Chapter 343: Remnants of Black Sky Sect

Historical ruin. It meant that these structures were at least from a few centuries ago.

A few centuries ago, meaning the era when the supreme experts had yet to vanish. It was the era when Reincarnation Realm experts were just martial artists who were slightly more formidable, and they were like common existences like the Heaven Dipper Realm or the Earth Shatter Realm.

As for what kind of historical ruin, it would require exploration before anyone could know.

If it was a sect’s historical ruin, it would truly be an astounding matter, as there would definitely be the remains of secret manuals.

In this current era, an earth class low-tier martial arts manual was enough to cause a blood war, let alone if it was a higher classed martial arts manual.

Apart from manuals, there might also be the remains of elixirs.

Powerful martial arts manual might not allow Reincarnation Realm experts to progress to the next level, or it should be said as progressing in a short amount of time. But powerful elixirs would definitely allow one to progress, like earth class elixirs.

“This is a historical ruin?”

The Mountain Shaking Elephant’s eyes lit up like the sun and moon.

The treasures in the ruin were also beneficial for demonic beasts, like elixirs who could allow spirit beasts to progress would also be effective for demonic beasts. After all, spirit beasts and demonic beasts progress with the same method, as they progress with their bloodlines, unlike humans who progress with their cultivation.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant had the bloodlines of the King Beast, Mountain Pulling Elephant. If its bloodlines could progress, it would make the bloodline of the Mountain Pulling Elephant even purer. By then, no one would be a match for him.

“Elephant King, let’s stop!” The green-clothed elder proposed.

“Alright.” The Mountain Shaking Elephant agreed without hesitation.

The main objective wasn’t to fight the war, strengthening oneself was the true objective. This historical ruin was a huge opportunity.

The war was halted soon enough and everyone got to know that there was a discovery of a historical ruin at the center of the battlefield.

“Historical ruin?” The Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder had a flash of radiance in his eyes.

His Dark Cold Palm Art originated from a sect’s ruin, but it was a badly damaged ruin and the most valuable thing inside was the incompleted Dark Cold Palm Art.

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If this was a sect’s historical ruin, it would definitely cause a blood storm. There would be a bloodied war even among the Hundred Sects.

With the strongest cultivation technique and martial arts, was there a need to bother about the Demonic Ten Regions or the Hundred Sects? The strength of a single individual was enough to raze everything.

When that time came, it wouldn’t be impossible to unify the entire East Imperial Continent.

Of course, the prerequisite was to have absolute strength.

“Historical ruin?” Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was shocked.

After the supreme experts had vanished without a trace, most of the powerful cultivation techniques, martial arts, and treasures had also been lost. Currently, only those ancient and powerful elite forces had one or two of the earth class cultivation technique or martial arts. Like the Eternal Spring Valley, Mystic Tools Sect, or the Thunder God Sect.

Li Fuchen clearly understood what did a historical ruin meant.

“It seems like the East Unicorn Continent is about into a bigger mess.” Li Fuchen knitted his brows.

When it was a battle between races, everyone would maintain a certain level of rationality. But a battle for opportunity was one that would make everyone go insane.

If some sect’s expert had discovered an earth class manual in the ruin, the other sects would definitely covet after it. If there was any mishaps, there might be a huge battle among the sects. When it happened, the entire East Unicorn Continent was definitely going to be cover in smokes of war.

In just a few days, the news of a historical ruin discovered in the White Mountain Region had been spread to the five other warring regions. Those five regions immediately stopped the war as everyone rushed over to the White Mountain Region.

No one entered the ruin immediately.

Historical ruin might have countless opportunities, but there must be plenty of dangers as well. If anyone was to enter recklessly, not even a high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artist would be able to survive. Everyone knew that historical ruins had formation arrays and traps which were all specifically targeting at Reincarnation Realm experts.

