Chapter 341: Blazing Ground Dragon

After escaping to the Desolate Mountain Region, the demons and demonic beasts didn’t give chase as expected.

But the Hundred Sects still suffered a great loss, as there were five Reincarnation Realm martial artists who had perished. One of them was at the middle-level of the Reincarnation Realm, while the other four were at the low-level of the Reincarnation Realm. There were about a thousand Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists who had perished, while tens of thousands of Earth Shatter Realm martial artists had fallen. It was considered a disastrous loss.

This was just one of the battles. What would the Hundred Sects use to contest against the Demonic Ten Regions after a few more of such battles?

Back at the Black Mountain Region, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist immediately decided to go into seclusion.

But his place of seclusion wasn’t in Black Mountain City, but in the Black Mountains which was one hundred miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away from Black Mountain City.

The Black Mountains extended for a thousand miles and in the depths of the mountain, there was a blazing radiance that filled up the entire place. A small sun was slowly rising and in the center of the small sun, was a blazing hot intent which was gradually growing.

True Inferno Technique Intent. It was an intent that was even more powerful than the Inferno Sword Intent.

If the Inferno Sword Intent could be used to increase the power of one’s sword art, then the True Inferno Technique Intent was much more comprehensive, as it directly increased the power of one’s qi.

But it one’s defense, speed, or speed. It would be increased as long as it was related to qi.

A pity that the True Inferno Technique was only at the 19th rank and there were two more ranks before completely grasping the True Inferno Technique Intent. These two big steps weren’t so easy to make.

After the True Inferno Technique broke through to the 19th rank, Li Fuchen started to cultivate the fourth chapter of the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter.

The fourth chapter corresponded with the Heaven Dipper Realm, and once it reached the completion rank and was complemented with the class 5 demonic beast pelt armor, Li Fuchen would be basically undefeatable. Not even a class 4 demon’s defenses would be comparable to his.

As time elapsed, Li Fuchen’s Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter was making drastic progress.

With a sufficient amount of class 4 demonic beast essence blood, the fourth chapter was making progress as easily as having a meal and it was without any obstruction.

But there was a prerequisite, as the practitioner had to be able to withstand the fiendish qi from the class 4 demonic beast’s essence blood.

Demonic beasts’ essence blood contained violent willpower and demonic qi. It was still manageable for regular Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists to refine a few drops in a short amount of time. But it would definitely affect one’s mental state if one were to refine more than ten drops. As for refinement of a few dozen drops, one would definitely go into a berserk state or go insane. Even if the practitioner was a prodigy with extreme willpower, they wouldn’t dare to refine too much demonic beast essence blood.

It was reckoned that only Li Fuchen would be able to recklessly and fearlessly refine demonic beast essence blood like this.

Soon enough, Li Fuchen had cultivated the fourth chapter to the sub-completion rank.

At this juncture, Li Fuchen’s physical defenses could already ignore an attack from a regular 3rd level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist.

But after achieving the sub-completion rank, Li Fuchen realized that his progress was much slower.

It wasn’t because his willpower couldn’t resist anymore, but because his body was strengthened too quickly and it didn’t have time to adapt or to temper itself.

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On the day Li Fuchen strengthened his body to be able to ignore the attacks from 5th level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists, his message token vibrated.

“Is a battle going to begin?”

Li Fuchen stood up and flew to Black Mountain City.

At this moment, everyone was mobilized in Black Mountain City.

In the sky above Black Mountain City, there was an individual with incomparably massive qi presence. It was from a white-haired elder who was like an icy snowstorm.

“Peak level of the Reincarnation Realm?” Li Fuchen’s eyes contracted.

In the entire East Unicorn Continent, apart from the evil dao practitioners, there were less than ten peak level Reincarnation Realm experts, and not every elite faction possessed one peak level Reincarnation Realm expert.

Furthermore, Li Fuchen had a feeling that this peak level Reincarnation Realm expert was even stronger than normal, as he had this subtle intent revolving around the body.

In order for the intent to exist by itself, the practitioner must have cultivated an earth class technique or martial art.

“The Hundred Sects’ foundation is very deep and solid. It isn’t such an easy task for the Demonic Ten Regions to want to completely defeat the Hundred Sects.”

At this moment, Li Fuchen was much more confident towards the Hundred Sects.

“The Supreme Grand Elder has come out from seclusion. He himself is sufficient to match up against the Horn Devil King.”

