Chapter 209: Hong Chen Loses Her Chastity

All of a sudden, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character started to feel embarrassed. He’s heard about raising lolis before; it was just like raising a little girl to become your wife, but this raising a shota idea was definitely to make him a gangster! The more he thought about it, the harder he blushed as he averted her gaze.

Liu Fei Hong saw Su Ke’s distressed state, but she truly did think that he resembled Ai Lian in certain things. Originally, Ai Lin was just some nameless rogue that ran to the south after breaking the law, but in a few years, without having anything or anyone to rely on, he became the gang leader of a city. 

“You’ve got to be careful this time! Even though Lang Ming’s side suspects that I’m the one who got rid of Wu Ao Ran, if he targeted you originally, he’ll figure it out eventually and you’ll be in trouble!”

Once he heard Luo Fei Hong’s words, Su Ke nodded and asked, “Sister Fei Hong, didn’t you say last time that I should be the first to act?” 

“Yes, I did, but the wolf brothers Lang Ming and Lang Guang are not easy to deal with. Lang Guang has a very low profile, like a grain of sand at the beach, you can’t anticipate his thoughts. Lang Ming is very public, like a shark in the ocean, taking action the moment he smells blood. Besides, there’s also the old fox sitting on the mountain and watching the tigers fight, waiting to strike and reap the benefits!”

Liu Fei Hong seemed to have done extensive research on her opponents. 

“Sister Fei Hong, the old fox that you mentioned, are you referring to Fatty Zhang?”

Liu Fei Hong stood up from her chair and spread out her arms as she exclaimed, “If not him, then who else? Don’t be fooled by his constant cheerful appearance, he has a knife behind his back at all times!” 

Her plain black T-shirt stretched taut for a moment as she stretched her arms, the curves of her well-developed chest becoming more visible. 

“However, the incident with Wu Ao Ran this time might be a fuse!”

When Su Ke walked out of the Blue Sky hotel, he had a sense of foreboding that a war was about to start. Although he did not have any association with fights between gangs, it still made his blood surge for some reason. He looked back and forth at the people walking along the street, the street lamps illuminating the area as he walked. He had rejected Liu Fei Hong’s dinner invitation, so he was walking home. He originally thought about returning to work at Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns since he shouldn’t slack off too much.

Just as he had flagged down a taxi, Su Ke’s phone suddenly rang. 

Su Ke pulled his phone from his pocket and read the caller ID before answering, “Hello, Hong Chen!” 

Hong Chen seemed to hesitate for a few seconds before finally speaking up, “Su Ke, I’ve anonymously posted the report of the Jin Se Hua Nian on the internet!” 

“Oh? Is that so? Seems like that d*mned brother Long is about to have some bad luck!”

Su Ke had told Hong Chen beforehand that she should wait for a short period of time before exposing all of the 锦瑟华年’s crimes, but he didn’t think that Hong Chen would actually listen to his advice and wait for quite a number of days. 


Hong Chen seemed to have something to say, but she hesitated and suddenly stopped.

Su Ke knew that the little brat had something to say, so he casually asked, “What’s the matter? Did something happen?” 

“Su Ke, have you had dinner yet?” 

Hong Chen’s legs were currently pressed together as she sat on a sofa, becoming rather nervous after asking him such a thing. She had been meaning to treat him to dinner for quite a while now since he saved her from the pits of hell. Su Ke did her a huge favor, and that’s how they got to know each other- over a popsicle.

Of course, there was nothing embarrassing about treating someone to dinner, it’s just that ever since Su Ke helped her, Hong Chen has been unable to accept the time he helped her solve her physiological need. This was to the extent that as she was holding the phone, her palms were starting to sweat. 

 Su Ke answered honestly, “Not yet!” 

After all, it was summertime, and everyone has dinner quite late, and even in the Blue Sky hotel, it wasn’t very lively.

As Su Ke had anticipated, after hearing his reply, Hong Chen immediately asked, “How about I treat you to dinner?” 

Su Ke looked helpless as he casually lifted up his hand and rubbed the bridge of his nose. 

He was too embarrassed to reject Hong Chen’s invitation, Liu Fei Hong’s side was a hotel, and she had invited him to dinner, maybe it had nine points of intention, but one of those points had to be a courtesy! However, it was different with Hong Chen. 

Even though she said it like that, her thinking was definitely a hundred percent. 

“Sure, where?” 

Su Ke then looked out of the window and noticed that the distance between him and Fang Fei Yi Ren was quite far, so he pondered if he should call and take leave.

Hong Chen’s voice immediately cheered up as she exclaimed, “Why not come over to my house for dinner! I’ll personally cook!”  

Su Ke was distracted for a moment as he thought about what happened the last time he went over to Hong Chen’s house. It was as if the scene was right in front of him, especially since he had touched her butt before, the feeling engraved into his memory.

Hong Cheng didn’t hear anything from the other end for a little bit, so she assumed Su Ke had forgotten her address and immediately asked, “What’s the matter? You don’t remember where my house is?”

“I remember, I remember! I’ll be there right away!” 

Su Ke then told the taxi driver the change of location and got dropped off at a market. 

He bought some apples and other fruits so he wouldn’t arrive at her house empty-handed and hopped back into the taxi.

After twenty minutes passed, Su Ke was holding two shopping bags as he rang the doorbell to Hong Chen’s apartment.


He immediately heard a lively voice from inside as the sound of slippers hitting against the floor got louder and louder. The door then opened and Hong Chen appeared in front of him.

She had no makeup on and was wearing a homely white cotton shirt with pink flowers printed on it that looked like a nightgown. Her revealed arms and legs sparkled like jade as she smiled and exclaimed, “You’re here! Uh? Why did you bring so much stuff over, there’s no need for such courtesy!” 

Hong Chen pouted, but she didn’t act unreasonably as she stretched out her hands to invite Su Ke in.

Although this was Su Ke’s second time in Hong Chen’s single apartment, he seemed to be familiar with everything here as he shot a glance at the bedroom.  

Last time he was here, she was lying on the bed soft and weak, wanting him to help address her physical needs. 

“You go watch some television first, I’ll go wash the vegetables!” 

Hong Chen then poured a glass of water and placed it on the table as she casually turned on the tv and walked into the kitchen.

Overcome with boredom, Su Ke once again looked over at the woman’s single bedroom. 

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It was still as soft as before, and there was some sort of faint fragrance in the air. 

A Taiwanese variety show was playing on the TV as he sat there.

Su Ke then grabbed the glass of water and went to take a sip when he heard Hong Chen suddenly shriek from the kitchen, “Ah!” 

Su Ke immediately ran over and saw that the faucet that was used to wash the vegetables had fallen to the side, the pipe constantly spewing out water, as if it was raining. 

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Hong Chen was really shocked and drenched from head to toe, her white nightgown sticking to her body and clearly showing off her undergarments.

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