Chapter 346: Evil King

Azure Water Sect, Azure Water Grand Hall.

Ouyang Wentian spoke in an immense voice, “Elder Liang and Left Protector are dead, causing our Azure Water Sect to decline greatly in strength. Fortunately, we have benefited considerably from this trip to the Black Sky Sect’s ruin. I propose to give this earth class low-tier armor to Elder Ouyang Tie.”

“Supreme Elder Ouyang is our Azure Water Sect’s no.1 expert. It should be the case.” Elder Guo responded.

Ouyang Tie had a smile on his face as he spoke, “Then this old one will accept everyone’s kindness.”

An earth class low-tier armor’s value was several times more than an earth class low-tier weapon.

With this earth class low-tier armor, he believed that he would be able to battle against a 4th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist. Even a 5th level Reincarnation Realm expert wouldn’t be able to defeat in a short period of time. It could also be said that this earth class low-tier armor was enough to compensate for the strength deficient caused the loss of Elder Liang and Left Protector, perhaps even overcompensating.

“As for this 5-star secret technique, Shadow of Scarlet… We will cultivate it first and decide if it should be imparted. Of course, there is one individual who we can impart first and he is Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist.” Ouyang Wentian regarded Li Fuchen very highly as he was a prodigy since the history of the sect and had an exceptionally high perception that was probably at the top of the entire East Unicorn Continent. As long as he had sufficient time to grow, he might have the chance to stand on the pinnacle of the East Unicorn Continent.

Hearing Ouyang Wentian’s statement, Ouyang Tie, and others nodded. With Li Fuchen’s perception, his comprehension speed of the 5-star secret technique wouldn’t be slower than them. Furthermore, with the Shadow of Scarlet, Li Fuchen would have even more strength to protect himself.

On the next day, Li Fuchen received the Shadow of Scarlet.

The Shadow of Scarlet was a secret technique that had both defense and offense. Once cultivated, the body would be able to condense a cloud of scarlet human shadow. It was similar to the Heaven Fiend Sect’s Heaven Fiend Asura.

It allowed for a huge increase in defensive and offensive abilities.

But to say the truth, Li Fuchen felt that it was a pity. If the Shadow of Scarlet was like the Pure Yang Dipper Qi which was a secret technique to boost the power of qi, it might be able to stack with the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique and the Bronze Sword Essence. If it was possible, he would be able to burst out with shocking strength.

Of course, it was unknown if it could be stacked or not.

Furthermore, the situation wasn’t so, hence, Li Fuchen didn’t think about it.

Li Fuchen didn’t immediately cultivate the Shadow of Scarlet, as he spent all his efforts on the cultivation of the Bronze Sword Essence secret technique.

Half a year had passed by and the black iron sword patterns on his bones were nearly gone. On the other hand, the bronze sword patterns had covered nearly 90% of his bones, leaving only 10%.

No matter which secret technique… when it was cultivated to the perfection rank, there would be a considerable increase in power.

A 99% completed Bronze Sword Essence and the perfection rank Bronze Sword Essence still had a little gap.

“I wonder how would the power of the perfection rank Bronze Sword Essence be like?” Li Fuchen was looking forward to it.

A perfection rank Bronze Sword Essence was considered a top-class 6-star secret technique and it was much more powerful when compared to a 5-star secret technique.

And this cultivation process had taken up three whole months.

During these three months, Li Fuchen had slightly cultivated the Shadow of Scarlet.

But with his perception, he still cultivated the Shadow of Scarlet to the sub-completion rank.

After activating the Shadow of Scarlet, his body formed a 30 feet tall scarlet shadow.

The Shadow of Scarlet increased Li Fuchen’s defense and offense by around 30%. It wasn’t hard to imagine that when at completion rank, the defense and offense might be close to doubling.

If the defense and offense were doubled, it meant that the practitioner’s strength was doubled too.

