Chapter 211: It’s Very Awkward Without Clothes

His face was as bright red as a monkey’s butt as Su Ke2Su KeMain Character stared at himself in the mirror.

Inwardly, it felt like a small flame was scattering throughout his body, burning his entire being. His mouth was dry, and despite wearing clothes that are dripping wet, he wasn’t able to suppress it. Stripped naked, Su Ke turned on the shower nozzle and a gurgling sound could be heard as a stream of slightly warm water sprayed onto his body, not only easing his tiredness, but also calming down the fire inside him. He was sweating all over just imagining the beautiful scenery he had just witnessed. While standing there, it felt like all of his pores suddenly opened. 

Su Ke then closed his eyes before shaking off all the previous awkwardness and relaxing as if he was in his own home. 

He combed his hair back with his hands and squeezed out some shampoo, applying it on his head. He then covered his body with shower gel as he started to sing, “I love to bathe, my skin is great, wu wu wu!” 

He was completely relaxed and joyful as he kneaded and rubbed his body clean.

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When Hong Chen heard the sound of running water coming from the bathroom and heard Su Ke humming, she let out a depressed sigh before looking over at the kitchen. 

As if it had just been through a flood, the whole floor was covered in water. 

She was just preparing ingredients, but now everything was in a complete mess, and the broken water faucet was still in the sink with a rag covering the top. 

Men usually focus on being squeaky clean when bathing, and after seven to eight minutes, Su Ke was finished. However, he was immediately stunned when he drew the curtain and that his clothes were completely damp and thrown to the side, leaving him stark naked. 

Both his heads were stunned as his eyes went wide. 

He didn’t have a change of clothes! 

What to do? There was no movement outside, and he did not know where Hong Chen had gone to. Calling to the heavens wouldn’t help, and calling to the ground would not be effective. 

Su Ke felt powerless as he looked around for something to wear. 

On a pull wire within his reach, two bras and a pair of black lace panties came into view. 

However, this was clearly not what he needed, which made him feel rather helpless before he noticed something that could help. It was a large pink bath towel folded neatly away in a small cabinet, but just thinking about wearing it made him feel awkward. 

“Hong Chen!”

Hong Chen was currently in the kitchen trying to tidy up everything, so when she heard Su Ke call him from the bathroom, she hesitated slightly before slowly walking over. 

“What’s the matter?” 

She didn’t know why, but when Hong Chen heard his voice, her face turned bright red, and just as she was about to speak up, she saw Su Ke slightly open the toilet door and awkwardly face her. Su Ke was completely naked. 

Although his body wasn’t very sturdy and he was rather thin and weak-looking, without any clothes on, he had clear muscular tones. This was all gained from his military boxing training and his Jeet Kune Do training. His body had gone through inexplicable changes, giving him a delicate and pretty appearance that made him look rather weak. A youth that looked like he couldn’t even tussle with a chicken was now greatly increasing his masculinity with training.

Droplets of water dripped from his hair and his skin had a pretty sheen to it. His eyes carried some embarrassment as Hong Chen walked over and he forced out a smile before saying, “Um, do you have anything around here that I can wear?” 

Hong Chen covered her small mouth with one hand and pointed at the pink towel around Su Ke’s waist with the other as she trembled and said, “What? You, you!” 

Su Ke slowly looked down; he initially wanted to conceal the lower half of his body in the toilet, so who would have known that just as he called out, his body involuntarily moved forward, causing the towel covering himself to be revealed to Hong Chen. 

In desperation, Su Ke walked out of the bathroom with a worried look on his face, the wide bath towel tightly secured around his waist without fear of falling. 

He then lifted his hand and scratched his head as he asked, “Do you?”

Hong Chen completely crashed as she thought about what to say. 

Her beloved bath towel that she used regularly was now wrapped over Su Ke’s dirty area.

Since she’s living in a college dorm, Hong Chen is widely influenced by her roommate, and although they don’t talk about boyfriends, she knew about relationships between both genders, and could even be counted as going to the next level.

She was immediately depressed and started to seethe with anger as she saw where her towel was. However, instead of going off on him, she took a deep breath to calm herself down as she analyzed Su Ke. He was topless and standing right in front of her, his muscles clearly defined, and unlike a certain other muscle, they permeated a sense of male beauty. 

“I have! I have!” 

Hong Chen hurriedly shifted her gaze, her mind like a small deer being continuously knocked around in disorder. It was reasonable to say that she has seen lots of topless males before. 

On her college sports field, there were more topless than clothed guys, but she did not know why she was currently feeling nervous. Instead of thinking about it though, she immediately went around the house to find clothes for Su Ke to wear so she can quickly save her beloved bath towel. Su Ke’s eyes went wide when he saw the pants that Hong Chen was holding, “Eh? Are you sure you’re letting me wear this?” 

Although they were considered casual beach shorts, there were palm trees printed on them, which isn’t too bad, but, but… they were women’s shorts!

Hong Chen’s face and neck were flushed bright red. She had a shy expression on her face and her eyes twinkled as she stammered, “I…I could only find this… Maybe you can wear it!” 

Su Ke’s body was naturally slim like a woman’s and his waist was not too wide, but as he stared at the beach pants, he felt rather helpless as he asked, “Is this yours? What is your waist size?” 

Hong Chen responded with a soft voice as she lowered her head, “It’s mine, but I’ve only worn it once before! Eh, my waist size is one foot eight!” 

She could totally guess that there was a vacuum under the towel Su Ke had on as she awkwardly stared at her own feet. Su Ke winced and was at a loss for words as he kept staring at them.

Hong Chen looked up and noticed that Su Ke had yet to open his mouth, so she immediately grabbed the shorts and threw them to one side, “Wait here a while, I’ll go buy you another pair!” 

She then quickly turned around and grabbed her purse before rushing out the door even quicker.

When the door suddenly slammed closed, Su Ke was left alone in the apartment, making him sigh. He then slowly shifted his steps, and with each step, there was an empty feeling in between his legs, causing him to feel uncomfortable. 

He helplessly picked up the shorts that Hong Chen threw to the side as he thought about things for a moment. However, before he put them somewhere else, he lifted his head and walked into Hong Chen’s room. The drawer of the cabinet was open, and inside was all of Hong Chen’s bras and panties recently rummaged through and pushed into a mess, with even some littering the floor.

At Su Ke’s feet, there was a conspicuous black object wrapped into a ball. He subconsciously picked it up and unfurled it to find it was soft and laced. It was a triangular black lace panty with floral designs that was rather skimpy, but he was instantly surprised. 

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He didn’t know what she did to it, but there was a three-centimeter hole in the underwear, ruining the beauty of it. Su Ke then heard a Ding!, which signified that there was a mission to do in the flower picking system. He let out a sigh because he had an idea where this was gonna go as he entered the system and saw, “Task: Mend Hong Chen’s torn underwear. Reward: A Wish.”

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