Chapter 345: The Pact of Peace

Days went by… Apart from the top ten elite factions, the members of the various sects were all back from the Black Sky Sect’s ruin. As for those who didn’t return, they had probably met with danger. 

Having nothing to do, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist started to comprehend the Inferno Sword Intent and Mystic Heaven Sword Intent.

He was only at the initial stage for both sword intents and there was still a long way to go.

Of course, with Li Fuchen’s perception and cultivation, he had progressed quite a lot for the two sword intents within a month. Especially the Mystic Heaven Sword Intent which he could reference from the Joint-Heaven Sword. The Mystic Heaven Sword Intent had made rapid progress and in this one month, it had almost reached the proficient stage.

(TL note: I made a mistake for sword intents, it should be: Initial, proficient, consummate stages)

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Even Grand Elder Zhao Wujin’s Azure Water Sword Intent was only at the initial stage, but it was actually Zhao Wujin’s adopted son, Zhao Wuji who had achieved proficient stage for his Inferno Sword Intent.

“Leave behind the manual!”

On this day, two figures rushed onto the surface one after the other.

At the front, it was a Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists from Azure Water Sect. It was unknown how he had survived but he seemed to have obtained something valuable.

“Go back.”

Supreme Elder Guo quickly stepped in and swung his hand to send the pursuer flying.

“Supreme Elder.” The member of the Azure Water Sect let out a breath of relief.

“Elder Yuan, what is going on?” The Reincarnation Realm experts from the pursuer’s sect rushed over and glared at Elder Guo while inquiring.

The Heaven Dipper Realm who was sent flying transmitted a message, “Supreme Elder, that person snatched a manual away from me. I suspect that it is a 5-star secret technique manual.”

“5-star secret technique!” This Reincarnation Realm expert’s eyes flashed with radiance.

Which sect would turn their backs on more 5-star secret techniques? In fact, every 5-star secret technique had its own uses, as some were focused on defense, while some were focused on offense, while some were adept at both defense and offense. Having an additional 5-star secret technique would undoubtedly give an additional option, and could strengthen a sect greatly.

“Elder Xu, what manual did you obtain?” Elder Guo inquired the Azure Water Sect’s inner sect elder that he had just rescued.

Elder Xu’s cultivation was at the 9th level of Heaven Dipper Realm. He transmitted a reply, “Supreme Elder, it is a 5-star secret technique and it seems to be the type that is adept at both offense and defense.”

“Alright, go back and rest first.” Elder Guo was ecstatic.

The Azure Water Sect’s Sect Origin Swords might be formidable and was one of the top ten 5-star secret techniques in East Unicorn Continent, but it had a huge flaw… Once the swords qi were depleted, the practitioner’s combat strength would decline drastically.

While a secret technique which was adept at both offense and defense was different, as it allowed sustainable combat. Like Heaven Fiend Sect’s Heaven Fiend Asura which was a type of secret technique that was adept at offense and defense.

Immediately after, Elder Guo secretly transmitted a message to Supreme Elder Ouyang Tie.

Ouyang Tie had a flash of delight on his face which quickly dissipated.

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Obtaining a 5-star secret technique was a good thing, but being exposed of having one wasn’t.

“Guo Deliang, your Azure Water Sect’s inner sect elder forcefully snatched a manual from my sect’s inner sect elder. Hurry up and hand it over.” A Reincarnation Realm expert flew over and demanded with anger.

Elder Guo replied coldly, “Lu Hai, don’t be shameless. Which eye of yours saw Elder Xu forcefully snatching the manual from your sect’s inner sect elder?”

Lu Hai was Flying Cloud Sect’s, Supreme Elder. The Flying Cloud Sect was a second-rate sect and was superior to the Azure Water Sect and had around the same strength as the Heaven Fiend Sect.

“What? Not planning to hand it over? You better not regret this.” Lu Hai wasn’t old enough to flip out with Azure Water Sect immediately, as the Hundred Sects alliance had yet to be dissolved. But in the future, there would definitely be chances to look for trouble with the Azure Water Sect.

“Regret? Amusing…” The Azure Water Sect’s no.1 Reincarnation expert, Ouyang Tie sneered.