The four Supreme Elders from the Wind Snow Sect who fought against the Black Scale Demon previously revealed a relaxed expression.

In the Wind Snow Sect, the most powerful individual was naturally the Supreme Grand Elder.

Not only did the Supreme Grand Elder cultivate an incomplete earth class low-tier cultivation technique to the 23rd rank, he even cultivated the first half of an earth class low-tier martial art, which gave him control of an earth class intent and the power of a field. His strength was far beyond that of a regular peak level Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

“Depart!” One of the Reincarnation Realm martial artists swung his hand.

Huff, Huff, Huff, Huff…

This time, all members of Black Mountain City had set off and it was an extremely magnificent sight.


White Mountain Region…

More than two weeks had passed. This time, the Hundred Sects had finally established their footing, making the situation not so much of a struggle. Especially at the battles at the level of the Reincarnation Realm, which finally became even with the Demonic Ten Regions.

The main reason was that there weren’t multiple high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artists dealing with the Horn Devil King, but only the Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder.

With more Reincarnation Realm martial artists having spared up, it was natural that they could deal with the other class 5 demons and class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts.

In the heart of the battlefield, one man and one demon was in an insane battle.

The Horn Devil King was a class 5 demon and it was the strongest existence among all the class 5 demons, much superior to the Black Scale Demon.

Its body was covered in dense green scales, it had a horn on the top of its head which looked exquisite and was extremely tough. The horn had complicated patterns on it and there would be the occasional flow of green light along with the pattern, emitting a power that made one’s heart palpitate.

Opposite the demon was the white-haired Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder who had a surging icy cold qi presence. Every palm he struck out would contain a majestic field’s power which would suppress the Horn Devil King. It also contained the rampant earth class palm intent.

The Horn Devil King could disregard the opponent’s attack but didn’t have the power to defeat the opponent as well.

“No wonder they dare to stage a comeback. It is because there is someone who has control of an earth class intent and power of a field.” The Horn Devil King had very cold eyes.

As the sovereign of the Horn Devil Region, he was an existence that stood at the pinnacle of the East Unicorn Continent. In a solo fight, no one could defeat him, but there were people who he couldn’t defeat as well.

This white-haired elder in front of him had made him serious, as the opposition was almost at the same level as well.

Reaching out with his right hand, the Horn Devil King took off the horn on the top of the head.

The horn was a part of his body and also his weapon.

After pouring a formidable amount of demonic qi into the horn, green light flowed along with the pattern and ultimately converged at the tip of the horn.


There was a vibration in the void which felt as though it might shatter at any moment.

The Horn Devil King raised the horn high and cleaved at the white-haired elder.

“Such a powerful might!”

The white-haired elder’s heart tightened up, while he executed the Dark Cold Palm Art to the extremity. An invisible power of field extended out in a frenzy and contracted, a formless but true Dark Cold Palm Intent rushed out subsequently.

Dark Cold Palm Art, earth class low-tier palm art.

Dozens of years ago, this Supreme Grand Elder obtained the first half manual of the Dark Cold Palm Art.

After secluding for dozens of years, he finally comprehended the Dark Cold Palm Art.


It felt as though the void was frozen, which slowed down the greenhorn shadow. But the horn was still advancing with strength as it broke the obstruction bit by bit.


As the power of field and the Dark Cold Palm Intent collapsed, the white-haired elder flew back, while traces of blood were seen on his chest.

“Is this the strength of a sovereign from one of the Demonic Ten Regions?”

The white-haired elder noticed that he still underestimated the Horn Devil King’s strength. In a solo fight, he was still inferior to his opponent.

Of course, it was already an exceedingly difficult task block against an all-out attack from the Horn Devil King. Previously, the Horn Devil King was going against five Supreme Elders from the Eternal Spring Valley. The five of them were executing a combination formation called the Five Elements Eternal Spring Formation. It was a combination formation belonging to the earth class, but it was still slightly inferior to the Horn Devil King.

“He blocked it?” The Horn Devil King was furious as it wielded the horn in its hand to cleave, thrust, hack, and attack at the white-haired elder in frenzy.

Using the power of the Dark Cold Field and the Dark Cold Palm Intent, the white-haired elder barely managed to hold himself against the Horn Devil King.

On the battlefield, a familiar scene could be seen again.

As soon as Li Fuchen joined a team, that team would immediately defeat the enemy.

In the rapidly changing battle, awareness was more important than strength at times. An exceptional awareness allowed Li Fuchen to grasp the enemy’s maneuvers easily.

