Chapter 344: Completion Rank of the Fourth Chapter

The spatial zone underneath the ground was extremely huge. Even after thousands of people coming down, they were still comparable to ants.

Among the sects, the Mystic Tools Sect wasn’t only proficient in refining tools, they were also rather adept at formation arrays. One of the Mystic Tools Sect’s Supreme Elder made a move and neutralized the formation array at the entrance of the Black Sky Sect’s ruin in three days. All the gathered up people were all gone as they vanished into the ruin.

“Haha, we are rich. This entire pillar is actually made of mystic class high-tier metal, Green Pattern Copper. How many mystic class high-tier weapons can we produce from this!?”

“There are actually surviving herbs in this place. Mystic class high-tier, mystic class peak-tier, and there is even one earth class low-tier.”

The Black Sky Sect’s ruin had much more opportunities that one could imagine. In the next few days, most of the sects all had plenty of rewards.

But no one obtained any manuals or elixirs yet.

But it was logical when thinking about it, as manuals and elixirs were opportunities among opportunities. Since they were things that could easily alter a person’s destiny, how could it be obtained so easily?

As they went deeper into the ruin, the death rate started to increase. There were some sects which were rather unlucky as almost all of their Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists were wiped out, leaving only a few Reincarnation Realm martial artists. There was one sect that was truly in the worst luck as all of them fell into an vicious formation array trap. Everyone, including their Reincarnation Realm martial artists, were all instantly extinguished, leaving no trace behind.

Of course, all these were unrelated to Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist as he was currently cultivating the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter. With sufficient class 4 demonic beast essence blood, it wasn’t a difficult task for him to reach the completion rank for the fourth chapter as long as he had enough time.

Furthermore, once the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter had reached the completion rank of the fourth chapter, just his physical defenses alone would be able to forcefully clash against an all-out attack from a high-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist. This was much more incredible than qi protection.


One month had passed.

A Reincarnation Realm martial artist flew up from underground. His body was in worn-out and his qi presence was dispirited.

“Elder Hu, what happen to you? What about the others?”

“They are all dead. I am the only one that survived.”

“What? All dead? Elder Yu and Elder Fu are also dead?”

The Reincarnation Realm martial artist that came over to support him had a ghastly pale expression. The sect only had a total of six Reincarnation Realm martial artists, with two of them dead now, they had suffered a huge loss.

Subsequently, there would be people flying out every other day and all these people were basically Reincarnation Realm martial artists, only with a rare few Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists.

“It seems like I have underestimated the cultivation difficulty of the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter. Even after consuming 1000 drops of class 4 demonic beast essence blood, I am still unable to attain the completion rank for the fourth chapter. Moreover, the effectiveness of these class 4 demonic beast essence blood is now at 50%. I am afraid it will be difficult to break through to the completion rank with just the class 4 demonic beast essence blood.”

Li Fuchen who was sitting cross-legged on the ground had opened his eyes and his body flashed with overbearing physique qi presence.

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He might not be able to cultivate the completion rank of the fourth chapter, his current physical defenses was still able to withstand against an all-out attack from a 5th or 6th level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists, without any problem.

This was just his physical defenses if he was to use his qi protection and also his class 5 demonic beast pelt armor, no one under the Reincarnation Realm, or even a class 4 demon would be able to harm him.

And this was in conditions where he didn’t reveal his trump cards.

If Li Fuchen unleashed his trump cards, he didn’t even know what his defensive ability would be. It wouldn’t be impossible for him to withstand against an all-out attack from a 1st level Reincarnation Realm expert.

It was already proven when he unleashed all his trump cards to block against a shockwave from the class 5 low-tier demonic beast, Squall Eagle’s attack.

“I wonder about the effects of class 5 demonic beast essence blood.”

With a flip of Li Fuchen’s hand, a small bottle appeared.

The bottle looked empty and one would only be able to see it after looking carefully. At the bottom of the bottle, was a trace of dark yellow fluid.

This was the class 5 demonic beast essence blood which Li Fuchen had especially collected on the battlefield.

Class 5 demonic beasts might be powerful but during a battle, it would inevitably be injured and would naturally bleed. As long as one could obtain a certain amount of blood, a trace of essence blood could be refined from it. It might not be much, as it wasn’t even a drop, but the effectiveness of it was something that class 4 demonic beast essence blood wouldn’t be able to compare with.

After consuming the dark yellow demonic beast essence blood, Li Fuchen continued to refine his physique.

Rush Rush…

The class 5 demonic beast essence blood was immediately absorbed when it entered the body. It felt as though a burning qi flow that was scorching Li Fuchen’s blood and bones.

“It is effective!” Li Fuchen’s face had a flash of delight.

The amount of class 5 demonic beast essence blood was too little and Li Fuchen was a little worried.

But there was no need to worry now, as this trace of class 5 demonic beast essence blood could refine his body at a much deeper level.

If class 4 demonic beast essence blood was referred to as ordinary meals, then class 5 demonic beast essence blood would be ginseng.

No matter how much you eat ordinary meals, you would only be able to maintain the nourishment of the body.

But just a little hint of ginseng was enough for you to feel the difference.


After depleting the class 5 demonic beast essence blood, Li Fuchen took out another portion of class 5 demonic beast essence blood.

This class 5 demonic beast essence blood had a pale grey color and looked to possess more texture.

This was a class 5 mid-tier demonic beast essence blood.

Although similarly class 5 demonic beast essence blood, but a class 5 mid-tier essence blood was naturally purer and much more potent than class 5 low-tier essence blood.

After consuming it, Li Fuchen felt as though his entire body was cooked as he could feel burning pain.


As days went by, more and more people emerged from the Black Sky Sect’s ruin.