Letting out a cold snort, Lu Hai returned back to the Flying Cloud Sect’s camp, as now was not the time to fight over a manual.

The rest of the sect didn’t know what kind of manual did the Azure Water Sect obtained, but they were all secretly making guesses and assumed it wasn’t an earth class manual. Had it been an earth class manual, the Flying Cloud Sect wouldn’t have let things rest so easily.

Looking at this scene, Li Fuchen silently shook his head.

A third-rate sect was ultimately too weak. If the Azure Water Sect was an elite sect, even if they obtained an earth class manual, who would dare to speak such nonsense?

Unconsciously, it had already been four months since the Black Sky Sect’s ruin were found. Over at the Hundred Sects’ side, there were some Reincarnation Realm martial artists from the elite sects and factions that had left the ruin and were all radiant with joy. It seemed they had quite the harvest.

On this day, Li Fuchen had finally achieved the proficient stage for the Mystic Heaven Sword Intent, while the Inferno Sword Intent was just one step away from reaching the proficient stage.

At the same time… With the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint and the low-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen’s cultivation had progressed to the peak of 4th level Heaven Dipper Realm. His progression speed was unbelievable.

In a blink of the eye, another two months passed by and Li Fuchen’s Inferno Sword Intent had reached the proficient stage.

But in comparison to his cultivation advancement, the sword intent breakthrough was just a small matter.

Li Fuchen had just progressed to the Heaven Dipper Realm for less than a year.

In just less than a year, he had broken through from the 4th level to the 5th level of Heaven Dipper Realm. This progression speed had truly shocked a lot of people, including the top ten elite sects.

“This child’s progression speed is unbelievable. According to this pace, he might take less than ten years before he could have the chance to rush to the Reincarnation Realm.” A Reincarnation Realm expert from the Sky Dragon Sword Sect took a deep breath.

Li Fuchen was already at the 5th level of Heaven Dipper Realm. Normally, within ten years, he would definitely be able to reach the peak of 9th level Heaven Dipper Realm. Subsequently, he could make a spur for the Reincarnation Realm.

This had caused a trace of pressure on the Reincarnation Realm martial artists.

“Such progression speed must be due to the true dragon imprint.” In the Thunder God Sect’s camp, Situ Lei’s eyes were fixated on Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen’s Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint was much more flawless than his. The lesser the flaw the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint had, the faster the progression speed. This was an undeniable fact.

“This child is truly a scourge!” Members of the Heaven Fiend Sect were alarmed and infuriated.

“So fast?”

In the Azure Water Sect’s camp, the Supreme Elders, Ouyang Tie and Elder Guo looked at each other and were both in joy and concern. There was joy because, with Li Fuchen’s current cultivation speed, he would only need a few years before becoming a pillar for the Azure Water Sect. There was a concern because an outstanding tree in the forest would definitely be blown down by the wind. The Azure Water Sect was ultimately a third-rate sect and wasn’t competent enough to protect Li Fuchen.

After the Reincarnation Realm experts from the top ten elite factions had left the Black Sky Sect’s ruin, the Hundred Sects had a negotiation with the Demonic Ten Regions.

Finally, both sides formed a pact which stated that they wouldn’t have any conflicts for twenty years.

But there was a precondition. Of the six regions, excluding the White Mountain Region, the other five regions would belong to the Demonic Ten Regions, but the human population in the five regions must be migrated, while the White Mountain Region would become a region without any dictator. Both sides could freely enter the White Mountain Region and the Black Sky Sect’s ruin.

Of course, the Hundred Sects understood that the Demonic Ten Regions were willing to take a step back and not force their hands was because they wanted to accumulate their strength and utterly crush the Hundred Sects.

Twenty years later, when the next war arrived, the Hundred Sects would face an even more severe disadvantage.

During this period of time, the Hundred Sects must work hard to strengthen themselves.

Since there was a pact, the various sects didn’t have to exhaust themselves here, as the Black Sky Sect’s ruin wouldn’t be going anywhere and they could come here to explore anytime they wished.

In just a few days time, most of the sects had departed from White Mountain Region and returned to their respective regions.

The Azure Water Sect did the same.

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