After everybody discussed, every sect and faction would each send one Reincarnation Realm martial artist and ten Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists into the ruin. They would first scout the situation and after they exited, they would decide if they should enter the ruin in a large scale operation.

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If the ruin had great danger and everyone was to flock in, they would be annihilated, making the situation worse.

The Azure Water Sect had chosen the Supreme Elder Guo, Grand Elder Zhao Wujin, and the others to enter the ruin.

Just like this, near 1000 individuals from the Hundred Sects followed went underground through the deep cave. While the Demonic Ten Regions had chosen some demonic beasts and demons to scout the way, while the others were garrisoned at the nearby vicinity and waiting for the information.

“Elder Yue, Elder Zhao.” Li Fuchen greeted when he lifted his head and saw Inner Sect Elder Yue Hua and Zhao Wuji walking over.

Yue Hua was an inner sect elder who was on Grand Elder Zhao Wujin’s faction and had helped Li Fuchen many times. While Zhao Wuji was Zhao Wujin’s adopted son and during this year, he had been rather close with Li Fuchen.

One of them was at the 7th level of Heaven Dipper Realm while the other was at the 8th level of Heaven Dipper Realm. They were considered the core strength of the Azure Water Sect and most importantly, they were very young. Especially Zhao Wuji who was only 40 odd years of age and had once been the no.1 direct disciple of the Azure Water Sect. His innate potential wasn’t inferior to Sword Maniac Li Xiangru and there was great hope that he might progress to the Reincarnation Realm in the future.

“Fuchen, don’t be so polite. You are now much more formidable than me.” Yue Hua laughed and said.

In his eyes, Li Fuchen’s strength had already reached the peak level of Heaven Dipper Realm and was much stronger than himself, and around the same strength as Zhao Wuji.

Zhao Wuji nodded as he too had acknowledged Li Fuchen’s strength.

The trio had mingled for a moment, while Yue Hua said, “If this ruin is a sect’s ruin, I wonder if it is a blessing or a disaster for our Azure Water Sect.”

“Even if it is a sect’s ruin, it shouldn’t have too much of an impact on our Azure Water Sect, right?” Zhao Wuji knitted his brows.

Li Fuchen responded, “If it is a sect’s ruin, and there are plenty of manuals and treasures, the Hundred Sects and the Demonic Ten Regions would definitely stop the war, as everyone needs time to digest everything. But there might be great waves within the Hundred Sects.”

Yue Hua nodded, “Fuchen is right. Manuals are the foundation for the strength of a martial artist. A single manual is enough to make anyone go insane.”

Letting out a sigh, Zhao Wuji said, “Father’s desire had always been to progress towards the Reincarnation Realm, hence, he volunteered to enter the ruin. I hope he doesn’t encounter any danger.”

Yue Hua added, “Grand Elder has encountered many opportunities in his life. I think this time, he should also have some opportunity.”

“Grand Elder Zhao Wujin should be entering for elixirs right?” Li Fuchen thought to himself.

A few centuries ago, the East Unicorn Continent had an earth class Concoction Master who could refine the Reincarnation Elixir.

A single Reincarnation Elixir could allow a peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist progress to the Reincarnation Realm. But there was a price of stagnation for an entire lifetime.

But this small price was nothing for those martial artists who had been stuck at the peak level of Heaven Dipper Realm for countless years.

Apart from this, in an even more ancient era, there was there Rebirth Elixir which was of a higher grade than the Reincarnation Elixir. It allowed the peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist to immediately breakthrough to the Reincarnation Realm and had minute side effects, hence allowing the consumer to still have the opportunity to progress.

Grand Elder Zhao Wujin was already in the later phase of his life and had used up almost all his potential. Even with an earth class manual, he still wouldn’t be able to achieve a breakthrough, thus, obtaining an elixir was his great hope.


Deep underground…

Zhao Wujin and a group of people had landed.

As everyone looked over, the extending structures were like unending waves that reached into darkness. At the front of these structures, there was a large memorial arch and on it were three golden wordings… Black Sky Sect.

