Chapter 212: This Task Is Way Too Perverted!

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was stunned as he stared at the triangular underwear in his hand and then the quest on the screen. 

His eyes weren’t playing tricks on him, “Mission: Mend Hong Chen’s ripped underwear. Reward: One wish.” 

When he received the reward of a wish the first time, Su Ke had always believed that among all the other rewards, only this one can truly give him power. Even though it could not give him whatever his heart desired, he constantly kept it in mind, always dreaming for another opportunity. The second time he got a wish as his reward, he had to solve Yan Jing Li Ling Long’s problem, but ever since that day at the racetrack, it was as if that woman had evaporated into thin air. 

It seems that he had to wait until next year during the month of the horse in order to see the progress of this task. 

Before today, Su Ke had thought that such a reward was something that you had to chance upon and not something that could be looked for. He thought that it was based on karma and luck, but who would have thought that in such a short amount of time, this kind of task would appear for the third time. 

However, Su Ke had a problem with his current task. He had no idea how to go about mending the underwear; the black lace was quite thin, the edges of the triangle had a hollow design, and it was decorated with plum flowers where the three-centimeter hole was.

“Hu!” Su Ke let out a long breath. The thumb and fingers of his right hand pinching a corner of the laced underwear as he brought it to face level, light traveling through it freely. 

The longer he stared at it, the more uncertain he was!

This task is way too perverted, right!? 

Su Ke stared at the delicate and rich object in front of him with a sad face, there was even a special smell that was slowly spreading. It was the smell of washed clothes, mixed with the light scent of lavender, along with some other things that he couldn’t explain. 

At the end, when seeking rewards, what can you get? Su Ke really had no idea. 

After all, when he had this reward before, he obtained large amounts of cash and incriminating evidence against Ji Wu Yi Ren, and as for the rest, he was actually excited to try.

The three-centimeter hole that was like a woman’s red lips was very conspicuous and charming.  

On one hand, he really wanted the reward because he could do anything with it. 

On the other, the tips for the task were quite helpless, so Su Ke was facing difficulty on all sides as his mind continuously whirled.

Su Ke finally made his decision as he exclaimed, “In order to sew up this hole, I need a needle and thread!” 

However, this wasn’t his house, so where can he find such a thing?

He looked around for a little bit, and just when he was about to give up, it was like the gods were on his side as he noticed a small storage box on Hong Chen’s dresser.

He quickly opened it and just as he predicted, there was a sewing kit inside with more than enough needles and thread. Su Ke then thankfully picked out a black thread to match the lace. 

Threading the needle, his breath submerging into his dantian, Su Ke walked back to the bed and took a deep breath, spreading the black lace underwear with one hand and holding the needle in the other. He thought it was a very simple task at first, but now his hand was trembling slightly.

“Dang, it’s just sewing a piece of underwear! Why am I so nervous!?” 

Su Ke knew that he had to hurry before Hong Chen got home or else she’ll surely murder him!

Once the needle went down, Su Ke finally started to calm down, but he had never sewn anything before, and to sew someone else’s clothes, much less the underwear in his hands right now, he couldn’t imagine it would have been this easy. 

Sweat unconsciously formed on his brow as he worked, but there was only one thing on his mind right now as he slowed his breathing and his hand stopped trembling. 

Also, although the needle was crooked and twisted, it slowly became neater. 

Hong Chen was trotting along, and although there wasn’t a market at her block, the small shop there had more than enough items in it. With a bright red face, she bought a set of male underwear before walking to a nearby Semir shop for a T-shirt and sweatpants.

Although Su Ke wore jeans most of the time, Hong Chen did not know his waist size, so she bought something that could fit anyone. 

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She felt something inexplicable as she stared at the clothes in her hands.

She was somewhat shy, somewhat nervous, and also felt some indescribable sweetness. 

However, when Hong Chen finally made it back home, she was suddenly dumbfounded to find Su Ke sitting on her bed, fully concentrated on the thing in his hands, completely oblivious to her return. Upon further inspection, Su Ke was holding a needle and thread and seemed to be mending something. 

She then trained her eyes on the black thing in his left hand and her mind immediately started to buzz, “That…is that my… underwear?” 

Every woman pays very close attention to their undergarments, why else would all the lingerie stalls be so successful?

Black lace with a plum flower decoration; it was her favorite underwear, but two days ago it had accidentally caught on her belt and ripped a hole in it. 

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How did it end up in Su Ke’s hands!?

Hong Chen was dumbfounded as she thought about her undergarments being intently stared at by a topless on her bed. Her flushed bright red and breathing became heavier as she stood in the doorway, not even thinking about entering or leaving.

Su Ke’s hands became more and more experienced as the three-centimeter hole slowly shrank. He almost finished repairing it when he unconsciously looked out of the corner of his eye to find a figure standing there. He lifted his head to find Hong Chen standing at the doorway with a complicated expression on her face. It quickly turned different shades as she stood there; angry, furious, embarrassed, and ashamed. 

Su Ke’s grew wide with shock as he stopped what he was doing and exclaimed, “You’re back!” 

His forehead was dripping with sweat as he quickly hid the black lace underwear under his butt and immediately adopted an innocent expression. 

Hong Chen could only firmly walk over and ask, “What are you doing?”

Su Ke nervously waved his hands around as he exclaimed, “Nothing, nothing!” 

His top was bare and his bottom half was covered by a bath towel, his back straightened stiff. 

He wiggled his butt, trying to hide the evidence, but Hong Chen was standing at the doorway for more than just a few seconds, so there is no way she didn’t see what he was doing. 

“En! If there’s nothing wrong, then that’s great!” 

Hong Chen decided to pretend that she didn’t know anything, but just as she finished speaking, Su Ke wiggled around and suddenly let out a wail as he jumped off the bed and shouted, “It pricked me!” 

This means that unfortunately for him, the object he was sitting on was suddenly revealed. 

The room was deathly silent as they both stared at the black lace underwear.

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