With the increase in cultivation, the difficulty to increase in strength would be progressively more difficult. If Li Fuchen was at the Reincarnation Realm and it would be praiseworthy if a 5-star secret technique could increase his strength by 20% or 30%.

This was also the reason why 4-star secret techniques weren’t effective for Reincarnation Realm martial artists.

Otherwise, there would be countless Reincarnation Realm martial artists coveting for Li Fuchen’s sword essence secret technique.

Of course, they had assumed Li Fuchen’s sword essence secret technique was a 4-star secret technique. Hence, even if it could be stacked with other secret techniques, it would only increase their strength slightly. Making the secret technique something good if they managed to obtain it, but there wouldn’t be any impact even if they couldn’t obtain it.

“The Bronze Sword Essence is finally at perfection rank.”

During the past few days, the bones inside Li Fuchen’s body had been completely branded with the bronze sword pattern.

The condensed bronze sword pattern had made Li Fuchen’s bones like an exquisite artwork, while it displayed a mystical and mysterious feeling.


After the true inferno qi was transmuted into the bronze sword qi, it then appeared outside the body.


The clear sound of the sword echoed as bronze swords qi appeared. They looked like real bronze swords and were extremely sharp as it felt like they could even slice the void.


With a burst of qi presence, the bronze swords qi shot out.

On the other side, there was a giant mystic class metallic ore which was filled with numerous holes. A wind blow over forcefully and it had crumbled instantly.

“Such power, the power is at least 30% higher than before.” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up.

The 99% completed and the perfection rank Bronze Sword Essence might only be 1% apart, but the power was 30% in disparity.

“I wonder if I am to use all my trump cards, will I be able to clash with the 1st or 2nd level of Reincarnation Realm martial artists for a few times?”

If it was before, Li Fuchen wouldn’t even dare to think in this way.

But right now, he suddenly had much confidence.

White Mountain Region, Black Sky Sect’s ruin…

The Black Sky Sect was a flourishing sect over 2000 years ago. The sect had dozens of Battle Spirit Realm experts and even had existences that were beyond the Battle Spirit Realm. This sect ruin wasn’t comparable to regular sect ruins. Even the pinnacle experts of the East Unicorn Continent wouldn’t be able to explore the entire Black Sky Sect’s ruin

Hence, there would be experts coming to explore every three to five days. Some were from the Hundred Sects and some were from the Demonic Ten Regions, there were even Reincarnation Realm martial artists from the evil dao factions.

On this day, two massive figures had arrived at the entrance of the Black Sky Sect’s ruin. They were the Mountain Shaking Elephant and the Petrified Queen.

There wasn’t a need to talk about the Mountain Shaking Elephant as his strength had already been proven. But not many people had seen the Petrified Queen make a move.

It was said that her petrification ability could instantly petrify a high-level Reincarnation Realm expert. The petrification could only be prevented if several high-level Reincarnation Realm experts were to form a battle formation. But they could only prevent it for a short period of time. During the war, it was the Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder who was the no.1 expert of the East Unicorn Continent who personally deal with the Petrified Queen. But after the war ended, there were rumors that the Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder had immediately gone into seclusion and it seemed like he was injured.

The Petrified Queen was a woman with an extremely beautiful figure and looks. Her eyes could captivate the soul, and felt as though the spatial zone would freeze. Her lower body was a snake’s body with multi-color, and the tip of her tail was flickering with traces of white light.

The duo were preparing to enter the Black Sky Sect’s ruin.

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“Eh!” The Petrified Queen lifted her head and looked at the horizon.

At the end of the horizon, a black stream of light was rapidly approaching.

“It is a human!” The Mountain Shaking Elephant grinned.

They might have the pact of peace, but if the opposition had come alone, the Mountain Shaking Elephant wouldn’t mind eliminating them. To a demonic beast, a so-called pact was simply a piece of paper which he could tear apart if he desired, but was there a necessity to do so?

“This human isn’t simple.” The Petrified Queen spoke indifferently.