“Black Sky Sect… Could it be the once flourishing Black Sky Sect that existed two thousand years ago?” One of the Reincarnation Realm martial artists cried out in alarm.

When the Black Sky Sect were in their prime, they had hundreds of Reincarnation Realm martial artists and dozens of Battle Spirit Realm experts. They even had three existences who were beyond the Battle Spirit Realm. All of these were recorded in the ancient relics.

If this truly was the Black Sky Sect’s ruin, then the value would be tremendous.

Everyone knew that the Black Sky Sect’s sect-defining manual was the earth class high-tier Black Sky Treasure Text. Once a person found this manual and cultivated it to a certain stage, that individual would be unrivaled in the entire continent. The Hundred Sects and the Demonic Ten Regions wouldn’t be even worth mentioning.

“Black Sky Sect uh?” Zhao Wujin’s eyes turned bright.

He wasn’t too ambitious as he simply hoped to obtain an elixir which could help him progress to the Reincarnation Realm, or elixirs which assist him in cultivation.

If this was truly the Black Sky Sect’s ruin, then there must be plenty of elixirs to be found.

2000 over years might be a long time, but with proper preservation, elixirs wouldn’t decay.

Passing by the memorial arch, the group of people were preparing to explore the Black Sky Sect’s ruin.

Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish….

All of a sudden, a giant array lit up and enveloped everyone.

At this same moment, demonic beast shadows were formed.

There were class 4 energy beasts and class 5 energy beasts.

“This is a class 5 formation array!” Everyone got astonished.

Class 5 formation arrays had already been lost in inheritance on the East Unicorn Continent. The various formation arrays used to protect the sects were mostly class 4 arrays or half-class 5 arrays.

Roar Roar Roar…

After the energy beasts were successfully formed, they started to attack the humans, demonic beasts, and demons.

Due to the sudden change in the situation, many of the Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists and the class 4 demonic beasts had instantly perished.


At this moment, the Reincarnation Realm martial artists, the class 5 demonic beasts, and class 5 demons had all made their move.

But the energy beasts were formed by the power of the array and if the array wasn’t destroyed, it was impossible to finish killing all the energy beasts.

“This isn’t working. We have to destroy the formation array first.”

A Reincarnation Realm martial artist from the High Heaven Sword Sect knitted his brows while saying.

He could the qi that were emitted from their bodies were actually absorbed by the formation array. Theoretically, as long as there was a supply of qi, the formation array could continue operating.

Furthermore, the formation array was also supported by other energies.

But no one among them were adept at formation arrays.

“Let’s back out first.” 

Ultimately, everyone decided to retreat out of the formation array.

It was fortunate that the formation array didn’t have any entrapment effects, otherwise, it would be unknown if everyone could even retreat.

Moments later, the news had traveled to the surface.

“What? Black Sky Sect’s ruin?”

Everyone on the surface was stunned, but those feelings were replaced with indescribable greed subsequently.

Experts wanted to get stronger, while the weaklings wanted to become experts.

Immediately after, the various sects and factions were preparing to act freely and were discussing how many people should they send down.

If they were to send too many, their sect would suffer a huge decline in strength if there were any mishaps.

If they were to send too little, they might just miss the opportunity.

The various sects and factions were in a huge dilemma, including the top ten elite factions.

On the Azure Water Sect’s side, they ultimately decided to send two Reincarnation Realm martial artists and 20 Heaven Dipper Realm. After including those that went down earlier, their total headcount would be 33.

Li Fuchen didn’t choose to venture down.

He had plenty of opportunities still on himself and there was no need to make unnecessary risks. As long as he could ingest all the opportunities that he had on himself, it would be enough for him to reach the pinnacle.

Of course, the most important reason was that his strength was too low. He would most likely perish if he was to venture in before reaching the Reincarnation Realm.

He wasn’t afraid of death, but he was afraid of meaningless death.

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