Chapter 340: Utterly Defeated

Pfff! Bang!

The large black iron sword which was slashing at the pale blue demon’s claw instantly crumbled apart like tofu.

As for the black iron sword that was slashing at the pale blue demon’s head, it felt as though it slashed at some indestructible leather. Not even the outer skin of the pale blue demon broke while the black iron sword was dissipated by the repelling forces from the pale blue demon.

When demons reached the class 4 realm, they couldn’t be described with powerful any longer, but with terror and perfection.

“This is a class 4 demon, huh?”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist never wanted to use the Sect Origin Swords’ black iron swords qi to kill the class 4 demon as it was unrealistic. Unless he executed the Sect Origin Swords’ bronze sword qi, he might be able to damage the class 4 demon if he used all 3000 sword qi.

He simply wanted to experience the power and the combat method of the Sect Origin Swords.

As he rapidly retreated, the distance between Li Fuchen and the pale blue demon was pulled further apart. At the same moment, more than twenty high-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists, including plenty of peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists all surrounded the pale blue demon and blasted at the demon violently. Even if the pale blue demon was a class 4 demon, it still wasn’t able to lift its guard under the horrific group attacks, while its body had traces of blood.

That’s right, it was just traces of blood.

Class 4 demons had rather tough defenses and in addition to its demonic qi protection, there was no way to truly break its defenses in a short period of time, unless its demonic qi was almost exhausted.

But the class 4 demon must not have the opportunity to devour any flesh or blood, if it did, its injuries would recover swiftly and its demonic qi would be gradually replenished.

Demons could be said to be the perfect combat life forms, which was something that demonic beasts and humans would never be able to match up to.

As the time elapsed, the pale blue demon’s demonic qi was drastically exhausted.

Once its demonic qi reached a low level, it would be time for its death.

‘My True Inferno Technique is almost breaking through to the 19th rank.’

The span between the 18th rank and the 19th rank of the True Inferno Technique was too wide. Li Fuchen might have broken through to the Heaven Dipper Realm, but the True Inferno Technique still didn’t breakthrough immediately. But after some intense battles, he could feel that the True Inferno Technique had signs of a breakthrough.

Once the True Inferno Technique broke through to the 19th rank, Li Fuchen surface strength would be considered as being at the peak level of the Heaven Dipper Realm.

It was a known fact that when at the peak level of the Heaven Dipper Realm, one wouldn’t merely have a high cultivation level. Those who could reach the peak level of the Heaven Dipper Realm would be at least at the 18th rank in their cultivation technique, and their mystic class peak-tier martial arts would at least be at the perfection stage.

This was only for ordinary peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists.

For a peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist like Zhao Wujin who was considered a top-class prodigy, his True Azure Water Technique was at the 19th rank and he had comprehended the Azure Water Sword Intent. In addition, he cultivated the 5-star secret technique, Sect Origin Swords. His strength had already exceeded a class 4 peak-tier demonic beast and apart from class 4 demons, he basically had no opponents on the battlefield.

Previously, Li Fuchen didn’t have a good understanding of Zhao Wujin’s strength. He understood it only after he progressed to the Heaven Dipper Realm, that the wolf-masked man was far inferior to Zhao Wujin.

Li Fuchen reckoned that the wolf-masked man’s cultivation technique was only at the 17th rank and his mystic class peak-tier martial art was only at the perfection stage at most.

Evil dao practitioners generally had lower cultivation technique ranks and martial arts proficiency, as their cultivation realm increased too quickly and they didn’t have the time to stabilize it.

Of course, with the compliments of the Multitude Blood Pearl, the evil dao practitioner’s strength was still rather horrific. Apart from elite prodigies and martial artists like Zhao Wujin, no one would be a match for them if they were at the same cultivation level.

The blood scars on the pale blue demon were increasing in quantity and they were getting deeper.


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Finally, a peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist slashed a huge wound on the pale blue demon’s body, causing pale blue blood to spray all around.

“Hateful humans, I will kill all of you!”

The pale blue demon was furious. Its massive body contracted abruptly and with a flash, it passed through the body of an 8th level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist.

The pale blue demon was grabbing onto half the body and was preparing to feast on it.


A blazing hot sword light thrust at the pale blue demon’s throat, causing it to retreat in pain and it even threw the human body in his hand away.

The one who made the thrust was Li Fuchen. His combat strength might not be comparable to the peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists, but in terms of being troublesome, he was definitely far superior to the peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists.

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

As the pale blue demon had forcefully burst out its strength, the demonic qi from its body was now much thinner, making it harder for it to defend against all the attacks. When at its final moments, even 7th and 8th level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists were able to injure it.


As everyone worked together with a common purpose, the pale blue demon finally met its tragic end, as its head and heart were shattered and pierced.

It was a great boost of morale for everyone as they just killed the class 4 demon, causing them to slacken a little of their combat strength.

But everyone understood that Li Fuchen’s contribution was the greatest.

Because of Li Fuchen, they were able to quickly settle the Nocturne Beast. Because of Li Fuchen, this group of people could successively kill class 4 demonic beasts one after the other. Right now, it was also because of Li Fuchen who stopped the class 4 demon from devouring flesh and blood, which hastened the death of the demon. Otherwise, the battle would be further delayed for a period of time before they could kill the demon.

With a snowball effect, the balance of this area was gradually toppled as the demons and demonic beasts were sinking into a disadvantage.

Unfortunately, it was still too soon for everyone to be happy.

The ones dictating the situation of the battle was ultimately those at the Reincarnation Realm.

And the combat strength of those at the Reincarnation Realm was exactly the disadvantage of the Hundred Sects.

