Chapter 210: Everyone Get Wet

Hong Chen lost her chastity! Pu! Hong Chen’s whole body is wet! 

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character glanced over and saw Hong Chen in her pure white cotton house wear. It was very thin and breathable, the water making it stick to her skin, like sticking on a thin plastic film, clear and revealing. Disregarding her underwear, he could see a small birthmark.

Her exquisite chest that was tinged with sunset hues was just like snowy peaks breaking through clouds. About a third of them were exposed, with a mysterious triangle below and a deep valley also covered by clouds. Overall, it was very alluring. 

With a splash, Su Ke swallowed a mouthful of saliva. 

At the moment, Hong Chen looked surprisingly beautiful. All of her curves were clearly revealed, as if he had X-ray vision locked onto her two bright red cherries, like a bunch of dismal grass, causing him to shiver uncontrollably. The water was spurting out like rain, crashing down loudly before Hong Chen noticed that Su Ke was staring at her. 

She was drenched and motionless before promptly shouting, “Su Ke, what are you doing!?” 

Only when he heard Hong Chen’s shout did Su Ke suddenly react and run over to the kitchen table and grab a rag to cover the water pipe. The water pressure was very strong, so Su Ke was unable to completely block it up, instead drenching his whole body. 

Fortunately, the summer weather was rather hot and the sprinkling water was actually quite refreshing. 

“Hu!” Su Ke firmly huffed. That recent moment of nervousness caused his heart to thump heavily, and it was then that he noticed the water pipe that he was blocking up, although there was still some water seeping out, he had at least managed to stop the water from spraying out like rain.

“I’ve got it settled!” 

Su Ke then wiped off all the water on his face and head and looked over at Hong Chen, once again looking at her faintly seductive almost nude body. 

His blood immediately rushed to his head and his vision became sluggish. 

Until now, Hong Cheng had not realized that her drenched clothes were quite revealing, so when she followed his pig-headed gaze, she shrieked loudly.

There is a riddle that goes: ‘Men can’t be seen in the day, only at night. Women can’t be seen if you raise your head, only if you lower your head, hitting a person’s organs, haha, not bad, that’s a woman’s boobs.’ 

Upon further inspection, Hong Chen saw that besides her drenched clothes, even her cameltoe was somewhat showing, so it was impossible for her to stay calm.

She shrieked and turned around, her hands tightly covering her chest trying to cover herself up, but not knowing what she was thinking, she hastily bent over and looked down, turning pale. 

Her underwear was very eye-catching before she immediately rushed out of the kitchen.

It was as if Su Ke’s mind had stopped working. His whole body was still drenched, cooling and snug, but the flame inside his body was spreading all over and heated him up. 

When she bent over, he barely saw Hong Chen’s mighty and bold underwear when it was faced towards him, but it was still a beautiful sight that looked like the cross section of an apple. 

The white underwear tightly hugged her buttcheeks, and even though it was separated by a layer of clothing, it did not prevent anything from being seen.

With a splash, Su Ke swallowed a mouthful of saliva and his legs suddenly felt weak before his face flushed with excitement. Fortunately, he was alone in the kitchen, and after hurriedly taking a few deep breaths, he tried to calm himself down. 

After taking a step forward, he felt a thunderous crash from his trouser leg as water poured out, causing him to be momentarily stunned. 

In that emergency situation fighting a flood, Su Ke protected Hong Chen and stood at the front line, and after some untiring efforts, although he succeeded in blocking off the pipe, his whole body was also drenched. Not only his t-shirt, now even his pants could breed fish. 

Of course, what’s even worse was that he was also caught up in this, and his underwear felt like a deflated balloon, tightly hooping around below, and he felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Dang, this time is really dishonest!” 

Su Ke pinched his underwear with his hand, shaking it heavily, causing all the water to rush out, but it was as if his underwear had a tightening spell on it as it stuck to his body and didn’t move.

Glancing at the kitchen door, there was no movement outside. It looked like Hong Chen had already hidden and went to change her clothes, but this was definitely too disloyal! 

How could you treat the hero that reacted to that emergency like this? 

Not letting him look at your three points was fine, but couldn’t you at least offer him a towel? 

Su Ke wanted to go and find a towel to wipe himself dry, but he was afraid that he might run into Hong Chen while she was changing her clothes, which it would be extremely awkward. 

Not just mentally either, but also physically and physiologically.

He glanced at the kitchen door again in advance, and as before, there was still not a sound. Taking a deep breath, and another breath, and one more breath, he finally pulled down his pants zipper. As expected, his underwear was extremely water absorbent, almost like a rag. He grabbed a corner of his underwear and pulled outward, wanting to give his little brother some air, but the moment he released his grip, it immediately stuck back to him.

“Dang, I can’t take it anymore!” 

Su Ke’s thumb and fingers were trembling against his will as he pinched his underwear, not in the least working. He had no choice but to go for the killing blow, and like his open zipper, he exerted some strength and pulled out his underwear with both hands. 

He then wrung out his underwear, causing the concealed water to fall out. 

Just as Su Ke was about to finish wringing out all the water, he suddenly heard Hong Chen’s voice, “Su Ke!” 

He subconsciously removed his hands from his underwear before turning his head to look.

Hong Chen had already changed into fresh dry clothes, which was a t-shirt and shorts, but her hair was still wet. She stared at the kitchen door with wide eyes and her face was flushed red as she stared at Su Ke with a shocked expression. 

“You… do you want to go and take a bath first!?”

Su Ke looked at Hong Chen’s distressed appearance as his mind buzzed before he hurriedly looked down. After he had just wrung out the water from his underwear, he had yet to put it back into his pants before Hong Chen appeared, and now his slightly wrung dry underwear was still in its crumpled state, straight and horizontal at the zipper area, like a pillar supporting the sky, majestic and awe-inspiring. 

“En! I’ll go and take a bath first!” 

Su Ke then turned around at lightning speed, quickly and effortlessly stuffing his underwear back in as he pulled up his zipper and rushed out of the kitchen with the suddenness of a thunderbolt.

When he made it to the toilet. his heart was still violently thumping, almost jumping out of his throat.

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