Chapter 342: Getting Someone Else to Do the Dirty Work

“Everyone made their contribution in the slaying of this Blazing Ground Dragon, I am willing to give everyone one low-grade spirit stone.”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist wanted to obtain the Blazing Ground Dragon’s demon core.

In his opinion, the Blazing Ground Dragon’s demon core was equivalent to a giant piece of fire attribute low-grade spirit stone. It should be rather beneficial for his cultivation.

Hearing such, Zhao Wujin was a little unhappy. He didn’t know where Li Fuchen got so many spirit stones, but Li Fuchen was being too wasteful as these people only contributed a little and it wasn’t enough for them to obtain one low-grade spirit stone.

“Grand Elder, you did the most. This is for you.” Li Fuchen handed over 50 low-grade spirit stones to Zhao Wujin.

The value of 50 low-grade spirit stones had already exceeded the value of the Blazing Ground Dragon’s demon core. But Zhao Wujin had done a lot for Li Fuchen and these 50 low-grade spirit stones was considered a show of filial respect.

Zhao Wujin was at the peak level of the Heaven Dipper Realm and if he wanted to continue progressing, he would require a huge number of low-grade spirits stones. Apart from that, he would also need a huge number of low-grade spirit stones to store the Sect Origin Swords qi.

“50 low-grade spirit stones?” Zhao Wujin was surprised.

As a Grand Elder of the Azure Water Sect, he could only obtain around 10 low-grade spirit stones every year. 50 low-grade spirit stones would be equivalent to five years worth of supply and it wasn’t a small sum. How did Li Fuchen obtain so many low-grade spirit stones?

Zhao Wujin might be doubtful, but he was still very pleased. With so many low-grade spirit stones, he would just need a few days to fill up the Life Origin Sword in his dantian with Sect Origin Swords qi. Previously, he wasn’t willing to waste the low-grade spirit stones like this.


A high-pitched trumpet sound felt as though it had caused the air to explode. On the vast battlefield, countless rocks floated up and smashed down ruthlessly.

90% of the people covered their ears as they were afraid the terrifying trumpet sound might deafen their ears.

The one making the trumpet sound was a giant elephant who was more than 1000 feet in length and 1000 feet in height.

It was the sovereign of the Thousands Demon Region, the Mountain Shaking Elephant.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant was of the same bloodline as the King Beast, Mountain Pulling Elephant. The dominance of its strength was in the top rankings of the Demonic Ten Regions. In fact, if it wasn’t for its slightly slower speed, its ranking would be even higher; it wasn’t impossible for it to be ranked no.1.

At this moment, no one knew why the Mountain Shaking Elephant was so upset. Its eyes were bloodshot and it was increasing its speed vigorously, smashing away his opponent, the Eternal Spring Valley’s Supreme Grand Elder.

“Has this demonic elephant gone mad?” The Eternal Spring Valley’s Supreme Grand Elder was a black-haired old man with green clothes. He was feeling rather suspicious.

He might be suspicious, but he could possibly allow the Mountain Shaking Elephant to break out from his control. When this elephant was in a frenzy, even demons would have to back away. How could anyone else be able to resist it?

“Who killed my descendant?! I am going to eat him!” The Mountain Shaking Elephant roared with anger.

“So it is because its descendant got killed.” The green-clothed elder finally understood what happened.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant also had his own descendants. His descendants might not have inherited the bloodlines of the King Beast, Mountain Pulling Elephant, but they were still extremely powerful. But the Mountain Shaking Elephant had several descendants, it was unknown which descendant got killed.

All these weren’t important.

The green-clothed elder brandished his green vine whip and restrained the Mountain Shaking Elephant.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant was extremely enraged, but it couldn’t break away from the green-clothed elder.

Far away, a few of the Eternal Spring Valley’s Supreme Elders looked over. When they saw that the Mountain Shaking Elephant didn’t break away from the restraints, they silently let out a breath of relief. One of them thought silently, ‘How can I actually suspect if the Supreme Grand Elder can stop the Mountain Shaking Elephant?’

The Eternal Spring Valley was one of the most ancient sects on East Unicorn Continent. In the sect, there was a complete earth class low-tier technique called the Eight Desolation Eternal Spring Technique.