Class 5 low-tier and mid-tier demonic beasts were easy to deal with, but class 5 high-tier demonic beasts were difficult for a high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artist to deal with alone. As for class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts, it would require multiple high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artists to be able to deal with it.

On the Hundred Sect’s side, there was a pitifully small number of peak level Reincarnation Realm martial artists, which totaled to no more than ten.

In addition, in an individual fight, a peak level Reincarnation Realm martial artist was not a match for one class 5 peak-tier demonic beast, let alone a class 5 demon.

The main reason for this was the cultivation techniques and martial arts.

Human martial artists were required to cultivate techniques and martial arts in order to go against demonic beasts. If their cultivation technique or martial art was too weak, it was needless to say that they would be crushed.

In the early stages of the Reincarnation Realm, martial artists could rely on mystic class peak-tier cultivation techniques and martial arts to battle with demonic beasts. But at the later levels of the Reincarnation Realm, mystic class peak-tier cultivation techniques and martial arts wouldn’t be enough to make a difference, as they would require at least earth class low-tier cultivation techniques and martial arts to deal with a demonic beast or demon by themselves.

Like Ge Hai who used half a move of the earth class low-tier saber move, Mountain Splitting Sea Severing to defeat the Vigorous Demonic Bull in a single move. This was the power of higher grade martial arts.

In this era, earth class cultivation technique and martial arts were already extremely rare. Only the top ten elite factions were able to preserve a hint of it, and they were all incomplete. Moreover, the top ten elite factions couldn’t possibly share such things to the other sects, as it was their main reason for maintaining their prowess on the continent, and they wouldn’t just divulge it so easily. 


In the dusky surroundings, there was a pitch-black beam of light which suddenly lit up in the center of the battlefield. Immediately after, it consumed dozens of miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters of land in the nearby areas.

Everything within the range of a few dozen miles were destroyed, showing how horrific the power was.

Swish, Swish, Swish…

A few figures flew out from the pitch-black beam of light, while blood was oozing from the corner of their mouths. They were four high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artists from the Wind Snow Sect.

As the pitch-black beam of light extinguished, an extremely ferocious and giant demon came into view.

This demon had fine black scales, it was hornless, but there was a thick layer of shell protecting the skull, as though it was a helmet. Its pair of savage eyes brought about endless chill and fear.

“Not even the Wind Snow Mystic Array can block it!” A grey-haired elder had an awful expression.

The four of them were Supreme Elders of the Wind Snow Sect and their cultivation technique was an incomplete earth class low-tier technique. It could be cultivated up to the 23rd rank, but it was lacking the 24th rank.

They originally thought that if the four of them worked together with the Wind Snow Mystic Array, it would be enough to suppress a class 5 demon. But the fact had proven that it wasn’t enough.

The strength of a class 5 demon had exceeded their imagination.

Unless all four of them increased their cultivation technique by one rank, they would then be able to suppress it.

“To be able to stall me for such a long time, all of you have done well.” The black-scaled demon licked its lips.

He was the Horn Devil King’s right-hand subordinate. In the Demonic Ten Regions, apart from the sovereigns of the ten regions, there wasn’t anyone else that was a match for them. Among the humans, he was confident that he wouldn’t lose to anyone in a solo fight.

“But, all of you better die!”

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The Black Scale Demon raised its fist, where the pitch-black light converged.


After blasting its fist out, the pitch-black light engulfed everything in front of it, including the four Supreme Elders from Snow Wind Sect.

Cough, Cough, Cough…

The four Supreme Elders of the Wind Snow Sect all vomited a mouthful of fresh blood and flew backward.

The Black Scale Demon chased after with an unhurried pace. Along the way, he extended a finger and repeatedly pointed.

Shoosh, Shoosh, Shoosh, Shoosh, Shoosh…

Countless black beams were shot out, while peak level or high-level Heaven Dipper martial artists were killed one by one. There were times, where a small group would be killed by a single beam. The black beams might seem tiny, but when it landed on the ground, it was enough to blast a deep pit which was up to 100 meters in depth. None of the Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists were able to withstand against it, even a light graze by the qi force would cause their bodies to shatter.

In fact, the Black Scale Demon had successfully killed a low-level Reincarnation Realm expert. 

The unleashing of attacks from the Black Scale Demon had caused the Hundred Sects to sink into a plight.


An esteemed Supreme Elder of the Eternal Spring Valley saw the circumstances and had no choice but to order for the temporary retreat.

As long as they retreat to the Desolate Mountain Region, the demons and demonic beasts wouldn’t chase over normally, as it was one of the garrisons of the Hundred Sects.


Looking like the tidal wave-like demonic beasts and the demons that were mixed in, Li Fuchen sighed with emotions.

The Hundred Sects actually held the absolute advantage earlier, but a single class 5 demon was enough to defeat the Hundred Sects without any difficulties at all.


Utter disorder.

As everyone fled in disorder, huge numbers of Earth Shatter Realm and Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists from the Hundred Sects were killed. One must always pay a price for defeat in battle.

“Hehe, die!”

A class 4 demon targeted Li Fuchen and killed over with haste.

Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with brilliance, as he countered with a slash.


A huge head dropped, as Li Fuchen decapitated a class 4 demon with a single sword move without any challenges.

Li Fuchen’s surface strength was already at the 9th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm. But once he used his Bronze Sword Essence trump, his strength would instantly increase.

It wasn’t a joke when the 4-star Pure Yang Dipper Qi was complemented with the 6-star Bronze Sword Essence, as it was enough for Li Fuchen to instantly kill a class 4 demon.

With such disorder, Li Fuchen didn’t have to worry about anyone noticing him, as most of the people didn’t even have time to retreat, let alone paying attention to him.

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