When the black stream of light landed, it was a tall man with a golden mask. The qi presence emitted from his body was domineering and evil, like an evil god was hiding inside his body.

“Evil dao expert?” The Mountain Shaking Elephant’s expression turned a little grave.

The evil dao factions hid deep and during the previous two battles with the Hundred Sects, the Demonic Ten Regions had also suffered considerable losses. The Evil Fist Sect which was the leader of the evil dao factions was even more overbearing and ferocious than the demonic beasts. Moreover, each of them had strange abilities.

“Who are you?” The Mountain Shaking Elephant inquired.

“Is a small elephant like you qualified to ask me a question?” The golden-masked man spoke grimly.

“Courting death.” 

The Mountain Shaking Elephant was still a demonic beast after all and was easily infuriated.

He who had an elephant’s head and human’s body instantly turned into his demonic beast form. It was huge like a mountain and was smashing towards the golden-masked man.

At this moment, there was a gale and the ground was splitting open. Disc-shaped rocks were flying all over the air and it felt as though it was an apocalypse.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant was confident that not many individuals would be able to withstand this smash of his, and would have to dodge it instead of clashing with it.

“Overestimating yourself.”

The golden-masked man didn’t retreat nor give way. He clenched his fist and blasted at the Mountain Shaking Elephant.


What kind of fist was this?

When the fist was blasted out, the void trembled, while a devilish god roared and danced behind the golden-masked man. The sky had unknowingly turned dark.

The ground split open and blinding dark light burst out, dying the entire Mountain Shaking Elephant black in color. His entire body flew back while fresh blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

A single fist had injured the Mountain Shaking Elephant.

Not only was the Mountain Shaking Elephant shocked by the golden-masked man’s strength, but even the Petrified Queen had also been stunned.

It was obvious that the golden-masked man wasn’t going to let off the Mountain Shaking Elephant so easily. As his body flashed, it felt as though he instant shifted and arrived in front of the Mountain Shaking Elephant again and blasted another fist.

“Stop your impudent behavior!”

The Petrified Queen made a move. Her tail stood up and her hands were spouting white light which engulfed towards the golden-masked man.


The sky was separated by black and white colors.

Visible to the eye, the land on the Petrified Queen’s side had instantly been petrified into firm white rocks, but due to the fist force from the golden-masked man, the white rocks had been halted and couldn’t extend towards the golden-masked man.


The white rocks shattered while the golden-masked man stood there motionlessly. The Petrified Queen’s body swayed a little while she had this astonished expression.

“Who exactly are you?” The Petrified Queen asked solemnly.

“Evil King.”

The golden-masked man sized up the Petrified Queen and the Mountain Shaking Elephant. His figure then flashed as he skimmed into the entrance of the Black Sky Sect’s ruin.

“Evil King?” The Mountain Shaking Elephant muttered.

“Evil King?” The Petrified Queen lifted her head suddenly and said, “Elephant King, you didn’t lose in vain. He is the Evil Fist Sect Patriarch.”

“Evil Fist Sect Patriarch.” The Mountain Shaking Elephant was struck dumb.

Every Evil Fist Sect Patriarch had a title called Evil King.

When the Evil Fist Sect wreaked havoc on the East Unicorn Continent, he was still a small elephant. He couldn’t possibly have experienced the horrors of the Evil Fist Sect and had just simply heard it from others.

Right now, he finally understood why the Evil Fist Sect could wreak havoc on the East Unicorn Continent and had nearly unified the entire continent.

This strength was enough for the Demonic Ten Regions to be fearful, let alone the Hundred Sects.

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“I thought that humans didn’t have any experts. It seems like I have underestimated the humans.” The black color faded from the Mountain Shaking Elephant’s body and he had an awful expression.

The Petrified Queen said, “The true strength of humans isn’t as simple, but they are fond of conflicts. A single continent actually has a hundred sects and when adding the evil dao factions, their overall strength is much stronger than our Demonic Ten Regions.”

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