And the Supreme Grand Elder was the only person who had cultivated the Eight Desolation Eternal Spring Technique to the highest rank, which was the 24th rank. He was a pinnacle existence who possessed the Eight Desolation Eternal Spring Technique Intent. His strength was definitely in the top three of the Hundred Sects and he wasn’t inferior to the Mountain Shaking Elephant even by a hint.

“This child’s progress is too stunning. He already has the strength of the peak level Heaven Dipper Realm. In just a dozen or twenty years, he will definitely become the scourge of our Heaven Fiend Sect.” A few hundred miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away, a pair of eyes swept across Li Fuchen.

This person was the Supreme Elder of the Heaven Fiend Sect, Tao Buchuan. Previously, he was among the Reincarnation martial artists who coerced the Azure Water Sect.

Li Fuchen’s performance on the battlefield made him feel a little uneasy.

He didn’t know how long this war was going to last. It might be one year, it might be several years, it might even be longer.

In other words, as long as the war didn’t end, the Heaven Fiend Sect had no way to openly kill Li Fuchen as this would cause an uproar in the Hundred Sects. If they were to publicly kill a rival sect’s prodigy during a war, what would the other sects think? When that happened, the upper echelons of the Hundred Sects wouldn’t spare the Heaven Fiend Sect and might execute the culprit, even if the culprit was a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

After all, when compared to the entire war, a single low-level Reincarnation Realm martial artist wasn’t a huge deal. If the execution could bring back stability, the upper echelons of the Hundred Sects wouldn’t hesitate to do it.

But if Li Fuchen was given more time to develop, the Heaven Fiend Sect would have a difficult time trying to deal with him.

“Hmph. If I cannot do it personally, I can get someone else to do the dirty work.”

Tao Buchuan sized up an opposing class 5 low-tier demonic beast, Squall Eagle.

This Squall Eagle had around the same strength as him, but it was faster than him. It would regularly conduct a massacre at the bottom and if Tao Buchuan could lead it over there, there was a high chance it might kill Li Fuchen.

“You dumb eagle, eat my fist.” Tao Buchuan raised his fist and struck at the Squall Eagle, forcing it back a little.

The Squall Eagle was enraged as the opposition actually cursed him as a dumb eagle. He definitely couldn’t bear such a  humiliation.

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Its deep black talons were revolving with demonic qi. The Squall Eagle flapped its wings and clawed at Tao Buchuan.


Tao Buchuan was sent flying more than ten miles away.

Tao Buchuan retreated as he fought and unknowingly, he had retreated to the area where Li Fuchen was.

The giant commotion had instantly attracted the attention of the people below.

“Not good, the fight is coming over here.” Everyone was shocked.

The combat zone of the Reincarnation Realm class was an absolute death zone. Death would happen in an instant and there wouldn’t be any chance to stay on guard.

“It’s the Heaven Fiend Sect’s, Supreme Elder. Retreat.”

Li Fuchen recognized Tao Buchuan’s identity in a single glance. He felt his heart getting alerted, thus, he retreated with haste.

“Dumb eagle, die!”

Tao Buchuan executed a kill move and sent hundreds of fists at the Squall Eagle.

When the Squall Eagle saw Tao Buchuan executing his kill move, it too executed its kill move instantly.

Demonic qi revolved around its wings, as a squall came over and wind blades were constantly taking form.


In the next moment, the Squall Eagle’s wings shook and burst out with boundless demonic qi. Countless arcs of wind blades shot out and covered the sky while enveloping dozens of miles ahead.

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

Blood mist diffused in the air.

At the bottom, at least a hundred Earth Shatter Realm fighters and more than a dozen Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists had exploded into blood mist. Apart from them, there were also large quantities of demonic beasts and a few demons which exploded as well.

Even Zhao Wujin who was very far away had vomited blood and got sent flying by the shockwave.


Zhao Wujin was appalled, as Li Fuchen was rather near to the combat zone. How could he have survived?

In a crater, Li Fuchen was inside there while in a prone position. His body was rising faintly with bronze-colored qi.

The instant when Tao Buchuan approached this area, Li Fuchen had a bad premonition. Hence, he retreated immediately.

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But no matter how fast he retreated, he still wasn’t as fast as the Squall Eagle.

