shaking strength. She wasn’t inferior to Immovable King Star, Qi Heng from three years ago.

In terms of innate potential, excluding the anomaly Li Fuchen, Yan Qingwu was comparable to Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye. In fact, she was slightly superior to Chiyu Ye as the currently Yan Qingwu was only one year older than Li Fuchen when he obtained the no.1 rank back then.

Next, it was the duel between Su Muyu and the Extreme Yin Cult’s Ghost Charm Yin Lady. In five moves, Ghost Charm Yin Lady had lost thoroughly.

Three years ago, Su Muyu was 15th rank, three years later, her overbearing strength was already sufficient to match up against that Situ Lei from before.

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Matches started and matches ended one after the other.

Soon enough, Yan Qingwu was going against Young Master Evil Fist.

Young Master Evil Fist’s strength was much stronger than Impermanence Blood Son and Ghost Charm Yin Lady. The battle between the two was only decided after exchanging a thousand moves.

The final victor was Yan Qingwu.

“Damn it.” Young Master Evil Fist was extremely unresigned. He was the elite prodigy of the continent’s no.1 Evil Fist Sect and he had actually lost to a woman.

Without any suspense, Young Master Evil Fist was also defeated by Su Muyu.

If Yan Qingwu was considered the Immovable King Star, Qi Heng three years ago, then Su Muyu would be the Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei. Their strength were enough to crush everyone else.

In the last battle of the Stars Ranking Tournament, Su Muyu was clashing against Yan Qingwu.

Yan Qingwu was ultimately two years younger than Su Muyu. Even though her innate potential surpassed Su Muyu, the latter’s strength was undeniable and it had nothing to do with age.

As a result, Su Muyu obtained the 1st rank, and Yan Qingwu got the 2nd rank.

As for Young Master Evil Fist, Impermanence Blood Son, and Ghost Charm Yin Lady, they obtained the 3rd, 4th, and 5th ranks respectively.

Su Muyu wasn’t overly excited to obtain the 1st rank. As compared to Li Fuchen, her little achievement was nothing.

Three years had already passed and the current her still had no confidence to defeat the Li Fuchen from three years ago. It was imaginable, how powerful was Li Fuchen back then.

His title of the strongest King Star of the millennium wasn’t just for show.

After the tournament ended, Su Muyu immediately chose to progress.

Half a year ago, she could have progressed to the Heaven Dipper Realm but had been suppressing herself until now.

1st level of Heaven Dipper Realm.

2nd level of Heaven Dipper Realm.

3rd level of Heaven Dipper Realm.

Su Muyu had broken through to the 3rd level of Heaven Dipper Realm all in one go.

“Li Fuchen, I wonder what cultivation level are you at now?” Su Muyu pondered in her heart.

Among the crowd, Yan Qingwu didn’t choose to progress.

One month ago, she too could already progress to the Heaven Dipper Realm.

But she couldn’t progress in front of others, as she didn’t know how shocking her progression phenomenon would be. In fact, if she was willing, she could have easily obtained the no.1 rank in the Stars Ranking Tournament.

But the 1st rank of the Stars Ranking had no purpose to her.

“It actually awakened so quickly. What exactly went wrong?” Yan Qingwu was in deep thoughts.


Autumn came and the hot and cold were interchanging. In the blink of an eye, three years had passed.

Floating Dust Peak…

Brilliant white snow had accumulated on the peak of the mountain.

There was a creaking sound as the Floating Dust Hall was opened up and a figure walked out.

It was Li Fuchen as expected.

“Has it been three years?” Li Fuchen lifted his head and looked into the sky with an extraordinary presence.

Li Fuchen let out a faint smile burst out with his qi abruptly when he lowered his head and looked at the ground which was covered in white. 


There was blinding radiance like the shining sun. Visible to the eye, the entire Floating Dust Peak’s snow was rapidly thawing. Due to extremely fast thawing speed, steam had risen, covering the skies of the Floating Dust Peak with white fog where one’s five fingers weren’t even visible.

But soon enough, the layers of white fog had been evaporated by the blazing hot qi presence, turning into pure water vapor before vanishing.

“The 21st rank of the True Inferno Technique is indeed incredible.”

It had been three years since the Mystic Heaven Sword Intent had reached the consummate stage. In these three years, Li Fuchen’s strength had a complete change.

Firstly, the True Inferno Technique.

With his astounding perception and cultivation speed, Li Fuchen had broken through from the 19th to the 21st rank of the True Inferno Technique.

The 21st rank was the highest rank for mystic class peak-tier cultivation techniques. Now that Li Fuchen was at this rank, he naturally comprehended the True Inferno Technique Intent.

With the True Inferno Technique Intent, even if other areas didn’t have any improvement, Li Fuchen was confident he could go into an all-out battle with a martial artist at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm.

But it was impossible for the other areas to not have any improvements.

Li Fuchen’s cultivation had shockingly broken through from the 5th level to the 8th level of Heaven Dipper Realm. In just three years, he had advanced by three levels.