Of course, his own strength wasn’t weak either, if not, he would even be qualified to join the battle.

It was great that after the True Inferno Technique broke through to the 19th rank, Li Fuchen’s appearance strength was already comparable to the peak level of the Heaven Dipper Realm. And no matter which team he joined, he would be part of their leading forces.

“You, go kill that human.”

High up in the sky, a class 5 mid-tier demonic beast transmitted a message to its subordinate, a class 4 peak-tier mutated demonic beast, Blazing Ground Dragon.

The Ground Dragon was already a very mettlesome demonic beast, but after it mutated, it obtained the power of the blazing fire. Its strength was much superior to most of the class 4 demons. Especially with the ability to breath out blazing fire, its area of attack ability was way beyond class 4 demons.


There was a burst of firelight, as the Blazing Ground Dragon spurred over.

“It’s the class 4 peak-tier mutated demonic beast, Blazing Ground Dragon! Everyone beware!”

Li Fuchen’s current team had over twenty individuals and they were all high-level or peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists. But it was still very pressurizing for them to deal with a class 4 peak-tier mutated demonic beast.

Most of the demonic beasts didn’t have powerful area of attack abilities, but this demonic beast did have one.


The Blazing Ground Dragon was similar to a slender salamander with robust limbs. Its body length was more than 200 feet long and its height was more than 100 feet tall. When it opened the mouth, blazing hot flames fanned out, instantly scorching the surface of the ground into fresh magma.

There was a martial artist who was at the 7th level of Heaven Dipper Realm that didn’t escape in time and got instantly turned into coal.

“Everyone scatter out.” Li Fuchen didn’t have a trace of fear.

If Li Fuchen could show his true strength, he could kill this Blazing Ground Dragon in a single slash.

After scattering out, the Blazing Ground Dragon didn’t have any hesitation, as its target was Li Fuchen and no one else.

“The target is me?”

As Li Fuchen saw the Blazing Ground Dragon rushing at him while disregarding everything else, Li Fuchen understood it immediately.

“Fuchen, stand aside.”

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Right at this moment, a formidable figure appeared beside Li Fuchen.

It was Zhao Wujin.

After the previous defeat in battle, Zhao Wujin had also returned to Black Mountain City, allowing him to meet with Li Fuchen.

“It’s Zhao Wujin.” 

Someone recognized Zhao Wujin.

Zhao Wujin’s reputation was quite renowned. In the combat rankings of the Heaven Dipper Realm, Zhao Wujin was in the top 100. For those in the top 100, they were all basically people with a combat strength of prodigies. They were mostly prodigies in the Stars Ranking four or five generations before or even further back. Most of them had reached higher levels or the peak level of Heaven Dipper Realm. With their 5-star or even 6-star bone frames, it was needless to say that these prodigies had extremely dreadful combat strength. It went to show Zhao Wujin’s strength, as he was listed alongside them in the top 100.

“Sect Origin Swords, condense!”

Zhao Wujin activated the Sect Origin Swords secret technique, causing thousands of swords qi to converge and turning into a giant sword. The giant sword then thrust at the back of the Blazing Ground Dragon.


There was a giant gash that was slashed on the back of the Blazing Ground Dragon. There was a fountain of fresh blood as it was instantly and severely injured.

It was impossible for Zhao Wujin to enter the top 100 of the Heaven Dipper Realm just by relying on his strength. It was with his all-out Sect Origin Swords attack which qualified him to enter the top 100. But once all his Sect Origin Swords qi were depleted, his strength would drop drastically.

“It seems like Grand Elder has met with many fated encounters!”

How could Li Fuchen not notice that Zhao Wujin’s awareness was very strong? Otherwise, it would be impossible to converge thousands of Sect Origin Swords qi together.

After suffering severe injury, the Blazing Ground Dragon was no longer a match for everyone. Furthermore, there was the additional prodigy-class, Zhao Wujin around. In just one hour, everyone worked together and killed the Blazing Ground Dragon, and the demon core inside its body had become everyone’s prized loot.

A mutated demonic beast generally had a demon core within.

A class 4 peak-tier mutated demonic beast’s demon core wasn’t valued by tens of millions of gold coins, but hundreds of millions.

A class 4 peak-tier demonic beast’s demon core was around 70 to 80 million gold coins, but a class 4 peak-tier mutated demonic beast’s demon core was at least five times the value, making it at least 300 to 400 million gold coins.

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