The instant the Squall Eagle burst out with the kill move, Li Fuchen had understood Tao Buchuan’s intention.

Tao Buchuan was getting the Squall Eagle to do his dirty work. Tao Buchuan was planning to make use of the Squall Eagle’s power to kill Li Fuchen.

It was a pity that Tao Buchuan underestimated Li Fuchen.

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen circulated his true inferno qi to the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique pattern. Immediately after, the nine revolution purple qi flowed through his Bronze Sword Essence and transmuted into bronze sword qi which burst out of his body and formed a bronze sword qi protection. At the same time, he had activated the class 5 demonic beast pelt’s power, causing a demonic beast shadow to appear and envelope Li Fuchen.

After doing everything, the Squall Eagle’s attack had arrived.

Every single one of those countless wind blades had surpassed the strength of an all-out attack from a class 4 demon.

The first to shatter was the demonic beast shadow.

The demonic beast shadow might be the bloodline power of the demonic beast contained from the class 5 demonic beast pelt armor, but the Squall Eagle was a class 5 demonic beast itself. How was it not able to destroy the bloodline power of class 5 demonic beast pelt armor? Thus, the demonic beast shadow was shattered immediately.

Subsequently, it was the bronze sword qi protection.

The bronze sword qi protection was much tougher than the demonic beast shadow. A large number of wind blades slashed across but was still unable to destroy the bronze sword qi protection.

But Li Fuchen didn’t have a good time either. He was silently rejoicing that he didn’t trust his luck as he had made use of the power of the Bronze Sword Essence. If he had only relied on the nine revolution purple qi, it wouldn’t have been able to defend against the wind blades.

He was currently at the 4th level of Heaven Dipper Realm and even if his True Inferno Technique had broken through to the 19th rank, his qi cultivation was still only at the 6th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm. With the complements of the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique pattern, his qi cultivation might be barely above the peak level of the Heaven Dipper Realm, but it was still not enough to resist the long-distance attack of the Squall Eagle.

Finally, when half of the bronze sword qi protection had been destroyed, the wind blades vanished and Li Fuchen had survived.

After vomiting a mouthful of fresh blood, Li Fuchen shot out from the crater and skimmed into the distance while rising at his fastest speed.

“He isn’t dead?” Tao Buchuan had an extremely gloomy expression.

If this wasn’t able to kill Li Fuchen, it made his heart feel even more uneasy.

“I don’t believe I cannot kill you.” Tao Buchuan intended to continue making use of the Squall Eagle.

“Enough! Tao Buchuan.” A cold shout entered Tao Buchuan’s ear.

“Elder Feng!”

Tao Buchuan’s expression turned pale, as he looked at a Supreme Elder of the Wind Snow Sect who was a few hundred miles away.

This Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Elder had the clan name of Feng. He had noticed the commotion over here. “Tao Buchuan, there will not be a second time.”

“Elder Feng, this is just an accident.” Tao Buchuan explained quickly.


Elder Feng ignored Tao Buchuan had he obviously didn’t want to listen to his explanation.

“Damn Elder Feng, Damn Li Fuchen.” Tao Buchuan knew that he didn’t have any more chances to deal with Li Fuchen. If he insisted on doing so, Elder Feng would certainly interfere. By then, he wouldn’t even know what kind of consequences would be waiting for him.

“Such a close call.”

After leaving this area, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.


Before one commotion could end, another had started. In the center of the battlefield, there was a sky-shaking rumble, which caused the ground and mountains to shake and dust to rise.

At this moment, Li Fuchen even thought that heaven and earth was going to split open.

“What is happening?” Li Fuchen looked at the center of the battlefield with an astonished expression.

But with his vision, he naturally couldn’t see the exact situation over there.

At the center of the battlefield…

The green-clothed elder had just clashed forcefully with the Mountain Shaking Elephant, causing a boundless clashing shockwave to radiate out.

If it was like before, the impact would only cause the surface of the ground in a miserable state. But this time, the ground below had collapsed and there was a giant pit at the bottom which was over ten miles in radius. It was faint, but in the depths of the pit, there were silhouettes of structures.

“This is a historical ruin?” The green-clothed elder’s heart was racing.

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