There were various reasons for his extreme speed in advancement.

Firstly, the breakthrough of the True Inferno Technique had boosted the cultivation speed considerably.

Secondly, his perfect Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint which was his true dragon imprint had allowed him to sense the Heaven Dipper Realm, saving half the work or even more.

Apart from those, his Inferno Sword Intent had reached the consummate stage too.

The 5-star Shadow of Scarlet had reached perfection rank.

The 5-star Sect Origins Swords had also reached perfection rank.

Everything that could be improved had been improved, excluding the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter which was still at the completion rank of the fourth chapter.

If he wanted to cultivate the fourth chapter to the perfection rank, he required class 5 demonic beast essence blood.

As such, apart from cultivation, Li Fuchen’s other areas were at least on par or superior to a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

It was a known fact that regular Reincarnation Realm martial artists wouldn’t have 6-star secret techniques, earth class martial arts, earth class cultivation techniques, but Li Fuchen had them. Although the latter two were just patterns, which would be depleted after multiple uses, they were still applicable in actual combat.

“I am already 25 this year. In just a few more years, I will definitely reach the peak level of Heaven Dipper Realm. It is still possible for me to progress to the Reincarnation Realm within five to twenty years.” Li Fuchen thought silently.

The true dragon imprint allowed him to sense the Heaven Dipper Realm rather quickly but he would have to rely on himself for the Reincarnation Realm.

In the early levels, he could use the cultivation technique rank to compensate for the lacking in the bone frame. But in the later levels, the difference between a 5 or 6-star bone frame and a 1-star bone frame wasn’t so easily compensated. Unless he had an earth class technique that was cultivated to a high rank.

“It seems like I have to go search for opportunities.” Li Fuchen had an idea.

The Black Sky Sect’s ruin had emerged for a few years. Manuals and treasures were frequently discovered.

The Violent Saber Sect’s Grand Elder He Lianhu managed to find a Reincarnation Elixir due to fate and successfully progressed to the Reincarnation Realm.

Grand Elder Zhao Wujin was extremely envious of this matter.

But Li Fuchen didn’t have his eyes set on the Reincarnation Elixir.

The Reincarnation Elixir might help in the progression to the Reincarnation Realm, but it would affect the future cultivation, making it hard to advance.

He would only fancy the higher grade Rebirth Elixir or an earth class manual.

With the Rebirth Elixir, one would be able to cultivate as per normal without side effects after progressing to the Reincarnation Realm. With the earth class manual, Li Fuchen would also be able to enter the Reincarnation Realm at a faster pace.

Without reporting to the sect, Li Fuchen wore a mask and silently left Azure Water Sect on the same night and rushed for the White Mountain Region.

His cultivation was now at the 8th level of Heaven Dipper Realm and his True Inferno Technique was at the highest rank, making Li Fuchen’s speed extremely fast. It wasn’t even inferior to a class 4 high-tier aerial demonic beast. As he spurred with high speed, he took less than one week to arrive at the White Mountain Region.

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The White Mountain Region was a region without a ruler and all the humans that once resided here had almost completely migrated. Along the way, Li Fuchen spotted many empty cities and there were some which looked like ghost cities without a trace of human qi as it had been vacated for a long time. 

After spending another half a day, Li Fuchen arrived at the entrance of the Black Sky Sect’s ruin.

It was now in the middle of the night and there wasn’t a single shadow at the entrance area.

With a flash of his body, Li Fuchen entered the ruin through the deep hole.

“Is this the Black Sky Sect’s ruin?”

Looking at the unending abandoned structures, Li Fuchen took a deep breath.

This ruin had been hidden for more than 2000 years, but it was in a rather good condition. It was imaginable that there was a giant array underneath the ruin that was preserving it. As long as there wasn’t a huge commotion, the ruin would continue to exist.

Li Fuchen passed through the Black Sky Sect’s memorial arch and entered the ruin very carefully.

“Look, it’s a human.”

“A Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist actually dares to venture into the Black Sky Sect’s ruin alone. He is truly courting death.”

Not far at the front, a class 4 demon and a class 4 peak-tier demonic beast were walking over and spotted Li Fuchen. They instantly burst out with intense killing intent.

The Demonic Ten Regions might have a pact of peace with the Hundred Sects, but they only promised not to conduct a large scale war. They would still kill as per usual times.

Swish! Swish!

The duo pounced at Li Fuchen. In their eyes, no one would be able to stop their combination attack unless it was a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.


Without the need to execute the Bronze Sword Essence, Li Fuchen circulated the 21st rank True Inferno Technique and activated the Shadow of Scarlet. In an instant, a scarlet shadow appeared.

With a flash of sword light, the heads of the class 4 demon and the class 4 peak-tier demonic beast were sent flying.

With the enhancement of the True Inferno Technique Intent and the consummate stage Inferno Sword Intent, Li Fuchen’s current strength was already sufficient to crush a class 4 demon.

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