But, they were basically from second-rate or third-rate sects. Those martial artists from the first-rate and elite sects were all mid-level or high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artists. Such danger would basically be ineffective against them.

“Elder Ouyang, Elder Guo, Elder Zhao.”

Soon enough, the people from the Azure Water Sect had returned, but there were only three of them.

“Where is Left Protector?” One of the inner sect elders asked.

(TL note: In Wuxia terminology, there is always a Left and Right Protector for those sects)

Zhao Wujin spoke in a heavy tone, “Left Protector has sacrificed himself.”

The situation was extremely critical and Zhao Wujin was able to keep his life because he was under the protection from Supreme Elder Ouyang Tie. But Left Protector wasn’t as fortunate as he was only at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm and had been instantly killed by the formation array trap. As for the other Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists, some were dead, others were scattered out. Most of them were probably dead.

Hearing the news, the people from Azure Water Sect were distressed.

After including Elder Liang who had fallen during the early phase of the war, the Azure Water Sect had already lost two of the Reincarnation Realm martial artists. While the Heaven Fiend Sect didn’t even lose a single Reincarnation Realm martial artist. The disparity between the two sects were unknowingly widened.

Li Fuchen lifted his head to look at the three elders, and he couldn’t help but let out a light sigh in his heart.

The sacrifice of Left Protector should be logically very heavy on the trio’s heart, and there shouldn’t be any other emotions. But from their eyes, Li Fuchen could see a trace of joy.

“Could they have obtained some treasure?” Li Fuchen thought to himself.

When Li Fuchen thought about it, his mood got better. If these three individuals had treasures which could make them reveal joy, it must be a considerably valuable treasure. At the very least, it should be extremely beneficial to Reincarnation Realm martial artists!

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After taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen continued to bury himself in the cultivation of the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter.

A few days later, Li Fuchen’s entire body contracted as surging energy was born deep within his body.

The Dragon Elephant Body Forging fourth chapter was at completion rank.

“I finally reached completion rank.” Li Fuchen let out a turbid breath.

He could feel his physical power increasing in unknown proportions, while his bones, flesh, meridians, and even his skin were now tougher by several folds.


Li Fuchen drew his blacklight sword and slashed his arm with all his strength. There was actually a muffled sound as his skin was still intact.

“With my current physical defense, not even a 9th level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist will be able to harm me. If I am to use my qi protection at the same time, it will be enough to resist the attack from a class 4 demon. If I am to activate the class 5 demonic beast pelt armor, my defensive ability will be even tougher.” Li Fuchen revealed a smile.

It was at this moment, did he have a trace of security. He might not be able to clash against a Reincarnation Realm martial artist, but he would at least be able to survive an attack from a regular low-level Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

“After the completion rank, there is still the perfection rank. I wonder how long before I can reach the perfection rank of the fourth chapter.”

The perfection rank of the fourth chapter was even more terrifying, as his physical defenses would be able to ignore an all-out attack from a regular peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist.

“If I want to cultivate to the perfection rank of the fourth chapter, I will need sufficient class 5 demonic beast essence blood.”

Li Fuchen let out a sigh as class 5 demonic beast essence blood were too difficult to obtain. It was difficult to refine a lot of essence blood from the class 5 demonic beast blood that were sprayed on the ground. Furthermore, in the next period of time, there might not be any battles and he didn’t wish for any as well.

“Let it be. I will take a step at a time.”

Rising up, Li Fuchen started to size up the demonic beasts and demons on the other side.

The demonic beasts and demons had a much smaller number than the Hundred Sects, but each one of them had extremely powerful qi presence. After they gathered, the demonic qi and evil qi were weaving around, making it as though the air was distorting and getting blurry.

Although it was barely visible, Li Fuchen could still see a few massive figures.

The Demonic Ten Regions had a total of ten pinnacle beings.

None of these ten pinnacle beings had entered the Black Sky Sect’s ruin.

On the left most, was a blood-colored demon, which was around ten meters in height. Its body was covered with blood-colored spikes and had overwhelming qi presence, which nearly formed a field. A huge radius was being enveloped by his blood-colored qi presence, making it like a blood-colored world and he was the only dictator of this blood-colored world.

On the right most was a creature with a tiger head and human body. This creature was entirely pitch-black, and even the tiger head was black in color, but the forehead had golden patterns. When the demon qi and its demonic qi was weaved together, it gave off a violent and ferocious feeling.

The one furtherest at the back looked a little blur and it looked like a being which was half human and half snake. But Li Fuchen had a feeling that this being was the strongest being among all.

“Blood Devil King, Devil Pattern Tiger, and Petrified Queen.”

Li Fuchen had heard of all these three beings.

The Blood Devil King was the sovereign of the Blood Devil Region.

The Devil Pattern Tiger was the sovereign of the Tiger Devil Region.

The Petrified Queen was the queen sovereign of the Stone Region.

Among the three, the Blood Devil King and the Devil Pattern Tiger had more reputation. The former was a well-known figure among the class 5 demons and was extremely cruel. It was said that he was giving shelter to many of the evil dao factions, like the Multitude Blood Cult which was wreaking havoc on the continent, and it seemed like they were inside the Blood Devil Region.

The Devil Pattern Tiger was a class 5 peak-tier mutated beast and had both demon qi and demonic qi, making it similarly powerful.

The Petrified Queen who had lesser fame, but the insiders all knew that the Petrified Queen was a veteran in the Demonic Ten Regions. It was said that she too had the King Beast’s bloodline like the Mountain Shaking Elephant, but her bloodline concentration was much superior to the Mountain Shaking Elephant.

Her petrification ability had awed the entire East Unicorn Continent. She had even fought against the 8th Mystic Martial Expert and remained unscathed.

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